Assassins Creed 4 Gameplay Review - AC4 Black Flag Review with Xbox 360 Gameplay

How long to steam large shrimpguilty gear steam charts ASSASSIN’S CREED® IV BLACK FLAG™ gameplay hi everyone this is Andy from outside Xbox and Im here to give you a spoiler free tour of Assassins Creed 4 Black Flag the latest game in the historical murder simulator series Assassins Creed 4 tells the story of Edward Kenway a Welsh privateer turned pirate who gets caught up in the centuries-old conflict between the assassins and the Templars this time theyre both after something called the observatory that could grant great power to whichever side finds it first as ever with the Assassins Creed series the events of the game are woven in with the historical events of the time with some nice alternative explanations for what actually happened tell your friends were stealing your goods and we wont hurt nobody if everyone stays as still as a sandbar you got that Edward is an interesting addition to the Assassins Creed character roster personality wise hes somewhere between Ezio and Connor hes not a wealthy playboy like senior Auditore but hes also got a sense of humor and a roguish charm unlike his grandson Connor and for a lot of the game his primary motivation is money rather than duty or honor which makes for a nice change of tone not bad-looking tinderbox you got there you sound a bit green hornigold is it envy theres mine bigger than yours the other star of the game is the setting the Caribbean and West Indies during the Golden Age of piracy youre given an expansive ocean dotted with islands to explore strongholds to plunder and towns to cause mischief in the towns with their low buildings lack the tall towers and domes of the Italian cities of the earlier games but the guards are just as keen for you to stay off the roofs for some reason what is their deal even the open sea is fun to navigate with changeable weather to deal with including sudden changes in the wind water spouts and super waves you must face head-on to avoid taking damage to your ship once you get into the swing of things and Assassins Creed 4 its very easy to just spend your time sailing around listen to Shantis looking at whales give me some speed and shooting at guan --is death to all iguanas in fact theres almost a sarcastic amount of stuff to do that is unrelated to the main story there are assassination contracts to undertake treasure maps to find and follow harpooning naval forts may instill AI to uncover new shanties to find for your crew hunting and crafting for upgrades shipwrecks to dive Edwards fleet which works much like the assassin assignments from Assassins Creed Brotherhood and Templar hunts multistage missions that unlock an ancient set of Templar armor 100% completion is going to take you a long time put it that way is it worth something nothing you can spend but if you find all of them it will lead to something grand Oh many who doesnt nothing a few dozen oh man Edwards ship the jackdaw acts as your home base and center of operations to upgrade it you need money but also resources which are gained from boarding ships first you  __  them by blowing holes in them with your various cannons then board them which is my favorite thing to do in the game holding be near a crippled ship causes your crew to lock the two ships together using grappling hooks then youre free to board by whatever method you want frankly however if youre not taking the lift to the rigging swinging across at a robe and then clearing the deck with flintlock pistol gun quatre youre doing it wrong I dont even need all their sugar and rum Ive got loads of the stuff the actual story missions themselves are full of the usual Assassins Creed tropes tale this guy eavesdrop on this conversation infiltrate that fort with a few new additions to mix things up such as destroying enemy ships diving for medicines using a diving bell and stealth sailing quite how youre supposed to be stealthy and a giant tall ship isnt fully explained mostly its by whispering the sail commands rather than shouting them it seems or fail or weve got like a ghost of course this being Assassins Creed there is also a modern-day section to the game this is where it starts to get a bit confusing so now instead of playing as Desmond Miles in the modern day sections you play as yourself in first person as a new employee of Abstergo entertainment tasked with researching edward kenway so that Abstergo can turn his story into a video game that Ubisoft will then publish it is so meta there are even copies of the art of Assassins Creed 4 Black Flag on the bookshelves makes my head hurt just thinking about it damnedest thing after a while things take a turn for the mysterious here as well and youll find yourself hacking computers to discover more of Abstergo secrets its an interesting departure from where the series has been before but playing as a silent first-person protagonist means the modern day sequences lack a bit of the personality that you got with the old group Im getting sugar and Rajendras just thinking about it sorry its almost enough to make you miss Sean Hastings can I just take a moment here as well to point out how ridiculously nice Abstergo entertainment offices are look at this place the lift is in a fish tank there are trees indoors you even get free cookies maybe theyre not so bad after all although plenty has changed cosmetically the Black Flag experience feels very familiar climbing and combat the two main things youll be doing a pretty much unchanged from Assassins Creed 3 fighting remains the same hit hit hit counter thing enlivened by the addition of multiple pistols there are also other weapons such as the blowpipe which can put enemies to sleep or send them berserk but when regular combat is so straightforward theres little point in using them as with previous games smoke bombs stab stab stab will see through pretty much every encounter in the game enemies are the same to regular guys big guys of axes who headbutt you and captains who counter everything and need to have their defense broken but on the plus side you can still pet dogs as much as you want how much you enjoy Black Flag depends on how much youre looking forward to more Assassins Creed and how cool you think pirates and sailing around the Caribbean are Assassins Creed 4 is not going to surprise you but it is fun in many ways this would be a better pirate game if it werent an assassins Creed game the worst bits are when its being Assassins Creed game forcing you to eavesdrop on conversations and tell people through cities that said it fixes a lot of problems I had with Assassins Creed 3 thanks to its likeable hero vast array of things to do and vibrant colorful setting and as much of a philistine as this makes me sound Id rather hang out with Blackbeard than George Washington any day Troy thank and precious leather these days so thats Assassins Creed 4 Black Flag if you enjoyed this video dont forget to Like and subscribe and well see you next time on outside 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