Assassins Creed 4 Black Flag Gameplay Walkthrough Part 16 - The Forts (AC4)

Steam game deletedwhen is the steam summer sale 2022 ASSASSIN’S CREED® IV BLACK FLAG™ gameplay I know you aint exactly impressed by our Creed so with the sight of money make you more friendly to our ways as ever then work these contracts around the West Indies for us and well pay as simple as that really holy  __  alright then Sonali sure if thats the end of this sequence or what let me see something really quick is right now its showing that how far we got to go down that doesnt really show so Im just going to run this way and get to this next little objective area Im not sure if you got to get back on the ship before you do this which it looks like I might have to if I have to sell somewhere else its gonna be a good day guys oh its gonna be glorious fast travel this is probably the same video by the way Ive just Im like sitter like probably saying take it easy guys now coming back like the next second saying welcome back but well just have to see hype rolls yeah they all freaked out all right cell to see lets do this alright guys its about to be another Captains Log chopping up montage of me sailing across the ocean because check this whereas that exclamation point I thought was near is where the  __  oh wait look at that its ridiculous alright lets do this you can fast travel which is good so Im just gonna do that instead that saves me so much time so this is the new limits alright it stinks the same as every other squads ever up this past year only one a long face youve fallen in love with your blouse youre welcome to Nassau gents everyone is that does that fair share fair share what is this a  __  monster um we was led to believe that NASA was a place where men did as they please save keeping others from doing the same die cuts its such a little brave or is this magnificent muzzle you cultivate them why fly a Black Flag when a black beard will do well brings you two gents this far north the word is Cuban governor himself is fixing to receive a massive gold from a nearby port until then its just sitting there it chilled to be choked governor Torres himself a sounds promising welcome to Nassau captain vane mr. Rackham no way could a man find out bit rough Jermaine I wasnt sure if the music was coming from inside the game or if someone in my house was playing loud music oh  __  hey buddy hey Im finally back into town where nobodys gonna try to kill me this is kind of nice I might soak this in and feed some pigs and stuff speaking of which where where are they is there anything in Alaska meals like horses you could feed and all sorts of stuff I cant really see that no you know what lets go over here go talk to homeboy really quick oh I cant wait need to disappear bribe no thank you I dont need to disappear here we go I want to go to the weapons little thing right here Im not sure cuz I dont know how much I can really use to to upgrade anything wheres the front door s there it is hows about sales like where the hells this they get its been a while last time I came in here I dont have that much money at all so lets see what we got we still dont have a lot you know considering how far in the game we are so I really wont like some of these but Im have to do more side missions I think to get this stuff you know what Im going to save up because I really want this one or higher because I wont the three damage I mean yeah we all we we would all like to have the best one which is this one right here but thats going to take a long time to get look at that thing a super range but no dont reach at all Im really good you know like let me check out the outfits I dont really think it matters actually see what they got okay so until next time I am gonna check something else really quick I cant want to show you guys a little update on where we are in the game as far as a progress tracker goes right now were on sequence five were just starting it so 31% look Ive done one percent of side activities Ive been hogging that maze story boy Im telling you lets look at the boats anything there that can upgrade they wont you know what thats for my zest for most of my money when I was like where did I I had more money than this I want to save up for some more weapons lets check out some of this stuff anything in here thats different is the same thing yeah okay Im good so you dont even have to come to this little shop to buy all that stuff not even sure why I walked in the front door all right lets go to this I guess how far away is this next objective Im supposed to hop on here and then go there so with that big said Im gonna hop on here probably if I can fast travel I will but I dont for some reason Im kind of feeling like this next part Im not going to be able to because its probably going to be a new area well just have to see though okay thanks for the like support everything else you guys are awesome and I really do I dont know kind of motivates me to keep making videos quicker so alright guys so were not gonna be able to fast travel just as I anticipated so whats going to happen this is going to be a legit montage of me getting there that or nothing really happens I might just cut to and I actually get to look at this zoom all the way back way down here missions called the forts I just have to get there first alright lets go boys just another day at the office not a damn thing happened just a long travel time thats all this game is 20 hours long i-5 I finally cracked the code Ubisoft no Im just messing with you so theres really nothing that happened theres been zero things that happened its just really misty right now and thats it well see what happens in a little bit though but other than that Ill see you guys when we get there oh no I cant do that right now the objective is to close I dont want to ruin it is that they if that thing brings down the boat Ill be so pissed I dont know that they looked huge on the radar sequence 5 lets do this so what do you do with your share of the gold we take from Governor Torres return to Africa prince among men I cannot return to a place Ive never been I was born in Trinidad a slave from my first breath wouldnt you feel I dont know well welcome that you might feel more welcoming buried FairPoint with this skin on this voice where can I go in the world and feel at ease this country heres my best chance country called jackdaw where I know the names of all citizens and they dont mind and we work together not always out of love but to keep our country afloat I understand II lets take of it the citizens of jackdaw destroy the forts defenses so Im probably about to get into a battle because if I go straight there theres no way around it I wonder how close I have to get to really hit anything were trying to get around the side right here slow it down a little bit come on bring it bring it wait for it rich come on keep it going keep it going keep going there we go thats the first one all right Im getting destroyed over here the mortar stuff is killing me small turn turn turn  __  butterball - OH ah Oh oh my god oh my god too close for comfort Jesus I feel like Im about to get killed Ive got to go away just for a second Jesus look at that oh my god oh my god might be the first time actually get my ship sunk lets just keep it going at fast speed guys come on come on all right guys its been I dont know how long I actually got D synchronized that I had to redo this so Im back to where this was but the good news is I got a lot more yeah there we go capture the forts I still got to deal with this ship though oh my god I wonder what happens if you just abandon ship and just go onto the beach area you know Im gonna try to lose this guy really quick unless is a way to get on there on the side right here which I dont think there is I think you only have to get it yeah lets try that try to smooth sell my way out of here he still sees me but thats okay I could swim that actually be good  __  he sees me again are you bullshitting me are you bullshitting look at him PA play it alright get a little closer this time Ill stop Ill jump out and hope for the best come on come on come on what during conflict thats crazy alright well now we know does he see me still yeah he does all right trying to take down this ship legitly Im trying to really like brace for impact here I keep ramming me alright here we go here goes nothing guys how badass would that be if I was able to get up there off the tip of the ship like that I dont know if you can get up here on the side oh  __  they  __  see me what that doesnt make any sense if I stealth swim around the side watch my breath look at that see me to tell me that I guess they just go away okay well shits I dont need to do anything other than just get there alright were good stay along this Beach and well be fine what the  __  Im stuck on a rock come on alright guys so I made it over here I really just had to lose him for a second just so he could forget about me and then I could just just smoothly walk in all right so were sneaking into the fort now are supposed to capture it so Im not really sure how this is going to go follow me kill the forts officer it says officers but you dont have to kill one all right well let me go kill him really quick I need to be stealthy and quiet about this I did come in on a ship that was it time to go home no wonder it how we fell off for the adults man come on wait didnt he get shot by someone else or that wasnt me was it please tell me you can go through there nope cant go through there dammit you know finding a way to really get around different things its kind of challenging let me start let me try to go in through here there we go something has to work right Jesus slowly but surely were getting there Jesus reaching the war room Im hoping that it goes smoothly I think I think everybody else has already been kind of captured since I killed the captain he was the first to die shake well hello your excellency Id got word you might be here I know your face pirate but winning was boring the last time you spoke yes I recall mr. Duncan Walpole I missed that one so whats a Templar Grandmaster doing so far from his castillo Id rather not say and Id rather not cut your lips off and feed him to you two years ago we offered a reward for the sages recapture today someone claims to a fountain his gold as his ransom who found him a slaver by the name of Lawrence Prince he lives in Kingston we like this story Taurus and we want to help you finish it are we going to do it our way using you and your gold ojos  __  all right well thank you guys for watching weve falling out our first fort now you know what its called Black Flag and you want more just keep dropping his likes and I will definitely deliver but now thats good you guys take it easy steam sauna kits NEW Assassins Creed 4 Black Flag Gameplay Walkthrough Part 16 includes Mission 18 of the Campaign Story for Xbox 360, Xbox One, Playstation 3, Playstation 4 and PC in HD. This Assassins Creed 4 Black Flag Gameplay Walkthrough will also include a Review, all Sequence Missions and the Ending.Subscribe: Twitter: Facebook: Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag is an action-adventure game, and the sixth main installment in the Assassins Creed series. A sequel to Assassins Creed III, the game will see the player take on the role of an Abstergo Industries research analyst as they explore the story of Edward Kenway -- father to Haytham Kenway, grandfather to Ratonhnhaké:ton and an ancestor of Desmond Miles. Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag will be set primarily on and around the islands in the Caribbean Sea during the Golden Age of Piracy in the early 18th century, with three major cities consisting of Havana, Nassau and Kingston. Characters include: Edward Kenway, Edward Thatch (Blackbeard), Benjamin Hornigold, Calico Jack, Charles Vane, Haytham Kenway, Connor Kenway and Anne Bonny. Locations include: Kingston, Havana, Nassau and Islands. Enemies include: Naval, Brig, Frigate, Gunboat, Man-of-War, Land, Brutes, Regulars, Gunners, Agiles and Captains. how to work a steamer steamer duck scary games free on steam how to get steam keys the amazing spider man 2 game steam