Assassins Creed 4: Black Flag - All New Gameplay - Stealth Gameplay Walkthrough

Vicks steam vaporizersteam deck valve ASSASSIN’S CREED® IV BLACK FLAG™ gameplay peggy 18. hi my name is ashraf ismail game director of assassins creed 4 black flag and i am proud to be showing you our citys stealth and main assassination walkthrough at this point in the story were going after a man named julian dukas an arms dealing templar to get him were going to head to havana to build up edward but on our way were going to let ourselves get distracted by this unidentified cavern to access this specific cavern you need a diving belt the diving bell is a real 18th century device that sailors and pirates use to access deeper waters shipwrecks filled with treasures and secret entrances to caves and cenotes here youre getting a little taste of the underwater a lot of ambient life predators fish a very lively and dense environment and this is something that were really able to push with the nextgen to have this really incredibly dense and detailed environment as you can see edward does not have his weapons or tools this is the risk you take when you access the underwater caves lets whistle to attract this guards attention this specific enemy is what we call an agile they carry blades taking him out allows us to take his blade and use it for ourselves weve also enhanced the ego vision so that you can tag enemies and see them through walls its important for us to push the stealth and make it a viable way to play this game if you choose to now that weve caused a distraction this guard begins to investigate we can take that to our advantage and take him out disarming is another tool that you have as an assassin to steal the enemys weapon and gain the advantage being a great assassin makes you a better pirate once you learn and master the tools you have in your hands youll be able to tell through almost any situation everyone has this picturesque vision of what the caribbean is the nextgen has helped us deliver on this promise and dream now that weve finally reached havana one of our three major cities along with kingston and the pirate haven nassau each city has a unique flavor and feel havana is a spanish-styled city it was built as an homage to the cities from ac2 we love the roof running and the verticality of those cities so havana was built with that in mind cities are great places to find a lot of activities shops and ways of making money well earn money by doing this contract and taking out a local templar this is a side activity and not one of the main assassinations we have many of these and its a great way to earn cash climbing and free running is very important to the brand as you can see havana has been built with this in mind lots of ways of getting on roofs and finding access to hidden areas now that were near the target using eagle vision well assess the situation we can see some guards around with these contracts we can earn more money if we remain undetected so lets take out the possible threats before going after our target there are many opportunities to take him out see if you can spot them all but for now there is an easy one in front of us with the explosive barrel so well free aim and take him out that way since we were undetected we also got that catch bonus and now we escape the scene now that weve escaped well take a look at our map of havana as you can see theres a lot of activities missions and collectibles lots for you to do but for now well head to a shop to upgrade edwards guns you can upgrade edward to carry up to 4 pistols but here we are going to upgrade the guns themselves since were after the weapons dealer julian ducasse we will upgrade to the most powerful pistols our money can get and of course theres a lot of customizations and upgrades you can get for edward so weve left havana and reached our targets hideout here we can see that dukas is on that man of war off in the distance so well have to go through this jungle to get to him jungles are places where we really push the immersion and the field with nextgen were able to have a lot more physics on the plants translucency through the foliage better lighting and much more dense environment now that weve reached the village where ducass ship is docked we want to remain undetected so that we can reach him here we have a new hide spot called the hiding door good for taking out a guard and keeping his body hidden you are a true assassin when height is in your favor in every location weve made access to rooftops easy this along with strong stealth rules and mechanics our fans have been looking for were showing off a new weapon the blowpipe using berserk darts youre able to manipulate and control the ai to attack his own allies even animals and edward himself if the player is not careful there are many ways to get onto that ship we can go up to the masts we can go from the front but for now were gonna take him out from the stern of the ship now that weve reached ducas without alerting him lets use our newly upgraded pistols to take up some of his guards and finally a headshot to take him out thank you for watching you antique steam engine for sale Game Director, Ashraf Ismail, runs you through some stealth open-world gameplay from AC4: Blag Flag. -- For the latest video game news visit: Like us on Facebook: Or Follow us on Twitter: Oh and Subscribe! steam illustration steam games black friday sale hair steam straightener how to add steam gift card sales tax on steam