Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag - Multiplayer: Manhunt Gameplay

Add game pass game to steamseasoned steamed carrots ASSASSIN’S CREED® IV BLACK FLAG™ game what is going on guys welcome to Assassins Creed 4 Black Flag multiplayer I am bringing you a multiplier gameplay standalone nothing serious like a series or anything also a couple game sessions how good I am at assassins creed multiplayer well I think Im right in the middle Im pretty good I dont suck but Im not like fantastic Im like Im not at the top of the board Im usually second or something but I do remember the first day I played this like when Black Flag came out I had like I think I had like a 16 kill streak like 16 kills in a row that thats insane and they werent noobs or anything they were just like this artifact assault anyway if youve if youre not familiar with assassins creed multiplayer pretty much what you envisioned it to be assassins chasing Templars around or vice versa Templars vs Templars it its kind of confusing but this the back story behind the multiplayer is that Abstergo developed it during Brotherhood and in fact that you these are Templars playing as their training modern-day Templars are training in the bodies of Templars throughout history so thats what we have here so yeah were going to do a quick match lets see if we get lucky and basically its cat and mouse you know youre chasing people around people are chasing you its a whole lot of fun and the stealth rare you are the better you did more points to get oh my goodness okay we got some prestige people here yeah okay the gold the gold things theyre gold rank screen prestige oh man hunt yes man hunt is basically when youre in teams anyone looked the same one team stays hidden the other team tries to kill the team by methods of trying to figure out whos not an NPC and who is an NPC youll see when again gain multiplayer is a buttload of fun here we go ah objective is to hide and score hide with your teammates to score more alright looks like we drew the short straw at the beginning here so I recommend giving like a moving group thats easiest so here we go hiding in a movement moving group here lets here my team is over there I dont know how stealthily I can get over that wall look at this at the tragedy okay my covers blown come on guys Im stealth Im blended in well did I just see that correctly are there killers here I hear whispers I hope this guy walking with us is and like the killer if he is then this is like the greatest hiding ploy ever wait hes marked on the map where the heck is he I didnt see him oh hes over there there he is shoots oh theyre surrounding us its done get the hell out of here I wrote it poop okay Im gonna Im gonna get somewhere where I can hide so as long as you stun them you can get away Oh Oh yikes yikes yikes thats a yucca summit yikes were team hidden Ill take that Im checking my sides oh thats him thats him I would crap I couldnt target and past enough copycat and I dont want I dont want his layout Ill take mine thank you all right we have to hide somewhere let me go with my team more points when you hide with your team oh shoot that was effing stupid now hes gonna find me maybe not oh hello ouch ah crap Im gonna get this guy he has a pistol this guy has a pistol all right lets see how stealthy I can get with my team actually I have a teammate over here that guy on the bench at Target Im scared on the Commons Im coming very stealthily and Im blended yeah yeah we got this group uh I heard whispers okay we got two people who look identical here but wheres the enemy team is that is it right there is that guy right there no no its not okay were good uh oh maybe it is him oh its him right there its one of these two guys Chris you NPCs theyre just going to come out of nowhere and stab us oh its one of them people no its not one of them people its its its theres somewhere around here I I dont know Im scared here coins theyre nearby theyre coming for us how is this possible how am I still alive its like theyre right there but they arent right theyre like theyre silently stalking us this whole time and we have oh there is stun there we go double stun Im getting out Im getting out Im getting out Im getting out okay were running they know Im here find a hiding spot here here we go there we go that was close they probably all find me once again there was two of them after all that one guy must have been a noob he was just like he was just like sitting there he was sitting there while we were walking around hes like I dont know what to do should I kill one of these people Im not sure I was a good day Ill take that all right were up against some tough competition here has left the game session so now were going to be the killers we have to find these guys this always gets problematic because it always leads to a chase I mean with me at least to reach your targets find them amongst the look-alikes dont kill them all right so we have like a compass on the bottom that lets us know where the targets are at so Im gonna go for different targets anyone else yeah theyre both there bye Im gonna go for this guy and when the thing on the bottom lights up it means theyre in our line of sight yep of course lets see what happens when I drop a time bomb nope okay that was a risk there we go is a risk worth taking though can I kill him a guy did I kill him nobody kill him I will finish him off though there we go well that was a sacrifice worth taking for the team you know manhunt is a team sport its its a teams game not a sporty man hunts not really a sport I dont recall killing people a sport but honestly I wouldnt alright so lets see who catches on first ah what I was going to kill him you mean II know kill that guy oh hes dead okay I see there we go Im satisfactory all right I will get the kill this time okay like I said it is a team game but at the same time you have to be good at it lest you suck okay here hes on the map hes showing up on the map and theyre about to take theyre about to take the kill how why would you do that there we go I gotta kill this time Im happy with that I think we might win this itll be hard but we might win this get on my way oh why did you do that oh god sakes my man you are everywhere and nowhere at once oh we got this one to ourselves so hes obviously right there it would just spam click mmm there we go your smoke bomb did not work I dont care if I was civilian kill all he escapes yep there he is someone get him nice Ill take that my way women Mike you mark Joseph it Oh time bomb oh are you kidding me thats unfair and you missed well I got injured so all right there was a couple targets in my line of sight to be honest well get a finished bonus on this guy oh dont you try running through I got you Im taking a lot of damage I should watch it with my director contact kills no not that guy you know right there there you go oh Im gonna die here soon if Im not careful all right so Ive done a couple matches so far Im really good at manhunt by the way just just starting out there Im really good at manhunt so now were doing Samba island Im not the leader of course because my rank is too low but I reached level 10 just awesome so I got ton buttload of items oh I do get to choose the character alright then lets might get Blackbeard it yep its wait what oh I take that I got Blackbeard and you didnt all right what are they going to choose their indecisiveness is gonna be their downfall look at that they got a little like a little whale bone for a knife there oh yeah this is my first time playing as Blackbeard its a dlc but still this is also its Blackbeard I mean come on oh yeah after here huh dont Manhattan alrighty lets see what you got black beard to eat your target find them amongst the look-alikes theres a lot of beard its a lot of beard for a very fat man well not black beards fat hes probably very muscly he was just hes just kind of like roly-poly you know all right lets see what say okay this is a difficult scenario here we have a couple of killers to worry about oh oh no no no gotcha and kill bonus all your can we write you that was like as soon as your team gets killed you start running theres no question because you know theyre gonna find you you have no hope lets see I think I triggered a chase you came thats the like the dumbest hiding spot ever jump right in front of me huh yeah that works for you it didnt oh hello there eat it Oh leveled up eat that and you know what else Im feeling so good today okay that was wrong there no dont kill me now kill her call that an assist is what I call it well thank you kind sir kill bonus we got dumb people climbing the buildings again yep looks like all right lets see if we can catch her oh I got you I got you good oh youre so stupid honey look your team is losing all right where to next are they gonna leap over the buildings I dont think they understand the concept of hiding beautiful hiding spot by the way a pile of branches I saw that one coming oh behind me Hey all right lady its on get on the ground food football here we go I do like black Pierre a lot hes a nice character its like Walmart that doors open automatically all right lets lets make him run make it rain I was a civilian well that was a big cluster F so its kind of hard to tell where everyone was everyones team was there like our team and then their team was all gathered there and result was death nothing but death just just death see I can do this because the other teams not going to recognize me perfect opportunity for a near assassination I would say come back oh whatever Ill take that no not you whoops whatever the player has left the game session all right so Im just gonna walk around here like nothing oh you smart lady you think thats gonna work how stupid are you okay very smart actually excuse me no get her shes running shes running weve got to run on the table they died okay lets get the only player still alive okay in your mind theyre all dead everybody died one minute and everybodys alive you hiding on the rooftop miss no killed assaulted my clever disguise there on the rooftop they didnt run they just they just they just kicked it got kicked oh you thats a great disguise I saw you change Missy ere assassination nice I see you lets get the chew my cue oh nice oh yeah top of the board I got seven kills eat it all right now time for the hiding part this is where we run like little chickens scared of the opposing Templar Creed that would try to kill us your objective is to hide and score hide with your teammates to score more alright look for the closest black beard right here this is a good black beard guys lets lets hide with this guy yeah hide with this guy hide with me fine dont hide with me Im a mobile target its hard its hard to detect me of course they make themselves obvious right off the bat you know youre no fun to play with lady Wiki would you at least like just walk up what know how the hell they kill me someone someones done her oh she has a pistol okay she and a noob she got a pistol okay let me hide my team really quick not really quick but she let me hide with my key hey guys I may or may not have let a killer here well find out later wait howd that happen WTF what just what just happened I stood there and then a second later its like everything changed alright well Im going to pretend that never happened then were going to do that again hey I just met you oh whoops no dont you kill her Im going to stun this girl stun yeah now Im going to run for dear life because they know Im on they know my cover they know my disguise and they see me they both see me all crap they both see me still Im just gonna run circles around this complex Ill shoot and if theyre smart oh oh they may or may not be trying to attempt an air assassination yes they are run dont kill me I think we underestimated this team I think I underestimated this team there theyre pretty darn good actually I well we have we have a big lead so well see how that goes all right well Im just going to hide here three black beards theyre gonna have a hard time finding us stun her yes sir run away gonna run away beep whats all the beeping noises uh-oh I heard that it was the sound of a failed kill ow again with you why you always acrobatic assassinating me whats the score theyre catching up there theyre catching up I just Im sucking right now Im probably I got to get top as Ive died sometimes theyre like everywhere and nowhere at once i call hacks i call i call hacks for dear life hacks Im justa staying this little group here no one over ahead of me to err assassinate me thats for sure no way thats gonna happen no sir no when err assassinating this guy oh she coming this is stressful theyre everywhere and nowhere theyre everywhere theyre all over the its like watching a horror movie oh oh theyre all coming for me this is the part where I get the heart get the heart out of here you know who youre looking for right youre looking for Blackbeard unless shes playing decoy no shes playing stupid thats what shes doing look at me Im constantly insulting the team even by Im bad at that Im usually prone to dying myself well then what a lovely weather we have here and uh whatever Memphis is Ill opera I think tree shift theyre coming come across here-here pokken okay over here man open you do theyve gotta get you over here there we go some common beasts nope Oh sabba island thats where we are nice Im getting rich look at my wallet my wallet grows Abstergo cash faster than you could say Abstergo cash of course thatd be gold killer shes like Opie this guy my friends list Opie I came in second Im satisfied seven kills four deaths I had a lot of death so thats my compromise ah theres no awards theres theres like always awards at the end of a session theres no awards that time I reached level 11 so Im happy might be able to reach 12 because we did complete a couple challenges out there we go 700 points when did I do that Wow look at all these challenges oh thats it okay well guys that concludes todays round of Assassins Creed thank you for watching if you did enjoy this video please rate comment and subscribe check out my other videos upcoming in prior to and if you would like to see some more Assassins Creed multiplayer please tell me because this is really fun and I do like doing it sorry for the lag during the video but when I do get my new computer which will be built around Christmas which is in two days hmm sorry nerd squeal there nerdgasm if you will then everything will be refer faster all throughout so thank you for watching Ill be seeing you all later throne of lies the online game of deceit steam It may be multiplayer, but I am fairly skilled with it. 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