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8 days steamdangerous driving game steam ASSASSIN’S CREED® IV BLACK FLAG™ gameplay all yo-ho-ho and a barrel of rum bandits another thousand devils anchor okay you can watch and atypical video review of assassins creed 4 black flag because it was written developed or even four and then times 3 5 4 was destroyed and here I am actually here plainly without a piece of paper with several blanks and headings, I just throw out everything that has accumulated, and even what I have already managed to tell live and in the dawn game, like in our clarity, especially since I’m HIV there and I figured out that I’m a hater of the series it turned out somewhere in the comments that I read that not a single part of assassins creed received less than commendable rating from us, this apparently does not matter at all well, okay, I don’t like assassins on a liar, hate text reviews already on the site and cheese in the comments quite clearly demonstrate where we are all rolling together people for the most part have long been tangled in their own tights and our time requires from the series that, in principle, for which they themselves scolded the first part of the legs it’s time for an idiot to get used to ubisoft ebison, they’ve long been accustomed to them and went to high society rubbish trifles and laughter and sin, as they say, visually weave those who won’t even swim to the nearest island in a corsair x far away from assassins to those who interfere with those who are casting the first part will be mastered, everything goes on as usual, not all those who are silent draw conclusions, it’s a pity that I’m not one of them, the developers have already drowned five times in conflicting testimonies from fans, but a year ago it was clear but even in this situation, the feedback was, as always, the game, they bought the game, they bought the game right away, the fox calmed down, but now we were brought to the ex gene and salty romance of the golden age of piracy, and also for the first time in a long time, by the way, an adequate hero with more than understandable motives and and bright history of formation in general, the assassins creed series now resembles films pockets from old quotes in on bash orgies where it was about his trailer it can remember no matter what the movie in the trailer was always an exploding helicopter and assume the same type of dinosaur redoubt rubber here a helicopter explodes or astronauts don’t roam the floor there and then a helicopter explodes as a result people went to movies after these trailers just to look at the dick there is generally a helicopter and for many years now we have been buying assassins creed also to look at the dick there finally an assassin but the fact that the new main character is not an assassin for the first time only benefits the plot from but how he gets a trump hood blades looks much more convincing than the transformation of the same from his schoolboy into an uber killer Edward Canway is guided by more than understandable motives of fluff and a woman, more precisely one woman who languishes in distant England while Edward is looking for a beautiful life under sail that will return handsome and stop being a bare -ass rogue in the eyes of her parents is very all right clearly and simply, the authors tritely took the best that he managed last time, actually sea adventures and multiplied it by the whole game, it turned out amazingly precisely because this time they did not forget to finally fix everything that had so interfered with before, well, turn the same useless synchronization tower into fast points moving to remove lockpicking from the third part, which was not sewn on by a mare’s tail, to minimize management and take it with repainting your skirt, of course, in short, they threw everything superfluous overboard, including even aunts side tasks that would be a waste if you honestly engage in any normal kill now all activities are strictly on the topic but you can finally take batches of secondary tasks with you in the sense that you don’t have to complete the task right away, as soon as you take it, like, you found a contract for the murder, you took note, you go on walking, and when it’s convenient, even annoying things have fallen out of loss, it’s much more interesting to collect, as it were salam more o a meaningful world and also knocking beautiful that it’s really interesting just to study it, but a lot of small things useful are found in the bush with stones through the growth of a skeleton drawn here, hand-drawn treasure maps of which there are so many buried, then a sheet with a pirate song that can be later on the ship get a bottle with a message there or whatever they are, a recipe for updating the mechanics of pumping, by the way, one to one like far cry 3, when we arrive ourselves, inventing body kits and animal skins and other low to black flags, and here in general, in other words, as if simplified corsairs on the assassins engine with the mechanics of far cry 3 with the ship, the same for pumping, you need not only loot, but also all sorts of housing for a tree, and so on, if the enemy ships are sunk, then the nishtyaks will fall out of them by half, and if boarding, then the prey will remain entirely, as you might guess, boarding is now possible in general, any oncoming ship and we take people enough, though other sailboats who are also in battle, why are they patiently waiting while you rob someone there and don’t intervene boarding cases, it’s sad a little okay, but by the way, people are funny recruited, for example, a tavern where, for authority, you first need to distribute friendly pills, local drunks are not well, or on the streets are also recruited if you save pirates getting into trouble in general, land gameplay of almost the same only shooting at more well, how else when you can almost glue yourself with pistols, the bow was really taken away and the tomahawk too, but this Japanese-Chinese scorpion kavabanga and for a snack spittoons are still like at school, only I have evil ones in lumps there darts they type deliver stealth artificial intelligence is still the same hopelessly stupid and hide-and-seek is the same ridiculous clumsy so it’s always easier to etch all life from the right territories than to collect a splinter in the bushes, but sometimes, firstly, they oblige, and secondly, there are cool moments where it’s really possible to gracefully let go the network is true, but not under water gray entertainment, of course, but helplessly, Edward is unnerving because when he meets a shark, he can only flounder threateningly and die, you have to crawl through the thick of mm algae and hide in sunken ships, otherwise you simply won’t survive water at all problems more than solving a bunch of all sorts of vile dangerous living creatures of a whale sudden pentacles sometimes they attack from the bushes in the caves, they can generally pick up and flush the toilet bowl like a roof, while for some reason the camera angle does not change and the control almost does not plow, so Edward instantly breaks new caves with his head, but its me as a baxter fun in short honor hunting for large marine animals capture forts uninhabited islands bullets Mayan ruins underwater bases of smugglers even, well, a complete ammunition load of an excellent pirate adventure in the best traditions of Disney, but only more powerful and tougher, by the way, another huge plus is that they minimized physical nonsense about the end of the world and other ancient Roman holidays golden physical onomy just once per game pops up to grumble about high concrete in the era of Edward nanotechnology of the higher races, of course, although there are and took a place in the plot, but they don’t turn into apple weapons in the game, a cap killer from the past parts, by the way, about our time, the usual one in the reviews always avoided it, but to not to break the intrigue for those who have not played this time, I can’t even resist the fact that we are generally the devil knows who, a disembodied creature without a voice and without money, no one addresses us by name at all, you can’t make out even a woman or a man visits in our time have turned into a contemplative walker with mini games for hacking colleagues computers, but you can more or less freely walk around Ufa and also listen to all sorts of nonsense multimedia products, though assassin figures advertising other games in the series, the same bust, in my opinion, the harsh office of the Templars with plans to conquer points not the whole universe turned into battles and cool projections of ubisoft itself with a lamp office and friendly staff abstergo’s office and corridors somehow obviously didn’t look like this before, but it’s okay, all the more so since they didn’t lie when they promised that till would pull us out of the past for a short time of mandatory tasks 8 almost no parents these are, for example, a list of future assassins creed woofs with this in the correspondence of the leadership, and by the way, yes, it’s no longer a secret and not a spoiler, it’s likely that events are unfolding in parallel with the first part in general these days, in the sense that while we’re breaking correspondence somewhere nearby, Desmond is chasing the white, by the way, the privates have anonymous the staff of the whale is almost completely portable, it just looks like a computer __ Luce reef there is not adhesive, not a special chair, but it’s even needed inside the game interface, it didn’t affect the usual clear controls, everything is the same old-fashioned combat, too, the terminator in action, all that is hard to die win easily climb forgiveness where there is no challenge before but in Lexi con in general about something else, it was created stupidly to deliver heroic pleasures to surprise the end of the brand crops and spectacular sea battles the central plot is traditionally not intrusive between the main story missions, you can take huge breaks and just explore the world the task is more interesting, although not all of them are so radiant but bright episodes, quite a lot of things is worth just the dining scene on the ship when you need to enter the mouth of the river under a false flag, where enemies are teeming with lowered sails, by the way, people are so contradictory every time they meet the developers’ attempts to make various peppy missions to the court to collect statistics screwed up the rating system now every memory can be assessed on a five-point scale right in the game from instantly sending your weighty message to ubisoft not bad for the text only the next assassins creed to be directly saturated with applications players, though the players’ applications have long been asking for a little bit with multiplayer, but it’s probably somehow useless while there are at least changes there, the old accepted scheme instantly bothers these people a little, but there are all sorts of advanced customization and a workshop of modes, not that it saves a lot, but also prostrate and prostrate and attiva commendably in the appendage I give to my publication they also offer a watch company brought to the heroine of liberation but you can relax nevertheless delightfully conveys the pirate spirit who, after all, does not like treasure island hey pirates of the caribbean, anything is more relevant than white dust this is that american war of independence cheeseburgers this time even the voice acting succeeded blackbeards russian voice dragged it very well, only the translation itself is strange not so with exactly the opposite, but there are enough small errors of surprisingly stupid adaptations here for the smallest, but you can, of course, play with English voice acting and Russian subtitles, or vice versa, in short, it’s not a problem at all. flag of the best and most assassin sky assassins creed since the first part, even if not in the soul, but at least in the process its just very beautiful and killed him both on land and at sea and the variety is limited only by your ingenuity if it seems that everything is too the same try- how to turn your head around to buy a whole field for murderous creativity in general, I catastrophically recommend to everyone a fair wind and standing masts can you play steam games on google stadia Комментарии к обзору - Стрим по игре - Текстовая рецензия игры - Вашему вниманию - нетипичный видеообзор. 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