Assassins Creed 4 Black Flag - Part 3 - Ship Battles

Is a steam room good for a coldoreck steamer ASSASSIN’S CREED® IV BLACK FLAG™ game all right whats up guys and welcome back to assassins creed for black flag so i found the last episode extremely extremely interesting because after all of the events that occurred obviously we were kind of like brought into the templar universe if you will we even got a little special ring and then you know it didnt take long after they found out that we were actually not who we were saying we were that we actually killed the assassin and took over him and you know were just you know doing pirate things and its interesting because now we we are pretty much back to being a pirate so its like edward has taken the robes of an assassin yet he doesnt he he just does not understand what being an assassin really is i feel like eventually during the story the assassin uh way of life is gonna catch up to him and then hes gonna have to embrace that and uh probably balance the life of a pirate and being an assassin so far were only three episodes in by the way yes thats the beautiful  __  were only three episodes in and look a dolphin this is exactly why this game is special were only three episodes in and this this is right up there this is right up there with ac2 right up there so far my favorite of the ones that weve played recently is ac2 on the top and then its maybe brotherhood or this one Applause Music thats thats my crew right there by the way before we continue um we are in a brand new sequence of course but i have here um edward upgrades which i wanted to see what the heck this is so i want to say that we dont even need you probably dont need a shop to upgrade these things im probably going to wait a little bit and see what you guys have to say um oh but this is cool the crimson privateer pirate captain merchant outfit politician explorer governor officer templar we go im gonna wait a little bit more you know were not gonna get into all that crazy nonsense right now uh weve got an objective and weve got a couple of missions that we have to head to and we gotta finish off this uh sequence so that is the plan for this video were gonna finish this sequence ive actually recorded uh this is the second episode i recorded back to back to back so typically i record one episode then i record another one the next day but i finished the second episode and i was just so excited that i had to jump back on its not so freaking thats how much fun im having if does that make any sense Applause oh god this is so fantastic god i love this game its so beautiful okay guys we are here we are in uh apaco island lets see what we got here so hunting wildlife iguanas killed and skinned shoot an iguana what was the objective the the optional objective so you can hunt animals and then skin them to collect animal goods these resources allow you to craft new items and upgrades for edward air assassinate an ocelot well thats quite disgusting hey you know what i understand youre a pirate these things gotta be done but i kill it i did not oh yes i did i have doubted myself the thing is where the hell are we going to find an ocelot i feel like this is just filled with iguanas nothing else there we go very very nice sorry buddy but uh got a mission and that is you die or not how is this thing still  __  standing oh its so cute yeah thats messed up what i want to know is how these things got here in the first place so anyways uh this tyro captain for his first order as a quartermaster im not even gonna pronounce his name at a whale ate a whale suggests that edward does a little hunting and uh go fix himself up so weve got ocelots killed and skinned craft a new holster and craft and a health upgrade here we go pistol holster oh cool so this holster allows edward to carry one additional pistol that is pretty nice oh wow okay so progress tracker i just crafted a new holster what are you talking about health upgrade confirm this protective gear increases health okay and so we have both of them done correct all right we have a treasure map here what do we have here so in front of the big rock oh this is so  __  sweet i think we can also sync up here huh i just realized that there was an eagle there and we didnt even sync up oh wow so theres a big rock and a corner and in front of that big rock thats where we can get the treasure lets see youre probably gonna laugh at me but its taking me like 15 minutes to realize that the treasures not here okay so 749 625 if i go to my map it is it is not here it is clearly somewhere else right now okay so it doesnt matter weve weve got the treasure map thats all that matters well revisit this okay we will indeed revisit it and ill just kill another iguana just for no reason need some bones cool thing is you can get this and just travel back to your ship thats pretty sweet now lets go speak to my quartermaster ahoy captain find what you need my needs and wants our oceans apart mate but i did fashion myself a new holster all i need now is a pistol to lie in it yeah click on from the holes just as you said a little more than a blowpipe theyll do so are we rested or should we idle a while longer best way anchor i think the crew is itching to reach civilization youll find no civilization in nasa but its a fine place to be merry all the same perfect so multiple pistols press y multiple times um these shots do less damage with interrupt attacks here we go so im assuming were going to that big old part over there right i love the singing i thought that was a valhalla thing only like i guess not yeah sure is this where were supposed to go come on captain queer knobs tell me im under arrest tell me damn your breaths fly away boyo back to your master i we was privateers together before the wars ended ill see you a show the bahamas bro look at these  __  islands dude now if you remember bahamas and cuba are relatively close to one another so yes this does make perfect sense oh dear god what a magnificent im sorry im gonna be drooling all over this game for like the next month or so okay so we uh i think this should yeah here we go so yeah pretty much everything that weve been playing i dont know any of it whatever we saw in the beginning episode was just a fraction of what i remember from this game all of this is new Music my god youre a sigh for salty eyes come you in and have a drink morning oh i cant wait heres this adda wally a jackdaws quartermaster jagdor you named your brig after epoxy bird addy these lads are the better part of our growing confederacy here ed thatch van hornergold james kidd you let him carry a pistol do you ease ben aday saved my life and now were looking to find a crew to fill out the rest of my ship well there scores a capable man about we used caution the ship loaded the kings center showed up before night back causing trouble and knocking about like they own the place all right ill see you like a muster okay so the drag draw uh jack dolls crew this meter indicates the crew strength crews essential resources that allow um is an essential resource that allows uh you to plunder ships bigger ships require more crew to okay jack draw a jack dolls crew there are two ways to recruit crews you can hire people in a tavern or you can help people in trouble pirates recruited oh crap 15. okay so we are going to go on a recruit hunt we are still strengthening our crew i guess you can say wait for this guy here to not look this way i dont like the look in his face you know sorry bucko but these are my men now oh four already okay thats not that bad andrew this is really nice its bahamas um area here this is fantastic wow oh this guys been uh youll not get free jack fall in line hold on Music sorry we got this oh he just kicked me in my nuts getting kicked in the nuts is that bad i mean it is realistically keep their cotton i was not expecting that from this game to get kicked in the nuts were only three episodes in man whats going on double assassination that is perfect okay thats four of them oh hold on we can see we can stick up here lets go i could have probably killed him from the freaking sink point that was dumb seems like this uh piece of uh architect here needs a little bit of a repair oh this is so nice thats what i thought cuba looked great this looks looks really great a fortress over there i wonder what thats all about Music so the more crew members we have the better well do against other bigger stronger easy ones god damns fast me from the deep there cotton i am a master assassin ive only been on the job for like a week what can i say i ive im destined i cannot wait for this i mean i dont know if this is gonna happen but i would like to see what happens when this guy comes across the apple of eden i dont know if thats gonna happen its happened every single game so far but that would be some  __  hey didnt we just do this earlier oh well all right you guys are free thats four reach the hanging where is that captain can we come fast theres soldiers are captain man you know who i am this pirate bears the blood of many innocents on his hands his well uh that was a little i was a little rude of you i do say so myself i was extremely rude of you oh what do you think this is what i will shoot you in the face then kick you in the nut all right you just youre just gonna keep breaking my teeth like that you got a good job on you im not even gonna lie all right its time the assassin blades the hidden blades break the defense can we now this guys  __  annoying bro this guys got nuts of steels what the  __  is that nice bless your timely britches kenway its like everybody here knows me very popular guy you know reach the tavern all right lets go back to our crew let these guys know were not here to play games weve made it here weve made it this far ive killed an assassin ive killed multiple assassins i may not know yet but i will become an assassin officially i hope a little music playing and everything Music okay now youll want to sail somewhere rich with plunder have you heard of a place called the observatory aye its an old legend like el dorado or the fountain of youth what have you heard its meant to be a temple or a tomb adding a treasure of some kind thats it see here all right its fairy stories you prefer a gold is it its worth more than gold thatch 10 000 times above what we could pull off any spanish ship robbing the king to pay his porpoise is how we earn our keep here lad it aint a fortune its a fantasy oh morning can wait not a bad looking tinder box you got there you sound a bit green horny gold is it envy because mines bigger than yours no i reckon its this jamaican funk i prefer the spanish stuff so youve got yourself a fancy brig now fine well im gonna teach you how to say it all right and how to take a prize the proper way that well catch you up at the old fishing village all right wheres your helmsman can we i take pride in piloting my own ships ben keeps me alert lets make some headway shall we i have no need for schooling how many prizes did we take together as privateers theres a chasm of difference between joining a raid and captaining one were looking out for merchants boys then theres fat with cargo find us a schooner with that spyglass can we youll get yourself a glimpse of what sort of cargo theyre shipping and a general idea of their toughness take out your glass kenway schooners are too small to peep with a naked eye theres a prize worth taking good take us in close after you subdue a prize project authority demand respect that you would never give yourself this leaves a spell over soft moments for your victims must always have in the back of their minds the uneasy idea that you could snap at any moment oh theres two of them right here the fire chain shot look at the front of the ship firewise nice incapacitated uh incapacitated ship when a ship is on fire means its incapacitated you can either get close and press b or okay cool lets go okay these guys are shooting at us Music this is some real pirate  __  uh why are you hitting me youre supposed to be on my side oh my god thats so cool oh now you guys want to give up huh we just ready to go down we just raided the ship okay tango um i am captain hornigold and this is my crew were sailors like yourselves but white unalike in our purpose for we intend to take all that you own yet no harm shall befall any man so long as he remains at ease is that clear anyone speak english a little bit tell your friends were stealing your goods and we wont hurt nobody if everyone stays as still as a sandbox you got that please do repeat oh for  __  sake ill come in the hole and take everything that isnt nailed down oh my god so the ship boarding what should we do uh with the ship repair the jackdaw yes thats right because the ship was pretty banged up oh  __  its a shaky feeling sailing about with this much stolen cargo cargo plundered well need to take a few more prizes to make this a profitable day hold on fire reload wont miss next time Music Music cargo plundered and the water looks fantastic dude holy cow jesus look at this freaking water right now youre in big trouble now i love how you can chain these attacks oh youre screwed lets go for sale to salt key and buy the intermediate home okay so were doing this uh were kind of learning the way of of you know upgrading the ship and fighting against other ships and different types of ships and what alternatives we have as far as it comes to overtaking a enemy ship we can either breach it we can destroy it burn it down or whatever and we can uh rescue some you know stranded fellas Music thats cool docks automatically salt key bank interesting bye okay jack doll upgrades oh armor theres a lot of upgrades huh confirm Music thats cool so you can you can upgrade your ship drastically very significantly Music that is cool mission completes use a swivel to kill sailors damn my blunder 20 rum i did none of that thats my bad not a bad take today keep this up and nassau will be the first city where men and women may live as god made them easy and free all it takes is a few drops of blood sweat and a swatch of cloth we fly no colors out here but praise the so lack of black flag signal nothing but your allegiance to mans natural freedoms as ones yours lie proud i will hand over the darker eye lenny if were to keep our republic afloat well need guns as well as gold that means attacking the navy so long as theyre flying king phillips colors will not offend our own mana the number of merchants roving these waters is three score the number of military ships hi easy purchase but in small doses right so to lure the navy out of hiding its best to cause a bit of mischief catch a few small spyglass so the spyglass is your best to lets see look at the ship to see how powerful it is and what cargo it is carrying look at the location to see everything available here or there hold rb to use it Music are you ready for this kenway she wont go down without an honest fight im taking that break lads i guess were ready boys thats the sound i like to hear height mechanics careful around the neighbor theyre as likely to wrap you as far abroad oh god Music oh my god its getting ready to ram us oh  __  Music this is  __  cool okay hold on lets see if we get the front all right we got a brace Music lets get it baby break spray sprays Music all right we dont want other ships to come here and interfere right its almost down bro nice oh its done done deal done deal done deal now do you get more materials when youre do you get more materials when you actually dont sink the ships thats what i want to know oh god perfect and shes done excellent all right so we can probably shes done shes done shes running she doesnt want any of this gold oh  __  lets go hey can we go on those uh ropes no right we just gotta wait holy cow well this is so  __  wild incredible oh you almost shot me there bro have you lost your mind let me say for not being a trained assassin kenways pretty  __  hes pretty slick with it there we go metal 65 so i want to say that for sure when when you actually board the ships you probably get more mats its gotta be and you get to repair your ship or is that because we um that was a rumble by god how do we fare a fine purchase no mistake now i think its time to lay low and drive our way back into secrecy so how do we get rid of this notoriety we stirred up money my boy a well-placed bride to the right government official see the military off your tail right lets do that ill need to meet these good samaritans at some point smart thinking as she goes on the afternoon all right we are back in salt key okay um so what is it that we have to do upgrades the cannons confirm new item purchased and see if we have anything here oh thats cool oh that is cool that is cool nice Applause so we got all of those extra options because we we pretty much have like the you know the bundle which includes the dlcs and stuff like that talk to a local officer sure lets get it oh thats for the notoriety for the ship you are a wanderer can we give a knack for this kind of work it aint work if you love it but i aint doing this forever lads only until i get enough coin to buy some land and influence back home jesus william isnt your trip still dreaming on about that strumping back in england when you could have any better you want it here and now ah such lofty goals for you gents and here i thought i was in the company of scoundrels fine purchase today whats the crews mood all smiles are no teeth and theres a few talking about meeting with master kid to steal from a nearby plantation plantation thats ambitious profitable too if we can manage it hi its a good idea okay mission for complete raise the black flag okay Applause okay so now our watch level has been reset give me some speed where are we going to now we ride the wind so as long as you keep an unwanted uh a good notoriety level in the seas you wont get attacked by the hunters i think its what happens with those other ships like those enemy ships do you have to avoid them with it i dont know interesting all right guys we have arrived to our new destiny why is our doc what no what are you doing just dock the boat okay you know what man lets just do this okay so you know what guys ill be right back okay i dont know whats going on with you guys but apparently you dont know how to dock a ship i just take matter into my own damn hands its not the first and wont be the last time i do this anyways i love how everyone is like in the middle of this deserted island yet theres like a bunch of life in every single little piece of land howd you guys get here i dont see any ships here i dont see anything so what whats the dillio man oh nice little sink point aloha sink points are also not you know not everythings a  __  huge tower to climb thats nice perfect all right sugar cane and its yields why look its the bastard son of the late william kid still a mere boy and yet ten times the demon his father was fancy seeing you here can we still looking sleek and mean did you steal that costume from a dandy in havana no sir i found this on a corpse one that was walking about and talking shite to my face only moments before huh so whats this i hear about a planned raid on a plantation not keeping secrets from me are you not very well every day schooners packed with sugar sail past coming from plantations nearby most times they stop here sell off a few crates theres one man visiting today that had earned you a fine profit so if youd like to rob his plantation ill point him out i would jesus is it a mr beckford that owns this plantation thats the man he owns dozens around these islands and is bloody rich just the sword i like to see robbed his agent is around here somewhere find and follow him and hell lead you straight to your prize okay despite the waywardness of your enterprise here i understand that you are men of discernment and theres no girls that we can buy here so we can kind of blend in ah that was a close one wait so is that their ship over there it looks like it is huh perfect yep there they are a bunch of them right there no idea how im gonna get past these guys though how in the worlds perfect manning to me weve done with this place i sir whats of course well return to the plantation and theyre taking stock of our inventory it was a good harvest you might not talk so loud sir this isnt anything like a friendly port nonsense man i had a delightful conversation with a chat just now we came to fight and understand all right okay reach the wheel come on you have the look of a man crafting a bold idea look ive seen before you mark wild ive just overheard one of the beckfords men talking grandma about his plantation and all the cargo hes keeping him here he gave me the idea that i might take these goods off him and sell them off than hed ever ask ah a man of vision i like this idea thats a huge  __  ship so now were also headed into unwanted territory oh man thats a restricted area areas youre not supposed to be in ships would instantly detect and attack your entire field of view uh oh my god this is gonna be a pain in the butt ill force patrol these waters closely captain hold on its trouble i see them okay so we gotta try and maintain our field of view out of way oh were  __  oh were screwed oh were so screwed oh god theres a stranded uh sailor somewhere Music alive i can see here danger has passed oh its our warship closing that caesar cutter royal bloody navy seems to be alone sir were  __  oh god oh my god why is our ship so slow its like were not even able to go full speed i really dont want to get spotted here man but i knew their names from hearing other men but you worked the plantation a modest one i as a striker in the boiling boiling house was it water they bought something else cane juices the hard process making sugar dangerous must be why it fetches such a dear price whats it like toiling on a plantation day and night well with the cane sugar cut and harvested its run between two metal rollers across the juice from the plant after collecting the juice its time to boil away the water from the sugar this we didnt touch is made of coffee let me tell you better boiling sugar is near the hottest thing on earth just a touch on the skin they stick like bloodline and blow it on a terrible scar jesus okay were about to get out of the danger zone were good well i cant believe we didnt get detected twice its a risk to why ive been too close soldier roving plantation with catches for sure drop here then and sneak ashore well look after the jackal perfect reach the agents oh we can fast travel too interesting i was starting to wonder that in this game this is like really open world like this is more open world than than ever before oh  __  i shouldnt have killed him oh god whats happened here why such disarray better do sir thats all its wilmingtons birthday for you must double the watch this evening double sir whatever the ship was uncommonly large for such rascals certainly wasnt slavers though not a ship that size in any case double the watch and keep your damned eyes wide for anything suspicious oh god you up there look alive man you have a job to do apologies sir ill keep my eyes peeled for gods sake what the hell is going on here today how do you suppose youll be able to ring that alarm if youre pissed drunk and barely able to stand forgive me sir i am fit and able if i see any strangeness about youll hear the battle ringing straight away i promise okay so is that his little house over there could be could we uh dismantle the bells im gonna go ahead and say to speak to the man in yes here i require entrance to the warehouse which of you dogs has the key to the warehouse huh the key god damn it someone find me the key dont leave till its done locate the keyholder fetch me the warehouse key if you please dont turn back dont jump back all right lets see whos got the warehouse key ah there we go interesting please do not come here oh god oh god oh i dont want to know how this story unfolds oh  __  that okay that was easy sell your roman sugar to the uh to the hardware master or in your captains cabin to get 800. heres to our pirate republic lads were prosperous free and out of the reach of kings clergy and debt collectors near 500 men now pledge their allegiance to the brethren of the coast and nassau not a bad number true yeah we lack sturdy defenses if the king were to attack the town hed trample us then let us find the observatory if it does what these templars claim well be unbeatable not a twaddle again can we its a story for school boys i mean proper defenses steal a galleon shift all the guns to one side make a nice ornament for one of our harbors it will not be easy to steal a full spanish galleon have you one in mine i do sir and ill show you shes a fossa cheers her from the spanish was it i in the midst of a hurricane just before the treasure fleet was smashed against the shore was the hall aboard as rich as men are saying a thousand times that i reckon a million pounds where the reals was sunk that day devil love a hurricane i have a dive there one day see what we can rummage up diving them wrecks would be a nice change of pace for us no need for violent actions against merchants and such wow thats some soft talk coming from a pirate and as it happens i mostly agree well save the clash in a cutlasses for the military and then theyre getting our way easy as she goes no telling what you may find out here dont saw your breaches lads Music hes a spy glass to identify your target its a gun boat where the hell is our target we have a freaking thunder oh my god dont tell me thats the ship oh my god thats a man of war Music face Music so weve been tailing this  __  for a while now an old friend of yours okay so when under a mortar fire the area of damage is represented by the circle of the water or on the water the yellow circus announced incoming shots avoid them they turn red youll take damage nah bro im good  __  hell bro this thing is ridiculous im just gonna stay right behind it  __  crap dude we almost took that one oh my god  __  Applause okay oh my god oh were gonna get  __  bombarded here oh my god okay man our ship is pretty strong im not gonna lie i dont mean to tweet my own horn but do some pretty decent damage okay lets turn around come on Music all right got two two birds with one stone thats a good one okay lets take this guy out hes dead sayonara and there she goes shes sailing for that island i know the place natural stronghold used by a french captain named cass julian the cast the templar name droid didnt know he had a title i know the man and if he sees my ship hell know it from his time in havana meaning he may wonder whos sailing her now i cant risk that and i dont want to lose that guardian lets think on and maybe wait until its dark before hopping aboard all right mission completes weve got one more mission here one more mission and we are done with the sequence so this this uh this sequence has been a lot about uh i know i could have gotten the loop back there but thats fine or should i get it yeah this um this sequence the missions within this sequence have been a lot about sailing and you know learning the ways of pirates if you will which honestly its not that bad its really fun like the the the uh the whole ship part of this game you know traversing through land i mean through the ocean is really fun now it just depends how how often were going to be doing this you know gentlemen as is custom among our kind we do not plunge headlong into fully on the orders of a single madman but act according to our own collective madness the object of our attention is a square rigged galleon and we want her for the advantage hell bring nassau so ill put it to the vote all those in favor of storming this cove and taking this  __  stomp and shout i i those who oppose wimpernae never was the kings council so unified i like the brotherhood there is definitely a brotherhood going on what the  __  this is cool reach the jungles exit the jungle what excuse me lets do it in bro you know im all about that jungle life kind of i dont know what to expect here but i am quite excited i do say so myself okay well climb up through here we left the chest down back there unless its actually higher up above but thats fine okay oh whoa whoa whoa oh oh god that felt very uncharted that was cool and that break i mean im sure theres no other way to get here man like its got to be another way mr can wait theres just got to be another way ah this is the chest lets see excellent oh this is nice man its like they they did so much work in every single piece of island that you visit like you can get lost in this damn world so easily this is such a huge open world game you know just fantastic sorry dude please kill both good we were actually inside a  __  jungle did i do it right something like that and now youre dead why you may ask well because my name is edward kenway i am a savage perfect so the guy i forgot his name now because as you know if youve been watching the channel for a while i am just terrible with names but the guy that was in havana with us the guy that left and he had all those scars hes the one thats interesting nice i was a little scared of running like behind them too much because then you get spotted or heard it looks like its not that bad thats such a bad idea after bro look at this bro this is absolutely beautiful dude dont  __  find it oh my goodness is that the amount of war there could be right thatd be it its gigantic i often times wonder what the hell are these guys doing so far away from their ship yeah you somebody could say theyre patrolling the area but man i dont know about that we go ahead and get this might as well right can we even get it of course anything is possible if you just believe Applause and were almost there oh god oh  __  why are they both looking though perfect okay so now when that guy turns around ill kill the next guy and the next guy perfect right behind the tree so we cant even get spotted thats just great magnificent excellent oh weve got a  __  sniper are these guys gonna continue looking this way or are they gonna look away or whats the deal oh oh and theres these two guys here oh god holy crap okay were free pretty go there it is oh wow look at this place wow man this place is freaking beautiful holy cow this place is beautiful yeah come here dude im about to kick your ass i dare you to come here oh you have a death wish dont you you just have a death wish dont you ill get this guy over here Music hold up im gonna wait for this thing is that all right yeah well set up this guy hell come this way bro look at that freaking  __  man if we were able to take that ship thatd be so cool nice i dont know if were gonna go on unspotted if thats even a word but if we get spotted i i wouldnt be surprised guys okay just just letting you know were not very good at this whole hide and seek game okay theres a guy this way im over here stupid yep right behind you right over here thats right excellent Music oh my god oh my god Music oh my goodness theres so many of them bro come on bro  __  please dont spot me excellent no way no way theres no  __  way everything was just going too good thats fine we totally totally redeemed ourselves look at this Music well this looks incredible here Music oh my god whats going on here stealth swim bro how are we still standing like what is this this is by far the most beautiful place in the entire game so far look at this with that ship in the back oh this looks so  __  sexy okay so were gonna head this way that was a lot of guards im actually surprised i took all of them out okay so we can take this wheres my targets hold on head upstairs perfect okay here we go damn i cant believe we were killing this guy already but hed last longer into the story well this is a huge ship Music i dont think were gonna be able to kill this guy theres just no way oh this is the guy with the hat foreign oh what no human shield all day all day every day Music oh hes reloading now youre annoying now kill him already dammit how many times do we kick them in the nuts oh my god this guys some good counters i like that though and some of the other games like even the bosses in the even though this game doesnt really have like bosses or at least the ones that we played bosss bosses theyre just way too easy good one theyre a little bit harder all right thats it bro im gonna reload or i can actually uh take away his weapons right if i pull out my fist but what fun would that be remember the gift you gave me well it answers just fine mr peter as bored as a musket ball and still have a sharp im sorry about this mate but i cant risk you telling your templar friends about me still kicking around i beat you after all you have seen after all we showed you of our order still you embrace the life of an ignorant and endless hog whats this his petty lost me the extent of your ambition have you no mind to comprehend the scope of ours all the empires on earth abolished a free and open world without parasites like you could the cove is us nice very very nice there it is a single madman hey i just saw you were logging out so i thought id stop by and give you something a little welcome gift we give awards to our top-notch employees for doing quality work and theyre nice to have since theres no official bonus scheme here i already have about 11 or so oh bonjour of course ill pass it on well looks like alive wants to meet with you its exciting follow me its on the top floor so its not hard to find but the rest of this building can be confusing to first-timers so we had the tools team whip up a great map application check your communicator i added a waypoint to oliviers office should be easy to find all right guys were gonna end it here we are now back in the real world and uh im excited for the next one this was a very long one i dont even know if were gonna be able to do episodes by sequences i think the sequences in this game are almost like double as long as the previous ac game so we might do half a sequence per episode i dont know well see how the next one goes but thank you so much for watching i hope you guys enjoyed it as always if youd like to see more ac4 here on the channel drop it a like ill catch you later how to add game on steam Assassins Creed 4: Black Flag Walkthrough Gameplay Part 3. 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