Assassins Creed IV : Black Flag - Troféu de PLATINA! O Fraco Chegou ao Fim

Steam proton games not launchingsteam games wine ASSASSIN’S CREED® IV BLACK FLAG™ the article talks guys today bringing here the last video already been of 4 flex lag Im playing here finishing playing or even here guys lets go lets go there I have only maximums to do this round and I ended here the crazy mode until I was in the lake 54 Im going to cheer and for the effect a lot of experience if you havent done it we record a little more I killed the girl with the black beard the selection of Qatar is completed I think I arrived on Monday 5 I still arrived I passed then for 55 guys committed to the cause so I arrived it takes 55 and from the seat of 4 scoreboard and I promised that I would bring you that I play black beard Ill explain why this is guys I launched a delight last week I didnt see that what a shame you didnt see how could you because if you subscribed you didnt warn me about that unfortunately I didnt have it I knew they had one of them and the multiplayer soon every time I looked at the little trophy there I didnt go into the black beard sheet to see what was to leave and suspense and I ended up getting hurt a chip attacked thats why I went through 55 guys so I must have gained a soul xp of the hour lets take a look here so 1 18 thousand left for the then first prestige and guys Im going to leave here and Ill show you for you one thing Im not going to play today its no use kicking I know that today is the last episode of the end is for the weak and I arrived 9 55 I completed the multiplayer trophy here Im going to show you what the fury of the black beard guys I didnt notice it I just didnt notice it I have sisan feet every time he released something new that is it seems he warned me only that this one should be and he didnt warn me that is his if it stayed or almost a week is I didnt see it I didnt I found this descent from last Wednesday, I could have made some videos to show the new characters, because in the video in the last video it expects to show practically all the characters like that little story there but Im going to enter here in the sa sensibility flag good guys today we are going to complete here the end is for the weak which is to complete the assistance was 4 skating so I just completed there the daughter of the black beard the photo gallery the the the committed to the cause of the attack she arrived the 55 ok let me see here strictly what is missing which are 100% of the main missions we will finish now we will continue the game in this video but the black beard leaf what the hell are they and this is one of them and multiplayer guys I thought that the headquarters on the av is our rebuy here my track so they put three new characters here the jaguars the blackbeard and the orchid and theres one more little trophy here to do with a trap on the gallows in the elevator cork day that we have to block of the skills use sabotage with the now we have to win a game with it and with black beard I accidentally made a silver trophy guys that I did I executed a crazy person over a high jump acrobatic and I killed the guy and I was already watching another guy shoot a pistol I won this trophy here in silver I ended up accidentally doing it here in the pack of wolves that I killed a boat over there when the guy came to pass a guy running from one shot and minus 10 seconds and he picked up the trophy I hadnt read the trophy I ended up picking it up also remembering that today is tuesday its wednesday it goes wednesday no maybe tonight hell reach the cry of freedom that coming down from the till so im going to record tomorrow on wednesday and i bet on wednesday our guys im making a mess with the days when its amazing but we re going to end here assassins creed i m not going to leave multiplayer its after the morning having been dell ill focus one of them and the der even ending came for the weak it will still be easy, right Ill do 100% of it there in the meantime Ill show you a video there getting the trophies still multiplayer that are missing in this new one that the barba fan black remembering that if you bought cisa feet you win all ages and including the candles is franz the things of edio altair the clothes these were the cry of freedom the banana leaf and multiplayer remember that if you win all this is good for yours feet you can buy separately if you were going to play everything guys it doesnt exactly pay off to be cheaper but if you want to buy just one compass the real video feel free there and buy just the episode separately but ok then lets come back here for the campaign that is already 99% now Im in kingston for us to complete a big game there called emei mors that I dont remember what its called the mill and in Portuguese we completed that challenge I watched the 2000 games of chance already I won a thousand and something nanni moretti I can play more or less well so Im going to play lets go take a look here theres a way you can block the guy also kingston is the one in memory its easy because you are a fast game and even if you lose me you can try again you can do it online memory is a little faster then followed and trophy soon you have to use a tactic of tic tac toe here in memory so you can play well Im going to play the first lucky bet Im going to get it was lets go guys its already the fourth attempt I can win the crap there its hard its not easy but Im very realistic to try here so I dont put it here I dont put it here it wont put it here he always starts with the same strategy, this makes me angry man now he lost in the prize pool would put it here michael this guy is a slap every year the guys now ask I didnt steal a stone from him where is he going to put it he has one more time that he has our people it was a bit like that kika formed a conclusion a son he stopped me right there oh Im going to make the guy move btw he just didnt pull the __ inside Music I have the same pen machine but he they how can he wait it was already my son I m going to take it rain I have to take an alert because if I take this one its automatically and it catches me I think Ill take it you credit this one Ill take this one because it moves I catch him later he does that bum I brake him here no problem the area came back took a stone from him at least he made a mistake and make the computer make a mistake come on its a game of patience guys one hour the guy she or you make a mistake and both Premiere is more or less that ready now so much date not good here Music come on I dont want to make this crazy guy from the mall in the tunnel easy I cant move if theres a chance to go up crazy make the track here and there it wasnt I dont want to give him too much space it was also the guy trying to get me the girl who in tupi the business here 8 the movie the son ae 8 it was a move mento and the leash that will pull it up goes the son of a __ who I can do r here Im going to pick up a stone because of this Im going to try the thing here guys I dont know if its going to work there man thanks for the donkey beauty guys all well satisfied with that Im dissatisfied I think I think I got stuck now now I dont have it there anymore Africa my move now is just to get the taste of the guy followed without stopping she wont reach the end of the trail here it was the guy there who wins just get the right stones now Im going to get this one right here this move that the old mortal son made so its hard to escape now hell try to do everything not to pull you right now I dont have time to hurt him eventually Ill hit him something came here that could kill him Music Music its over or not at this time just me pull it here ready now he will have to decide which one he will have to block lost uncle lost lost I won the victory of s and one more abstergo challenge completed and I won two thousand reais guys had played yesterday from dawn in memory here the mill is not so difficult if you apply this technique of encircling the face that I am using here is the clothing of the canon fleet is and to the character and year comes back the sister ok lets go to our dear to such a thing then this outfit and in the absence of what it is eventually if you do all the missions in france than even you get it and Im here in the photo keiny to see if the anta island there lets do something more sensible here so we dont have to carry it around 500 lutz lets go to a place outside the sea the blue hole so eventually you ll get this outfit if you stay playing the canon suit they needed to be doing those route clearance to do the missions in the recovery defeat there to play the game nobody is just for you gain more resources and do the missions and miss a little bit more faster in an improvement a lot will not bring a trip the beauty lets go back here the type plus the clothes that are very crazy that skull brings still on the back it went with the one I liked the most so far unfortunately it was one of the last ones I got there, right there are some more clothes that are community challenges that didnt do one there was time to do one I didnt get it its missing here o investment from explorer the only thing left to build will be the community and i think ill unlock it when i finish the __ challenge i dont know i dont know maybe i ll say lock lets take a look here at the bonfire to see how my status is opening guys the last one im almost there and marcélia or not the missions time left one hour now i dont know lets help demolisher he always helps me im releasing here guys yeah i was accelerated by demolisher also here theres one thats missing 18 hours beauty here is missing one that is missing an hour from the return no thing I dont know if I veronica the one from the mission Im talking about take a look here lets see how weve seen it so to understand what im talking about is that even east europe here im doing this one look hello to marcelo its one hour to go so i dont know if im going to wait an hour but probably because im going to have to pause the video now from recording and im going to start until that at one time i have to leave here but they unlocked marcelo i took the other challenge noted that unlock all the trade routes of the fruit than however she is here the unlock all had the photo of what is not the last one that is missing here in level 3 golden boy there is 99 out of 100 and then guys there is always this inclination and the platinum people do all the observes the releases everything has done everything there is nothing else to do there the only thing left to do is to be a donor is that of the multiplayer there that I can continue doing it there Ill show you but I hope you enjoyed it in an action for everyone even planting it jokingly Ill make a cut now that Im going to take some time there maybe Ill be able to take on this challenge io observed with a good crowd an hour later the missions that were not completed here now lets release marcélia and lets take the last or penultimate challenge observed accelerated here the 800 choro globe I moved marseille and now theoretically it is released guys I dont know what which is more like lets take a look here I think kaká I finished the missions for good he left the last ones there he has a great reputation here in marseilles also now there are some more missions here but if I have a boat available for you here no I have it because its 80 50 and another one to send hercules talking good luck marseille but thats it because I love it now theoretically I completed the challenge to dress like funk and then we released marcela who was the last one we concluded here and now we just need the challenge observed that the last one of the three pyramids achieves 100% synchronization guys so lets go lets leave for what for the end of rat deiro we are in 99% synchronization action in the last video we had done here until the sequence I know if Im not mistaken there the sequence 6789 Im living here look there is a mission missing in the sequence of this mission in the sequence 12 here the last mission comes back and this one here is what Im going to do is very difficult to get the secondary challenges there is that mission where we invade the Portuguese ships and its very boring its not very boring its complicated its easy for a drought so who is it easy for you to do like this in the fight in this one killing everyone but we cant she everything we have well be able to define her accent kilometers is under-20 exactly a small town called archangel a thousand is noise never heard of it because the hearing was always a thousand whether there was a sign in your frontier welcome risk a bar the city I just passed the ap to you one if to a metropolis politics in comparison robert is here see you tomorrow the week is coming up and im in the mood to jo I want to see what its like hes going to have a really crazy defense leaving the event with this one whos going to be captain verde that challenge over there we need your flag but its working if I can fix the flag it will connect Cuba if you want to stay out of combat and may god bless the neighborhood joão de deus guard it protect the portuguese who find themselves on this so beautiful night yes sir new york in its past waiting for our ship admiral jarbas son before setting sail together with one of our merchant ships from our fleet needs a new male men delivering at this time in search of a weapon the country was going up they are leaving he said but most of our fleet sir there in the wrong line to the ships would say more than two thirds do not embark at night the drug only the area together with one of our challenges because before our fleet of visiting a new magician there are men on land in an instrument in search of that evil with 11 points can be a man here a poem case of our own our 49 ships stay two more texts still we are the first part here we took the portuguese flag bruno carlos portugal sundays are under flags you the ideal is what now in being able to have only one friend that god bless us until next time and never again the cattle beauty dont get into combat I think - maybe well get in here with the brother in cuba get flag ii and already sailing over the night that will be able to pass the Portuguese distance slowly and end the place are we going to condemn ourselves with eyes that see far away i know i will the lord i beg considers what he is about to do its not what hes complaining hes not complaining hes in hes always thinking users the sound of the event your your your our Portuguese ahead you can walk soon it was sinking in the event in front they are unloading andrade ship would be our prize Im looking for the part of the dream on the side guys find that loot was that barred it here its very easy here guys I cant enter into an agreement with the captain of the ship yesterday that it dries up the best way here is to make a conspiracy from the broth guys or its just decided that everyone kill each other me I have a lot of other animal I can talk a lot and then its catch or fat where Im going its not stronger otherwise we hope that marta loves the staff there its good man the drug I bet on it and its over for us were going to give up detained driving when there is the consortium because it has to be done at a time man there will be a way to do everything I can also use it or sleep right Music those over there skinny they are kind of suspicious and invited a story about the Spaniard looking back she has a story from a crazy man who stayed on the island he started to attack the favors to the exchange it was summer so allamanda know were going to stop the hi go there go forward go forward use and he is he is finding it ni no one and for the ifo i wont leave on sunday Music your state dont use the gift of emotion go there and kill everyone a bunch place your bets who will win this incredible battle will be terrified gordon good guys and the guys are giving a dick in the israeli government as the good care things are going to put another gordon terrified in the battle there the sniper came out of the tower and thats very good to kill the fatty now they are doing a great good in the staff branch as now by a sniper to take out the crazies so go there, shooter, you can do it, man, shoot the good one, he scored a crazy one to put it, Im going with the skinny one there to party in the crowd, the guy is already finishing there, borba, look, theres only one crazy man left, right, theres also going to be a very good destiny, beauty, what anpac weak position of emptiness until the gralha gralha capital treasury in front of a daughter where paulo the first island now lets see what will happen and stay out of combat is to follow what the objective then the works combat and two other little faces damage of carnage light but where is it in your Portuguese captain it was useful while he could where he is in a deep sleep in the world of marketing if men we will have to kill for a simple prime all those who cross our path the deep sleep in the bottom of the sea ​​ hours the wind already many guys ahead of me I could have taken the objective in the folina band decrease screen on the way back comes out of the wind as source a laugh all of them just a a a1 no no the exchange will fall inwards a I go I went to give the come back and make the engine right mix it well the ship is Portuguese stressed a bit maybe a way of steering he ship at home they didnt see me approaching they arrive and talk about their loss penalties dont stay out of combat the objective is inside a strip on them is normal rolla there yesterday I have to on this path here to pass the crazy delta of the high stone building doesnt need that the gangs and with him we all see them we go walking more beautiful everything we had emos the neuro remembered a thing in contrast to like this is twice its because theres one more island for us there s no post there to pick up our people must be ready with that affection because theres no longer a ship to save them time yes this is the way i said i can bring the skull closer but the energy will be a problem well watching and ill hit them before now we have to get the two hitting so out of the area either now or swimming weak guys lupi denied doing it later theres a crowd here you can ignore everyone were going to throw a bucket incidence on the planets climate and get high theres only 11 kilos time I m lucky for sapunaru catch catch catch the campaign time the law just for the lion to wait and kill himself and Im there there s a guy that was a fight in the south of the am sun it was a warning you can talk too much the combat item was entered but I didnt play the situation leave botafogo bet on brazil a chair with late I liked it now t what to wear a robe belt beijing-south no one here in the stuff like putting a madwoman in bed right there i got the one i dont know it didnt work have to repeat everything again is that the happiness of happiness is not of the same order as happiness at first i think it was yes i didnt get into combat the guy hit the syrio-lebanese favela lets go there right away with the fat merchant ship there for what they owe him the brave succour nothing like hot law it wasnt worth it lets go 26 hours getting there will be gone taking a shot the work of better using the role of truth is there bro to the right andrew to fuji now it is to see if the area without him has become a free vacant has been in the ass of a great explanation key cant you see that they left at least more or less alive to the hood heres my reward to see the templars been busy the blood of lauro springs now useless or say stores well or denied and even towers small doses kept with a purpose should take the observatory really pre i need to know what it is for what purpose in will i sell it from under my nose or work it out with me to increase our income anything that improves my life but how ridiculous a short happy life is what i say this is all the optimism that made it all possible well capital canon and you deserve velo and robert we attacked the mission bet of the block oba the blog fact breaks we eliminated there guys it was the rank the thing here is my god in heaven mition there it was complicated now he will repeat here the last mission of the game was that the one from the battle of the observatory towers I made a little mistake in it it was already completed lets play it lives 4 ac of sequence 12 thats going to end that we finish the movie is for the weak and oppressed people were going to skate the science that day 4 score to talk about that finally me a screenshot here for who is this torres beginning was iran not really going is half rock the hunters full coast o free the guardians the captain will improve and if this one is no longer stable now its because we have a mason okay who isnt here either they are here deep in the jungle they are with our soul and no dont come my daughter its full in the observation room killing them all i dont even know if i can do the job or not they brought every ounce of threat they had Applause Im from the river if I fall asleep here saying here I might need the guardians and I left them behind there a long time ago there s only one here too 12 12 12 12 but this height of championship nothing doesnt matter anymore what matters is the platinum I think theres one I already carelli at the time you are in the position both in the circles of friends of children but the people ended there in my list of the tap stool the guys are so I transformed everything club the Portuguese like the one that the crazy ones free the prisoners I sang two already after I have to use that weapon observatories defense to kill the guards I didnt do that in the final note mister done it was just there employee Ive been taking bb or libertad but the guardians are now 47 released its igor to be careful here now a little monkey and where does it go up here now that those who think its for the wrong side hahahaha also around here look I think it could be for the future is also my god what happened what happened resolution creating more vacancies here there are three there are 12 it wasnt the german aunt 3 because she didnt tell at a point like that we avoid joana amorim here at the observatory its gone i dont care the guardians now have one more patient later hell tell you everything when this is over if she doesnt die first link she died there were making a joke so you wont see spoiler dawn game she survived a spoiler in the last mission its not spoiler if you dont feel like it listen to that yes keep a guard here dont let anyone follow its good to see the daughter stay there you know youre wrong 0 paulo Applause hakimullah now we have to get to the observatory room but theres going to be an uproar lo uco here now there was no one please dont abandon me oops to pt triangle to defend automatic batman is busy he is already defining bad game below you sell against y who defends with ball b has a very good memory to record all the buttons of all the controls its not because its a lot of things ah no no its not going to capture a magic symbol its there like our amendment for the guys let me take a look here it was for laffita kioshi no here theres one theres a bar if you fall here its death ea morte morrida know morte moved a o now yes i have to kill the defense guys the license ok standard techniques i remembered the cord ah ah the drug audrey year our group from rio a 0 inter in positions abuja latina both in the west the subscribers four went to die now such a thing the good already saved here from the checkpoint catch the poor here from my god we breaking time still my civilization to the focus love cut it here I think its for here isnt it I do nt know, I just know that I can be gay. here its already cool now signed a google position the old neighborhood where the hell is the right thing to do here op that s it bro i dont know where i know but i swear i dont know were just completing one you know the pain what a hero again i think you have to wait for the guys here now you have to wait for pure from zero for it to go up in mana laureano top is to come across it would be exploded but if I manage to do an air attack in which they already killed and right away the grant bye what do we go up here we see what we have to do here now even marcinho could have worked together we could have taken power for ourselves and see that these miserable empires kneel the exchange not to give the team so much back and it is still not clear go ahead dust I would like to show things avocando - my sword is what the capital stock market wants in the hey it will always be a stone in my path my death of jackson they are finishing a job torres just like they did with me just like we did crew for tennis more family friends future with the stones were far greater than ours can be but killing him to correct a far greater harm than I have ever caused really believe in that because humanity should be held captive in a prison furnished secure on the even though fact beyond imagination and free of any vitality if with everything Ive seen and learned in these last few years I believe that dont close your convictions too well they are appropriate bye come o bye platinum platinum is thank you thank you thank you thank you another platinum torres has awakened something fierce we are safe with the device back in place I think so whats it called this place is a rant of the capital, here is edson, the third of what is on the cover, the enem, we will seal this place and throw it away the xavi until the other one knows to appear this door will remain locked there were vials here when i last came with it had the blood of men the ses brings according to robert but now they have taken over so it will be up to us to recover before the Templars know it could join the cause Im only going after fixing whats here at home it arrived last week its over oh its over adwords covered a tragedy happened in england but then guys we found the last mission 100% of everything now we go back to whatever we go back to I know its going to appear in a little while the little trophy I think it doesnt go past the end of the game it doesnt go straight to the minors director there were done guys 100% synchronization ended up following strictly and prizes looting platinum adventure to 134 black today a lot time we didnt have much time went to more than must have reached 50 hours of video now between everything from extra videos to a bunch of stuff Im coming yes dogs here n the psn to hit the people platinum journey that takes time to load the 85 ps3s 443 lets go there is taken remembering for those who dont have play3 or didnt know you dont need to do all the existing trophies for you platinum a game was platinum its only relative to the trophies that come in the game so its finally here the team is on facebook now we found egypt this video but were done guys its tomorrow I already have a cry for freedom so we can download it and from andré and the noise sheet here which is multiplayer guys Ill show you for you after the dismissal of until then for us to do 100% of the trophies here so Ill stop here I hope you enjoyed it wait wait wait calm down I m also going to show you know how to be soon forgotten him letting go of the wheel spoke of items a multiplayer now I must have the maximum symbol in multiplayer because I did all the challenges Music so the ones in abstergo challenges are complete here without 100 congrats with this one last one we won the x right I have the city loot from the game which is for making fun of theres a madness theres a madness Im going to make a video just of xistra to show you jeering after finishing all these things let me see it here I released it the last round I dont know if I released it Im going to see it not yet I have to take a look here what it was like but I think that all the clothes here Ive already shown have the investment I bought it right I couldnt even say that it was really its original location here we ended up there guys finally flagg has to be donated or there then one in the next few days old says goodbye to edson murdered very cool I really enjoyed playing with him and lets give it to the bar to god since he says goodbye to its over guys why heres a version for everyone frozen steamed broccoli Chegamos ao FINAL (derradeiro) de O Fim é Para os Fracos em Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag, conquistando o troféu de Platina do jogo e mostrando algumas coisas que vem a seguir, quero agradecer todo mundo que acompanhou a série e que não se preocupem porque vem mais por ai!Twitter - Facebook - 3 player games steam can you play steam games on a macbook pro how to remove hidden games on steam steam autum sale steam filters