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Keys steam gameshow does borrowing steam games work ASSASSIN’S CREED® IV BLACK FLAG™ game Peggy 18 hi my name is ashraf Ismail game director of Assassins Creed 4 Black Flag and Im very proud to be showing off the Caribbean open-world here were gonna start with Edward after completing a few missions hes met up with the assassins but hes not yet bought into the creed so he still has this selfish need for fame and fortune Edward is one of the most unique characters weve created for the Assassins Creed universe he is a man who is still trying to figure out who he is in life and what he wants to get out of it at this point in the story he still wants that Fame so one way to get it is to complete the assassination contracts this is a way to make money and to gain a bit of notoriety so here we go we have two targets take out two Templar brothers so were gonna accept the contract and the world map is going to show us where this contract takes place so we see here that the contract is actually very close to us it starts in the village were in but as we zoom out we want to show you the world that we have many locations over 50 locations centered by Cuba the Bahamas and Florida up north this is a massive world theres a lot to find and do in this Caribbean Sea well now well get back to the fisherman village and go after our targets the fisherman village its one type of location in this world its really here as a convenience to the player this is where you can start missions where you can shop to upgrade Edward and the jackdaw itself its really about the mood and the ambience of the Caribbean Sea in the distance we have a tavern that were approaching taverns are places where you can hire crew play minigames drink if you wish but for now were gonna focus on the targets and take them up Oh the floor fingers now that weve taken out one brother the other ones gonna vote just like classic cases we cant chase them down and take them out that way but theres many ways to complete this contract we can use the new free aim system to shoot him this way to fit and limit him that way we can jump onto the ship and take him out with his crew but instead were gonna let him escape into the sea and follow him with a jackdaw this is your ship this is the second main character of the game youre gonna have to customize and upgrade the ship as you go on this journey with Edward weve seamlessly gone from a ground chase right into a naval chase we could destroy the ship and complete the contract that way but instead using the spyglass we can see that hes carrying a lot of rum rum is important in the economy system its one way of making a lot of money if you sell it properly so instead of destroying the ship were gonna plunder that ship here you can see the upgrades that weve made into that naval combat using the front cannons you can shoot change shots to slow down the ship using the new round chop mechanic of trajectory aiming you can aim for the hull and do a lot of damage this way this specific enemy is what we call a frigate frigates are the type of ships that you need to destroy as fast as you can because the longer the fight to last the more damage theyre capable of doing we have other enemy types like the charger or the man-of-war or is a massive ship capable of carrying over 100 cannons these are ships that you really need to upgrade to be able to face but now that this frigate has been domestic we can start the boarding boarding its very important you are apart this is how you gain cargo this is how you take on ships so here we can start the boarding from any orientation or angle we wish the distance even matters if you get too close the two crews will just jump right into each other if you start a bit further you can jump in the water and go in for a sneaky stealth attack we have two objectives to accomplish for this boarding we can take out the captain and we need to take out some of his crew so using the swivel gun we will efficiently take out a lot of the crew and now well go for the captain using Edwards navigation abilities here again using the new priam system we have a dangerous enemy on the other side taking out our crew we can easily take him out with a headshot so what we see here is that two ships have come together to create this 3d environment where using your assassin abilities to navigate to be stealthy you can take the advantage and get the kill by surprise now that weve taken out the captain we still need to take out a few of the crew members to complete this boarding now that weve blended the ship were gonna gain that rum that we saw earlier were also going to gain an ammo and crew members and some gold with every boarding theres three options that you can do with that ship you can gain crew members you can send the ship to your fleet if you wish or you can salvage a ship to repair the jackdaw if you took too much damage in the fight in this case since we did well were gonna send the ship to our fleet now that were back in the Caribbean Sea we need to make sure that every minute something is being advertising the players something new for the player to do in this case we have this uncharted location these are what we call playas we have over 75 of these in the Caribbean world every playa has something very important for the player to find something that will help in upgrading édouard or the jackdaw so its in your advantage to explore these locations again for us seamlessness is very important we need it to be able to explore this Caribbean world without having too much interruption in the action so being able to just let go of the wheel anywhere we want jump into the water and swim over to that location this is very important for the mood and the immersiveness of this Caribbean open world here as we get on the playa in the distance we can see that theres a faction battle but closer to us we can see that theres this poor drunken sailor whos passed away but being a pirate of course were gonna loot his body and see what he has for us so we found a treasure map this treasure map is asking us to go to an island called misteriosa every time you find one of these you know that youre going to find a treasure that is linked to the progression of the jackdaw or edward so they are very valuable here were going to take a look at that faction battle we have a british ship facing off against the spanish ship we could jump in and take advantage of this opportunity allowing each ship to weaken the other and for us to plunder both but now were gonna make our way back to the jackdaw again this is the second main character of the game theres a lot of customization and I love upgrading to do on the jackdaw you can upgrade all the weapons to fit the play style you wish now as we get onto the jackdaw we can see the crews cheering for us edward has a really close relationship with his first mate otto wall a standing right there and with this crew and this is something that youll see later in the demo that we can lose and gain crew members again using the spyglass we can really see the contents of a ship but you can also assess the danger and threat level of these ships but for now were gonna continue to Mysterios had to find that treasure here weve crossed into a heart burning zone the harpooning system is connected to the hunting system which is used for upgrading Edward himself so you can upgrade the number of weapons he carries the ammo that you can carry and even his health but for now we move past that zone and weve got into a storm storms are very dangerous if youre not careful if you dont know how to navigate a storm you will take damage to your ship and you will lose crew members in the distance we can see a waterspout this is a tornado in the ocean these are very dangerous they can suck you in and when they do they tear the ship apart and take out your crew here we can see its effect on a ship this poor ship got sucked in and got destroyed storms are very dangerous but we wanted the player to take advantage of this when youve mastered a storm when you know how these systems work you can pull enemies into a storm and let the storm do damage for you so there is a strategic element to using a storm in the world here we can see that the storm is dying down a bit but theyre still this trench hold on poor was very important for us to get the real mood of an atmosphere of the Caribbean in the weather cycles and in the daytime cycles but here since weve survived the storm did pretty well lets order our crew to sing sea shanties are part of this game its a collectible that you can find in the world so the more you find the bigger playlist you have for your crew but for now weve made it to misteriosa so again were gonna seamlessly get off our ship and explore this location misteriosa is a Mayan ruin Mayan ruins are heavy with stealth and navigation capacities theres a lot of treasures and hidden discoveries to be found in these locations if we recall the treasure map the treasure is hidden behind a temple so just by quickly looking around we can see that temple looks about right so thats our objective well head there as we go this way we can see theres a lot of guards on the beach we could go in and fight them if we wish to but to show off that this is a mini open world were gonna try to find a different route to get to our objective here weve seen a guard we dont want to alert him we dont want to alert the guards on the beach so were gonna use our stealth ability to take them out silently with ac3 we were able to push the navigation in the frontier which means using natural environments like trees and rocks and so on Mayan ruins are the perfect place where we mix man-made structures and these natural environments so you really get to feel how far the navigation abilities of the assassin have come since the original game in the distance there we can see another part of the island being blocked off by patrol of guards were going to avoid it for now and go for that treasure its important for us to be able to give the players new tools specifically for stealth in this case we have the blowpipe using the berserk darts you make your enemies go crazy effectively this means that theyll attack anything and everything in sight including their own friends animals or Edward if he was in the way so you do have to be careful with how you use it but now that weve caused a destruction if we happen to fall down there at least theres already a bit of damage done for us but using that our navigation skills were able to get past that area without any trouble there in the distance you can see the jackdaw placed exactly where you left it when you got onto this location its really important for us to show the beauty of this Caribbean world the Caribbean has some amazing vistas and we pushed ourselves to replicate this in the game as we continue forward we can see in the distance there theres couple prisoners that are taken hostage this is a scenario that you need to use stealth if youre detected by those guards they will kill the hostages so in this case its to your advantage to use the environment to figure out how you can take out those guards without being detected in this case its two guards so its not too hard there are other scenarios where you have more guards and you have to figure out how you can take all of them out at the same time now that weve freed these prisoners they are more than happy to join our crew this is just one way of gaining crew members as mentioned earlier theres the taverns theres actually many different setups of gaining crew here were going to go back to the treasure map we can see that the treasure is actually behind the temple near fountain so if we just look around we can see that its around here now that we found the treasure what weve actually found is a blueprint blueprints are incredibly valuable for the upgrading of the jackdaw this is how you can upgrade the biggest and most devastating upgrades of the ship so here were approaching a rich high point just like classic acs synchronizing with a rich high point reveals the contents of a location and the map itself but as an added feature because this game world is so huge there are many different locations this also becomes a fast travel point so now you can by synchronizing now you can come back here any time you wish to collect those treasures that we passed up a bit earlier here weve reached the end of the demo this was a tease of the open world that we have were very excited to be able to show off this game and to let you play it very soon thank you for joining us you steam lonk Game Director Ashraf Ismail takes us deeper into the world of Assassins Creed IV Black Flag with this new commented gameplay video. Embark on a journey with Edward and discover his daily life as a pirate and Assassin in this Open-World demo, in a quest for glory, fame and hidden treasures. how does steam refund work invention of steam power best rpg games steam 2021 how to put steam game on desktop rust steam