Assassins Creed 4 Black Flag - Part 2 - Buidling A Pirate Empire

Nespresso steamercan you play two different games on steam ASSASSIN’S CREED® IV BLACK FLAG™ hey guys and welcome back to the greats the one the only assassins creed for black flag so previously on our last episode we we pretty much got an idea of what this character is all about his mentality at the very least so essentially we were playing as edward kenway who is still a pirate at heart i dont i dont think we can label him an assassin just yet i dont even know if he knows what an assassin really truly is but it is now raining unfortunately thats thats just fantastic how did it just go from a beautiful weather to just raining plain as edward kenway who is a pirate who is pretty much tired of being broke and wants a better life for himself sets out to the seas and encounters this assassin and so he ends up to keep the story short he ends up killing this assassin or rather yet we killed the assassin which is really weird considering weve been playing as an assassin like the last four or five games so we take his robes we we take uh this mysterious crystal cube that he holds and he also had a letter that he was pretty much on his way to havana cuba i believe if i remember correctly so whatever goods this assassin had he had to deliver to the governor of cuba which is where were at now i honestly dont know how the day just turned so damn bad but anyways thats thats pretty much the gist of where were at right now okay obviously you can fill in the blank youd have to watch the last episode but uh were here in cuba pretty cool and we shall commence with our beloved new favorite assassin i dont know about favorite i i i think i still think ezios up there but it is it is too early to judge mr kenway one thing that i did notice about him was was his accent i i really like his accent its very pirates is that a bad okay anyhow i am really really enjoying the atmosphere i think this is the first time we actually uh get to play here at nights for the most part everything was very tropical cool calm and sunny on the last episode but now were getting a little bit of a taste of the atmosphere at night time and believe it or not for those of you that speak fluent spanish its its really nice to see like some of these npcs just speak spanish you know its its freaking awesome but they speaking with that uh espanol accent espanol they dont speak it like a cuban would this cuban is pretty much a very slang way of of speaking proper spanish but anyhow we are here now i dont even know if this place is open mr walpole i presume probably mispronounced the name im sorry buenos diaz mr duncan walpole of england to see the governor i believe he is expecting me so walpole whatever man tomato tomato that is the assassin that we killed that is so cool i can understand their language is that the governor good morning sir would i be correct in thinking you are done i am indeed i thought as much woods rogers a pleasure the same i must say my wife has a terrible eye for description im sorry my wife you met her some years ago the percys masquerade ball ah quite she called you devilishly handsome obviously a lie to stoke my jealousy julianne our guest of honor has arrived mr duncan walpole julian zukas i hope your conversion to our order is an honest one i have no love for assassins but even less for liars i have not come to disappoint up for a bit of sport duncan the old man isnt ready just yet youve got my two best pairs of matched pistols duncan so handle them with care if i had eight i treat each as my own son pull off a few shots if you like get a feel for it okay so use the i once fought beside the man who carried nine on his person they were a boom in battle but his ability to swim sadly i long for the day where one firearm carries four bullets and not the opposite okay so press one shoot oh so thats like the quick uh the quick target shooting heres a simple challenge try to strike every target before this hourglass empties remember hit every target within the allotted time not a problem nice you like that huh i know you like that yeah thats right thats mr kenway for you why not do i speak to this dude or oh continue let me reload just in case duncan well here is blades ive never seen an assassin so eliquid ah damaged sadly beyond all repair oh i have your choice where did you find all these i did not find them i took them hes a souvenir oh snap oh dont just say it this is the custom custom i duncan you indulge us with a demonstration of your techniques well uh you must we put together a training course in anticipation of your arrival well be ashamed to leave here without seeing you in action yes of course well i mean if there is time i would gladly show you what i know here you see situations well suited to your skills have a go a blade in a crowd is always the simplest grandiose perform various assassinations okay so we gotta show these dudes how to be an assassin are you kidding me sassy doesnt always reveal his secrets or actually i should say should never reveal dont you think secrets okay lets go here this reminds me of um a valhalla at the beginning when we got our blades thats the spirit secrecy the advantage of surprise cannot be overstated isnt that so especially around a blind corner oh yes okay here we go Music god blindly thats a clever trick your aerial kills have a poetic beauty sure sure you want me to show you some hang time assassinations not a problem is it also possible to deliver a killing blow at high speed of course easy fascinating these two characters are very very interesting you chose a perfect time to leave them behind at great risk i imagine betraying the assassins is never good for ones health well neither is drinking liquor but i am drawn to its dangers all the same and what is your business here sir are you an associate of the governors or a pending acquaintance like myself guns blades cannons anything that may kill a man i am happy to provide a smuggler of sorts and how is your wife these days captain rogers is she uh here in havana i trust shes well but i wouldnt know ive been in madagascar some 14 months hunting pirates it took some work to dislodge the criminals there but we managed it in future i hope to use these same tactics throughout the west indies and how did you deal with that kind very simply most pirates are as ignorant as apes i merely offered them a choice take a pardon and return to england penniless but free men or be hanged by the neck until dead oh i imagine nasa would be your next target very astute duncan indeed best of luck with that oh he doesnt even know grand master torres mr duncan walpole has arrived lets see you were expected one week ago apologies governor my ship was set upon by pirates we were scuttled i arrived only yesterday unfortunate forgive my caution but were you able to salvage from these pirates the items you promised me yes sir i was the assassins have more resources than i had imagined but not nearly enough to deter us it is a pleasure to meet you at last duncan you are most welcome come gentlemen we have much to discuss so now it makes sense the assassin was an assassin that betrayed the assassin order what is the what are the chances of that convened at last and in such continental company england france spain citizens of sad and corrupted empires but to our templars now the secret and true legislatures of the world please hold out your hands mark and remember our purpose to guide our wayward souls till theyve reached a quiet road to guide all wayward desire till impassioned hearts are cool to guide all wayward minds to safe and sober thought by the father of understandings light let our work now begin so freaking interesting oh my god decades ago the council entrusted me with the task of locating in these west indies a forgotten place our precursors once called the observatory see here look upon these images and commit them to memory they tell a very old and important story for two decades now i have endeavoured to locate this observatory a place rumored to contain a tool of incredible utility and power it houses a kind of armillary sphere if you like a device that would grant us the power to locate and monitor every man and woman on earth whatever their location only imagine what it would mean to have such a power with this device there will be no secrets among men no lies no trickery only justice pure justice this is the observatorys promise and we must take it for our own do we know its whereabouts we will soon for in our custody is the one man who does a man named roberts once called a sage it has been 45 years since anyone has seen a true sage can you be sure this one is authentic we are conferences the assassins will come for him indeed they will but thanks to duncan and the information he has delivered the assassins wont be a problem for much longer all will be made clear tomorrow gentlemen when you meet this age for yourselves until then let us drink Music let us find the observatory together for with its power kings will fall clergy will cower and the hearts and minds of the world will be ours bro what a cool concept that is so cool like you start off the game right off the bat inside templar territory oh this is amazing that is cool that is well duncan tomorrow the treasure fleet arrives and with it your reward after which we will discuss further schemes i look forward to it meet me down at the docks first thing tomorrow morning governor torres request your presence at the dogs near the castillo first thing tomorrow morning yeah there was a chest in that area i was really hoping i could get it catch uh i couldnt read that anyways so so higher pirates what is that pirate pirates as bodyguards oh interesting so that is really cool so i was wondering wait where are the pirates is it these guys hold on let me kill these guys im starting to wonder oh god names you cant wait captain can we just in time ill see you back aboard got to be careful man you know you dont want these templars to see us working with the pirates but anyways it makes a whole lot of sense now because it was a little strange to me how we were playing an ac game yet we started off by killing an assassin it just didnt make sense you know its like this game is all about the assassins why would we ever kill one but it turned out that a assassin was actually a traitor well what are the chances of that that is that thats got to be the worst type of karma ive ever seen in my life think about it you get killed by a pirates who then becomes an assassin of sorts simply because well you traded the assassin order thats what you call karma right there okay that is the definition of karma oh every wheel now available with the captains okay anyways we are going to go to the docks i love this i love how pirate-ish it is a lot of you were telling me that this was such a great experience and it i i can truly see that now i was noticing that can we actually probably one of the most handsome uh assassins weve ever had he reminds me a lot of abor in a way good morning duncan just over here edward hello edward i found a man to purchase my remaining sugar huh quite a coup i must say he just called you edward oh thats the merchant who sailed me here out of caution i gave him a false name ah well done oh my god well catch up on it later very punctual duncan this way here he is man both templars and assassins have sought for over a decade i am told your surname is roberts is this so you recognize this i think according to old tales the blood of a sage is required to enter the observatory we have the key now we need only its location perhaps mr roberts will be good to provide it transfer him to my residence oh god such a fuss over one man is the observatory really such a grand prize the observatory was a tool built by the precursor race its worth is without measure precursor race i see one of your early letters mentioned the desire to kill the mayan mentor attabai we were able to carry out this contract before coming here i i was not no too many complications along the way a pity but the maps you delivered with your blood vial will see that joke finished hi thats the idea hmm i dont like this route torres were exposed something is on stay close grandmaster i feel it too do not let them get their hands on the sage at whatever cost uh oh assassins oh no oh i dont want to have to kill my own people come on i mean theyre not my people at the moment but you know so  __  cool oh  __  this is so messed up hold on hold on oh crap all the combat is really nice oh god of course wait can i not use are you kidding me theyre gonna kill this old man oh  __  oh these guys are dangerous i gotta go dude no no no i gotta go i gotta go nice perfect stop it yo is that the little blow dart thing youre a nimble one ill give you that man this is wild i wasnt expecting the assassins to get taken out so easily but then again that every assassin is a master you know hang back like an ounce or an etsy or whatever its funny because right now we the enemy is literally our friend its kind of weird its crazy how through the evolutions of of of this series they took out those rooftop hiding spots like little by little now theyre pretty much non-existent they dont even make that anymore and they see one there was so many of them like to lose the uh the templars i actually have no idea how im gonna catch this guy used to be rather quick oh come on come on nice well done lap dog quiet well see him to the prisons grandmaster double the watch well ill be buggered what an active day weve had chance see we set on all sides by our enemies we must be more cautious i do wish i could remain to see our drama done but i must avail myself of these winds and sail for england by all means captain speed unfortune to you with luck ill return myself a governor and with my idiot kings blessing no less adios as for you mr walpole i consider this the first payment in a long-term investment gracias obliged i would like you to be present for the interrogation tomorrow call around noon yes sir well thats what you wanted right you wanted money uh ships and possibly women we got one of them already we got some good cash flow a thousand nice all right so lets see i dont know how far we are lets get out of here so it said one of the optional objectives was to was to uh attack him from the top so like a top sort of takedown but i dont how do you do that lets see pistol sets hmm i dont know i think we should probably wait a little bit yeah lets wait a little bit to buy a sword all right god sink me for this pittance one thousand reals for those maps thats what a hundred pound at most hows a man supposed to become rich in these times with a miser like torres running the world have you ever um you ever worked on a plantation before you know what im thinking id like to see this observatory the governors going on about he said it would like a device that could follow people around and show where they were a ludicrous idea imagine my wife with such an advantage over me imagine what a thing like thatd be worth sell that to the right person and id be the richest pirate privateer in the west indies ill catch you up on it theres a sage in that house i must speak to in private weve got a lot of secrets so far a lot of secrets locate the warden so were hiding secrets from im the governor were hiding secrets from bonnet were hiding secrets from everyone pretty much its out of combat okay were gonna go this way stick to the tall grass thats the best way i think theres a chest right here oh god but this guards right there ah god whistle when youre in a hiding spot or corner stalking press b to whistle come here stupid yeah thats right come here bucko all right good so free of the sage oh my god this is not its not gonna be good bro hey oh my god bro this is nerve-wracking so gunners are deadly and can shoot you from afar avoid or eliminate them first dude im sorry i got to kill you it might if i kill one more i might feel an optional objective but honestly thats thats okay weve got a gunner looking the opposite way were not to kill this guy oh crap no oh my god are you kidding me dude come on oh my god all right were getting the hell out of here well that sucks  __  everything was going so damn perfect oh right towards the end too whoa oh he he killed them all this guy is dangerous what is your true name rogue its her captain piss off being pulled where is the sage did you set him free i had nothing to do with that much as i wish id hate take him to the ports send him to sevilla with the treasure meat oh wait now i delivered your treasures tonight you did yes but you robbed us of duncan wow wow i did not work i did not know were gonna get caught so fast the despicable display this taskbar is a ruined man caroline and fit for life on land much less at sea if he goes to the west indies its you wholl suffer father father come love up with you now hello hes wrong about me i hope its so you believe me dont you can you not see me standing out there on the deck of a ship thats sliding into port bro tell me he doesnt look like heath ledger i am a man of quality with a thousand doubloons spilling from my pockets like drops of rain i can see it he reminds me of heath ledger for some reason i just thought about that i had like there was something about him that was reminding me reminded me of someone and it just hit me ive seen a bunch of heath ledger movies and it reminds me of heath ledger interesting you hungry holy  __  that was easy what the  __  that was so  __  easy what was the point of that bro oh thats your plan mate yeah oh sorry we on a ship away from cuba now oh my god oh this is a dynamic duel right here baby oh we aint playing no games over here stupid come on it is i mr edward kenway i i dont know how we went from this edward kenway to  __  hatham oh such i hope the story this story kind of uh reveals that you know like the story of these characters so intrigued were good here overall god theres one way to do this soldier unlucky lads oh god all right good come on man i gotta do everything come on man come on man get with the program i dont even know your name here whats your name these are uneasy today hurricane jesus here we go were stealing a brick hey take what you need wont be a minute theres many prisoners held on these ships set them free and theyll sail with us no question oh  __  were about to build a  __  army so thats the idea then free what man we can then find a fast ship fleeing aye theres a brick in this fleet ill make my way come here stupid what are you doing bro you gotta be stupid okay thats another one oh  __  this of course nothing good ever lasts too long does it absolutely unbelievable hey let me say mr kenway is pretty  __  dangerous for being a privateer or pirates lets just be honest here and this guy is absolutely clueless he doesnt know his men just died what an absolute  __  theres a catch to this favor youre sailing with me i follow you to hell for this week thats cool oh  __  oh lets go bro tell me thats not sick oh dont tell me that because it is sick some of you guys are gonna have to work on your english man i mean on your spanish break the defense nice cut out the swords oh did i just throw money no no thats not what i wanted to do hold on so definitely dont want to put money there i want to put my weapon there there we go and lose some ammo just in case i might need some of that come on lads if were to drown today it wont be here im the captain now you understand were going up oh yes absolute gangster-ness shut your ass up sucker youre dead  __  oh i just got a pimp slap nope oh yeah im not falling for that bro kenway has amazing amazing technique i feel like the combat here is even better than an ac3 i dont know why hey yeah we should have just done this theres no need to no need to be sneaking around its just honestly its a waste of time you got skills like this its pointless man my prisoners are right here um oh really perfect okay we should be after the last setup theres a so uh the guy that we were imprisoned with that we escaped just recently ive seen him before in hold on before i fall here like an idiot ive seen him before in like uh in-game screenshots and stuff like that i think he is in fact the main character or a very important character right oh no oh i see what i gotta do okay oh my god this is where i was supposed to be whats up gangsters gonna reload real quick dont mind if i do and you die well it wasnt even here it was on the other ship actually how do we get to the other ship is there a way to swing that way i feel like there is but you know what lets go for a  __  swim here oh my god theyre all in the ocean oh these guys are crazy are you guys are not scared of sharks you know what happens if a shark comes its called you get killed you die well i guess to be a pirate you you know part of your resume has to be i kill sharks for a living or something quite dangerous like that yes excellent i feel like were doing pretty well oh you were saying sir okay so weve got two more guards here and last one wow that was quite aggressive mr canwey youre quite the aggressive young fellow these guys are inside i dont know man theres something about this game just the whole fact the ideology behind you being a pirate is so sick to me i dont even know why this character didnt have a sequel so they have to stay anchored why because of the hurricane or something damn son there it is dont worry guys im here to save you were going top side be ready damn we just rescued 18 prisoners thats insane Music  __  man is that the ship were stealing im with it bro you gotta tell me twice oh  __  lay aboard lads save your singing for davey jones and jackabox its a hard win coming the man speaks through eulock way anchor as for the rest half on the foremast and half of the main lets outrun this hurricane wait do you have um actual  __  scallions see they dont give us trouble Applause okay can we just leave can we just escape as you think wise oh really okay i dont think we have to right we can just escape the water looks so damn good look out man uh what the  __  is that rogue waves can be devastating for your ship face them up front to get no damage if you fail to uh to face them hold oh my god are you  __  kidding me Music oh god what do you mean rogue waves what is this this game is crazy wow what a huge  __  theres literally tornadoes in the sky this game is such a huge improvement wow they really outdid themselves with this man like weve already seen whales tornadoes hurricanes rogue waves what is this what a crazy adventure yeah i want no part of that  __  tornado im sorry okay i want absolutely no part of that its not looking good Music oh god were actually i think were against the window maybe i dont know but i think the worst is past us right now im not even worried about enemy ships im worried about these damn conditions holy crap holy  __  bro what is going on this is incredible cheeks oh my god we pulled this one straight from the teeth of neptune im edward much thanks for your aid back there a diwali you ever been to nasa not yet oh my god she took some knocks didnt she i think ill keep her all hands off lads were taking this one home that was so epic holy cow ive made my choice addy im calling her the jack door a sly bird i loved as a child back in swansea a dark little creature no did it rub you wrong when i took this break as my name it was the sort of rub i have learned to endure sailing among faces of such fairness its true most of these men wouldnt accept you as a captain so what fair role would compliment such unfairness ill be your quartermaster nothing less all right and as quartermaster view any immediate counsel for this tyro captain rest and we pass would do us good before nassau water for drinking hunting for food and repairs well-reasoned sir hunting it shall be youll find a decent place to drop anchor despite a few items in the hold earlier powder and a few pistols i think ill fashion a second holster if i can its a good start one you find laughable could we talk a moment about the condition of the ship whats the trouble i had to walk about the gun deck this morning and couldnt stand for what i saw a clutter of lin stocks heaped like tinder and one with a slow match still burning christ im just nearby two barrels of gunpowder closer than man and wife fit to explode at the touch of a spark well stow ours good and proper as for the cannons they might as well be tossed clogs touch holes in need of scraping corrosion on their bodies barrel swabs as naked as knives and breech ropes so rotten i could use them for nitting yarn the short of it is we need good equipment kept in fine condition but we cannot win every battle with snares and shouts so worry about your own armaments when it suits you but dont forget about the jackdaws no indeed well make it a point to keep this ship and its crew in fine conditions you know i gotta get off in my first private beach island now this is  __  beautiful this is so beautiful or is there anything here that we can collect im gonna get lost in the sauce in this game oh dude exploring is gonna be such a delight man look at the color of that water i really want to just keep playing this game like its such a wow like wow like im just in awe right now i want to just keep playing but i i understand that we have to have a structure to this series i hope you guys are having a great time this whole pirate life this very tropical lifestyle that weve got going on is such a breath of fresh air for this franchise for this marathon that were doing with the assassins creed games i am just im so in love with this right now so thank you guys for watching thank you for tuning in thank you for those of you that have been watching since forever ago and uh if youd like to see daily ac4 videos just make sure these videos do well one it helps out the channel and of course it motivates me to bring you guys these videos up faster so thank you and uh this is great catch you guys in the next one peace how to show games on steam profile Assassins Creed 4: Black Flag Walkthrough Gameplay Part 2. 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