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Steaming green beansgame awards steam deck giveaway winners ASSASSIN’S CREED® IV BLACK FLAG™ gameplay oh shes on us can you see here someone take the wheel do it for reggie sir democracy flames get in there you mumble is it dangerous edward privateering is it dangerous wouldnt pay so nice if it werent why not sell with the kings navy earn a proper wage sail under gentlemen sod the navys gentleman for every shilling id earn the captain who gets 600 thats no way to earn a fortune we dont need a fortune not about need caroline i want food that dont make me sick i want walls that hold back the wind i want a decent life how long would you be gone with these privateers a year i reckon two at most all right no more than two promise me oh hmm huh was it good for you as well havana i must get to havana well ill just build us another ship while i i can pay you isnt that the sound you pirates like best 100 escudos keep talking thank you oh dont you you dont have that gold on you now dear bloody  __  pirates im on to you 6b come on mate were off to a bad start its a hundred leagues or more to havana will you walk that distance hmm uh pause kit wheres he running to follow oh we could work together on this keep your distance hmm four final decisions senor duncan walpole i accept your most generous offer and await your arrival with eagerness if you truly possess the information we desire we have the means to reward your answer though i will not know your face by sight i believe i can recognize the costume made infamous by your secret order therefore come to havana in haste and trust that you shall be welcomed mr whirlpool lets collect your reward that screw now do me just fine the commodores gonna head to kingston where to commandeer this lovers ship and follow sorry uh kingston no no our destination is havana im just a merchant quiet yet needed pirates youll hang for the masturbate out there sir i had nothing to do with this attack my crew and i have merely anchored to water and resupply hold it stop them my reason i shouldnt vent your skull take my sugar take anything you like ill pay you anything you like oh take my sugar take anything you like ill pay you anything you like oh god by gods christ you saved me a profusion of thanks is that yours it is my vessel yes but here lies its poor captain and i have no art for sailing i can pilot her myself no mind you dont mean to abscond with my ship do you im duncan whats your name friend steed steve bonnett well mr bonnet let this stay twix to us but im on a secret errand for his majesty the king god save him and i must get to havana with speed oh that is a relief sir havana is also my destination our ways lie together natural allies then oh you put me at easter do you think i took you for a pirate when you first appeared did you yes you have uh uncommon way of handling yourself quick and easy if i may say gave me quite a fright but all things considered i think its turned out to be a rather fortuitous day hasnt it hardly the worst thing oh veins out lets go welcome aboard duncan shes a modest schooner but well suited to my purpose trafficking cargo from my plantation and such shell do fine theres a strong wind now lets try to fold shall we ah theres a tug of the wind at my hair i find her bracing comfort in the feel and smell of the ocean the raw stink of of possibility thats a top way of seeing it mate weve really opened it up now havent we trim the yards off the wind crowd on every inch of sail the wind youre a natural sailor duncan i did a decent trick at the helm some time ago two years before the mast as a privateer dash my buttons your life seems a grand one if i may say so full of adventure how marvelous ive seen my share of strangeness i fantastic work very promising so me all right easy now there you go welcome back well your numbers look good now lets make sure we can break your brain all right i need you to move your head and look at these lights just here look up thats it down so far so good lets get you up so welcome to the sample 17 project before you get started youre gonna need this there you go testing testing one two three hello all right lets take a walk your file says youve done some memory research before but not to this extent which is surprising youre very good the data streams are very stable i really hope you find an ancestor impressive right this building is barely six months old but abstergo entertainment has been a studio for a few years since 2010. maybe you saw liberation that was our first title powered by animus tech that was just the tip of the iceberg soon well be unveiling commercial animus servers for the whole world to enjoy theyll offer passive experiences of course edited versions of real history but only the exciting parts and we think we found the perfect subject for our first full-length virtual feature caribbean pirate so thats your gig itll just take a minute okay mercy this is for you the primary tool of our trade your communicator power it up and give it a look its pretty slick you might have noticed that security a little light around here thats because your communicator is your key to getting around see that flashing wireless signal it means youre hooked up to the elevator ill let you do the honors were headed up to the sample 17 studio second floor you ready lets go ah theres the boss olivia garno our cco ill introduce you thanks have you met our new hire just started today i havent bonjour what project sample 17 the kenway line hey them connor edward the pirate ah matey very exciting welcome aboard melanie can we talk in your office for a minute just let me get this one settled and ill see you in five minutes sibo nice to meet you so this is the sample 17 floor were diving into the memories of one very generous donor desmond miles were pulling all the best stuff from his dna and hopefully one day we can forge some fantastic experiences from what we find in there this pair of legs is john one of the wizards in i.t hes just fixing something for you not fixing calibrating calibrating right so here we are your very own animus workstation this is all yours so sit back relax and find us some good footage if you need any hints or tips the animus is loaded with tutorial programs so youll have no problems and ill check in on you later happy pirating welcome to animus omega abstergo entertainments proprietary ancestral memory research tool if you have any questions comments or concerns about how to operate your animus console please contact your project supervisor melanie lemay you have been registered as part of the sample 17 project your primary research target is edward james kenway born march 10 1693 swansea wales calibrations complete all signs normal all systems optimal extra neurotransmitters activated ah lively havana ive been here once before it was a truly awful pleasure see someone you know no no no just putting on a friendly face i shouldnt want to be mistaken for a pirate again right flash rogue like yourself must be cautious mad to think spain and england were at war two years ago isnt it here i am bartering with spaniards like they were my cousins something wrong duncan no its nothing sand in my hampers so wheres the best squad in town im dying for a quick kip or a siesta should i say um im just headed to uh a public house now to meet some merchants i could i could show you the way well lead on i hope youll tarry a bit while i conduct my meeting itd be a great relief to have a man of your stature nearby case of him misunderstanding i can hang about i might have a drink spend it drink well they dont take kindly to pirates here do they wonder how many stolen reals bought these men this perch hola ladies you dont know these women do you no they charge money for that kind of privilege a few dozen real for every hour of knowing keen to meet them no goodness no im a married man married man of their four-day mate aha heres a purveyor of personal defenses i should acquire a blade for myself duncan just as you have this rusty razors nothing to admire even so i appear a mere kitten walking so close upon you perhaps a small dagger would suit me lets see what he said maybe ill buy a sword too well both jump rank oh well be quite the pair you and i twin devils lend us a few reals then i did save your skin ah early of course cheers thats a better fit for me how do you fare i had only enough for a small knife sadly still itll do in a pinch oh puffer duff ive led us astray oh no mata ill get us a better view what are we looking for everything is a fish hook thats how you tell a true sailor i think i see the place were not far hang tight oh hes probably blind go stop what do i do oh nice ill breathe stop her ill break your knees when i catch her you robbed the wrong man mate a fellow with dangerous friends of course i am that felt was no fuss oh yes ah weve arrived im english myself find my time till the next war calls me to service lucky king george im in a piss pot like you flying his flag skulk ive seen your face before use mates with empires down in nassau such a  __  gobbler ill fill it with shots you hear me edward is it i warned him you wanna dust up ill give you one come on lads ive seen bigger arms on a pill one more come on youre not leaving me ill catch you up fair endless so ugh okay sorry about the swift exit bit of a misunderstanding one heaped upon another ah oh jesus im sorry mate this is my doing im only trying to keep these spanish eyes off me oh its no bother regressively the soldiers confiscated my sugar when youre dispatches and whered they go having the foggiest idea im afraid i suspect those chaps might but my spanish is a wee male dad so id id rather not ask  __  all right come on lets follow them and recover my maps and my sugar or in my drawers well see what happens so if you keep quiet and stay out of sight i believe im getting the hang of this quiet i fear theyre on to us perhaps we should split up to confuse them its the best idea you had today yes sir see we are very sorry our captain delayed us here this will be captain mendoza yes sir hes very excited to meet you only he must be present for a hanging and youre hanging very nice if we hear the bell we may go if you like id love to especially if captain mendozas pulling the trap the man owes me money for the slaves i sold him of course sir captain mendoza is happy to pay you we have good cougars and such excellent um how long will this hanging take man tell me to hang about jose for the captain quick as anything sir captain mendoza needs only to hang the man then he will deliver your payment i dont want the alleys mind i want goods things i can sell tobacco rum sugar we have much fine sugar grapes we took off a fat english man last night englishman the man started the fight last night he ran left his sugar behind very fine lets start till i accompany him to the castillo sir captain mendoza will have it sent to you i believe you will see good luck that big brute your captain mendoza no sir governor torres man stadium is is so wow foreign hey dude okay foreign hmm hmm uh hello um hey sorry about the sugar ive only one pair of hands oh its no great loss uh ive got uh plenty of cargo here to make a profit on my trip will you stay here long for a few weeks yes then back to barbados to the tedium of domesticity dont settle for tedium so for nasa live life as you see fit havent i heard that nassau is crawling with pirates seems a very torturey place not tordry liberated oh god that would be an adventure but no no im a husband and a father i have responsibilities life cant be all pleasure and distraction duncan hey up on it the names edward in truth duncans only a handle ah secret name for your secret meeting with the governor the governor right i think ive kept him waiting long enough when a technical my things um buenos dias mr duncan walpole of england to see the governor i believe he is expecting me she is on your wall entry foreign hey good morning sir would i be correct in thinking you are i am indeed i thought as much woods rogers a pleasure the same i must say my wife has a terrible eye for description im sorry my wife you met her some years ago the percys masquerade ball ah quite she called you devilishly handsome obviously a lie to stoke my jealousy julianne a guest of honor has arrived mr duncan walpole julie andrew cass i hope your conversion to our order is an honest one i have no love for assassins but even less for liars i have not come to disappoint up for a bit of sport duncan the old man isnt ready just yet youve got my two best pairs of matched pistols duncan so handle them with care if i had eight i treat each as my own son pull off a few shots if you like get a feel for it i once fought beside a man who carried nine on his person boom in battle but in his ability to swim sadly quite along for the day where one firearm carries four bullets and not the opposite hes working on something extraordinary many feet enough amusements duncan how about a true challenge all right heres a simple challenge try to strike every target before this hourglass empties remember hit every target within the allotted time duncan where are you is blades ive never seen an assassin so ill-equipped ah damaged sadly beyond all repair i have your choice where did you find all these i did not find them i took them these are souvenirs two blades this is the custom me custom i duncan will you indulge us with a demonstration of your techniques well uh we must we put together a training course in anticipation of your arrival would be a shame to leave here without seeing you in action yes of course well i mean if there is time i would gladly uh show you what i know here you see situation is well suited to your skills have a go a blade in a crowd is always the simplest i think grandiose just quick and clean so thats another technique quite ingenious to use bales of hay for cover dont you think god thats the spirit secrecy the advantage of surprise cannot be overstated isnt that so especially around a blind corner god blind me thats a clever trick your aerial kills have a poetic beauty despite their would you show us is it also possible to deliver a killing blow at high speed such a powerful sprite fascinating the assassins have trained you well duncan you chose a perfect time to leave them behind at great risk i imagine betraying the assassins is never good for ones health well neither is drinking liquor but i am drawn to its dangers all the same and what is your business here sir are you an associate of the governors or a pending acquaintance like myself guns blades cannons grenados anything that may kill a man i am happy to provide a smuggler of sorts and how is your wife these days captain rogers is she uh here in havana i trust shes well but i wouldnt know ive been in madagascar some 14 months hunting pirates it took some work to dislodge the criminals there but we managed it in future i hope to use these same tactics throughout the west indies how did you deal with that kind very simply most pirates are as ignorant as apes i merely offered them a choice take a pardon and return to england penniless but free men or be hanged by the neck until dead oh i imagine nassar would be your next target very astute duncan indeed best of luck with that grand master torres mr duncan walpole has arrived see you were expected one week ago apologies governor my ship was set upon by pirates we were scuttled i arrived only yesterday unfortunate forgive my caution but were you able to salvage from these pirates the items you promised me yes sir i was the assassins have more resources than i had imagined but not nearly enough to deter us it is a pleasure to meet you at last duncan you are most welcome come gentlemen we have much to discuss convened at last and in such continental company england france spain citizens of sad and corrupted empires but you are templars now the secret and true legislatures of the world please hold out your hands mark and remember our purpose to guide our wayward souls till theyve reached a quiet road to guide all wayward desire till impassioned hearts are cool to guide all wayward minds to safe and sober thought by the father of understandings light let our work now begin decades ago the council entrusted me with the task of locating in these west indies a forgotten place our precursors once called the observatory see here look upon these images and commit them to memory they tell a very old and important story for two decades now i have endeavoured to locate this observatory a place rumored to contain a tool of incredible utility and power it houses a kind of armillary sphere if you like a device that would grant us the power to locate and monitor every man and woman on earth whatever their location only imagine what it would mean to have such a power with this device there will be no secrets among them no lies no trickery only justice pure justice this is the observatorys promise and we must take it for our own do we know its whereabouts we will soon for in our custody is the one man who does a man named roberts once called a sage it has been 45 years since anyone has seen a true sage can you be sure this one is authentic we are conferences the assassins will come for him indeed they will but thanks to duncan and the information he has delivered the assassins wont be a problem for much longer all will be made clear tomorrow gentlemen when you meet this age for yourselves until then let us drink let us find the observatory together for with its power kings will fall clergy will cower and the hearts and minds of the world will be ours rest well duncan tomorrow the treasure fleet arrives and with it your reward after which we will discuss further schemes i look forward to it meet me down at the docks first thing tomorrow morning governor torres request your presence at the docks near the castillo first thing tomorrow morning run now if you value your life oh  __  thats kenway uh ah is hello good morning duncan just over here edward hello edward i found a man to purchase my remaining sugar huh quite a coup i must say he just called you edward oh thats the merchant who sailed me here out of caution i gave him a false name ah well done well catch up on it later very punctual duncan this way here he is a man both templars and assassins have sought for over a decade i am told your surname is roberts is this so you recognize this i think according to old tales the blood of a sage is required to enter the observatory we have the key now we need only its location perhaps mr roberts will be here to provide it transfer him to my residence such a fuss over one man is the observatory really such a grand prize the observatory was a tool built by the precursor race its worth is without measure precursor race i see one of your early letters mentioned the desire to kill the mayan mentor attabai were you able to carry out this contract before coming here i i was not no too many complications along the way a pity but the maps you delivered with their blood vial will see that job finished hi thats the idea i dont like this route taurus were exposed something is wrong stay close grandmaster i feel it too do not let them get their hands on the sage at whatever cost assassins theyre on the rooftops they can be anywhere good okay oh stop it youre a nimble one do that hang back and make this easy on both of us mate stop or ill kneecap you oh well done lap dog quiet well see him to the prisons grand master double the watch well ill be buggered for an active day weve had chance see we set on all sides by our enemies we must be more cautious i do wish i could remain to see our drama done but i must avail myself of these winds and sail for england by all means captain speed unfortune to you good luck ill return myself a governor and with my idiot kings blessing no less adios as for you mr walpole i consider this the first payment in a long-term investment gracias obliged i would like you to be present for the interrogation tomorrow call around noon yes sir so foreign hardy um a fine night dont you think god sink me for this pittance one thousand reals for those maps thats what a hundred pound at most hows a man supposed to become rich in these times with a miser like torres running the world have you ever um you ever worked on a plantation before you know what im thinking id like to see this observatory the governors going on about he said it were like a device i could follow people around and show where they were a ludicrous idea imagine my wife with such an advantage over me imagine what a thing like thatd be worth sell that to the right person and id be the richest pirate privateer in the west indies ill catch you up on it theres a sage in that house i must speak to in private hmm ugh oh ah hmm oh um wow hmm uh what is your true name rome its her captain piss off vehicle where is this sage did you set him free i had nothing to do with that much as i wish i did take him to the ports send him to sevilla with the treasure oh wait now i delivered your treasures did not did yes but you robbed us of donkey one a despicable display this tusk butt is a ruined man caroline unfit for life on land much less at sea if he goes to the west indies its you wholl suffer father father come love up with you now hes wrong about me hope its so you believe me dont you can you not see me standing out there on the deck of a ship thats sliding into port and there i am a man of quality but a thousand doubloons spilling from my pockets like drops of rain i can see it foreign you hungry now whats your plan mate salvo wow uh hmm were stealing a brick hey take what you need wont be a minute theres many prisoners held on these ships set them free and theyll fail with us no question so thats the idea then free what man we can then find a fast ship to flee ah uh um theres a catch to this favor your sailing i follow you to hell for this meet uh foreign hmm um oh come on lads if were to drown today it wont be here wow uh hey yes bob my oh theres a brig nearby just waiting for us to take her ah hey a is going top side lets go uh lay aboard lads save your singing for davey jones you jagabats its a hard win coming the man speaks true you lock way anger as for the rest half on the foremast and half of the main lets outrun this hurricane keep watching they wont fart this man not blew up i see it incoming yourself still clear that thing still wine its not looking good steady as she goes man is sections for sale roadways cannot be far now you top 10 co op games steam Enjoy steam summer sale games 2018 gears of war 5 steam deck 50 steam games steam fresh broccoli why is my steam game opening on the wrong monitor