Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag - The Waiting Game

Co op horror games steam freehorror games steam ASSASSIN’S CREED® IV BLACK FLAG™ game hello youre playing the waiting game this is the show where we ease the pain of waiting for a big release by distracting the hell out of you with similar stuff today were hitting the high seas oh look everyone theres a new assassin in town maybe he found Connors missing sense of humor Assassins Creed Black Flag is the pirate tastic new installment in the Ubisoft super series and its all about those pesky 18th century Buccaneers so how do you stave off scurvy and more importantly boredom while waiting for Edward Kenway to sail into port lets find out right so if you want to do a bit of adventuring on the high seas ahead of time theres no shortage of ports in which you could choose to drop anchor from monkey island to donkey kong country 2 there are loads of pirate themed games you could pick up but if youre looking to match Black Flags blend of hand-to-hand action and naval warfare nothing will get you as close as sid meiers pirates originally published in 1987 it since been reworked for just about every platform youd care to shake a cutlass at the open world spans a vast swath of the Caribbean initially starting you out as a licensed private ear then giving you the option to turn her whenever you like just like in Assassins Creed you can attack ships or towns hunt down targets and seek buried treasure it even features some of the real-life pirates you can expect to meet in Black Flag so its a good way to get acquainted ahead of time speaking of renowned pirates if theres one thing you this after drinking to do with this title its show off how much research theyve put in if you fancy doing a bit of that yourself you could always try a general history of the robberies and murders of the most notorious pirates by Captain Charles Johnson is a bit of a mouthful though written in the 18th century it can be a little heavy going but this book is a very faithful account of some of the most famous pirates including your Chum to be mr. Edward Teach AKA Blackbeard indeed captain Johnson did his homework so well a large number of the accounts follow the Pirates all the way from cradle to grave or in some cases noose if you get through the whole thing I guarantee youll be better equipped to appreciate some of the stuff the Pirates talk about during the course of the game a word of warning however obviously this book having been first published in 1724 its a little culturally outmoded so dont expect 21st century levels of political correctness there be monsters now when it comes to films about pirates obviously theres one franchise that looms largest above all the others and thats Disneys Pirates of the Caribbean but Im going to recommend that because a its probably already occurred to you and be only the first one is actually any good hello boys and girls shut up Johnny Depp instead give Blackbeard terror at sea a while it follows the great bearded man during the height of his reign over the seas and its actually a TV movie made for National Geographic loses over James Purefoy stars as the fuzzy face black beard he played mark antony in HBO series rome and is rather a fine actor the docudrama follows Blackbeards exploits aboard his renowned chip the Queen Annes Revenge reflecting the very real reign of terror Edward Teach enjoyed over the seas I mean sure black bid is going to teach you a thing or two as mr. ken wait anyway but a little more time having spent under the mask couldnt hurt now could it once youve got your knowledge of Blackbeard down it would probably do you some good to learn about some actual seafaring master and commander the far side of the world is your best bet there as it was highly praised for its sailing authenticity though granted its not actually about pirates the films hes Captain Jack Aubrey chasing a friendship to the far side of the world testing his strength and leadership along the way the film is adapted from a series of books written as the ships logs by the way so if you find crows captain Aubrey enchanting search for author Patrick OBrian fun fact back in those days ropes were bound the opposite way to how theyre made now so the studio spent a small fortune getting 27 miles of custom rigging made for the ships in Master and Commander just so nobody could go in that song now our last pic might not be quite so violent as Assassins Creed Black Flags given that its aimed at children and all but it is still very very piratey I the pirate band of misfits or the pirates in an adventure with scientists depending on where you live is an admin animation theyre the people famous for wallace and gromit and being unfaltering ly wonderful the film follows an inexperienced captain and his equally green crew as they tried to win fame and fortune on the high seas running into Charles Darwin they soon realized the ships parrot is in fact the worlds last living dodo and frankly it only gets sillier from there I thoroughly recommend you watch this film before playing black flag so you can learn to take pirates a little less seriously after all if kenway is anything like is miserable grandson connor youre gonna need a little help right you should be able to make it to launch day with that little lot and as ever if you want to check out any of the recommended items on amazon you can just follow the link on screen now if you have any suggestions of your own feel free to leave a comment or tweet using the hashtag GS waiting game feel free to recommend games we should cover in future episodes as well what are you looking forward to let us know bye for now game loading steam Waiting for Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag to come into port? 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