ASSASSINS CREED 4 BLACK FLAG Gameplay Walkthrough FULL GAME (4K 60FPS) No Commentary

Steam game invitesteam games unter 1 euro ASSASSIN’S CREED® IV BLACK FLAG™ gameplay oh Music shes on us hes here someone take the wheel foreign Applause got the angle wrong Applause oh democracy flames get in there you must Music is it dangerous edward privateering is it dangerous wouldnt pay so nice if it werent why not sell with the kings navy earn a proper wage sail under gentlemen sod the navys gentleman for every shilling id earn the captain gets 600 thats no way to earn a fortune we dont need a fortune its not about need caroline i want food that dont make me sick i want walls that hold back the wind i want a decent life how long would you be gone with these privateers a year i reckon two at most all right no more than two promise me hey so hmm Laughter Applause oh was it good for you as well havana i must get to havana well ill just build us another ship will i i can pay you isnt that the sound you pirates like best 100 escudos keep talking thank you oh dont you you dont have that gold on you now dear bloody  __  pirates im on to you sneaksbee come on mate were off to a bad start its a hundred leagues or more to havana will you walk that distance uh so hmm Music wheres he running to follow and ill kill you we could work together on this keep your distance uh so Music senor duncan walpole i accept your most generous offer and await your arrival with eagerness if you truly possess the information we desire we have the means to reward you hansel though i will not know your face by sight i believe i can recognize the costume made infamous by your secret order therefore come to havana in haste and trust that you shall be welcomed Music mr whirlpool lets collect your reward that schoon will do me just fine Music sorry kingston no no our destination is savannah merchants quiet yet fleeting pirates youll hang for the masturbate out there sir i had nothing to do with this attack my crew and i had nearly anchored to water and resupply hold it stop them Music Music Music anything you like by gods christ you saved me a profusion of thanks is that yours it is my vessel yes but uh here lies its poor captain and i have no art for sailing i can pilot her myself no mind you dont mean to abscond with my ship do you im duncan whats your name friend steed steve bonnett well mr bonnie let this stay twix thus but im on a secret errand for his majesty the king god save him and i must get to havana with speed oh that is a relief sir havana is also my destination our ways lie together natural allies then oh you put me at easter do you think i took if youre a pirate when you first appeared did you yes you have uh uncommon way of handling yourself quick and easy if i may say gave me quite a fright but all things considered i think its turned out to be a rather fortuitous day hasnt it lacking a rowboat im afraid well have to swim to my ship hardly the worst thing to happen oh this is difficult welcome aboard duncan shes a modest schooner but well suited to my purpose trafficking cargo for my plantation and such shell do fine theres a strong wind now lets try to fold shall ah we a tug of the wind at my hair i find her bracing comfort in the feel and smell of the ocean the raw stink of of possibility thats a top way of seeing it mate weve really opened it up now havent we those sailors were quite animated by the idea of pirates roaming these waters is it a real danger do you suppose a possibility but most pirates stalk the windward passage between cuba and hispaniola oh i see yes that is a bustling straight but i shouldnt worry about being way laid by pirates truth be told my ship is small and i have nothing of immense value sugarcane fields molasses rum that sort of thing theres not a pirate living who turns back on a keg of rum well yes yes i suppose thats true uh youre a natural sailor duncan i did a decent trick at the helm some time ago two years before the mast as a privateer dash my buttons your life seems a grand one if i may say so full of adventure how marvelous ive seen my share of strangeness i Music fantastic work very promising all right easy now there you go welcome back well your numbers look good now lets make sure we can break your brain all right i need you to move your head and look at these lights just here look up thats it down so far so good lets get you up so welcome to the sample 17 project before you get started youre gonna need this there you go testing testing one two three hello bonjour it works all right lets take a walk your file says youve done some memory research before but not to this extent which is surprising youre very good the data streams are very stable impressive right this building is barely six months old but abstergo entertainment has been a studio for a few years since 2010 maybe you saw liberation that was our first title powered by animus tech that was just the tip of the iceberg soon well be bailing commercial animus servers for the whole world to enjoy theyll offer passive experiences of course edited versions of real history but only the exciting parts and we think we found the perfect subject for our first full-length virtual feature caribbean pirates so thats your gig itll just take a minute okay well thank you nancy mong journey this is for you the primary tool of our trade your communicator power it up and give it a look its pretty slick you might have noticed that security seems a little light around here thats because your communicator is your key to getting around see that flashing wireless signal it means youre hooked up to the elevator ill let you do the honors were headed up to the sample 17 studio second floor you ready lets go ah theres the boss olivia garno our cco ill introduce you bonjour well thanks have you met our new hire just started today i havent bonjour what project sample 17 the kenway line hey them connor edward the pirate ah maybe Laughter very exciting welcome aboard melanie can we talk in your office for a minute just let me get this one settled and ill see you in five minutes sebo nice to meet you so this is the sample 17 floor were diving into the memories of one very generous donor desmond miles were pulling all the best stuff from his dna and hopefully one day we can forge some fantastic experiences from what we find in there this pair of legs is john one of the wizards in i.t hes just fixing something for you not fixing calibrating calibrating right so here we are your very own animus workstation this is all yours so sit back relax and find us some good footage if you need any hints or tips the animus is loaded with tutorial programs so youll have no problems and ill check in on you later happy pirating welcome to animus omega abstergo entertainments proprietary ancestral memory research tool if you have any questions comments or concerns about how to operate your animus console please contact your project supervisor melanie lemay you have been registered as part of the sample 17 project your primary research target is edward james canway born march 10 1693 swansea wales calibrations complete all signs normal all systems optimal extra neurotransmitters activated Music uh lively havana ive been here once before it was a truly awful pleasure see someone you know no no no just putting on a friendly face i shouldnt want to be mistaken for a pirate again right flash rogue like yourself must be cautious mad to think spain and england were at war two years ago isnt it here i am bartering with spaniards like they were my cousins nothing wrong duncan no its nothing sand in my hampers so wheres the best squad in town im dying for a quick kip or a siesta should i say um im just headed to uh a public house now to meet some merchants i could i could show you the way well lead on i hope youll tarry a bit while i conduct my meeting itd be a great relief to have a man of your stature nearby misunderstanding i can hang about i might have a drink spend it drink they dont take kindly to pirates here do they wonder how many stolen reals brought these men this perch hola ladies you dont know these women do you no they charge money for that kind of privilege few dozen real for every hour of knowing keen to meet them no goodness no im a married man married man of their four-day mate heres a purveyor of personal defenses i should acquire a blade for myself duncan just as you have this rusty razors nothing to admire even so i appear a mere kitten walking so close upon you perhaps a small dagger would suit me lets see what he said maybe ill buy a sword too well both jump rank oh well be quite the pair you and i twin devils lend us a few reals then i did save your skin ah of course cheers thats a better fit for me how do you fare i had only enough for a small knife sadly still itll do in a pinch oh puffer duff ive let us astray duncan oh no mata ill get us a better view what are we looking for a tavern a sort of courtyard interior everything is a fish hook thats how you tell a true sailor the fine way to put it hey Music i think i see the place were not far away hang tight stop her ill break your knees when i catch you im close with heels shed bird he robbed the wrong man mate a fellow with dangerous friends come on duncan  __  joke youre alive of course i am that filters no fuss ah weve arrived im english myself fighting my time till the next war caused me to service lucky king george im on a piss pot like you flying his flag skulk ive seen your face before use mates with empires down in nassau shut your  __  gobbler ill fill it with shots you hear me edward is it Music ill give you one Music come on lads ive seen bigger arms on a good Music Music Music Applause one more come on youre not leaving me ill catch you up here hey Music what Music Music Music Music sorry about the swift exit bit of a misunderstanding one heaped upon another ah oh jesus im sorry mate this is my doing im only trying to keep these spanish eyes off me oh its no bother regrettably the soldiers confiscated my sugar or when youre dispatches and whered they go having the foggiest idea im afraid i suspect those chaps might but my spanish is an email dad so i id rather not ask  __  all right come on lets follow them and recover my maps and my sugar or in my drawers well see what happens i believe im getting the hang of this quiet i fear theyre onto us hang back perhaps we should split up to confuse them best naked foreign we may go if you like id love to especially if captain mendozas bullying the trump man owes me money for the slaves i sold him of course sir captain mendoza is happy to pay you we have goods to sell sugars and excellent will be started soon lets not do it ally yes sir thank you Music oh Music this way disease so Music we cast anything sir captain mendoza needs only to hang the man then he will deliver your payment i dont want the alley what goods things i can sell tobacco rum sugar english man last night the man started to fight last night he ran left his sugar behind very fine Music lets start should i accompany him to the castillo no sir captain mendoza will have it sent to you i believe you will see man i dont know is oh um Music uh Music Music hello so Music uh i am is Music huh so Music oh Music ugh oh Music Music Music uh sorry about the sugar ive only one pair of hands oh its no great loss ive got uh plenty of cargo here to make a profit on my trip will you stay here long for a few weeks yes then back to barbados to the tdm of domesticity dont settle for tedium so for nasa live life as you see fit havent i heard that nassau is crawling with pirates seems a very torturey place not tordry liberated oh god that would be an adventure but no no im a husband and a father i have responsibilities life cant be all pleasure and distraction duncan hey up on it the names edward in truth duncans only a handle ah secret name for your secret meeting with the governor the governor right i think ive kept him waiting long enough Music thank you Music foreign whats up buenos dias mr duncan walpole of england to see the governor i believe he is expecting me see senior world ball entry performer is foreign good morning sir would i be correct in thinking you are dumb i am indeed i thought as much whats rogers a pleasure the same i must say my wife has a terrible eye for description im sorry my wife you met her some years ago the percys masquerade ball ah quite she called you devilishly handsome obviously a lie to stoke my jealousy julianne our guest of honor has arrived mr duncan walpole julian ducat i hope your conversion to our order is an honest one i have no love for assassins but even less for liars i have not come to disappoint up for a bit of sport duncan the old man isnt ready just yet youve got my two best pairs of matched pistols duncan so handle them with care if i had eight i treat each as my own son pull off a few shots if you like get a feel for it Music i once fought beside a man who carried nine on his person sadly quite england you may like to meet julian james puckle hes working on something extraordinary manny feet all right heres a simple challenge try to strike every time before this hourglass empties remember hit every target within the allotted time um duncan where are you is blades ive never seen an assassin so eliquid ah damaged sadly beyond all repair i have your choice where did you find all these i did not find it i took them hes a souvenir two blades this is the customary custom eye duncan will you indulge us with a demonstration of your techniques well uh we must we put together a training course in anticipation of your arrival well be ashamed to leave here without seeing you in action yes of course well i mean if there is time i would gladly uh show you what i know here you see situations well suited to your skills have a go a blade in a crowd is always the simplest grandiose just quick and clean show us another technique its quite ingenious to use bales of hay for cover dont you think god thats the spirit secrecy the advantage of surprise cannot be overstated isnt that so especially around a blind corner god blind me thats a clever trick your aerial kills have a poetic beauty despite their conspicuous quality would you sure Music is it also possible to deliver a killing blow at high speed dont use such a powerful stride fascinating the assassins have trained you well duncan you chose a perfect time to leave them behind at great risk i imagine betraying the assassins is never good for ones help well neither is drinking liquor but i am drawn to its dangers all the same and what is your business here sir are you an associate of the governors or a pending acquaintance like myself run blades anything that may kill a man i am happy to provide a smuggler of sorts and how is your wife these days captain rogers is she uh here in havana i trust shes well but i wouldnt know ive been in madagascar some 14 months hunting pirates it took some work to dislodge the criminals there but we managed it in future i hope to use these same tactics throughout the west indies and how did you deal with that kind very simply most pirates are as ignorant as apes i merely offered them a choice take a pardon and return to england penniless but free men or be hanged by the neck until dead oh i imagine nassar would be your next target very astute duncan indeed best of luck with that grandmaster torres mr duncan walpole has arrived see you were expected one week ago apologies governor my ship was set upon by pirates we were scuttled i arrived only yesterday unfortunate forgive my caution but were you able to salvage from these pirates the items you promised me yes sir i was the assassins have more resources than i had imagined but not nearly enough to deter us it is a pleasure to meet you at last duncan you are most welcome come gentlemen we have much to discuss convened at last and in such continental company england france spain citizens of sad and corrupted empires but you are templars now the secret and true legislatures of the world please hold out your hands mark and remember our purpose to guide our wayward souls till theyve reached a quiet road to guide all wayward desire till impassioned hearts are cool to guide all wayward minds to safe and sober thought by the father of understandings light let our work now begin decades ago the council entrusted me with the task of locating in these west indies a forgotten place our precursors once called the observatory see here look upon these images and commit them to memory they tell a very old and important story for two decades now i have endeavoured to locate this observatory a place rumored to contain a tool of incredible utility and power it houses a kind of armillary sphere if you like a device that would grant us the power to locate and monitor every man and woman on earth whatever their location only imagine what it would mean to have such a power with this device there will be no secrets among men no lies no trickery only justice pure justice this is the observatorys promise and we must take it for our own do we know its whereabouts we will soon for in our custody is the one man who does a man named roberts once called a sage it has been 45 years since anyone has seen a true sage can you be sure this one is authentic we are conferences the assassins will come for him indeed they will but thanks to duncan and the information he has delivered the assassins wont be a problem for much longer all will be made clear tomorrow gentlemen when you meet this age for yourselves until then let us drink Music let us find the observatory together for with its power kings will fall clergy will cower and the hearts and minds of the world will be ours rest well duncan tomorrow the treasure fleet arrives and with it your reward after which we will discuss further schemes i look forward to it meet me down at the docks first thing tomorrow morning governor torres request your presence at the dogs near the castillo first thing tomorrow morning yes what hello duncan over here Music good morning duncan just over here edward hello edward i found a man to purchase my remaining sugar huh quite a coup i must say he just called you edward of thats the merchant who sailed me here out of caution i gave him a false name yeah well done well catch up on it later very punctual duncan this way here he is a man both templars and assassins have sought for over a decade i am told your surname is roberts is this so you recognize this i think according to old tales the blood of the sage is required to enter the observatory we have the key now we need only its location perhaps mr roberts will be here to provide it transfer him to my residence such a fuss over one man as the observatory really such a grand prize the observatory was a tool built by the precursor race its worth is without measure precursor race i see one of your early letters mentioned the desire to kill the mayan mentor attabai were you able to carry out this contract before coming here i i was not no too many complications along the way but theyre much you delivered within blood via well see that job finished hi thats the idea i dont like this route torres were exposed something is wrong stay close grandmaster i feel it too do not let them get their hands on the sage at whatever cost assassins above theyre on the rooftops watch the street finales they could be anywhere Music uh Music uh protect this age Music oh stop it Music youre a nimble one ill give you that hang back and make this easy on both of us mate stop or ill kneecap you well done lap dog quiet well see him to the prisons grandmaster double the watch well ill be buggered what an active day weve had chance see we set on all sides by our enemies we must be more cautious i do wish i could remain to see our drama done but i must avail myself of these winds and sail for england by all means captain speed unfortune to you good luck ill return myself a governor and with my idiot kings blessing no less adios as for you mr walpole i consider this the first payment in a long-term investment gracias obliged i would like you to be present for the interrogation tomorrow call around noon yes sir Music Music is hey Music Music oh foreign thanks ken way isnt it im with you oh join me for a drink edward god sink me for this pittance one thousand reals for those maps thats what a hundred pound at most hows a man supposed to become rich in these times with a miser like torres running the world have you ever um you ever worked on a plantation before you know what im thinking id like to see this observatory the governors going on about he said it were like a device i could follow people around and show where they a were idea imagine my wife with such an advantage over me imagine what a thing like thatll be worth sell that to the right person and id be the richest pirate privateer in the west indies ill catch you up on it theres a sage in that house i must speak to in private so up okay Music Music foreign Music uh oh okay Music Music what is your true name rogue its a captain piss off vehicle where is this sage did you set him free i had nothing to do with that much as i wish i did take him to the ports send him to sevilla with the treasure oh wait now i delivered your treasures tonight you did yes but you robbed us of duncan one a despicable display this taskbar is a ruined man caroline and fit for life on land much less at sea if he goes to the west indies its you wholl suffer father father come love up with you now i dont know hes wrong about me i hope its so you believe me dont you can you not see me standing out there on the deck of a ship thats sliding into port and there i am a man of quality with a thousand doubloons spilling from my pockets like drops of rain i can see it you hungry now whats your plan mate oh were stealing a brick hey take what you need wont be a minute theres many prisoners held on these ships set them free and theyll sail with us no question so thats the idea then free what man we can then find a fast ship fleeing aye theres a brick in this please hmm oh theres a catch to this favor youre sailing with me i follow you to hell for this mate oh hello oh come on lads if were to drown today it wont be here uh theres a brig nearby just waiting for us to take her ah foreign Music so oh Music hello no more god Music yes foreign were going top side be ready oh Music layer aboard lads save your singing for davey jones you jagabats its a hard win coming the man speaks through you lock way anchor as for the rest half on the full mast and half of the main lets outrun this hurricane watch all those galleons see they dont give us trouble they wont far too slow for this weather these men know their place theyll see us is Music look up i see it inspiring what a spouse stay clear Music what a smart man stay away its not looking good long wave to stop it Music Music Music cheeks oh my god we pulled this one straight from the teeth of neptune im edward much thanks for your aid back then underway not yet my god she took some knocks didnt she i think ill keep her all hands off lads were taking this one home Music ive made my choice addy im calling her the jack dawg a sly bird i loved as a child back in swansea a dark little creature no did it rub you wrong when i took this break as my arm it was the sort of rub i have learned to endure sailing among faces of such fairness its true most of these men wouldnt accept you as a captain so what fair role would complement such unfairness ill be your quartermaster nothing less all right and as quartermaster have you any immediate counsel for this tyro captain rest and we passed would do us good before nassau water for drinking hunting for food and repairs well-reasoned sir hunting it shall be well find a decent place to drop anchor i spied a few items in the hold earlier powder and a few pistols i think ill fashion a second holster if i can its a good start one you find laughable can we talk a moment about the condition of the ship whats the trouble i had a walk about the gun deck this morning and couldnt stand for what i saw a clutter of lin stocks heaped like tinder and one with a slow match still burning sliced im just nearby two barrels of gunpowder closer than man and wife fit to explode at the touch of a spark well stow ours good and proper as for the cannons they might as well be tossed clogs touch holes in need of scraping corrosion on the bodies barrel swabs as naked as knives and bleach ropes so rotted i could use them for nittanya and short of it is we need good equipment kept in fine condition but we cannot win every battle with snares and shout so worry about your own armaments when it suits you but dont forget about your jackdaw jackdaws no indeed well make it a point to keep this ship and its true Applause Music Applause Music oh sir Music in the water so so oh so ahoy captain find what you need my needs and wants are oceans apart mate but i did fashion myself a new holster all i need now is a pistol to lie in it yeah taken from the holes just as you said a little more than a blowpipe but theyll do so are we rested or should we idle a while longer best way anchor i think the crew is itching to reach civilization youll find no civilization in nassau but its a fine place to be merry all the same hello to go on captain queer knobs tell me im under arrest tell me damn your breads fly away boyo back to your master i we was privateers together before the wars ended ill see you a show Music ah is Music my god youre a sigh for salty ice come you in and have a drink morning oh i cant wait whos this adewale the jackdaws quartermaster jagdor you named your brig after epoxy bird addy these lads are the better part of our growing confederacy here ed thatch ben hornigold james kidd you let him carry a pistol do you ease ben aday saved my life and now were looking to find a crew to fill out the rest of my ship well their scores are capable man about use caution the ship loaded the kings center showed up before night back causing trouble and knocking about like they own the place all right ill see you like a muster um Music Music send any men you find to the jackal and put them to work cheers addie guys uh looks like Applause my thanks im your man now capitano get away Music what do you think youre doing Music hes getting away gets a ride on my site stop boys Music uh hes trying to please oh Music so um why do not listen to me captain kenway just in time ill see you back aboard captain can we come fast the soldiers have kept a man in iron they need to hang him this pirate bears the blood of many innocents on his hands his majesties honorable representative has decreed the sentence shall be yes Music just in time can we oh is Music Music now youll want to sail somewhere rich with plunder have you heard of a place called the observatory aye its an old legend like el dorado or the fountain of youth what have you heard its meant to be a temple or a tune adding a treasure of some kind thats it you see here oh rot its fairy stories you prefer a gold is it its worth more than gold thatch ten thousand times above what we could pull off any spanish ship robbing the king to pay his porpoise is how we earn our key player but aint a fortune its a fantasy Music theres Music Music morning can we not a bad looking tinder box you got there you sound a bit green horny gold is it envy because mines bigger than yours no i reckon its this jamaican funk i prefer the spanish stuff so youve got yourself a fancy brig now fine well im going to teach you how to sail all right and how to take a prize the proper way that well catch you up at the old fishing village all right wheres your helmsman can we i take pride in piloting my own ships ben keeps me alert lets make some headway shall we i have no need for schooling how many prizes did we take together as privateers theres a chasm of difference between joining a raid captaining one were looking out for merchants boys then the spat with cargo find us a schooner with that spyglass kenwood youll get yourself a glimpse of what sort of cargo theyre shipping and a general idea of their toughness you wont find nothing squinting into the sun like that use your glass Music Applause Music theres a prize worth taking good take us in clubs after you subdue a prize project authority demand respect that you would never give yourself this weaves a spell over soft minds for your victims must always the back of their minds the uneasy Music god its no fun fishing cargo out of the sea although it can be done Music shes disabled now and taking on a decent amount of water so keep your cannons quiet take care not to sink her ease in close well ready the grapples uh Applause uh i am captain hornigold and this is my crew were sailors like yourselves but quite unalike in our purpose we intend to take all that you owe yet no harm shall befall any man so long as he remains at ease is that clear anyone speak english english a little bit tell your friends were stealing your goods and we wont hurt nobody if everyone stays as still as a sandbox you got that please do repeat oh for  __  sake lock him in the hole and take everything that isnt nailed down Applause its a shaky feeling sailing about this much stolen cargo get used to it well need to take a few more prizes to make this a profitable day Applause is Applause half a dozen scores of that size and youll be set for a year now lets sell this cargo and fix up your jack door with a few more trinkets soda yeah im looking for a prize that will set me up for life ill be king of the west indies then we came to nassau to get away from the likes of kings well ill be a man of property and promise anyway jesus let that dream go live nassau is the place to be not england do you ever dream of the big school a ship so full of gold and silver just split it and sail home sure but its only a dream every man hopes to find a dozen chests of gold with no owners theyre as rare as an honest king thats all i want to know Applause Music oh oh Music sizes Music one more poll thats the end of our boys Music Applause now seats i think weve lost them sir those mens so capitan Applause Music not about take today keep this up and nassau will be the first city where men and women may live as god made easy and free all it takes is a few drops of blood sweat and a swatch of cloth we fly no colors out here we praise the lack of them so let the black flag signal nothing but your allegiance to mans natural freedoms ones yours lie proud i will a hand over the darker eyeliner if were to keep our republic afloat well need guns as well as gold that means attacking the navy so long as theyre flying king phillips colors will not offend our own mana as youve likely seen the number of merchants rolling these waters is three score the number of military ships hi easy purchase but in small doses right so to lure the navy out of hiding its best to cause a bit of mischief catch a few small fish to attract the big ones thats right so plunder and pillage as you see fit captain kenway fell military class brick on the horizon good eye man are you ready for this kenway she wont go down without an honest fight whos up for taking that break lads shall die thats a sound id like to hear pipe decors all hands to cannons careful around the navy theyre as likely to ram you as fire abroad side lets test those powder barrels shall we good thinking Applause Music ah Music fire yeah foreign Applause can take away her speed hold shes on there captain Music Music impact yes Music and give him a taste of british steel Applause foreign Applause now we have let out some fail Music Music oh is Music Music were ready sir Music concentrate on the task Music Music oh Music brace lets get moving Applause is Applause Music fire Music brace yourself Applause Music is hey look captain Applause wait fire sir drink impact Music yourself Music Music hills or trouble captain as much as you can trip to greece stands up with a will need to disappear is ah thank you so so so so raw Music youre a wanderer can we give a knack for this kind of work it aint work if you love it but i aint doing this forever lads only until i get enough coin to buy some land and influence back home jesus willian isnt here try still dreaming all about that strumping back in england when you could have any better you wanted here and now ah such lofty goals for you gents and here i thought i was in the company of scoundrels fine purchase today whats the crews mood all smiles and no teeth and theres a few talking about meeting with master kid to steal from a nearby plantation plantation its ambitious profitable too if we can manage it hi its a good idea Music lets move get on that main seat trim too ill sing you a Music Music when the Music Music looks like luke Music looks bad Music mainstream get them along Music so Music um why look its the bastard son of the late william kidd still a mere boy and yet ten times the demon his father was fancy seeing you here can we still looking sleek and mean did you steal that costume from a dandy in havana no sir i found this on a corpse one that was walking about and talking shite to my face only moments before so whats this i hear about a planned raid on a plantation not keeping secrets from me are you not very well coming from plantations nearby most times they stop here sell off a few crates theres one man visiting today that earned you a fine profit so if youd like to rob his plantation ill point him out i would is it a mr beckford that owns this plantation thats the man he owns dozens around these islands and hes bloody rich just the sword i like to see robbed his agent is around here somewhere find and follow him and hell lead you straight to your prize is i understand that you are men of discernment ugh uh oh whats of course well return to the plantation and then take stock of our inventory it was a good harvest this year you may not talk so loud sir this isnt anything like a friendly fort camp nonsense man just now me but im not good day captain you have the look of a man crafting a bold idea look ive seen before you mark well are they ive just overheard one of the begforts men talking grandma about his plantation and all the cargo hes keeping them and gave me the idea that i might take these goods off him and sell them off for a better price than hed ever asked ah a man of vision i like this idea Music ill force patrol these waters closely captain hold on theres trouble sir so were clear captain incoming  __  guns out thanks caesar cutter royal navy jakarta royal royals so missing tops lose all of them Applause Music Music uh Applause oh Music Applause is Music lets catch some windows Music i know shes a good failure Music i never worked their plantations but i knew their names from hearing other men first but you worked a plantation a modest one i as a striker in the boiling boiling house was it water they boiled something else cane juices the hard process making sugar dangerous too must be why it fetches such a dear place whats it like toiling on a plantation day and night well with decaying sugar cut and harvested its run between two metal rollers across the juice from the plants after collecting the juice it was time to boil away the waters from the sugar this we didnt touch is made of copper but let me tell you brother boiling sugar is near the hottest thing on earth just a touch on the skin will stick like good lime and burn on leaving a terrible scar id not haze you this scales got teeth captain all sail shell take it its a risk wanker too soldiers close the plantation with catches for sure drop here then and sneak ashore well look after the jackpot wow oh Music whats happened here why such but disarray i do sir thats all its wilmingtons birthday and you saw  __  to get tickled on duty so father sir we have everything sorted youll soon see wont we for you must double the watch this evening double sir what are we for i believe i was followed here young man by pirates if my eyes on me though the ship was uncommonly largely wasnt slavers though not a ship that size in any case double the watch and keep your damned eyes wide for anything suspicious you up there look alive man you have a job to do apologies sir ill keep my eyes peeled for gods sake what the hell is going on here today how do you suppose youll be able to ring that alarm if youre pissed drunk and barely able to stand i require anything if you please someone find me the key stop fury you there stop ah wow thank you too much action Music wow Music oh Music a clear shot Music clear shot on it Music uh Music ugh ugh Music Music catch the wind bail off and lose those crowd on every inch of sail Music its there that the river brings down golden sand and were down for the right Music is Music Music you around Applause fall down and grew up poor hearty lads captain overboard Music thumbnails Music so heres to our pirate republic lads were prosperous free out to reach a kings clergy and that collector near 500 men now pledge their allegiance to the brethren of the coast in nassau not a bad number true yet we lack sturdy defenses the king were to attack the town hed trample us then let us find the observatory if it does what these templars claim well be unbeatable now that twaddle its a story for school boys i mean proper defenses steal a galleon shift all the guns to one side make a nice ornament for one of our harbors it will not be easy to steal a full spanish galleon have you one in mine i do sir and ill show you shes a fusser cheers fat and slow your jackdaw handles noise just before the treasure fleet was smashed against the shore was the hall aboard as rich as men are saying a thousand times that diving them wrecks would be a nice change of pace for us no need for violent actions against merchants and such wow thats some sort coming from a pirate and as it happens i mostly agree well save the clash in a cutlasses for the military and then theyre getting our way foreign i got this cold weather bear captain so that  __  from monster look at the size of it all right and weve not last long face to face with earth here that can wait keep your distance well strike fortune favors the cover of darkness most likely oh you may cover that away you take it also got a god Music the man blew up got him Music gallons Music looks like booty Music but weve been doing this kind of work for so long i cant help but respect what is that the firing motors charles vane slinking off his tail between his back there they go aah Applause repairing royale Applause no match for our gap is foreign shes sailing for that island i know the place a natural stronghold used by a french captain named cass julian the cast the templar name droid didnt know he had a title i know the man and if he sees my ship hell know it from his time in havana meaning he may wonder whos sailing her now i cant risk that and i dont want to lose that guardian lets think on and maybe wait until its dark before hopping aboard Music Music the main part Music Music good boy Music good fights very oh Music we will be cracked down so Music handsome wind um Music Music up Music oh Music sorry Music gentlemen as is custom among our kind we do not plunge head longing to folly on the orders of a single madman but act according to our own collective madness the object of our attention is a square rigged galleon and we want her for the advantage hell bring nassau so ill put it to the vote all those in favor of storming this cove and taking this  __  stomp and shout i those who oppose Music never was the kings council so unified uh ugh Music Music ah Music Music oh Music Music Music excuse me Music so uh Music come on Music uh Music Music Music uh Music oh Music uh oh huh see that the cardboard food hello oh oh Music number 9. remember the gift you gave me well it answers just fine mr peter as bored as a musket ball and still have a sharp im sorry about this mate but i cant risk you telling your templar friends about me still kicking around after all you have seen after all we showed you of our order still you embrace the life of an ignorant and endless hog whats this his petty larceny the extent of your ambition have you no mind to comprehend the scope of ours all the empires on earth abolished a free and open world without parasites like you couldnt the cove is ours Applause Music hey i just saw you were logging out so i thought id stop by and give you something a little welcome gift we give awards to our top-notch employees for doing quality work and theyre nice to have since theres no official bonus scheme here i already have about 11 or so oh bonjour of course ill pass it on well looks like olivier wants to meet with you its exciting follow me its on the top floor so its not hard to find but the rest of this building can be confusing to first-timers so we had the tools team whip up a great map application check your communicator i added a waypoint to oliviers office should be easy to find i leave hes a nice guy he wont bite hello hi testing testing is this thing working this is john from i.t we met earlier i was calibrating your animus im sort of the uh scotty of this abstergo enterprise in charge of all the tech stuff do you have a minute oh ah damn the tracker says youre on your way to oliviers office ah all right ill ping you when youre done i have a favor to ask bonjour go right in hes waiting for you well well unless you are specifically ordering me to abandon it i wont uh jeopardize our flagship project edward kenway is the but this is but this is how hollywood got its start right with pirate movies douglas fairbanks errol flynn and now we have access to the real deal wait exactly well talk about all that together at the shareholders event right looking forward to seeing you too take care lets see hi thanks for coming in i know youre busy so i review some of your data pretty raw stuff obviously we need to scrub off some of the dirt to make it family-friendly maybe give edward a voice like james bond or something more of a ladies man a beautiful city no so the main reason i asked to ear concerns is something called the observatory its been mentioned a few times in the footage you found id like to encourage you to focus on locating this specific set of memories as soon as possible if it were up to me i wouldnt bother but some bigwigs at abstergo industries have been hounding me for days so follow whatever leads you find and hopefully we can oh and coming carl i have to take this well keep in touch with hi john from i.t again you got a second good im adding a waypoint to your map so ah kali get yours left for vacation this morning and forgot to send a video file she promised me since i hate just about everyone else on your floor i was hoping you could help me could you transfer the file from her computer and deliver it to the courier when she comes itll be easy you just wander over to their animus log in and transfer the file easy and please be snappy before i find a reason to hate you too a locked door not a problem thats the advantage of me having level one security clearance now you do too dont abuse it log on and ill walk you through this now you need to bypass the core to find the data inside once you reach it the communicator will download it automatically you need to find your way around the core to reach the data inside Music you crack this good the file should be downloading i set up a database for any data you find just look for the my file section in your communicator and youll be redirected right away everything you download will be found in there uh protected by a firewall of course december 23 2012 sample recovery unit team lead fisher case reporting on subject 17 desmond miles the subject was deceased and unattended time of death was placed around 000 hours and 7 minutes with conditions favorable for dna sample recovery we had some initial concerns about interference in the vault but given the skill and talent of this team we were able to capture useful data i personally retrieved the subjects backpack and extracted a number of objects of interest to undergo detailed analysis the subject displayed burns to the right hand severe enough to fuse the bones indicating some kind of spontaneous intense burn trauma honestly weve never seen anything like it before head neck and torso remained in good condition i hand selected recovery agents to retrieve fluid samples blood and saliva we then commence material extraction and were able to preserve several exemplary samples data analysis and sequencing is already underway and im told proceeding with exceptional ease thanks to the cloud database and the work of abstergo sample recovery unit 3 the legacy of subject 17 will continue uninhibited as sample 17. oh youre better at this tonight i hope now zip on down to the lobby come on see that file you acquired i wouldnt recommend watching it i mean you could but its unpleasant so once you hand it off just pretend this never happened okay otherwise youll just go to bed soon sad anyway the courier should be waiting downstairs shes been here a while i suppose it goes without saying just because you now know how to hack all your colleagues computers it doesnt mean you should i mean not every day right no seriously though thats illegal so dont be a dick i am not sure i can keep this up you know this job is well below my skill level yeah well your copy is  __  you could use some practice what no no no ive oh look whos here so you didnt forget after all youre just incredibly rude and they poor rebecca here wait for nearly 30 minutes you limey be nice sorry about him hes high on his own supply so how should we do this data transfer great that should do it well email you the receipt till next time take care sean bye-bye yes bye and dont expect any more free coffee arrogant shes great isnt she hey i just got word the courier has come and gone wonderful youre a miracle no no thats an exaggeration youre not a miracle youre an employee doing a job but thanks for helping out anyway thanks have fun support to the second floor sample 17 project just if it happens again boy where are you going the market no i my parents have asked me to come live with them and id like to what do you mean live with them you live here with me im sorry edward but my father is right you had a decent wage when you worked for farm why can you not be satisfied with that with me decent wage that job was near as damn it to robbery you want to be married to a peasant the whole of your life all right edward all right you leave now caroline you never know whats coming to us caroline caroline Music you left this morning with the galleon as faith will discover a good use for this old cove ourselves i will make something of it in time we could keep a fleet here if we like and with a bit of fixing up itd be a decent place to call home might even convince my wife to come one day youre married are you in gods eyes i am she left me some time ago even so keep that fact head away most of these pirates dont respect a man with higher commitments than rum and plunder call mine honor let me know if you find anything so edward over here i found something come on odd-looking things arent they old and weathered is this what they call mayan or is it aztec are you good with riddles edward puzzles and ponderings and the like no worse than the next man why i think youve a natural gift for it the way you think and work the way you understand the world well i dont know about that youre talking in riddles now and i dont understand a word glamber on top of this thing here will you help me solve something concentrate and focus all your senses look past shadow and sound deep into matter until you see and hear a kind of shimmering shimmering you understand all right i know this feeling i have since i was a lad its like using every sense at once isnt it to see sounds and hear shapes what a combination every man and woman on this earth has in them a kind of intuition hidden deep away right you are a gifted man edward has a strange look is it worth something nothing you can spend but if you find all of them itll lead to something grand how many few dozen i think this way i have something else to show you i found something else just here Music huh now this has the makings of a mystery its good in it only wait till you see what lies at the end huh here we are what do you think i think monsieur de cass was a man of many secrets i and look here a solid staircase leading god knows where do you suppose lies at the top from what i knew of the cass wouldnt be surprised to find eclectic instruments of torture and villainy an iron maiden or a collection of thumb screws or a pair of anguish not a nice way to kick off but that is some damn fine gear try the key you took from dukas thats one only four left hi it might be that these four templars have them see the names here theyve been sent to kill these four targets hang me thats the map i sold to governor torres in havana he said it marked the location of assassin encampments you think maybe you owe them a bit of warning then if you have any kind of heart beating in that chest suppose i could if it leads me to the four other keys bad excuses better than none at all hmm um is that really necessary Music leaving already i think this carve suits you best edward better than that costume does oh come on now my pirates kid we take as we please and become who we like self-made man but that look aint you its not who you are who am i then hard to tell some days all i know is you like dangerous prizes like the observatory i think you know more about that than you let on in nasa you noticed that did you beat me at 20 degrees three minutes latitude just off the coast of yucatan ill have something to show you there in a few weeks time and he was worth his salt ah foreign oh Applause boy captain we found a trove of nautical maps and ledgers and the light scattered above footage youll find them sorted in the captains quarters of the jackdaws we decide to build up a fleet of our own exactly my thinking council have a look for yourself and tell me what you think so so um to um yes Music Music Music Applause Music its a fine day for any kind of mischief whats your feeling ill make no secret of wanting to see the british brought to him if we can take their gold and put it to use ourselves and be a happy man spoken like a true welshman a day and whats your aim master kid hinted at a prize he was eager to show me down in tulum quite some distance mine from the yatkam peninsula you trust him to play it fair i cant be sure he has a way of picking away at my conscience that gives me pause i should go see him soon so long as we take some prizes along the way im sure the crew will understand ill set a course for tulum Music looks like booty Music oh Music Music before Music goodbye very Music Applause Music Music is Music hey Music so is Music Music is Music ready Music oh get up there sir Music lets change foreign firearms take the shots off is were ready sir oh of course today its a fine day for any kind of mystery whats your feeling ill make no secret of wanting to see the bridge brought to you if you can take that call that wouldnt use ourselves and whats your name that gives me along the way im sure the crew will understand ill set the course wow boys theyre firing hes off the window shes pondering something going on Music Applause ah thank you oh oh Applause oh Applause foreign me captain hmm oh Music Music Music were waiting for the day waiting for the day waiting for the day wait for the day hey Music nothing on this Music sir enemies all the things Applause you can Music boys Music brown Music thats all i want to know Music how do you destroy Music hmm mentor beat just be ready yet so Music ugh Music uh huh uh ugh oh hmm jesus kid you led me into a mess is it these monks guarding the treasure you were on to something i can feel it captain cant wait what is the assassin dunk at walpole dead and buried after he tried to kill me we are not sorry to see him gone but it was you who carried out his final betrayal why money was my only aim should i find comfort in that you murdered our brothers and sisters in havana he has the sense mentor james tells me you treated with the templars there did you see the man they called the sage i would you recognize his face if you saw it again i reckon so i must be certain not a word come on you want me blind and backwards into this mess kid who the hell was that jester back there an assassin and my mentor so youre all part of some daffy religion were assassins and we follow a creed but it does not command us to act awesome only to be wise oh do tell id love to hear it nothing is true everything is permitted this is the worlds only certainty everything is permitted i like the sound of that faking what i like and acting how i please i followed you as a friend and you tricked me Music like a capstone those blocks up there Music chasing them we had them running scared the doors mechanism seems to be broke lets find another way around follow on man jump so Music you still drawing breath enough to curse you with kid must be a great treasure beyond treasure whatevers waiting at the end of this path had better be worth my time hows that well im taking you i can handle myself ugh as they said then the grand prize your mentor mental health looks nothing like the man they call the sage im sorry to say keep your trousers tied up with one more riddle to solve these statues are like the ones weve seen before pictures pictures carved on the floor as well a lot of the same sort theres a correspondence but what theres a difference between them animals on the statues and their floor do you see it i one group is predators the other is prey which predator goes with which prey right theres your correspondence match a predator with its prey can win awesome those dont match all right um jesus thats him the sage but this thing must be hundreds of years old older still youre certain its him i its the eyes that mark him did the templars say why they wanted this sage they drew some of his blood into this small glass cube like this one hi they meant to ask him about the observatory too but he escaped ah were finished here what the hell did i just see back there jim quiet the statue in the temple was that the man you saw in havana spreading likeness i it seems another sage has been found the race for the observatory begins anew is that why whispering this is youre doing captain can wave the maps you sold to the templars have led them straight to us and now the agents of two empires know exactly where we operate leave this to me mentor they have taken edwards crew as well i wonder what their lives are worth to him take this youll attract no attention and take fewer lives Music so so so Music use them darts on this one coming now quick quiet and effective see im wondering if its full of gold and jade and the like touch where else would the daggers get it they pull it out of the ground arent they stop italian Music get him Music Music oh it was a slaver who brought these soldiers orange prince himself Music Music Music oh Music many thanks but no forgiveness Music cheers oh Music Music Music disease to this sliver ah Music Music oh i may thank you later if you manage to live through this let me off gospel confess is Music Music so wow Music okay Music whos out there see that mangy old codger hes a dutch slaver called laurens prince living now like a king in jamaica bastards been a target for years bloody hell we nearly had him by god you bravos are a cheery bunch eh all frowns and furrowed brows captain ken way you have remarkable skills uh thanks mate it comes naturally but your churl is an arrogant prancing around in a uniform that you have not earned everything is permitted isnt that your motto i absolve you of your errors in havana and elsewhere but you are not welcome here sorry mate wish it were otherwise cheery bunch of mates youve got you deserve score edward prancing about like one of us bringing shame to our cause and what is that your cause to be blunt we kill people templars and their associates folks whod like to control all the empires on earth claiming its in the name of peace and order sounds like the cast is dying words you see its about power really about lording over people robbing us of liberty got another message from one of your friends hi ill show you i know you aint exactly impressed by our creed so with the sight of money make you more friendly to our ways as ever then work these contracts around the west indies for us and well pay you as simple as that hmm there ah Applause gallons Music is so hangs out lets go stinks the same as every other squash ive robbed this past year oh hi why the long face youve fallen in love with your blouse youre welcome to nassau gents everyone is that does their fair share fashion what is this a  __  monastery um we was uh led to believe that nassau was a place where men did as they pleased save keeping others from doing the same die cuts in thatch as i live and breathe what is this magnificent muzzle youve cultivated why fly a black flag when a black beard will do what brings you two gents this far north the word is cuban governor himself is fixing to receive a massive goal from a nearby fort until then its just sitting there itching to be talk governor taurus himself eh sounds promising welcome to nassau captain vane mr rackham Music ah now where can a man find a bit rough what do i mean oh here to lose all the unwanted attention Music oh Music Applause captains home foreign oh Applause shake those royals dreams Music all in one Music i dreamed my love came in my sleep Music her cheeks were when her Music she eyes to me at my bed Music so what will you do with your share of the gold we take from governor torres return to africa prince among men i cannot return to a place ive never been i was born in trinidad a slave from my first breath ah but wouldnt you feel i dont know more welcome there as you might feel more welcome in parry fair point with this skin and this voice where can i go in the world and feel at ease this country here is my best chance a country called jack dawg where i know the names of all citizens and they know mine and we work together not always out of love but to keep our country afloat i understand it lets take her then the citizens of jackdawg Music to catch the wind Music aim for the towers captain Music in give the oysters is fire wow us Music give me some speed Music Music Applause Music Music were ready sir Music them Music uh Music uh Music uh Applause oh Music well hello your excellency id got word you might be here i know your face pirate but your name was borrowed the last time you spoke oh yes i recall mr duncan walpole i missed that one so whats a templar grand master doing so far from his castillo id rather not stay and id rather not cut your lips off and feed them to you Music two years ago we offered a reward for the sages recapture today someone claims to have found him his goal is his ransom who found him a slaver by the name of lawrence prince he lives in kingston we like this story torrence and we want to help you finish it but were going to do it our way using you and your gold Applause ah Applause Music oh come on hit the bastards ready oh Music foreign Music Music away Music okay Music Music all right Music hold on Music Music Music Music Music Music well Music for that is where the cops are Music its better to drown than to wait to be hungry Music the heart ready lads secure the rope oh ha ha ha stop him get him before he snaps that tail hes strong this ones dangerous i see him off the starboard bow pocket hes a slippery bastard its weakening that tails coming damn it were leaking badly captain there he is stubborn bow the rope is holding off we go there stop for us every last scrap of duck on the wind oh Music good morning Music so Music Applause my Music oh by any two and i will give you the serve absolutely hands heres how it goes torres meets with prince carrying a portion of the ransom saying the rest is close behind when we see the sage you bring in the rest of the gold make the swap and get out ill be watching all from close by no kenmore you run this scheme alone at the risk of losing the fate of your crew it makes me ill to think of you bartering with that wretched slave come on mate once we have the sage well all be rich not if young master kid gets to him first kid jesus that lads here to kill him edward what the hell are you doing here im tailing these men to the stage you hold off is how long have you been since our last meetings in your tweets a year near 18 months you first described this roberts fellows for me in november of 1715. Music know none called me governor for instance where i quit that post last year ah i was not aware so many churches are the english has last taken to converting their slaves to the christian faith ah convert them god knows taurus theres none here so foolish is that english how do you mean foolish how do you mean is it not a sin to enslave a fellow christian therefore to transmute a slave soul from animal to man would be turned amount to we were inviting ones cattle to the dinner table forgive my impatience but how far is it were nearly there stand your ground slay and face corporal punishment like a man why act like a man now when you have denied me that right for 30 years find your bearing appalling prince i i find your bearing appalling prince i believe all thinking feeling men deserve respect and opportunity ah you spaniards your long ties to the moors have diluted your blood and soften your hearts this is not to say i believe in the natural equality of all races or sexes truly many intelligence should leave but there is no true profit to be gained by the practice of slavery in the short term it makes us mind conceived but in the long term it will render us the victims of our own success ah but you and i sure old as we are will not live to see that unfortunate day so i bothered for virtue is nothing but you oh sorry i have no wish to waste my day chattering about slaves in their evil conditions let us conclude this transaction then celebrate as friends Music get away from here you know other stories about youtube you were a governor in florida for a time t t i am one of the number of civil servants in my family a long line of politicians i have always toyed with the idea of entry politics myself only i feel i have too much money speaking of stories prince ive heard it said you were with henry morgan the day he sucked panama 1671 was it oh its all true yes but let us not overesteem the honors forged and one on the battlefield that skirmish was a deadly one and a tremendous waste of coins and resources it wasnt until many years after that i sheared my sword in favor of about safer and yet more profitable capital and resources thats where money is made answer let me tell you honor boat is more enjoyable than honor one its a touch less permanent i grow tired of this walk we must be close yes just here we must be on equal footing you see i dont trust templars any more than you must trust me well if i had known you were so skittish id have brought you a bouquet of flowers i dont know why i bother for the money i suppose the vast sums of money you um you say you came alone taurus not alone but certainly without colleagues i took passage aboard a british merchants breed heres a fire spot ill see the money this is a portion of the ransom the rest is close at hand it pains me to traffic someone of my own race for profit mr taurus tell me again what has this roberts fellow done to upset you some form of protestant piety im not familiar with perhaps another day what next time see to it that we are not far out deal with this you cocked up my kill kenway for a better cause uh oh hey no jim stop not this time can we come on man we can work this together you have your chance stay your blade kid wait jim stop Music i cant let you kill those men kid not until i found the sage ive been stalking that pig for a week now charting his moves and here i find not one but two of my targets and you rob me above patience man youll have your kills when i locate the sage youre helping me take prince got that thanks uh yes ahoy be welcome here no youre making sense oh wouldnt you prefer meeting in a pub i came to kingston chasing a target getting pissed in a priority we could work together on this you know its lawrence prince youre after i want his prisoner were after the sage as well edward careful who you cross may the best man win theres guards patrolling that property from end to end looks to me like they use bells to signal trouble see there well want to disable those before pushing too far with so many men about we cant rely on stealth alone so ill do what i can to distract and draw their attention giving you a chance to cut them down ready your names not james is it not most days come on so oh Music do that stop oh Music Music so Music got a clear shot oh Music oh Music oh Music Music ah you stop help me dammit restaurant were losing it hmm Music hey hello help me dammit ah hold down your ground please ive been shot i needed christ thompson look at her shes hurt dreadfully sir im holy all right take an arm lass bless you latch Music boy marlo mr prince says to keep your eyes peeled tonight is there some men about bentham making trouble ill spread the word Music uh Music Music Music Music hes not always what he did Music Music ah Music Music hmm Music so why hang over me like a leering crow to see an old man suffer youve caused no small portion of suffering yourself mr prince retribution i suppose evil absurd controls and your precious philosophy you live in the world but you cannot make it move you mistake my motive old man im only after a bit of coin as was i heads up kenway i found your man i remember you the templar from havana im no templar mate that was just a ruse weve come here to save your ass from this slaver save me i work for mr prince well then hes a poor man to call master he meant to sell you out to the templars oh you cant trust anyone it seems Music robots see you on the other side youll not get through here Music Music oh masters Music lost your man again did you uh roberts is a devil with a queer aversion to kindness i suppose thats two men ive lost today so whats your real name lass mary read to my mum and theyre my call friends but not a word of it to anyone or ill unman you as well Music Music uh uh hmm i often wonder where he finds his endless all right uh another a rom flip this time and whered i find fresh eggs in this wretched town theres little elves but piss and insects all right were working on that dear lady what do they call you and when theyre sober i jilt when theyre sauced but never lady oh well good liar oh  __  shines you hear me its a bag of bloody sight its a ruse to keep us off before they attack nassau youll see martin a snow rusev i heard it straight from the mouth of a greasy bermudan captain theres a pardon on offer for any pirate that wants it ruse or no i think its plain the british may return to nassau with arms no doubt well need a plan walk with us can we theres trouble brewing Music in the absence of any clear ideas i say we lay low no piracies and no violence do nothing to ruffle the kings feathers for now deserving the kings plumage is no concern of mine man it will be when he sends his soldiers to scrub this island clean of our residue look around you man is this cesspool worth dying for hi its our republic our idea a free land for free men remember so maybe its filthy to look at i mean its still an idea worth fighting for i cant be sure but when i look on the fruits of our years of labor all i see is sickness idleness idiocy not a sunbeam a difference between here in london then eh clatch is right man were taking a wide view theyre not doing so bad out here the sun rum and leisure as far as the eye can see boy nassau may look fine from a distance but at its core theres a disease i cannot stomach sickness can be cured ben if only you have the right medicine but a corpse cannot be reanimated i cant believe the  __  im hearing dropped from your lips why not take the pardon now and be done with it peace both of you we can satisfy both aims if we work together find medicines to ease our burdens here but in a way that dont attract the british i wager the nearest doctor are sitting pretty in havana not a place i mean to go but the spanish fleet that sunk two years back would have some medicine all sealed up in glass vials youd need a diving belt to reach those depths i and with some coin and a few supplies a diving bell wont be hard to come by this is a plan i can stand behind find medicines without stirring up trouble a great touch agree aye ill meet you near the wrecks as soon as youre able can we remember thatch keep your cannons corked piss off bad Music are you mate so return ill find be garnish to fit her stock oh so thank you oh ill never surrender and never back down and these shankers do so only because i havent so um okay Music oh Music oh oh you make alas abundance is such things one cannot ever keep so so return ill find be garnish to fit her stock uh have you look hey Music hmm of service thats done all the best ugh it all on Music oh Music oh Music Music Applause Music Music oh Music away Music oh oh Music so devlin is all thatch this is a darling galley 32 guns is it i lost count of 40. youve stepped up a run so any luck finding medicines here nothing around this spot sadly but theres a few wrecks younger that have been scoured by nothing but crabs and coral ill have a look edward hey what is that you my goodness the west indies is a compact place hello bonnet a surprise seeing you out here i met mr thatcher a month or so ago and he offered to take me under his yard arms so to speak says i must wash the hay seat in my hair before im a true pirate well good luck to you then worst men have become better under blackbeards watch give me some speed Music theres something in the water Music something better done Music Music Music Music Music Music hmm Music so Music uh Music uh Music Music Music ahoy any luck i found one crate hidden beneath a school of sharks sadly the elixir inside is quite spoiled plagued will we steal medicines now remember the pardon thatch were to be subtle says arnogold a pirate now too proud to call himself one now he prefers caution to cannons cautions nothing without charisma if a man plays the fool then its only fools hell persuade but appear to be the devil and all men will submit and would you be the devil for an audience show give your quarry something to fear some hellish thing from a fever dream and men will drop to their knees pleading for their lord before all else Music oh god looks fine of course it does you can find a quiet way to acquire medicines tell me soon otherwise my land let me self look here sir lets stop Music please Music what the hells happened here were you attacked other way around it where blackbeard who struck first opened fire on a british man who wore the pellet what are gods name for still searching for medicines but hes gone barmy if you ask me ill bring him home leave him man hes heaped this trouble on himself i see it lets hope thatch hasnt come to the same end blast this is getting well out of hand a dozen crates of medicine should not be that aint my meaning its thatch and horny is pointless Music howd you feel i do i but both men have their options both want the best for the people of nassau but is that the best course for us saving a city that aint worth much were not man-made to govern we take and spend and live heartily wherever we go what solution would you propose the answers in wealth power not politics if we found the observatory wed see enough money to buy the whole thing or it might be wed load over these kings and emperors like they was passing themselves a lot of large talks happened but not living my life starbucks to drink so so Music lets tops sheets uh hold for all lets go god shes in a bad week no time for a vote thatch is outnumbered the crew will understand beat the quarters lads were sailing into hell thatch is overwhelmed we might catch up uh gentlemen our galleon has reappeared heads up come on please shell not slip away now oh this is too much ill see you back to your jackdaw when the smoke is clear but for now i need a helmsman hold it up Music Music down vulnerable there you promised Music Music find the cabinets hes trying to give us the flip thinking about mate down find the captain Music im not accustomed to murder captain if youre taking corner youd not be sleeping now suck a muscle cub shite youll be hanged and sun-dried just as them there were in boston weve searched the hold its a middle intake but the medicine we found bears a childs town stamp thank you mr hans we cannot resupply nassau out here by force and accident alone we should go to charlestown for the lot hello uh are we victorious fear i am not built for the fatigue and care required to live as a man of fortune meet me in charlestown one month from today foreign Applause get them damaged Music Music foreign hey flying your own flag at last yes yes blackbeard cut me loose sadly time to have a go at this myself well thats grand yes its for the best i think i should have some wild stories where next we meet edward your constant friendship has been my most treasured find on these seas well above gold and silver and ram i i prize the courage youve inspired me this year thank you sir a fair good borrow to you are you not wanted by your wives families and countrymen how else to explain your governments complete disinterest in your well-being hostages these were my only terms yeah six days of pure  __  science so i must conclude that you men are the pariahs of charlestown and i would profit better by using your organs for chum and your bones for char i christ this is my predicament ill kill you our depression and my service its a decision ill make hardly but not with remorse ahoy edward what the hell are you doing man all of charleston can see this mess the idea how to range but well inside wheres the medicine Music we said amari is sure to partner with the governor that were a week ago no noise says ill handle it give me a day theres movement up ahead is it soldiers i am in something of a hurry i propose we follow else they spring something we aint ready for them Music whats youre thinking blackbeards been at this eight days already so its a good bet someone out there has prepared the medicine just in case ah but theyre stalling thinking of ways to avoid paying doubts all right so lets find where theyve gathered and hope for the best careful captain were drifting close to a watchtower lose to me theres another watch tower we cannot pass them on detected captain and there is no other way theres always another way ill stop uh Music so ah oh um i see them over there that us kobe river remains this wide if we run around here we may never get down captain Music then ill have to go on without her ill be back with the medicines get your next turn Music only be painful as the ship remains anchored torn apart into the art of charlestown someone else will do something theyll be handed every last one of them Music oh bit of a hurry Music Music crazy Music these Music ah Music Music Music here hello is that rider yonder the very sad then speed along youre expected and you know how oh god lets just get out of here Music oh Music Music i apologize there was an accident private simon is this crocodile i dont care about your accidents whats the word from the harbor soldier speed okay but are yet to kill or maim any of the captives near as we can tell perhaps its time to to surrender ive been entrusted with the affairs of the town and i do not intend to bow to the demands of a pirate no matter how fierce his reputation yes sir as long as the supply key is with me no man shall touch that medicine may plague and calamity strike them all what the ships here pirates pull back to the mansion hi what do you think Music oh god oh god save me and flay all you devils blackbeard made you as good an offer as ever a man got from any pirate you might curse his methods but medicine was all he wanted and now hell get it you should have bathed mate he has returned captain Music whats the take two greats and the means for mixing additional doses thats right thinking precious little of that these days you hear that mr rex my young friend returns with offerings and so saves your scrawny neck well youre not thanking Music you should quit these waters thatch the governor hes bound to muster more soldiers you go on ahead i i got some business in the north youre done arent you giving up on us nasa look bad im late into my fourth decade on this earth and if i dont find some means to make the fifth quiet and cozy voyage id rather sing to the devils doorstep and call myself captain another year ill wield me again lad in this world or the one below you have a minute im on my way upstairs ibva wanted to talk with us about putting together a trailer using some of the footage youve been recording this past month take your time ill meet you by the elevator security company from chicago they know what theyre doing over here are you ready hes waiting for us i just watched some of your footage from this week its amazing blackbeard was mental and we all got so excited that we started talking about this idea for a trailer about him maybe start with him drinking talking to some pirates telling a story Music then we cut to him leaping across the deck of his boat and sorry his ship not bode but jumping around the deck of his ship swinging from ropes and fighting like a devil i mean obviously were gonna have to manipulate some of the existing footage to get it looking good but it could be great im getting shoved in with timbers just thinking about it sorry oh yes of course sorry about this ill call you when were ready shouldnt be long hello hello do you have a second of course you do head to the waypoint on your map i have another job for you id like to link all the cameras in the building to a central monitoring system but most arent calibrated correctly another locked door not a problem voila you now have level two security clearance not bad for your first few weeks ill take your communicator oh this is an interesting security measure it looks like you need to find the right combination of numbers to adjust the wave easy enough right pick a number selector then change its value once you find the right combination of numbers you should get access Music so Music Applause Music it works and if we want information on assassins or templars or the observatory or whatever the  __  else interests us olivier you will deliver it full stop i understand that im sorry if that came up wrong we are not trying to be a bottleneck here but we just dont have the resources right now to do two times the research finding that balance is your priority your entertainment products are simply a means to pay the bills for larger and more important work thats the way the world works dirty money buys clean hospitals you get it were on board leticia rest assured we have our best employee working on this but it will take time that means you good and thank you the both of you i look forward to seeing what you deliver until then ill see you at the shareholders meeting olivier looking forward to it bye-bye its a little too early for that kind of abuse come on so whats next we do as the lady says focus on the observatory Music templars crazy talk im curious about the shareholders meeting though how about you break into oliviers office and see if you can find his schedule oh what you dont like that idea well how about i blow the  __  whistle on you hacker i own you what i mean is i dont want to ruin your life so do as i say now step over to the window you cant waltz into oliviers office through the front door so ive opened another route up we go did he know that abstergo was run by templars oh yeah sounds like crackpot stuff i know but then again the moon landing was fake right so anythings possible all right either you walk through that door or throw yourself off a terrace those are your options oh well done kiddo find his computer make it snappy were looking for the shareholders meeting schedule its worth be careful now as the data moves there are security programs constantly monitoring the data flow you need to sneak past them or they will destroy your data and send it back home Music foreign Music so Music me so Music me you sneaky bastard a pirate through and through aint you now get down to the lobby theres a courier waiting yeah thats right ive been planning this for a few hours oh wait the receptionist hold on ill try something oh as gullible as ever now hurry down to the lobby before i remotely detonate your earpiece dont even think about ratting me out my tracks are covered yours aint i think you pulled it a little too long oh come on its not encrypted code for gods sakes its just a bloody coffee oh hooray its our old friend hey there i just got a call about picking up another transfer oh you said you were here to see me yes that is one of the perks lets see it um a conference in chicago very nice thanks for this well be in touch rebecca text me stuff it hastings you didnt get hacked did you we really should look into that security very well done apologies for my temper tantrum there you are with the good guys i promise well keep you safe trust me go on back to work well be in touch no no no no no no i have an awful feeling about this youll be hurt out there i couldnt handle that ill be careful i promise and when im flush with coin and set up ill send for you i will caroline come away dont exert yourself i cant promise ill come edward if you leave on this fools errand i cannot promise anything dont give up on me caroline know when i need your faith the most Music putting some shape to your sentiments just a short letter home i reckon shes past caring anyway oh youre a hard heart that should be softer or soft in parts that should be hard and how is it youre so keen for his hard parts mr rackham youd like to know my secrets would you oh hi give me a small hint like or a large one if youre an upright gentleman open your hand oh whos shooting might be them  __  sliding into port jesus Music drink ah uh so wow so right after Music oh hmm so i needed well ill be hanged king george has grown tired of our shenanigans whos the grim fella thats captain woods rogers not a man i wont see in my face we desire a parlay with the men who call themselves governors of this island charles vane ben hornigold and ed dutch come forth if you please hear about the king squad and i reckon what the hell is horner gold doing lily living punk what are you man up to i am grateful for your geniality captain hornigold i assumed our reception would be a troubled one dont mistake my decorum the daphra discovery im eager to hear what you have to say but of uncertain mind otherwise its very well put and its a fairer shake than i expected to see from any pirates but i promised their treatment to all who hear me out only wait a while longer gartner rogers these rascals will show their true colors in time carb commodore chamberlain i have given captain hornigold my word that we will be equitable i wont do you a little good men like him are a flight on his majestys reputation and a peculiar cancer conflicting the new world the king wants them eradicated above all else is this the town square as close to one as weve ever had incredible its no cleaner than a dogs kennel captain hornigold please call your man rackham vane the governors come calling bring burgess and cochran as well and take this shanky town as if it were your own Music and ah our only aim here is to treat with the masters of this community all others are encouraged to go about their usual business go on move go commodore chamberlain please see that all merchants masons and carpenters are rounded up and brought to me this afternoon we must see about repairing this fortress we should be confiscating weapons governor send these pirates a clear strong message that the kings adversaries and i will make the bloody decision is that clear sir i sir your wishes are clear as crystal so these are the charts commodore were in position rogers believes he can make men of these monkeys yet i do not return to your post and await my orders Music so Music all right um Music get back on the ground monsters trying to get away Music Music 1718 surrender him or themselves to any one of the secretaries of state in great britain or ireland or to any governor or deputy governor of any of our plantations beyonce of viruses by him all them committed before the 5th of january and we do hereby strictly charge and command all our admirals captains and other officers at sea and all our governors and commanders of any sports castles or other places in our plantation and all our offices civil and military to seize and take such of the pirates who shall refuse or neglect to surrender themselves accordingly my site uh hmm Music i pray you take the prudent course gentlemen and accept the kings pardon as soon as your hearts allow for until such time all of you will be confined in the sound i am sorry for this but in lieu of a public trial this pardon is your best bet the governor puts it far too brightly maggots take this message home accept the kings protection forthwith or we will raise this town to its foundation and stretch your bloody necks peace commodore chamberlain we are messengers not executioners not yet oh thank you sir god save you look on this is a stroke of fortune lads we should take the kings pardon and salvage what dignity we face ill be hanged before i surrender to that poppy check your head vane we had here a rare opportunity a chance to take something base and shape it into a government made and maintained by men of vision but in two years we pissed it away i wont make that mistake again its truth is talent and you welps cant handle it a jew you folks all-headed footlers see you at the gallows youll all be dead man bastards i need a drink ah you stop  __  alarm alone look at him turn cult makes me bloody ill to think on how many times i put up with horny gold and his self-righteous shite verily you are a man of principle captain hornigold a man i believe i can trust with my best ideas faith and well survive this charles with our pride intact thats confidence you brewed a plan i might get a taste of nasa is over thats plain to see i say we skip out tonight and regroup at my compound fair enough whats your angle the brits have brought their supplies ashore see if we nick some gunpowder and pine pitch we can build a fire ship and send it straight at the blockade blasting it to smithereens i will use rock and ship and a capable captain my conscience is clear right you got the gunpowder ill secure the pine pitch get back here now get back hold you um look there get it fishing about mate ugh happened stop there oh hes trying to give you um Music Music so old mine ive got a line on him got him dead Music so Music huh uh hes trying to please oh ive got a lovely crusher ive got a good line on him i can get him from here Music quick Music is hmm and a clear shot clear shot hi where do you think youre going look there ugh stop it um cruise oh oh yes give me fight oh god oh Music Applause so so come on boys you lagging this bloody hemp lieutenant hi sir the commodore fears of revolt is nigh his orders are to sink every goddamn pirate ship now anchored in that harbor tonight its about the governors wishes sir this is a direct order soldier you will take position on the grounded galleon and await the commodores further orders is that clear i sir the conniving bastard someone ought to slit the commodores throat before he gets a chance to borrow those orders you think so were dead in the water otherwise all right ill kill him your brains are baked i wont take no part in killing the commodore not one of the kings men all the comrades got good folks ill be waiting for you oh it only made him stand straighter and grit his teeth knew hes a catholic im not sure hes getting away oh you really think they wont catch up hmm hi sir huh oh hey ah ugh uh the governors given us a pardon commodore dont a mans word mean anything in these times a syphilis clouded your mind why scratch and claw to protect such squalor your parasites feeding off the industry of honest men much like king george in that respect know your place peasant you may have taken my life but you have not improved your own by any measure does some purpose keep you talking if not for that heathen governor rogers id have seen you hand from your own cross trees worm all of you oh ah uh so stop you think youre gonna take me boys oh oh hmm uh the commodores dead are we ready were close weve got a problem with the galleon theres a couple of dozen bloody hell youd raise a cloud here loud you shot on enough gunpowder to blow new providence office rocks lay off me mate im im well chased as i was telling the squad of lobsters is commandeered our galleon were gonna have to clear it out before we use them cannons to play the broccoli stay near the fire ship captain keep it afloat we must trap lightly every last on the wind the bricks are on to us look theres the belt Applause oh Applause Music right dont let them sink our fire ship thats our ace keep it afloat Music Applause i dont wipe them stay near the fire when do you blow stay clear captain Music Music pressure Music coming for you im mighty mess there burn your bastards the burning of your ass gobbler prancing a boat like they took a prize the stormy weather Music well hi kid you missed quite a time i bet you about nassau and blackbeard flying the coop well well see about thatch vaynes off to see him now and im following soon this is whats left of your experiment in democracy all right we do as we please here and we take our time doing it for christs sake edward dont anything but the stink of riches wrinkle your nose whats got into you man reality mate reality see that you aint pulled into the drink by this drowning rat all right ive lived longer than most men who trod this path so the faster we have the needful goal the sooner our ships will rule away can we Applause foreign um foreign uh captain hows the hell oh Music Music Music thats all i want Music ah Music is a great disappointment you are that his minds made up to stay he says this is something and hang all you lot that follow this sorry bastard into obscurity Music Music is Music but i wont begrudge you the state of yours youre still looking for that sage fellow guy taking a prize a month back i heard a man named roberts was working a slave ship called the princess you might want to see about it the princess cheers thatch well dont sit there like a barrel of wet fish were celebrating my retirement Laughter on corgles mans breakfast save us a few bottles eh ah um Music hello i slice into dont think so sir but i reckon can we suspect something we dont miss much tell me about the beach theyre gathering sir most too drunk to stand that will suit our purpose tell me about edward what sort of man is it its batch sir at least thats what he calls himself but hes a mad bugger he is cracked as a glass teapot sir details well sir he likes his trick only he makes him clear takes the usual and fills it with half away the gun well sir he likes his drink for instance only he makes him clear takes a usual run clip fills did i hear you were right he drinks gunpowder nicer just for sure only last week he rounded up a score of his crew and made a sip of the old of his  __  while he burnt off sulphur and other sickening minerals we just sat there like it was one of a million pits of hell and nothing less ordinary good god what the hell paul liked to test his crew is all tease out their fitness and walk of course it always turned out he was the fittest of the lot but for a moment id die there bloody savages quickly send the signal and remember always this day what the devil oh oh Music uh Music ah ah Music wow Music please Music ill clean your legs Music can you make it clear Music Music so without goals Music curse me Music so Music Music Music what a fat sir did he fall captain Applause Music he drinks damnation lets get moving oh oh uh you need to vanish i can keep the heat off for a feed oh lets move Music all but names come on Applause wrong Music Music shut down Music so survivor here sir Music three Music graveling hooks away Music Music i could use some good men Music we have looked oh so Music um Music is Music Music is Music Music and soon well be in london town Music do trump hey friends uh so stop a moment stop a moment hello Music some sort of cargo there sir Music Music Music Music Music goodbye Music Music Music oh Music Music and Music Music Applause sir Music so thatch has been chopped foxy he was outnumbered i couldnt reach him devil damn the manny was fierce but his heart was divided its hard to let go of the life you know best my only idiot father likes to brag about we meant to purchase a ship of his own ill get a privateer in contract charlie your old dad will be a captain drowned in a whiskey bottle before he ever lost sure right can we be musing on this plan of yours this observatory youre always going on about how do we know it exists we find a slave ship called the princess aboard to be a man called roberts he can lead us to it well im slavers work for the royal african company find one of their ships and start asking some questions were looking for slave ships any that work for the royal african company you dont mean to traffic human cargo now no jesus adam you know me better than that only after information looking to find where the princess does in the spare time the princess blackbear told me theres a good chance wed find the sage aboard to be survived cant that animal stay the course we agreed to dont sing that slaver ship can we theres hundreds of innocent men are born i know i know that russia ship is running damn fool okay Applause is Applause working on it give up Applause fast as you are ill murder them oh dont miss next time stopped captain ready working on it kenwood Applause not single were going over find the captain come on Music just oh Music dick Music so Music oh Music this captain claims the princess sails out of kingston every few months all right well start of course you made ash for my sails and rigging jack-a-notes you owe me a share oh but damn it vane oh charles what a silly devil you dont  __  with major oh but its my mandate to  __  with you charles lads ah see the boys and i had a bit of counsel while you were wasting time with this slot and um well they figured id be a fitter captain the new reckless dogs ill cut you another cut try sir this one i figure i might sell for a tenner down in kingston but uh with you two grug blossoms i cant take any chances you regret this day rackham i regret most of them already try them up cast them off ill gut you jack russian ill open you up ill tear out your organs and stray your bloody liver stop your goddamn howling vein theres no bloody use well well the face of a good kenway speaks eh great tell us captain how to quit this predicament and tell us what genius you have for sailing the boat with no sails and no rudder stop your gob Music ill take these oysters youve ordered you mad sap this islands crawling with food if only youd care to look for it yeah im looking louse once im just here Music dont dont come follow me now do you hear me dont come looking for me ratchet fool so Music while we have bread lets go drinking after jazz and he that will his health down down is go dance with the fishermen of their doris kenway this islands mine come at me and ill clap you bastard it was your bloody imagination that landed is here can we ill be damned if i let that find make one more decision for me will you not talk to me vayne are you fixed on this madness madness nothing mad about a man fighting to survive is that i mean you no harm you corker now lets work this out like gentlemen oh god ive got a bleeding headache on account of your jabbering now stay back and let me live in peace i would if you stop felching the food i gather and the water i find ill stop nothing till you paid me back in blood you was the reason we were out looking for slavers but you was the reason jack racker took my crew Applause ugh vain face me man so Music Applause Music Applause oh i said not to follow jesus youve lost your head man its a fair exchange for finding these flintlocks or grenados listen vayne we can hunt with those guns and i made so youre escaping me ill blow you to ill flush you out blow off some lames you and your bloody berry stories guys into this mess cant wait and ill be damned if i let you drag me into another you keep this up and ill have to kill you vayne bloody try fail mate i see you coming i see you played it clear Applause Music hmm its either you or me whos leaving this island alive well sir because im not going to sail again in a world cursed by your ugly bone bloody rocks are be all this lack of you cant wait you got it oh ill blow you to hell bloody rocks will be all thats left of your camera you got it blow off some lames Music ill flush you out Music god damn  __  a vain nancy boy only turn off a  __  job  __  you know is this my reward for believing the best about man for thinking that a bilge rat like you could muster up some  __  sense once in a while maybe horner gold was right maybe the world does need men of ambition to stop the likes of you from mucking it all up or maybe you just dont have the stones to live with no regrets dont save me a spot in hell shankar i aint coming soon stealing a fishing scooter single-handed damn canny captain as is taking back my break from this pillock once again i thank you both this billy huff didnt last two months with your ship before he came limping back to nassau took the pardon straight away i had to lads that rogers was onto me from the first hold your tongue rackham so what now still chasing your elusive fortune aye and im close ive heard the sages sailing out of kingston on a ship called the princess put your ambition to better use can we find the sage with us ive no stomach for you and your mystics mary i want a taste of the good life an easy life no one honest has an easy life edward and its aching for one that causes the most pain all right rackham back to retirement but i have a word sir ive been eating coins to set up the shipyard cap the faster we have the needful gold the sooner our ships will rule the waves captain Music so captain unfold lets move Music of service most satisfactory oh so Music he must be empty in the old country just to have a few souls in all the dirtiest hmm Music stop stop there hey hold on you what news are they this barjon works for the royal african company tell him what you told me i havent seen the princess for eight weeks or more meaning she may soon be back what else i thought this buck along with the other men who was asking about the princess this morning so i told him that what other men potty sailor and plane rags and a gentle scar just here where have they got to staying just round the corner they said i grew tired of chasing these fantasies of yours edward as a crew hang in there man were getting closer wow oh which you huh huh yourselves if you dont mind me asking sir whats the meaning behind these blood samples were taking torres tells me that blood is required for the observatory to properly function how do you mean sir if one wishes to use the observatory to say spy on king george then one would require a drop of the kings blood to do so in other words a small sample of blood gives us access to a mans everyday life because taurus me to spy on me then so ive just given him a sample of my blood as have i cut him horny dog as will all templars it is a measure of insurance and trust iraq yes but fear not torres has shipped our sample to a templar safe house in rio de janeiro we will not be the observatorys first subjects i assure you all right i suppose its a small price to pay for what the templars have given me in return precisely governor when you hunted pirates in madagascar what methods work best i believe it was my charisma that persuaded them violence and threats should always be a last resort in madagascar i offered those pirates a choice take a partner and return to england penniless but free men or be hanged by the net until dead just as you did in nassau precisely a pity commodore chamberlain did not live to see my thorough success its not like you the globe rogers we all deserve a moment dont we french problem grand master welcome six weeks ago and so far as we know the sage roberts was still a war and what measures are we taking what of the sages present location africa your excellency africa by god the winds do not play with them i concur grandma i should have sailed there myself one of my slave galleries would be more than capable of making this quick journey i asked you to divest yourself of that seeking situation i failed to see the difference between the displays of some men and all men our aim is to steer the entire course of civilization is it not our body enslaved a fair point master Music remind me where in africa are we looking principally sir small island weve said two of our best men burgess and cockrum privateers with fast ships and firm hearts edward can we imagine my surprise at seeing your jack door anchored there have you heard all you came to hear will you now rescue the sage from our clutching hands epox on you traitor you sold us down river because i found a better path the templars no order discipline structure but you never could fathom these subtleties goodbye old friend you were a soldier once when you fought for something real something beyond yourself Music try to oh youre no losing faster what might you be requiring excellent Applause yay captain so humpback ahoy oh oh oh the sailing for the coast of africa powerful captain there was certain circus Music ready lose Applause targets Music Applause right planks on your mind Applause Applause Applause Music ah Applause oh uh Applause together dont stay long whos getting restless himself oh Music oh captain kenway yet another dire situation roberts we really must stop meeting like this stop tailing me and your wish had come true theres no need for this you know im as good as my word our captain howell was killed today in a portuguese ambush had strong fool i warned him not to go ashore it was orchestrated by the templars burgess and cockroam the same sort that took you to havana ah i see now there is no escaping the templars attention is there i suppose it is time to fight back i do like the sound of that and i know just how ill do it but these men burgess and cockrum they cannot be allowed to leave with word of my escape they wont count on it if you spot any men from my crew do them some kindness and send them here ill do all i can boys oh uh okay temple were not waiting on no one put some muscle in that bustle were leaving uh youre doing us good kenway proved yourself a true bravo and for what his own bloody pride you stepped in the path of my prize not a thing a man should do a  __  sure callie just like harnick all said that templar scab means nothing to me none of you do and youre worse for it ken way it were the tempers who took us in when all else went to  __  not our king not our country the templars the templars is our family wheres yours in honest service there are thin columns yet as gentlemen of fortune we enjoy plenty of satisfaction pleasure and ease liberty and power so what man with a sensible mind would choose the former life where the only hazard we pirates run is a sour look from those without strength or splendor now i have been among you six weeks and in that time i have adopted your outlook as my own and with so fierce a conviction that it may frighten you to see your passions reflected from me in so stark a light but if its a captain you see in me now i then ill be your bloody captain now for i have dipped my hands in muddied waters and withdrawing them find it better to be a commander than a common man looking for the observatory folks say youre the only man that can find it hopes are correct despite my distaste for your eagerness i see in you a touch of untested genius im bartholomew roberts edward i have no secrets to share with you now but if youll lend me your aid in two months time west of the leeward islands well its there youll get some answers i promise you Music its funny that with scurvy the fix is more pleasant than the cause when you catch a dose from a horn must treat it with quicksilver youre fonder of getting the disease and you are of curing it something biting at you oh all men desire to live by a code or a creed yes yet when pressed most defer to their instincts rather than the laws that bind them what is the appeal of a creed it does not yoke all men to like behavior might make a man feel like he belongs to something whats your answer ah that all men are sheep and an old wolf like me deserves every ounce of blood he draws sail to this location bring only those you trust Music hmm oh Applause lets move loose topsails Music Applause Music Music Music Applause Music young girls all come down in their frogs Music away Music Music evil way Music Music Music Music ah captain kenway should we use your ship for this next scheme or mine id first hear the details before deciding oh its a small gambit this fount of information has just told me that a nearby galleon contains the treasure i seek for his sake i always write weve thought this plan through indeed using this man will acquire portuguese flag which will get us as close to our target as possible its a very simple idea if you follow my orders to the letter the jackdaw there excellent were underway rocks so whats your plan the flagship of this feat is transporting a valuable treasure in a large chest crystal files filled with blood now you remember were chasing drums of blood is that all i asked you to follow my instructions to the lecter catholic but i did not give you leave to question why i want those blood vials intact and if that does not happen we part as enemies do you understand ill try to oh theres the thing for us captain you see that ship here youll need its flag for this ruse to work if i can steal that flag without disturbing so much as a flea ill do it by all means um Music Music foreign foreign foreign ah you got the flag i ill keep my distance slow and steady i the flag we stole wont protect us from eyes that cry too long hes not whinging hes a static all weve got could that be our prize perhaps you should go ashore review cleaner uh oh the chest they hold ashore was full of empty vines wheres our portuguese captain he had outlived his usefulness where is he sleeping soundly at the bottom of the sea how many men must we kill for a simple prize as many as drift into our path douse them all Music blew up why dont you take the ship itself and save us a bit of time all right thats the way i play it i can bring the jack dog close some of those lookouts would be a problem well spotted ill clear them off first foreign whats good Music oh Music um Music your time Music is Music Music um foreign Music uh Music Music time weve been spotted took them long enough to court us all man the cannons every last hand on your command captain lets hear the roar of this beast oh nothing like the hot wind hell blowing in your face wow foreign  __  impact were gonna hate him Music ready wow Music on every interview heres my prize ah the templars have been busy i see lawrence princes blood useless now the woods rogers ben horner gold even torres himself small quantities kept for a special purpose you must take me to the observatory roberts i need to know what it is to what end hey will you sell it from under my nose work with me and use it to bolster our game whatever improves my lot in life how ridiculous a merry life and a short one thats my motto its all the optimism i can muster all right captain can we youve earned a look you Music goodbye Music Music goodbye Music oh Music good were moments away from the grandest prize of all i feel nothing but a hot wind in my ears captain come on man when we take this treasure well be set for life all of us ten times over as you wish ahoy roberts will cast anchor and meet ashore you were followed captain kenway how long for i wonder its horrible burn and flay that turn court deal with your old friend in haste captain before i regret my favorite Applause captain think carefully about what you mean to do here what are you grousing about addy its ben hornigold come to kill us out there i am the traitor needs to die but what then can you say with certainty that you deserve the observatory more than he and his templars no i cant and i dont care to try but if you have a better idea by all means tell me forget working with roberts tell the assassins bring them here and let them protect this place ill bring them here if theyre willing to pay me a good sum for it draws us any deeper into this form were nearing the devils backbone i el espinazzo del diablo spaniards call it impact getting closer it up man coming forward i will be coming back himself god oh boys Music Music here steady up keep your backs together Music so ah you could have been a man who stood for something but you forget us hard now with nothing but metal to show for all your blunders hampshire better than you ben the heart of a traitor who thinks himself better than his mate i and proven true what have you done since nassar fell nothing but murder and mayhem you flew in with the very kind we once hated no these templars are different i wish you could see that but if you continue on your present course youll find youre the only one walking it with the gallows at its end it may be but now the world has one less snake in it and thats enough for me uh Music Music need to disappear so go stop a moment the wind Music Music Music good boy Music foreign oh is that pirate hunter dead aye by my own hand why is it you alone can find what so many want i was born with memories of this place memories of another time entirely i think like uh like another life ive already led curse you for a lurch man and speak some sense not today after you captain the path ahead is dangerous are you willing to push back if necessary huh the kill is needed oh foreign so all in oh ah ugh oh so oh wow um uh hey Music Music hmm Music hmm good so huh ah uh hmm oh Music Music we need oh ugh aah oh oh Music so um Music wow Music is this the observatory all this i an almost sacred place all it needs is a drop of my blood um jesus roberts have you gone mad quite the contrary these wags would have gone mad at seeing what lies beyond this gate but you i suspect youre made of sternester now pick up that chest and carry it dirty and decrepit not quite as i remember but it has been over 80 millennia rot thats impossible step as if on thin ice captain i must say im quite taken by this new vocation of mine and it may amuse you to know that i have authored my own articles of conduct a creed of your own eh to keep the peace yes i forbid all gambling upon the deck for instance for it leads to more conflict than camaraderie desertion during battle is forbidden and i require that all men keep their pieces and cutlasses clean and fit for service at all times sensible and punishable by death if disobeyed thats a step further than id go look at this place beautiful isnt it i its like something out of a fairy tale or one of them old poems there were many stories about this place once tales that turned into rumors and again intellegent the inevitable process of facts becoming fictions before fading away entirely more blood vials yes these cubes contain the blood of an old and ancient people a wonderful race in their time the more you talk man the less i understand i dont expect you to only remember this the blood in those files is not worth a single real to anyone anymore it may be again one day but not in this evening here we are whats that noise Music oh yes a security measure just a moment there we are so what is this place think of it as a large spy glass such as we sailers carry a device capable of seeing great distances this is bloody witchcraft no this is mr jack rock somewhere in the world at this moment nasa this is happening right now were seeing through his eyes i i dont know jim i havent the faintest idea how to pilot a ship that aint work a woman does gosh ive seen a score of ladies who can reef for sale and spin a capstan and would you teach me to fight with a  __  glass like and maybe handle a pistol all that and more but you have to want it and work for it theres no stumbling into true success hey that thats my lasso making love to your layoff the last thing you should be calling me oh oh oh is that right is it light a curious bunch lets try another governor woods rogers you have a bold idea that i must think it carefully through a simple pledge of loyalties all you need suggests to the house of commons an oath a gesture and a simple ceremonial drum of blood taken from the finger thats all the ministers may give me trouble but it should be easy enough to convince the house of lords they do adore an excess of pomp and circumstance exactly tell them its a short filthy to the king against those revolting jacobins yes indeed all these templars the crucial detail is the blood you must get a sample from each man we want to be ready when we find the observant agreed Music a precious tool you see sorcery thats what it is not so every mechanism that gives this device its light is a true and physical thing ancient yes but nothing supernatural or strange will be masters of the ocean with that oh such ambition there is nothing in my code about loyalty boy you played your role but our partnership is done all right dead man robots oh hmm huh ugh uh ah hmm tracy uh oh ah roberts oh your jack doors flown edward hey thats the beauty of a democracy the many out vote the one oh you could sail with me but with a temper as hot as yours i fear youd burn us all ascenders luckily i know the kings bounty on your head is a large one and i intend to collect have you uh have you ever seen the inside of a jamaican prison boy have you so hello how are you if youre anxious thatll pass its the midazolam im sorry about this but weve had so many security breaches we were forced to take drastic action and but evie is missing he left for chicago two days ago but no ones seen him since i know this seems excessive but with our high level security clearance we have an obligation to our shareholders rest assured we will compensate you when the hackers found so get some rest okay and if youre up to it maybe capture some more footage youre doing amazing work i cant wait to show you the work weve been doing with your stuff take care so they tossed you in the bunker nice those templars upstairs arent taking any chances i think we need to erase all the dirt they might have on you did you hear that i think i just gave you level three security clearance now head to the security room and use the cameras to watch the door to the server farm unfortunately melanies in there now so when i escort her out thats when you make your move id wipe these servers myself but as the head of i.t id be a suspect it has to be someone theyve already locked up ah these templars they run our lives you know hey you know youre supposed to be locked up right going back upstairs aint a good plan all right listen im entering a server room now when you see us leave get in there Music Music Music Music Applause Music theres no need for you to be down here by yourself miss lemay my team will handle the investigation but you need an extra set of eyes on this thing john we dont even know when the hackers broken it could take weeks to go through this data one at most still too long i cant keep my team locked up for a week illegally you can its what they signed up for even if they didnt read that contract yes of course i just hate the idea so whats the next step my team is processing the data now well start sifting through it tonight scouts honor coffees on me okay all right i digit the coffee stand find a server containing a network log since i have a record of each and every one of your hacks well just search for the timestamps on those and turn that data into something harmless easy as that here we are beautiful ill update your communicator one more time a little program i cooked up just for this purpose there we go i think that worked try it out Music Music so Music Music Music Music so okay Music yes the dawn of the deadly 18th century rogues and sailors band together to live their lives by the sword with no laws warm worlds no gods and no fear only betrayal mutiny cruelty and debauchery there is plunder to be found on golden beaches will you risk life and soul to fight the pirates of nightmares benjamin hornigold calico jack charles bain and blackbeard so i can feel you cypher feel but hardly touch signal is still too weak and i am spread thin unfocused like static and fog lingering in networks and nodes the nervous system of the world can hear perhaps the temple was open too soon but this was not my choice the cataclysm pushed all doubt aside we bless poor desmond who gave his life so that you the children of our labors would live on to fulfill your purpose and ours in mine but now is not the time my strength is not sufficient to inhabit an organic vessel theres more work to do more samples to acquire more artifacts to find before my will can attain whats happening tell me make me whole again my children my instruments bring me forth to fulfill your purpose tell me no no no somethings wrong goddammit she should be here now living in that goddamned head of yours  __   __   __  the  __  why did she spare you why are you still here the charges sir ill hear them again Music his majestys court contends that the defendants mary reed and anne bonnie did piratically feloniously and in a hostile manner attack engage and take seven certain fishing boats secondly this court contends that the defendants lurked upon the high seas and its set upon shoot at and take to certain merchant sloops thus putting the captains and their crews in corporeal fear of their lives edward james kenway born of motley parentage in swansea to an english father and welsh mother married at 18 to miss caroline scott now estranged shes a beautiful woman i am told but not at all well these days if you touch her you bastards quite a surprise finding you here rotting in a jamaican person we heard rumors that you had taken up with the pirate roberts if you know the observatorys location tell us now and youll be out of here in a flash rogers can hold these british hounds at bay for a time but this will be your fate if you fail to cooperate you mary regen and bonnie are to go from hence to the place from whence you came and from thence to the place of execution where you shall be severally hanged by the neck till you are severally dead dead death all right be god in his infinite mercy be merciful to each of your souls whos pregnant do you all hear that what the devil did she say they plead their bellies my lord aye you cant hang a woman quick with child can he quiet if what you is then claim will be stayed but only until your terms are up then ill be up the dump the next time you come knocking remove them whats your name ken moore conway this world ball aint it walpole whered you get that well thats the rumor going round as darcy and dr pirate has ever sailed these west indies well whatever his name gotta make sure he suffers without dying orders from the governor im back to the prisons at sundown and massage his feet if hes aching shall i oh you stop that quiet hey stop that huh this is a warning morning captain kenway i have a gift for you do not mistake my purpose here i have come for anne and mary and you owe me nothing for this but if you would lend me your aid i can promise you safe passage from this place ill need weapons you are comfortable with this i am told we must hurry um you then stop stop you Music come on dont lose the  __  Music ive got a clear shot is Music Music take the shot ah uh Music oh oh hi my friends just had a child and shes shes poorly now help somebody Music marry mary its me edward edwards whos this fella its all right anne hes a friend whats wrong with mary shes ill and her child they took her no idea where oh but we must be silent can you walk lean on me mary come on i cant search every cell come on thats it youre all right Music stop stop lift your please the snog theres no one here Music dont die on my account go such a pain in the ass damn it you should have been the one to outlast me ive done my part will you you came with me i could marry ill be with you Music all right search every nook and cranny trying to give us best whats happened to mary whats wrong is she gone oh no oh god Music what will you do now nothing sensible Music you havent earned this but they such a Music good fortune to you edward can we i see some color first lets do Music in all your years out here you could never achieve what ive done in one fifth the time because youre a good man edward see goodness is your disease thats my prize roberts ill give it here remember my creed boy a short life and a merry one that is all the world owes us nothing more than this so take what you will and then die before you live to see yourself made a fool give it here thats right boy take it ill sweeten you maggot ill cut you down Applause calm little puppy and slink back to your kennel you havent the metal for my brand of madness robots welcome aboard kenway its prizes plunder and adventure ahead are you game out of my way ben raise a glass to freedom lots heres to gentlemen of fortune and women of leisure to a world full of rogues better than all the kings and queens that kick us about as gentlemen of fortune we enjoy plenty and satisfaction pleasure and ease liberty and power what man with a sensible mind would choose the former life for i have dipped my hands in muddied waters and withdrawing them find it better to be a commander than a common man oh Music flying close by a jack door sword and it filled his head with the idea that he too was just as strong and capable so with a great flapping of feathers the jackdaw came down swiftly and clutched to the cult of a large ram but when he tried to fly away he found he could not lift the angle while his size and strength were not up to the task you promised me but i needed you the most but you had me what keeps you wondering do i not make you happy im so close caroline please just let me do this its everything you do ill spy edward its this fight thats driving me mary its curry courage for what man theres no one left in your life to care i can handle this wow always tearing down when you could be building things up or building yourself up if nothing else just leave me please of course edwards change your bloody course before its too late captain kenway you look like a bowler plumbed off christ ive got a head for ten on your feet put me on the spot daddy after leaving me with robert i shall have hard feelings about seeing you here but mostly im bloody glad me too brother and youll be tough to know your jackdaw is still in one piece so we set sails youre leaving i edward but i have another calling elsewhere aday listen when your heart and your head are ready visit the assassins i think youll understand then Music wow Music Music Applause Music oh so the gallons Music did you ever see Music when they get Music the other morning i was walking by the river Music is Music way Music uh jesus andy what the hell happened here you happened here edward the damage you caused six years ago has not been undone im not an easy man to call a friend am i is that why youre here to fight beside a man so driven by personal gain and glory is a hard thing edward and i have come to feel the assassins and their creed a more honorable cause have i been unfair no for years ive been rushing around taking whatever i fancied not giving a tinkers curse for those i hurt and yet here i am with riches and reputation feeling no wiser than when i left home yet when i turn around look at the course ive run theres not a man or woman that i love left standing beside me there is time to make commence captain can we Music marry before she died she asked me to do good by her to sort out the mass i made can you help me Music mary was fond of you edward she saw something in your bearing that gave her hope to my one day fight with us i she told me and what do you think of our dream its hard to say for if nothing is true then why believe anything and if everything is permitted why not chase every desire why indeed it might be that this idea is only the beginning of wisdom not its final form thats quite a step up from the edward i met here many years ago so what do you think itll take some getting used to the second attack this month i should have moved this village long ago i brought all this upon you years ago but i will stand by you now it will take more than a few favors to call yourself a true assassin edward one thing at a time mate Music the beach follow my lead uh clean everyone Music so Music hey Music so Music holy  __  uh Music oh yes Music Music and once more you have our thanks edward you are welcome here thank you sir ill rest here for a time before setting up if i may i was a child she is a strong woman but not invincible into it im sorry for your loss if id stayed in prison that have taken him from me hed never be alive maybe this is gods way of saying im not fit to be a mother yes carrying on like i do cursing and drinking and fighting you are a fighter i in prison i heard stories of the infamous am bonnie and mary reed taking on the kings navy together just a pair of you come true and would have won that day of jack and his letter and passed out in the hold from drink everyones gone all the rest i miss them so rufus they were do you feel that too or empty inside i do that will curse me Music Music i know my targets by sight well enough how will i find them we have spice and influence in every city visit our viewers and the assassins there will guide you that fixes torres and rogers bartholomew roberts wont be near any city might take months to find it for years but youre a man of talent and quality captain kenway i believe you will find you and if you had a loss dont be afraid to call on your quartermaster go to master thats our present course you west captain if its still kingston were sailing for it is indeed call it out way anchor a net for the courses lads were sailing for jamaica Music how does it feel to bark so loud ive backed louder and to men twice as rough tending bar at the old avery you mean among other places and i sailed with mary and rackham for a time remember of course mary did most of the captaining jack did most of the drinking did mary did she ever tell you who it was that fathered her child it was a young fella sailed with us on that last voyage poor lad was killed fighting beside us the only man not too drunk to stand up for himself there was so much about her i didnt know i called her a friend or was i one in return she thought the world of you edwards i have no worries about that well thats good to hear give me some speed Music Music how can i help you today Music mutually agreeable im sure Music captain can we you have something for me the present whereabouts of the templar woods rogers is attending a small political function so do it clean the word is king george is calling rogers back to london i not happy with his progress in nassau still too many pirates roaming about from what i hear youll need a disguise to fool the powder heads at this party i suggest the visiting diplomat ruggero ferraro hes been on our list for some time understood will you send this to england for me i the ship leaves tomorrow caroline scott canway hawkins lane bristol my Music bye Music im not allowed Music there is no beauty to this city no expression of joy no aesthetic plans you walk your streets like animals like cattle with no sense of the coral uh is beyond me ah praise god for imported wines stand where you are Music Music salve forgive the lateness of my arrival i am ruderio ferraro hi mr ferraro not a problem ladies and gentlemen a dose to my brief tenure as governor of the bahamas oh under my watch no less than 300 of our pirates took the kings pardon and swore filthy to the crown without my confidence still do well its not a done deal by any means when the king hears my complaints im sure hell come to a more sensible Music you are mr ferraro i take it i do adore your flippery such highlights are the same about you almost five years ago and both our lives have been the better for it forgive my curiosity governor perhaps ill be more candid later when the remainder of my reason has left pardon another engagement commands of my attention he was a privateer once how is it you lack so much respect for sailors only trying to make their way in this world you couldnt possibly understand my motives you have spent a whole lifetime dismantling everything that makes our civilization shine but i do understand ive seen the observatory and i know its power youd use that device to spy and blackmail and sabotage yes and yet all for a greater purpose to ensure justice to snuff out lies and to seek truth theres no man on earth who needs that power yet you suffer the outmo roberts to use it no im taking it back and if you tell me where he is ill stop the man here at the edge of a blade i find a friend in you at last principe you mad bastard our best sources say principe Music he did it Music um its done where now grab your kit and pack well with sales for africa Music uh oh thanks hey boys Music oh dont just hear the arm and say Music Music and when Music oh Music boy oh Music and even around Music is captain heres one still kicking who did this it were a large vessel the royal fortune roberts offered no quarter didnt say nothing oh my sights pets of a man i said Music foreign uh ah Music disappear Music i think we were lets move wow us oh is oh fire fire Applause Music were ready Music yes Music ah Applause fire more fodder for you coming how can i not be impressed by the attention youve made me may the best of we too sing praises of the second a merry life and a short one as promised how well i know myself and what of you edward have you found the peace you seek im not aiming so high as that for whats peace but a confusion between two wars oh youre a stoic then but perhaps i was wrong about you she might have had some use for you after all she of whom do you speak oh she who lies in weight entombed i had hoped to find her to see her again to open the dwarf temple and hear speak my name once more i talk senseman i was born too soon like so many others before wheres the device roberts destroy this body edward the templars if they take me uh oh us Music Music uh ah captain kenway im assuming this is the friendliest face youve seen since drop an anchor is savannah and a curfew on my account um i torah seems to think someones coming after him hes not wrong a monkey looking thing is that what i think it is hi watch through the blood of the governor we can see through his eyes thats thats why the church keep this safe just in case ill be at the bureau good luck um Music oh no Music attention i love you Music come on senor yes okay Music okay Music Music uh uh oh so hi oh ah uh youre done taurus christ this again eh youre too skilled for swordplay no mans immune to a pistol shot i reckon hmm oh uh ah if you could speak mate it would gladden me to hear your side you humbled me once and i took that hard lesson and i bettered myself die knowing that for all of our conflict you helped make a soldier out of a scoundrel leave this life for lasting peace down among the dead Music Music Music  __  Music uh foreign thank you okay weve got where taurus left the city who were you chasing that vial was labeled taurus but held the blood of his second wheres he gone left port this morning heading west along the coast the observatory will we follow to attaby weve cornered our man and youre going to do what exactly find our way past foreign Music again hey Applause Music Music ready Music Music ready to fire Applause foreign Music is sir hooked away uh oh uh Music Music uh Music so Music uh Applause hello yes Music oh Music whos this taurus and whats your mind on to in a dead sentence hes a templar like rogers and hornigold man cooking up schemes to use the observatory for ill purposes for power and control the violence he caused with this thing would be subtle but heavy deadly yet leaving no mark does that make sense like if there was a drought and people was thirsty and one man had a large cask of water but gave a sip to none hed be a killer with no blood in his hands i like that fair enough uh maybe theyve gone no theyre here deep in the jungle uh soldiers just there they brought every ounce of the menace they had um boom ah so ill tell you all when this is finished holy mother of god is this the place weve come to see i stand watch here and let and unfollow Music foreign here ah Music all right whats up wow so we could have worked together we could have taken power for ourselves and brought these miserable empires to their so much knees so much you have not yet accomplished i can show you things history captain can be ever a splinter in my side does this murder fulfill you im only seeing a job done torres as youd have done with me as we have done i think you have no family anymore no friends no future your losses are far greater than ours that may be but killing you rights a far greater wrong than ever i did you honestly believe that you would see all of mankind corralled into a neatly furnished prison safe and sober yet dulled beyond reason and sapped of all spirit so i with everything ive seen and learned in these last years i do believe it you wear your convictions well they suit you torres awakened something fierce are we safe with the device returned i believe so what do you call this place captain can wheres folly we will fill this place and discard the key until another sage appears this door will remain locked there were vials when i came here last filled with the blood of ancient men robert said but theyre gone now then its up to us to recover them before the templars catch wind of this you could join us in that cause i will only after i fix when i mangled back home it arrived last week i dont believe weve been formally introduced nor in this era anyway i wish i could explain all the strangeness but there isnt much time the short of it is you saw my beloved juno and for a brief moment i thought she might occupy this tender body of yours but something went wrong and now shes back out there adrift oh she was magnificent once one of a race of beautiful wonderful creatures they created your kind did you know that your people were tools to them thats all you have ever been thats all you should ever be one day soon i hope for the world is nearly ready for her return wired prepared for a second coming here they come those templars or maybe assassins this time idiots all of them i envy you it was her wish that id be here to greet her it was her experiment that made it possible for my rebirth as one of these things stay down get down on your back now hes got a gun guide me into the grave i love it i have your instruments put the gun down drop it drop your weapon where claire check his vitals hes bleeding fast check the victim are you okay can you hear me hello talk to me you all right there you are thank god i hope you feel well you look good can you stand good try walking around a doctor came by said there wasnt anything to worry about that the liquid in the syringe was far far below a lethal dose i feel terrible about all this about everything all our evidence pointed to you but it was john all along god the things we found on his computer whatever you need will provide youve done an amazing job speaking of which our trailer is finished would you like to see it i owe you that much there we go i uploaded it to your database you can watch it here or at your animus i think youll love it it really captures the essence of the era so take care and again thank you in a world where pirates rule the waves these men will discover that nothing is sacred and everyone is committed to rum plunder and women hold up ladies this summer abstergo entertainment invites you aboard for the adventure of a lifetime so sharpen your cutlasses shine your hooks and sail with the devils of the caribbean this virtual experience is nothing rated look at the light isnt that the battery i think thats the battery hello hello ah im sorry about this uh my name is sean and uh back there is rebecca my partner in crime hello bloody good work earlier honestly i mean delivering us all that data its really just too bad that our man on the inside was such a um uh how how to put it fanatic fanatic is the best word i suppose we take who we can get exactly exactly well put we saw in john an opportunity to burrow deeper into abstergos cloud servers and im not ashamed to say we took it uh not realizing of course that he was enlisting you to help him and to blame should anything go wrong i suppose it all worked out very nicely in the end most of it anyway what sean really wants to say is if youre up for more hacking we are too john gave you level three security clearance before he died you should use it the assassins dont have the resources to pay you like the templars do but well make it worth your while ah look we should really cut it short thanks 20 seconds all right good luck cheers mate and top-notch work really taught me give yourself a pound on the back and happy hacking gentlemen how do you find it here it will work for us but our goal must be to scatter our operations to live and work among the people we protect just as sad once canceled well until that time its yours as you see fit edward captain woods roger survived his wounds he has since returned to england shamed and in great debt but no less a threat i will finish that job when i return you have my word ill be sailing for london in the next few months id be a hopeful man if you were beside me englands the wrong way around the globe for an irish woman will you stay with the assassins no i havent got that kind of conviction in my heart you in time i my mind is settled and my blood is cooled sail ho coming into the cove youre a good man edward and if you learn to keep settled in one place for more than a week youll make a fine father too Music who would come Music it Music memory now i cant sew Music good night Music oh Music Music to stay but since it falls that is Music stats Music Music good night Music father did you always know how to sail a boat the jackdaw is a ship jenny not a boat but did you always know no no i learned after leaving bristol after you left mother well i didnt leave your i didnt leave without saying goodbye then it was an arrangement you see between your mother she said she said he always talked about saving the boat and making money in the new world i did always want to sail a ship thats true but not for a lot thats all true and im sorry for that by no learning i might have come home i hope that i wouldnt well you were busy i see no boat here do you i mean  __  obviously i dont see the difference anyway ah its a very simple one a ship can carry a boat Music thats a clever way of seeing it is it hard to talk about caroline about your passed some mother ago i miss her but its all right was she in pain i dont know i do think so she was very happy for quite some time then not so happy i didnt see her much after that then she was gone hi im sorry im sorry i wasnt there its all right youre here and were on an adventure only a little one i hope cant handle too many more surprises you think well see a whale yes theres a very good chance and what about pirates will i see pirates no not much chance of that i think oh thats rather sad i should have liked to have seen one tell you what jenny as soon as these winds die a little ill let you steer the jack though one little trick of the helm before sundown yay Music miss jennifer can we may i introduce myself jennifer scott if you please im sorry i i my daughter was raised by her mother caroline until she passed away some years ago jenny prefers to use her surname to mine ah please forgive my ignorance i will she may not father help me this little rascal however is a can we whats wrong haven i cant see the stage up we go hows that fine but wont your arms tire hey im not so old as that but if they do then we shall quit this posh gig and go and meet your mother for some chocolate and whites hows that sound yes please okay ash Applause Music you how 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