Assassins Creed IV Black Flag | NAVAL COMBAT | I was so wrong about this game

How to check how much money you spent on steamsteam deck run windows games ASSASSIN’S CREED® IV BLACK FLAG™ review top of the morning to you laddies my name is jacksepticeye and welcome back to some more Assassins Creed 4 now I didnt actually plan on playing more Assassins Creed 4 I was actually gonna leave it as the one video I may be gonna do some more stuff later on but I felt like I had to make this video now because I said some really bad things about this game the first in the first video that I played of it and those were all wrong I will admit that I was completely wrong about this game this game is awesome after this I still stand by that the intro was crap I still stand by that the intro does not do this game justice and its really slow and its really just it doesnt paint a nice picture for what the game actually is about and the real game is actually amazing once you get let off your leash and youre allowed run around and do whatever you want to do well I still have some stuff locked out from the story but once youre able to go off and do some stuff that you want to do its just its just incredible and Im gonna Im gonna show you one of those things and that is getting on your freaking ship oh look at this oh its so nice should we just get into battles straight away a level eight and a level eight yeah were gonna destroy these poor little  __  Daei both  __  turn about face men oh  __  I sank the other one I didnt want to I didnt mean to sink that but youre supposed to do well thats supposed to do you can just sink the mission one but if you actually get on to them and you board the ship like Im about to do this one you have to get them down to that little amount of health and they have to be incapacitated but theyre incapacitated then you can go up and you can board their ship like a big badass and when you actually board their ship and you take it over you get more supplies than if you just sank it and you also get a chance to salvage the ship to use for your own or you can send it off to your fleet or you can lower your wanted level and all that kind of good stuff but I usually just like to use these swivel cannons and like blow guys away cuz you only have to kill five dudes and when you kill the five dudes then the ship is yours crap Im gonna have to board I lost the crew member as well cuz theyre all stupid this is really cool and the ship is ours nice but its really cool how you can make a board ship to ship like every pirate movie youve ever seen an hour back on my little border Unni are these guys number four and level four should we go shall we go and take some guys over again theres a white thing on the map is supplies supplies  __  so its very worthwhile to actually board all these ships you get as much supplies as you can dont make it that in one hitch incapacitated in one hit my ship is a beast took them out instantly were not that even knowing what was up pretty nice one shot this is cool where do you see this we get to the rope there you go kill him she dead my god thats just insult to injury a slashed his face like 15 times my only problem with boarding ships like this is that it takes so long thank you to watch this cutscene every single time thats why I kind of like to use the swivel Clarence does I hate wasting time jumping from ship to ship I mean its cool and all but its just a time waster now I got aboard the other ship that I incapacitated steady as she goes men but it okay kill one to war only one left yeah I didnt even have to board that time thats what I wanted to do all this fight every single time can I upgrade anything Ill show you guys the upgrade system release and hold release the feeling so yeah you can just leave the wheel of your ship at any moment and just walk around it and you can jump into the water and swim away to your hearts content okay Sal Sal cargo you got to sell your rum and your sugar thats how you get most of your money I dont know the money is actually called but dont sell your cloth metal and wood because those come in handy for buying upgrades ooh do I want my round shots to be more damaging I think I might yeah cuz the round shot only costs money Ill do that round shot is just my main cannons that I fire off from the side chain shot you fire those at sales when youre approaching approaching a target you fire them at the sales not the main body of the ship when you fired them at the sales the kind of immobilizes them cargo storage I guess I should just upgrade all these things because they dont cost any materials rowboat Ive never gone harpooning for whales ever in this game yet so I probably should I dont know what you get true guys a bit of the map this is where I am now and this map is  __  car GaN Xuan it is really damn big its actually kind of impressive whaling should we go out find a whale Im in restricted waters and these guys are gonna blast the  __  out of me now oh crap should I just fire on them go ahead just an oh it crashing will  __  I need to get out of here I need to get out of here fast race race I dont know whats happening I cant see now were back to normal like my ship took a lot of damage in that so I didnt want to fight them but I thought once I was passing them I might as well fire shes gonna fire on me anyway ah begin harpooning were gonna go I like a me badass headboard with no shirt where the  __  is Ishmael lets get started boy wait for him to pop up ah  __  I dont know what to do go : please pullin cut there we go that face please hurt where the fun begins this is awesome noise fun these hairpins are deadly before this is why I needed  __  upgrades I retain your right this is so cool I didnt do this yet I keep saying stop repeating yourself you dumbass Im gonna get you in the face oh  __  yeah Oh mr. eyeballs what its not what we want gents he doesnt throw the harpoon ah thats what we do what happens when I run out of hairpins so just fail cuz that would suck hes gonna pop up over here again isnt he this is all he ever does gotcha oh that hurts oh crap hes gonna pop his head  __  see that this is him crap okay so I got a plan you stick him when hes near and then you follow him and then when hes about to laugh is hell throw on really hard at him cuz I did a lot of damage last time I can do this all day Whaley  __  did it anyway not tales coming and were dead again  __  what I give up give up and whaling until they get more upgrades okay so we just bought some rowboat armor and I got harpoon strength so now were one more on both so Im gonna go over here and try this killer whale finish mist oh crap where are you you bastard hes gonna pop up right beside us there is I see him keep missing hes too fast its weakening yeah  __  killer whale  __  youre gonna be free willing much longer going up in the face oh yeah whaling is the business missed  __   __   __   __   __   __   __  no I see it come on Willy yeah victory bad boy roll boys roll its my favorite shanty all right they stop singing the shanty coz these  __  bags over here want a piece of me yeah there those are big forts that you can kind of explode and take over but theyre too hard for me right now so I just want to say it away were heading down here towards this undiscovered location so hopefully we can do a bit of stuff down there but we do have to avoid all these do is down here first so yeah its cool you can just fly along and get off your ship at any stage its like grand theft auto ship okay thank you thats worth something I guess thanks to my ship ah nut bags oh those are bad guys oh no I dont think they attack my ship unless Im in it theyre just gonna attack me otherwise so Im gonna stay hidden oh thats not good Oh oh no my ship we ship alone  __  Im gonna just jump off her ship like the way I am either hitting me theyre shooting me through my ship in the water okay this ship is the sank put it out of its misery ah Jesus get away from that get away get away get away from those those are bad those mean death oh wow  __  mortar fire I have mortars too  __  ah but Im not close enough yeah so close I do have a ram that I can like plow into them whit but I dont want you oh here we go more to your asses - yeah I can play - ouch blowing the  __  out of me oh those are way off faster Im doing a lot of good damage  __   __   __   __   __   __  and Im dead okay I guess Im not doing a lot of good damage okay get away get away from it get away from it faster faster faster faster Oh God were close to death Id say theres a lot of loot in here oh wait wait wait well hit me I just want to get to this little place in here stop attacking me Music oh gosh shut allies  __  geez that place is hard to get into when theres not a whole lot there I thought there would be okay well I guess Im gonna leave this video here then because theres not a whole lot I can do around this location maybe no Im too far away but yeah that was another look at assassins creed 4 like I said I was completely wrong about the game and I will take everything I said back about it this is probably the best Assassins Creed game that Ive played Assassins Creed 2 was good but this is great this has incredible atmosphere ok lets shut up singing but it just it works so well when youre out on the open seas and youre going around doing contracts and it doesnt feel as enclosed as all the other Assassins Creed games were they were all on land all the time this one feels a lot more open it feels a lot more free the missions still suffer from the same Assassins Creed in this where its all kind of repetitive and its the same kind of stuff for you you wander around and its eavesdrop on conversations or chase this guy but keep him in your vision and that kind of stuff sucks and I really wish theyd break free from that but it is a really really good game and Id recommend it to anyone but thank you guys so much for watching this video if you liked it punch that like button in the face like a boss and high-fives all 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