🎮 Assassins Creed 4 Black Flag PS5 vs Xbox Series X/S

Steam punks gameschange steam deck boot video ASSASSIN’S CREED® IV BLACK FLAG™ Several games from the written saga were recently added to the playstation plus service, so taking advantage of this, in this video we are going to do a quick review to see what is the performance of aces in script 4 black black on the xbox series s series x and play consoles station 5 Well, firstly I mention that this game has a weight of approximately 22 gigabytes both in the ccss x series and in the playstation 5, this is talking about the base version of the game that perhaps with some accessories could increase a little more than bytes yes, we are running the retro compatible versions of the xbox one and the playstation 4, so we can download these games, install and play them in an external storage without any problem in terms of loading times if we have the game installed on the internal storage because it would be taking approximately between 6 to 17 seconds depending on the console now well already speaking a a little more about what performance is, in this case we are going to make a comparison that you may be seeing in the background on the left side you will be seeing the xbox version while on the right side you will be seeing the playstation version really at a glance Even if we apply a zoom, there is no big difference, at least in this video, however, already testing the game, a slight difference is noticeable, and it is that on the one hand, on the xbox, just to repeat, we are running the version of the xbox one on both the cc series as in the x series which works at a resolution of 900 p what does this mean that the jagged edges are going to be quite, but quite noticeable unfortunately for the series since the x series we have been dragging the optimization and performance problems that I had the xbox one now, however, on the other side, on the playstation, we are running the game at a slightly higher resolution. Actually it is not a big difference we would go from that 900p now to 1080p on the playstation consoles where as you see them it really is not a significant improvement even in video it is really difficult to tell the difference but once you have the game on your screen there is a slight decrease in those saw edges, that is, they will continue to be noticeable, but in general it is a better experience on the playstation, at least visually speaking, those sites that you already have a very large screen probably will not notice any difference and both on the playstation As on the xbox, they feel that the game is going to look quite, but quite bad, however, something quite curious that happens is that during the cinematics, those saw edges are not so noticeable, the characters look quite good and everything, however, already once Once we enter the open world we can already move in the game because unfortunately that is where if they write down that resolution problem and those edges of the sky unfortunately this game did not have any improved version neither for the xbox one x nor for the play station 4 but so we only have to settle for the normal playstation 4 and normal xbox one versions Well, thats in terms of resolution. Now, in terms of fps, its because both on Xbox and Playstation we only have a limit of 30 fps. However, speaking of Xbox, it seems to me that in the original version of the game it has less constant crashes, no. It was a stable frame rate at 30 fps, however, here on these next- generation consoles, both the s series and the x series, well, we are going to have about 30 fps, it is completely stable, now speaking of the fact that we are running this game on the consoles more powerful new generation because that combination of 900 pe and 30 fps is going to be that currently playing this game is not a very good experience unless Maybe they really like this game that they want to play it out of nostalgia. I think it would be difficult for someone to enjoy this game with that graphic quality, resolution and fps. Now, speaking a little more details about the fps, it is on the playstation 5 as it is I must repeat here that we only count one with a limit of 30, however, in the tests that I carry out and with the program that I usually use, curiously it gave me a maximum of 60 frames and it is that apparently what is happening with the playstation 5 is which is duplicating those 30 frames so that in the image output they are 60, however, since they are duplicate frames, that is, we see a frame twice, so even though we see 60 frames, but as long as they are duplicates, there really is no difference as if we were seeing it at 30 fps so in general not to confuse you basically we are playing 30 fps also on the playstation 5 but well in summary the game of acs script 4 black black both on the xbox cs series xbox series x and play station 5 we are running the retro compatible versions of the xbox one and the playstation 4 where on the xbox unfortunately we have been dragging resolution problems that is to say 900 pe and only with 30 fps while on the play station 5 well we have a slight resolution improvement to 1080p only with 30 fps on both consoles those fps is completely stable unfortunately the game did not have any fps bust or anything like that and this one is seeing that a great game like black black because it was a bit abandoned in that sense but hey I hope more than anything that you liked that this video has served you if so you already know that you can leave your like you can subscribe for more content and you can leave your comment opinion finally see you in the next one thanks for watching and to God best real time strategy games on steam En este video les muestro que tal se ve y funciona el juego de Assassins Creed Black Flag en las consolas Xbox Series S, Series X y PS5...🔵Sigueme en Twitter: 🟦 Unete al Grupo de Facebook: 🟣Unete al Discord: ----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­- #xbox #playstation #skullandbones #assassinscreed #xboxseriesx #xboxseriess #ps5 #ubisoft steam free paid games how to run pirated games on steam deck how to get to steam settings steam summer sale 2022 clue 1 top 5 most played games on steam