Assassins Creed Rebel Collection on Switch - Last-Gen Port or Remaster?

Steam best free multiplayer gameshow to gift games you already own on steam ASSASSIN’S CREED® IV BLACK FLAG™ review Music this week we take to the Seas once more with the rebel collection on switch combining two favorite Assassins Creed games of that era into one package that is Assassins Creed 4 Black Flag and the lesser-known rogue with every DLC associated with them bundled into it all which ties up a whopping 20 gigabyte install so the question is how does it stack up to the other versions of course theres a precedent set with Assassins Creed 3 on switch already a solid port though with issues in audio quality and changes to its lighting which was met with a mixed reception for the rebel collection though theres also the point that remastered of the game exists on ps4 and Xbox one already where we enjoyed better textures and improved effects so is this more in line with the last or current gen versions or something in between lets find out first up its a pleasure to see these games again both Black Flag and brogue really put an emphasis on these ship battling Concord Blue Bay Areas quickly turn to stormy seas a battlefield beholden to wave deformation that affects gameplay its exhilarating to watch and really gets a good showcase in both games what we have on switch is a very well rounded port of the experience and in many respects its better to play than ps3 thats mainly helped along by some key quality of life improvements like the HUD is adjusted HD Rumble is supported and theres use of the joy cons motion controls for aiming if you like the approach to Assassins Creed 3 sport this basically follow suit as a conversion switch is also a big upgrade on ps3 720p native resolution in each of the games bundled in youre getting a dynamic 1920 by 1080 image while docked which is really an excellent result thats what ps4 runs that too in fact though admittedly with no sign of dynamic revs killing in that case so yes the visual quality is marred a little on switch by the scaling at times in naval warfare and in dense forest spots the loads that can drop to is around 1600 by 900 in Black Flag full rogue on the other hand Ive counted a little lower as the worst point at 14 72 by 8 to 8 but on balance its surprising how much of the experience keeps up at 1080p also impressive is the portable experience shown here is mostly fixing at 1280 by 720 to match the screen with potentially and lets be honest quite likely a similar dynamic rest system in play all-round good stuff for a 30 FPS game Music sadly is comparing to ps3 that we see really other upgrades arent forthcoming sure its 720p versus a dynamic 1080p and theres no question switch is pulling off a sharper image but the fact is anti-aliasing is very limited in effect it means every corner of the Abstergo areas for example all the netting on masks gets very rough looking stair-stepping with no treatment compared to ps3 which is all the better for using a form of AAA its not perfect but still on balance and upgrade equally in comparison its clear switch yes is indeed based on the last gen ports rather than anything newer though thats not to say is simply a res boost Music so what are the improvements the first thing to point out is black flag now runs with high quality ambient occlusion so better shade in between objects and that sort of thing better texture filtering as well and also superior shadows all-round textures sadly are exactly the same as is vegetation quality and NPC counts are perceptibly identical as well its very much an enhanced last gen game in visual returns then though at least the blocky shadowing is replaced with cleaner lines and textures look much sharper with the high quality and isotropic filtering even reflection quality is pretty much a match between them which was an area of improvement for the remastered now if we have kiss 4 into the mix we start to see the clear divide Ive put switch at center here for a reason since it does sit between the two overall with a 1080p picture in Venice its close to ps4 in pure image quality but does miss out on those luxury extras the high resolution textures for example are gone likely too much for the 3.5 gigabytes of usable vram on switch equally materials on character models are a clear step up on ps4 as is the improved screen space reflections motion blur and effects like rain a form of tessellation or at least improved geometry is also used on rocks - which switch misses out on plus of course the interactive plant life of the remastered shown here with physics based properties now just sit idle on switch the rebel collection is essentially the last gen edition running at dynamic 1080p then Music a quick side note here all round its an acceptable port given the frame rate performance which Ill get onto but its also obvious sound quality at least hearing switch in isolation is rather poor its mainly the compression on recorded dialogue thats a problem and it does stick out private Erie is it dangerous wouldnt pay so nice if it werent why not sell with the caves Navy earn a proper wage sail under gentleman Sardar the Navys gentleman put some headphones on as I did and it sticks out as being very low bit rate more so than I noticed on the other versions something to bear in mind if youve a keen ear or higher-end speakers otherwise through the switches own integrated speakers if youre using the switch light for example it should hold master revisiting this game has been fascinating especially knowing the size of the game overall now Ive only had a few hours with each but its enough of a sample to get an idea of the frame rate and what youre up against firstly the game does run at 30 FPS with vsync engaged as youd expect though weirdly enough the mini-map in the lower left corner updates at half that seemingly which can be a bit jarring rolling out a few clips of the first few hours you do get a sense that this is predominantly a lock 30 up his experience this is switched doctor under a TV and all round it looks like the dynamic res system pays off it adjusts the pixel camp accordingly too much load to sustain 30fps it adapts and leaves us with this clear line now switch is by no means perfect youll notice frame pacing spikes scattered across the graph which is again assigned the 30s cap isnt implemented to the greatest effect Ive seen it on so many switch titles by this point and really this is not the worst case Ive seen just a bit frustrating also there are actual dips under 30 appears to report on that opening sequence on the stormy seas really floods the screen with alpha effects its the point we see the resolution dropped to its lowest point and incidentally its buckling down to the mid 20s as well thankfully this really is the worst Ive seen it call it a bad first impression but trust me it does even out mostly especially once you reach the all crucial big cities thats the main point then largely 30fps with potential for a few dips looking at portable play for a moment its a rather similar state of affairs actually its a fraction better those drops in the opening cutscene are reduced in severity clearly rendering at 720p natively helps out a bit if the GPU is the bottleneck there and that results in a better turnout all round so yes portable play still drops but based on this will clear 30 FPS with for your troubles though frame pacing is still a factor everything considered Id call this a win but nothing extravagant the resolution is a huge increase on ps3 yes but also the framerate verse though if we look at the way ps4 plays we have a steady perfectly frame paced experience across the board for rogue and black flag in that context its a shame switch cant nail it to the same standard but lets consider it next to what we had on ps3 last generation there it ran completely unlocked jumping between 20 and 60 fps look to the sky and youve max it out but then cutscenes would plummet down to the low 20s it was a mess quite honestly and I much prefer the waste which handles it with a form of the 30fps cap switch gets away with an overall clear upgrade in performance on last gen then plus with the enhancements in pushing 1080p better ambient occlusion and shadows its about what Id expected nothing more or less anyone hoping for a kind of hybrid version combining bits of ps3 and ps4 may be disappointed here though the sound quality again is disappointing in parts it may be to minimize the footprint on the install or even say processing on a CPU thread but thats how it turned out the package as a whole is still neatly put together if you can accept that from the selection screen to the way it performs as a portable console its a fine way to return to two classics in the series so especially for a game like rogue here which was officiated somewhat by unity on the then next-gen machines its worth picking the rebel collection up if youre a series fan what lays ahead for the series on switch is potent though four ports the only way left is backwards it seems towards the Ezio collection which already has an appearance on ps4 and Xbox one to see the whole lineage on this handheld would be great no doubts but to me the switch does at this point deserve its own game I think with dedicated development something built from the ground up for it in the way PSP and Vita had their own moments to shine for now though and as the final word this collection is still a respectful way to visit an era of Assassins Creed thats passed and that you may have missed thats all from me today though if you did find this analysis useful or insightful in any way please let me know by liking or subscribing and dont forget to hit the belt cut notifications as any new video lands dont forget of course to check out our patron 4 pristine high-quality versions of this video and if you do want to get in touch with myself rich John or Alex you can do exactly that through Twitter but from me for now thats about it thanks for watching and see you in the next one mr. 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