Assassins Creed IV Black Flag Review - Worth A Buy?

Buffalo springfield steam rollertales of arise steam deck ASSASSIN’S CREED® IV BLACK FLAG™ game Assassins Creed 4 Black Flag ah  __  pirate is it worth buying well lets have a look at him first of all it looks awesome guys oh man Ive got to mention this first the graphics are just incredible absolutely incredible when I was on the ship steering this ship out of the beer I was just my jaw was wobbling it was quivering guys and remove it you know it was just the waves the way they were all it was just one of the most amazing things Ive seen in a computer game it just was so real it was so it just felt so real it was just awesome guys absolutely awesome I mean it has to go down as one of the 10 best things Ive seen in him and thats how good it was that Ive never seen water like this before never seen Reeves rule like this and that the abort handle it was just awesome thats that thats thats in it just wow wow wow I mean look at that guys an unbelievable so you know what it gets my board on the graphics em em but it its a third-person console port guys and this is where it falls flat on its face because with a third-person console port you are always going to have control issues and this skin has them big bloody control issues so you can never a console controller will never ever ever ever be as good as a mouse and a keyboard and this game was made for a console controller so when theyve ported it over for the mouse control theyve ported the whole weird that the guy reacts as well now that is a big problem because one thing and I have played on plenty console games cuz my son has an Xbox 360 one of the things that I have noticed is they use this assumption thing when they program it its kind of like we assumed this is what you want to do and I know thats not really what youre gonna do but we just think this is what you want to do and thats what I hate in games I hear that in software where you know software now were living in a day where it sets  __  or youre on your PC oh this is the way you want and set up isnt it no no no I dont want it set up I didnt tell you to set that of that way you just assume thats the way I wanted it set up I didnt want that Yahoo bar installed you just assumed that it you know you know what you know what Im saying guys well this games like that when you were running around for example I had to chase a thief a pickpocket through Havana and as I was running around god help me if Ive got wind or anything because whatever you bump into the control mechanism in this game assumes them so you want to climb that building no no I dont Im running after that guy there so I dont want to climb this building Im sorry that I bumped into that pillar but why am I now on the  __  roof well thats because as soon as you bump into the pillow we thought you want to claim that Palace or Pingo and then before you can even put the brakes on youve left off the roof onto a sign onto another roof I mean now 50 feet in the  __  sky while how did I get here how the hell did I get what just happened I was running around the corner the next thing Im on the  __  roof its because it assumes thats what you want to do and then of course if you chasing somebody and you get more than 50 meters away or whatever it is you get this kind of weird thing going on where is getting away is getting a weird sight yeah hes gettin away because you put us on a Quinn roof I didnt want to be on the  __  roof you know and thats the problem with this game I absolutely despise the control method methods in this game it just assumes you want to do all these things you dont the combats annoying as well I mean I was in a funner Ive killed this guy attacked this guy in these guards just appeared the teleported in out of midair theyre just like burn pay me down Scotty just these these guards are just appear and its just what what just happened there I mean and the combats all dumbed down its a its a you know and there is some good things like the stealth aspect is good but everything set up its like oh Im on this branch and it just happens that below this branch theres some nice here that I could just jump off into you know its all kind kind of staged you dont feel as if see I see guys when Im playing an open-world game when Im playing an open-world game I like to choose my point of attack ah this is all kind of set up for you hey hey just happens youre on that little Bronte and just happen to see over there and if you just look down there you can just happen to say some straw that you could just happen to jump into and land and it will just happen to break your fall hey youre on this chip belltower and it just happens to be somebody getting pickpocketed below you there but hey if you just happen to jump off here you will just happen to land in that cart of here that just happens to be you know cough with you dont down in scripted  __  you know if youre gonna make an open-world game make a good open-world game where  __  just happens and if I want to be there I can convey there and thats what Assassins Creed and thats what console ports do guys there are not true open worlds like what I expect so you know theres me gripe and I know Ive only played this for an hour and a half and theres a lot more story and a lot more going on but I dont want to play much more than that because at the end of the day I do not want to be I know the one things not going to change in this game and that is the control and thats never going to change you see what Im saying and thats the problem with a console port so Im going to leave it at this guys Im going to sum it up Ive had to show you the good and the bad of this there is a great game to be had here there is a great game underneath all of this but Im not going to just do what a lot of the other reviews are and just say oh yeah eight out of ten grid you know definitely worth getting no no no no no no no thats not what you get on on whether by what what I have to do is I have to warn people and Im warning you now the control system on this game is pretty  __  the combat is pretty shallow and it is not very immersive guards will just spawn out of midair things will be set up for you as if its all kind of cryptid but having said all of that the game is still fun and I am still playing it despite what I thought earlier on about not being able to get much more I am still playing it and I have unlocked a few more things in the game I am going Im still going with it and that means that it cant be that bad because I would have just chucked it after an hour if it was just not that good so it is a good game um it has got its drawbacks that Ive already mentioned but if you think you can cope with that then its worth a buy not at forty pound oh but Im not going to give this the thumbs down because it is a polished phone game its an entertainment its its like you know when you watch these expendable - you know what Sylvester Stallone and you know whats gonna be  __  but its got big explosions and its a kind of film that you just sit down and loll out but its still entertaining thats what this is thats exactly what this is its not a deep immersive game but its entertaining and its fun dragging people in the bushes and slitting the throats you know its its its entertainment and its very polished entertainment and for that reason Im gonna say yes it is worth points you you you list of all games on steam The year is 1715. 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