Assassins Creed 4: Multiplayer - Legacy of The Shadow - (AC4 Black Flag Funny Moments)

Good games in steam freesteam game publishing ASSASSIN’S CREED® IV BLACK FLAG™ game becoming an assassin is easy whats challenging is becoming a very best you have to have determination the courage and the will lets give your life to the assassin legacy if you want to rise above the rest you have to stand out from the crowd we have to give a name for yourself and when their enemies hear that name their ears perk up disappointing fear you must make yourself a character a character whose name a lot of centuries when you die because be mysterious do not seek your enemies in sunlight but instead lawyer enemies into the shadows Music I am the shadow people of Internet are we giving them welcome welcome to Assassins Creed 4 Black Flag multiplayer yes Im playing Assassins Creed II gave me this and I playing multiplayer got a lot of comments on my old Assassins Creed II video saying that always pretty bad accesses cream well today guys I am gonna prove you wrong and Im gonna show how good I am Assassins Creed by putting my skills to the test against other players with my character the shadow the aim of this video is for me to get first in a game now I havent actually got first before yet some rank may have played about 20 games and the highest Ive got is third I have like eight people so Oh get in there Im still learning Im seeing a beginner let me explain who this doohickey is hes a little crazy he looks a little drunk I know but he used a fiercest killer in all of a sasses creed hes the shadow and hes my character actually I should point out hes actually a DLC character when hes not DLC character but he outfit with which what game that mask was a DLC I was just so tempted about how badass it looks and the thing is people never pick this character because they dont have the Martin I can always pick it because you cant have two of more characters in the same game unfortunately so I can always be this do anywho shadow today marks her adventure of our journey to becoming the best Assassins Creed player in the world what were gonna be playing the game mode is wanted basically in wanting you get assigned someone that you need to kill stealthily and very carefully so that they dont know that youre gonna kill them City through it very soon equally bad at the same time someone oh look there could even be two people or once I even had four people attacking me theyre also chasing you at the same time so you also have to be offensive and they have to be defensive as well this is by far my favorite game oh because it really brings out hammer but sure shush of you want so that ever ado lets SRAM become the very best well then lets go our first target this man keep an eye out for me  __  okay new whispers that me someones there its this whole new it I got you oh yeah shes hangar down awesome look at this beautiful face where did you get our amazing question you must tell me there we go both plates Im getting there I have faith he lured fireworks there we go fun place so now is the person whos trying to kill me I just have a seat sense about these things you know whispers someones going who is it show yourself this hope Im actually doing a lot better than I for would be I killed a decoy so its a real one Music Applause oh dang it with four laughs into third come on ease get back in the game oh I found you no any noise surprise  __  fatality aah what what are these for is the person Im looking for how possibly determine that by doing this this one is one Im a genius oh no you dont wheres the next one come on Im on a rampage theyre gonna take advantage of it I will know you doubts thank you very much my first wait what Im VIN first before God am i proud of myself this calls for a celebration yeah i jinxed it didnt I oh yeah am ii great okay come back here Im doing quite well oh hello are you doing but I do it stop right right whos next well then Ive got 20 seconds to get first how many points does he have our thousand our scripts I gotta make it I may as well just give up you know just kill me I press sub accident well its something I guess seconds decent theres still not first gotcha  __  oh damn places dude cut off to dairies Music hey what were you running Music just let the enemies come to you Im just ready Im just chillin with Rhonda Shea towards me look its my dude hey dude your lucky day I need to use my tactics look ease my dude is chasing me what  __  what  __  ha ha Oh mate I really shouldnt have n that pixie dust for lunch its a little certainly will of my stomach 5th place isnt bad its only 4 paces away from my guys in yay oh come on Ive had a bad day aint gonna hurt you your women and my mum always okay screw what mom told me Im gonna get rich that guy was obviously after me so is that guy god bless Great Britain finish fine yeah thats thats not bad I guess lets me summon tells me that Im never gonna get first ok enough falling where our next game is mind game Im gonna play probably its time and watch me I will get first oh oh I think all these guys are prestige a pre hyrax a pre experience well I we do have blue outnumbered but my team looks pretty bright that is my dude yes there we go ah to a flying start shes in here apparently right time to strike yes well shes come on wait she didnt she didnt stun me so I still killed her okay weve got this big now well be safe this dude hes after me yeah okay this is not my game I said Ill be good at this one but this is not working out Ive been kicked from the house great for this game haha oh this game this game is my game shadow this is each shadow this is when I need you most me and a team of two zero one for water love summit 58 were outnumbered again but it doesnt mean we cant lose because we have blue Blade II just just a shimmering light and a man who slaps himself I have faith I hear whispers bananas marry me  __  okay III regret nothing hello you often now you look after me or shes just Jesus being cool how much should we burn for a bit oh theres a guy ah what she stabbed me Hey get what you deserve gotcha ah Ive hit rock bottom everywhere I go people might project legacy of the shadow is not a go ah come on this games this game no this is my game you watch okay here we go here we go here we go come on well I set up fake Im not going into down an advance again Im gonna win this time Im a winner Im a  __  off come on thats weights done finish your target haha hey that whoa dont know you dont know today black bean haha black black beard whoa okay yes time were gonna be slow steady slow and steady wins a race well unfortunately not panelist ouch that was savage barrier here whispers again thats not good you know she wasnt it its you you think youre ruled out for your big hat dont you you has still sucks stop playing hard to get come on man with hat stop playing hard to get how did he go come no yes no I wanted to do as bad off as it looks if both going off in the same person me black being a team enough it is he gone oh why is he being such a loser make a poison did that are poisonous Oh boys indeed did I know how black big Ill black become our finalists done someone thats progress even on fourth my super whispers not today black me Im sickened No lets go why do people want away why cant they just find me why did I have to be like this doesnt matter anyway he cant run away from the shadow the shadows always with you genius I guess hits with knives and stab in the back well would you look at that told you guys Id get first we need to do is believe because anything you set your mind to believe the mind achieves more you know guys well I guess that does complete the legacy of the shadows since my objective was to get first of course I did get first proof right there I really do recommend those you have Assassins Creed 4 to definitely try out the multiplayer because Im ready to enjoy it I reckon its on par its not better than the single-player definitely a lot more fun and I would even go as far as saying if you dont have a Sanskrit for go get it just for the multiplayer honesty is so tactical is really exhilarating its a lot fun its a lot better and a lot more improved in the other sense be multi plays if you guys have actually played any then Ill play Brotherhood and this is definitely a lot better than Brotherhood so Id assume its a lot better than the other ones or the seem its the best one yeah if you guys want to make the shadow yourself as she no honest of shame youd have to buy some money to actually to look like in but heres what I use anyway because you can customize your characters make them look like anyone he was so you can make him look like a ninja the customization in this really is brilliant and again I really do highly recommend you guys go and try it on lets play if we have a Sanskrit for days more details on the multiplayer of Sanskrit for itself and upcoming promotions and shes there is a link in the description that will take you to the official Sanskrit for multiplayer website by Usopp which well check out I donate guys thanks for watching this quick video on the ancestors creed multiplayer I enjoyed it I hope you guys did too more exciting stuff to come into the future on my channel thank you guys for watching I appreciate his fault Ill see you guys next time thanks Ankita you steam game starts but won't open Please do LIKE the video if you enjoyed! : Thanks for watching.● MORE Assassins Creed 4: Multiplayer! - got a lot of requests to play Assassins Creed 4 again. So today, using my gifted and talented Assassins Creed skills, I challenge various skilled players from around the world, to become the best Assassin in the world. Ill be using my character, The Shadow, to attempt to come 1st place in just one game. Enjoy! : • Twitter: • Facebook Page: • Check out my controller sponsor - Discount Code (8% off): LEMON Controllerzz Twitter - This video is sponsored, part of the Assassins Creed 4: Multiplayer campaign. steam snowrunner how to send extra copies of steam games to friends how to increase steam game download speed tuckahoe gas and steam show fps steam