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Do you v-steam before or after showerhow to make your games public on steam ASSASSIN’S CREED® IV BLACK FLAG™ review Music ubisoft takes the breaking bad approach and just throws us in the thick of it to hook our attention from go and not just throw us in an action sequence having us man a ship and walk us through the main draw of the game its not about need caroline i want food that dont make me sick i want walls that hold back the wind i want a decent life edwards journey starts off from a want and not a need its why for so much of the game he keeps moving the goal post on what is enough when it comes to something like money likes or subscribers once you hit that milestone youll make up a new one what i like to win honest humanistic qualities in writing all right no more than two promise me well we cant be too mad at him since he never said promise right four to five dentists recommend becoming a pirate to attain pearly whites and after all that hes laughing its not just about the money he enjoys this life of the squalor of his parents farm and the rum is always gone im on to you sneaks baby sneaks be an insignificant or cowardly person try to use that word sometime this week keep your distance must have blown on the powder or something duncan is very resourceful Music theres really nothing better than a suit up in conjunction with the beautiful track resolving i love that edward doesnt really wear his hood most of the game hes not an assassin and its hot out here funny i say this because i remember back at the ac3 launch conors hood was always down after beating it and i signed the petition to have you be patch it back up i know ac3 introduced similar beautiful animations but come on this is so badass i never noticed steed wipes his hands off after shaking edwards hand to imagine he tried his hand at piracy i think its turned out to be a rather fortuitous day hasnt it my heart goes out to you bonnet the awkwardness coming from james bachmans performance is palpable your numbers look good now lets make sure we can break your brain all right so uh after the ending of ac3 we were all wondering how are they going to keep the modern day story going they did a serviceable job though the front laced elements arent very engaging theres a ton of stuff to read and understand for those interested but abstergo entertainment has been a studio for a few years since 2010. theres a kick i get from ubisoft making what is basically a parody version of themselves into one of their best titles ill expand on this later hey its rebecca at least we arent completely naked and afraid in this new modern story the primary tool of our trade your communicator diegetic hud yall know i love these edward the pirate ah maybe this physically pains me but yubi did a great job with writing a cringy higher up im sure at least a few of them were writing from experience if youre smelling what im stepping in johns face is cleverly hidden behind the great to not give away that hes the new sage welcome to animus omega abstergo entertainments proprietary ancestral memory research tool super cool how the animus tech has developed over the game starting from a room dedicated to the machine that drove you mad now just a very intimate wikipedia see someone you know no no no just putting on a friendly face everyone should be more like bonnet huh didnt know till now that pirate is the old way of spelling pirate or maybe its a reference to the kevin bacon movie where edward and bonnie are the star-crossed lovers who experience hey what is this pyrokinesis theres a reason the film only has 2.5 stars in imdb can i just say the parkour has come a long way from the ac one days i know it peaks in unity but the fluidity compared to the older titles is still worth mentioning bonnet i believe im getting the hang of this quiet i fear theyre on to us hang back its probably for the best bonus in the game much you know too much of a good thing good lord is that big brute youre captain mendoza uh look at that little sneak peek at cyril and payne will you stay here long for a few weeks yes then back to barbados to the tdm of domesticity dont settle for tedium so for nasa it makes perfect sense for edwards to suggest this to bonnet though it flies in the face of his disguise for him its like hes looking in a mirror when he sees bonnet but no no im a husband and a father i have responsibilities life cant be all pleasure and distraction duncan hey upon it the names edward in truth and after hearing that it kind of cuts down to who edward truly is beyond his pirate facade thus he feels compelled to be truthful with bonnet since i dont play with subtitles i have no idea what theyre saying but they threw me the sacino bone so we know all these men are talking about us and raises the anxiety of the situation i must say my wife has a terrible eye for description she called you devilishly handsome obviously a lie to stoke my jealousy the haters in the first half not gonna lie i long for the day where one firearm carries four bullets and not the opposite i have a friend in england you may like to meet julian james puckle huh funny this games successor rogue makes brilliant use of the puckle gun quite ingenious to use bales of hay for cover dont you think good thing these templars are very forthcoming with what they hope to see for edwards sake you were expected one week ago apologies governor my ship was set upon by pirates we were scuttled i arrived only yesterday matt ryan is right up there among the best performances of this franchise the way ryan plays all of edwards lying is perfect its just off enough during this lying brigade that we the player are a little concerned any moment that templars might see through him to guide our wayward souls till theyve reached a quiet road to guide all wayward desire till impassioned hearts are cool to guide all wayward minds to safe and sober thought super interesting that each of these phrases relate directly to each of the men of which the ring is being placed ducas is an arms dealer in essence the quiet road refers to death and its death that ducas brings readily through his services rogers directly fought wayward desire when he was fighting pirates at madagascar and for edward its wayward minds his mind has been long adrift drunk chasing this pirate utopian fantasy when he needs to come down to sober thought and remember what this was all for with this device there would be no secrets among men no lies no trickery only justice pure justice when i was a kid i was so anti-templar and now were playing these games older i really understand the position on everything and they make compelling arguments and so do the assassins its why the war between these two will never end and why we keep getting more and more of these games rogue touched on it but we really need more titles from the templars perspective for yourselves until then let us drink did he really  __  it whatever smooth as hell edwards like the  __  is all this i just wanted some gold well catch up on it later very punctual duncan this way finally a script acknowledges the performance of an actor i know its not actually uncommon but it lends to taurus big brain damn edward is able to shrug off one of those sleep darts he definitely rolled 3d6 on his constitution you know i gotta win the sauce love bonnet and there i am a man of quality you know last time someone said that they um ended up in a suicidal cavalry charge for the thousand doubloons spilling from my pockets like drops of rain i can see it i love this symbolism the black empty window this dream edward sees is nothing but a hollow void oh thank god he found that armor looks much more piratey now so thats the idea then free what man we can then find a fast ship for fleeing some might wonder why not take the galleon thats why the man speaks true you lock way anger as for the rest half on the foremast and half of the main lets outrun this hurricane yo just like hosea edwards got some flow after all the chaos of the storm the music dropping out and just listening to the water is some beautiful piece to end the sequence all hands off lads were taking this one home Music why is the title card here i will never know but hey a moment worthy of a title is a win im calling her the jackdaw a sly bird i loved as a child back in swansea a dark little creature no sly bird dark little creature all traits this pirate edward encompasses but another trait found among the jack doll is their inquisitiveness which edward has in spades with his heart on for the observatory tell me im under arrest tell me two years before the mast i mean beard that was just as scary as ever jagdal you named your brig after epoxy bird poxy rotten lousy worthless learning all sorts of words in this game you let him carry a pistol do you ease ben how they saved my life its only lip service in all reality that they pay here and there but its better than pretending this ill thought never existed at all i guess its worth more than gold thatch thatch i was confused as why they didnt go with teach not like figures like this got a copyright on their name in all reality we really have no clue exactly what his surname was sources have a host of names for him catch tech teach whos to say what the hell its name really was you sound a bit green horny gold is it envy no i reckon its this jamaican funk dont you dare talk smack on tom browns jamaica funk you wont ever listen to that without dancing and here is where the real game begins it takes its time to get there but the payoff is well worth it did you steal that costume from a dandy in havana oh smooth on one hand kids prying to see if duncan made it to havana and on the other shes deflecting her allegiance to the assassins by disrespecting the assassin coat youre keeping secrets from me i am not very well it will not be easy to steal a full spanish galleon have you won in mine i do sir and ill show you shes a fur sucks she is fat and slow this is the first of many but mark bonner murders thatch chews every scene hes in for all its worth as bold as a musket ball and still half a sharp damn thats good ive got to use that sometime Music may the hell you find be of your own making a condemnation that comes true for a short time right before he joins the assassin brotherhood maybe give edward a voice like uh james bond or something more of a ladies man is he not swab enough as is id fall sample recovery unit team lead fisher case reporting on subject 17 desmond miles the only 30 seconds i was interested in and the entire modern day during the game oh look whos here so you didnt forget after all youre just incredibly rude maybe i was too quick to judge its nice to get a checkup on our old pals and glad to know sean hasnt changed much i think youve a natural gift for it the way you think and work the way you understand the world kid gives me ammo my jackdaws being inquisitive just like edward claim bad excuses better than none at all is it though isnt it better just to own up to your actions and words than making excuses what do you guys think were assassins and we follow a creed i but it does not command us to act or submit only to be wise oh do tell id love to hear it edward sarcasm gotta love it this temple always reminds me of the ones in far cry 3 when you were looking for the knife prancing around in a uniform that you have not earned everything is permitted isnt that your motto thats why we love you edward a true pragmatist and what is that your cause to be blunt we kill people its a small bit of directing but its the little things like this that all compound create great art the hidden blade coming out as kids says we kill people is one of those little things theyve keeping others from doing the same oh honey snuggles there he is in all his glory why fly a black flag when a black beard will do sometimes this channel makes me feel silly about how hard ill try to analyze something but thats perfect growing out ones beard is just another way to show how free you are where many places might force you to shave as to look proper a country called jackdaw where i know the names of all citizens and they know mine and we work together not always out of love but to keep our country afloat man could some people in this world learn a thing or two from that forts are kind of just really fun viewpoints when you think about it i believe all thinking feeling men deserve respect and opportunity ah you spaniards your long ties to the moors have diluted your blood and softened your hearts last i heard t walk car speaking he was clamoring for peace not this yes i know its different voice actors ready your names not james is it ha ha the missions called unmanned and kid reveals shes actually mary reed among other things Music roberts is a smart man why risk your one shot on a moving target when shooting this bell is most likely to get the job done anyway but piss and insects she says as rackham comes into frame edward hey what is that you my goodness the west indies is a compact place oh my god bonnet not all this and the eye patch worst men have become better under blackbeards watch learning how people got their nicknames is almost never an interesting story but at least we know now give me more blackbeard if youre a quarry something to fear some hellish thing from a fever dream and men will drop to their knees pleading for their lord before all Music oh god looks fine of course it does bear down on our kenway oh baby there is nothing better in these games than when they give us a galley to play around with and of those nothing rings more true than the three bursts of queen annes revenge edward immediately gives way to the devil no way he could live up to blackbeards intimidation edward your constant friendship has been my most treasured find on these seas well above gold and silver and ram i i prize the courage youve inspired me this year thank you sir that almost brings a tear to my eye edward and bonnet havent had that many interactions but look at the impact eds had on him never take for granted the impact you can have on someone no matter the time spent so i must conclude that you men are the pariahs of charlestown and i would profit better by using your organs for chum and your bones for char i know its a straight line set piece that you win by holding forward in sprint but its still cool as hell and really makes you feel like a pirate assassin look that im late in my fourth decade on this earth and if i dont find some means to make the fifth a quiet and cozy voyage id rather sink to the devils doorstep and call myself captain another year im sad we didnt get to see more of the devil of blackbeard but this arc for him is inherently more interesting we got to see the devil but now we get to see the man thanks for this well be in touch rebecca text me stuff it hastings oh cute i feel you sean its a short letter home i reckon shes past caring anyway ah but youre very much not oh youre a hard heart that should be softer or soft in parts that should be hard rackhams a build right ive ever seen one but damn is he funny well ill be hanged king george is a grand tide of our shenanigans of course the one named jack is most like our man sparrow i know hes from history sneaky sneaky well dont sit there like a barrel of wet fish were celebrating my retirement Laughter tell me about edward peach see what i mean not even the character of the game know which last name to use you know this isnt too different from the version shown at e3 i know thats more of a win for yubi than ac4 but its still nice to see a non-watchdog situation i enjoy the boarding of this man in wars treated like nothing special till the random cutscene takes over and we are all like oh what its reported that blackbeard took many bullets and sword swipes before he finally breathed his last and eubie keeps true to this hearsay in a world without goals if that aint the backbone of this games story edward was a stand-up man and husband and even recently trying to do his best for nassau same with thatch he didnt want to kill anyone not deserving and just live free the sanitized version of piracy allah pirates of the caribbean but a noble and relatable one one beautiful score two this music doesnt just go out to thatch it cries out for the entire nassau crew as the death of thatch is the beginning of the end for all of them what a fat sir did he fall he drinks damnation eerily similar to the words that ducas said to edward now i can find where the princess talks in his spare time a princess a slave  __  right blackbeard told me theres a good chance wed find the sage aboard her a ship named the princess with the sage aboard it the sage is a dread pirate a dread pirate named roberts hmm dont  __  with major oh but its my mandate to  __  with you charles you regret this day rackham i regret most of them already give me a buddy cop game with blackbeard and calico jack please maybe hornergold was right maybe the world does need men of ambition to stop the likes of you from mucking it all up i feel like that right there is the whole point of this marooning sequence edwards got to realize somehow what really matters their creed was to each other and look how quickly that fell apart this is a good step to push edward into the assassin life eventually right now its pushing them further down the wrong rabbit hole stealing a fishing scooter single-handed damn candy captain as is taking back my break from this pillock quick and easy explanation about what happened at the end of that sequence and the kenways are badass im not surprised i licked the edward pulled that one off kingston might not be very memorable but damn is that riff when you arrive gorgeous i thought this buck belonged to the other men was asking about the princess this morning so i told him that what other men edward interrupting and not caring about addys feelings is just another cut to the thousands that eventually drove him away if one wishes to use the observatory to say spy on king george man was rogers holding back to say observe the templars is our family wheres yours pretty much everything after thatchers death is just edward being spit in his face about what truly matters to him in his heart what is the appeal of a creed if it does not yoke all men to like behavior might make a man feel like he belongs to something and that there is why edward turns to the assassins after hitting his rock bottom hes got nothing and no one by the time he joins up its no queen anne but again captaining a giant vessel always feels awesome it would have been cool to have the inverse give us a sloop or a schooner with their light guns but high maneuverability i feel nothing but a hot wind in my ears captain is the hot windy he speaks of referring to a fart is he saying that edward is just  __  him tell the assassins bring them here and let him protect this place i enjoy it so much that aday doesnt just blindly follow edward through everything like sheas quartermaster does hes a good angel on his shoulder even if he never heeds his advice you could have been a man who stood for something but you forget us heart now with nothing but metal to show for all your blunders horner gold equating gold to metal is the perfect way to show how superfluous edwards goals are but if you continue on your present course youll find youre the only one walking it with the gallows at its end ah it may be but now the world has one less snake in it and thats enough for me thats cold-blooded and you want to know what else is cold-blooded a snake so why is it you alone can find what so many want i was born with memories of this place memories of another time entirely i think like uh like another life ive already roberts is considered the greatest pirate during the golden age of piracy and ubisoft gives us a reason as to what could have made that so i always enjoy when the devs just take complete agency away from us such as this we cant fight and our health is constantly going down and we cant do anything about it and from thence to the place of execution where you shall be severally hanged by the neck till you are severally dead dead dead this man gives me life sometimes i wake up in a cold sweat thinking of the phrase dead dead dead aye you cant hang a woman quick with child can you ha ha even then we were having this conversation humans never change damn it you should have been the one to outlast me ive done my part will you oh good luck denying the assassin brotherhood after that you havent earned this but they suit you all of branches short life and a merry one that is all the world owes us nothing more than this so take what you will and then die before you live to see yourself made a fool take what you can give nothing back what an awful way to live but how at least he knows what hes living for so many of us nowadays have no clue just going through the motions because we only get one life miserable like edward here this dream drunk sequence is one of my favorites its very plainly taking everything thats racing through edwards head after escaping prison and putting it on full display for us to see its one thing to see a man drunk at a bar but a whole nother to watch him weather a storm see all his friends hung by the neck and hear a story of him late in references of jack dawn rams its also wonderfully done to show us how rock bottom edward is put me on the spot daddy after leaving me with robert i shall have hard feelings about seeing you here but mostly im bloody glad oh hearing that after experiencing that dream sequence is just so bittersweet aday listen when your heart and your head are ready visit the assassins i think youll understand then ready is the important term there are knows edwards got it in him to be more than just the man out for gold with riches and a reputation feeling no wiser than when i left home yet when i turn around look at the course ive run theres not a man or woman that i love left standing beside me ah that one hurts to hear but its this kind of depth and self-reflection that makes us tout that this is the best ac game in the franchise and i appreciate otabai standing on the side to let edward have his moment of self-reflection butting in can ruin the moment in the story youre telling but in real life can hamper someones personal growth for if nothing is true then why believe anything and if everything is permitted why not chase every desire why indeed it might be that this idea is only the beginning of wisdom not its final form and that right there i feel is the big thing that separates the templars and assassins the assassins know there will always be more to learn and gain while the templars always believe they know better both are trying to do right by everyone its just no matter what you can lead a horse to water but not make them drink thank you sir ill rest here for a time before setting up if i may if i may what a gentleman do you fear that too or empty inside i do that will curse me but youre a man of talent and quality captain can we edward finally gets his payoff of wanting to be a man of quality captain kenway you have something for me the present whereabouts of the templar woods rogers whoa what a deep voice i can only imagine what it must be like to walk around with a voice box like that i am ready we go they for really got roger craig smith back just to do this italian diplomat and im living for it here at the edge of a blade i find a friend in you at last am i hearing that edward converted a templar to the assassins understanding youre done taurus torahs death fake out its not much but hey sir ellen paynes boss battle was a little bit of a shake up of the combat formula when you hold the treasure yourself torres doesnt know i have it so why bring it to him and risk its capture id like him to know i have it just before he dies edwards better but his ego still exists i cant really fault him for it at least hes finally giving cute little send-offs to his victims now you would see all of mankind corralled into a neatly furnished prison safe and sober yet dulled beyond reason and sapped of all spirit so i with everything ive seen and learned in these last years i do believe it you wear your convictions well they suit you torres shows edward some respect back in his final moments Music no words needed we know exactly what the letter says i dont believe weve been formally introduced not in this era anyway okay heres like the second good thing to come out of the modern day plot the sage being john is cool i guess in a world where pirates rule the waves these men will discover that nothing is sacred and everyone is committed to rum okay ally this is the best thing to have come from the modern day this is so funny and made even better that they use their literal ac4 trailer footage with the instagram filter to make this it will work for us but our goal must be to scatter our operations to live and work among the people we protect just as altair bengal had once cancelled ah he said eogs name id be a hopeful man if you were beside me englands the wrong way around the globe for an irish woman fellas handle rejection as well as edward does right here im not crying you are good for those who dont know edward tried to give carolina bouquet of flowers to try and impress her through a friend the symmetry is beautiful edward finally now has the courage to present a bouquet of flowers to his daughter and stick by her side cried again were watching this for the script and were on an adventure only a little one i hope i cant handle too many more surprises this is just super cute banter of edward trying his best to be a father whats wrong haven i cant see the stage of course they did it and this is the same theater we opened ac3 in hows that fine its gotta be one of the best assassins creed games right i mean im no judge since ive not played any of them beyond rogue but from what i know and can tell ac4 is a classic among the series the complaints levied at this game that its a good pirate game but a bad assassins creed game is just plain silly setting a pirate game right in the middle of this conflict is perfect the fantasy ideals of the pirates align almost directly with that of the assassins the difference lies that pirates only want to preserve their own freedom while the assassins want to preserve it for the whole world so you can see how the leap from pirate to assassin is not hard to make and continuing on that line of thought ac4 could have been a recontextualization of what an assassins creed game is kidd made it simple and short we kill people you can kill people in many ways not always does it have to be from a stalking bush or high perch assassins creed is about the fight between absolute freedom and controlled freedom you could set this narrative to any backdrop and have it work it works very well naval combat whos to say we couldnt enjoy the entire modern day story with guns and the like i would love to see that lets hope that assassins creed infinite plays around with this idea assassins creed at this point has become less about sneaky ninjas and that is 100 okay these newer ac games are a good lesson in letting go of our expectations and desires im sure these companies were exhausted from creating the same game over and over again which explains the branch out to rpgs dont take this as me defending their business practices i digress so back to ac4 in the way they handle the templar assassin conflict the assassin and templar conflict is present throughout the entire game with edward stuck in the middle of it for me that makes its status as an assassins creed game even stronger having a more neutral party pick apart and play both sides for a time is inherently more interesting than a self-righteous man fighting the bad guys a la ezio dont get me wrong love our man ezio but edward is much more our everyman he is set with a noble goal of a comfortable life with the woman he loves only to be slowly perverted by the allure of gold status and ideals watching edward struggle and fail throughout the entire game is the best part of the story for me take this in contrast to ezio and ac2 after killing vieira he barely struggles to kill each and every one of his targets let alone losing everyone he held near and dear i mean his brothers and father yes but he still has so much other family in blood and with the assassins edward has known by the end anyway theres two ways stories like this handle throwing all this adversity in conjunction with the protagonist character arc theres the ezio way where they become a paragon of good and make all the right choices for the betterment of themselves and the world and then theres the way ac4 does it with edward and i love it so much every time he overcomes an issue it doesnt teach him some grand lesson about being better edward constantly feeds into the negative energy being put off from all this adversary take the conversation between him and vayne edward tells him not to save him a spot in hell because he believes hes not coming soon this is awesome because he knows the kind of man he is not a good one but self-awareness doesnt absolve us of anything having this reverse arc where instead of constantly getting better to the point of moral self-revelation edward dives darker and deeper in the exact opposite of what he needs he refuses to take any accountability instead even when drowning in the bottom of the bottle is chasing his desires screaming at roberts for the crystal skull pushing back when all the specters are screaming at him im talking like he doesnt finally have his moral self revolution he does and ill touch on that in a second but for me the build up to the dream sequence was what ac4 hit out of the park they could have been mad lads and have edward become nothing by the end of this story and end up just like captain vaynes father if the game ended shortly after the dream sequence and we played what i like to call the epilogue as addie holy  __  would that have been insane some red dead vibes you know turn edwards story into a more cautionary tale than it already is nuts thats all i gotta say ill hop off the mig believe horse because ive been doing that a lot recently with these conclusions now edward does come to his senses after hitting rock bottom thats only because of one thing arawale the man who stuck by his side the longest willingly the last of edwards friends to forsake him is the only one that brought him back i love this ade had to give edward the tough love to hopefully help him see the light now heres the kicker its not until aday greets edward again with love on the sands of kingston that hes able to come to his senses and realize what really matters to himself its that theme of brotherhood thats so good we cant walk this journey alone no matter how much we think we can there will always come a time where we need to lean on someone or in the extreme have them let us fall and sometimes we cant learn to pick ourselves back up on our own and need someone to help us lifes so funny as i wrote that it was coming from a place in me that i just intrinsically understood and then i remembered that alfred says practically the same thing batman begins and i find that funny because we put writers artists and all these people on pedestals for their amazing brains actions and feats we tell ourselves that we can never do that write that well act sing hell move outside of the arts cook as well as ramsay run a business or like i thought create a successful youtube channel and its amusing to me because i naturally wrote one of the best quotes from a brilliant movie did i go to school to be a writer am i some director with critically acclaimed movies do i have any certification to be doing what im doing other than being human and sharing my experience no what im getting at is we are all special and none of us are it reminds me of what ezio said my story is one of many thousands and the world will not suffer if it ends too soon but id like to change it a bit and say our story is one of many thousands and the world will suffer if you think it isnt so go do something create build do what you love because youre the only one holding yourself back Music you steam reinstalling games already installed Heres Everything GREAT about Assassins Creed 4: Black Flag! 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