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Steam ecodesteam game stuck at 99 ASSASSIN’S CREED® IV BLACK FLAG™ review hello everybody and welcome back to another which game is better video if youre unfamiliar with this series of mine basically what i do is take two games from the same series and compare them in three different categories being story gameplay and open world within each category there are several points in whichever game i feel does that particular point better will be awarded with the point and the game with the most points by the end wins and receives the title of better game in this video we are going to be doing assassins creed iv black flag vs assassins creed 3. and just a fair reminder this video is made up of my opinion so if you dont agree thats okay and feel free to respectfully leave which game you think is better down in the comments and i absolutely love both of these games so just because there has to be one winner doesnt mean i hate the losing game or anything but without further ado ac4 vs ac3 starting with the open world category lets talk about world design this first point is a fairly easy one for me assassins creed iii takes place in colonial america while black flag takes place over many different cities and islands within the caribbean now as for the big cities in ac4 there is kingston nassau and havana while for ac3 its mainly boston new york and the frontier boston and new york being the heavily populated areas while the frontier is more countryside i said this in my ac4 review but i love the world design in black flag the big cities are really well designed for parkour specifically havana it makes traversing not only easy and fluid but also a lot of fun and i like the variety and differences between the cities and all the different islands obviously the cities have much better design than some of the basic smaller islands it all makes for one good package of an open world ac3 im a little mix about when it comes to the open worlds the cities like boston and new york definitely arent as well designed for parkour which is part of the reason why parkour can feel a little less necessary in ac3 the buildings are more spread out its hard to go from rooftop to rooftop and everything in the cities is a little more spread and spaced out the frontier is at times a pain to traverse i do like the focus on tree parkour and all that its cool especially with a big focus on native americans but doesnt flow very well not to mention all the loading screens and barriers between the cities that kind of kills the immersion and that freeing feeling you get with big worlds i mean black flag has loading screens too dont get me wrong but they are far less often you can travel the big blue sea in your ship dock at different towns and islands theres just so much freedom in the exploration and world plus its very immersive with populated cities and all the npcs so personally i prefer the world design of ac4 in terms of side content i think ac4 just added a lot more to do ac3 does have the really fun homestead missions which i enjoy and allow you to upgrade the davenport homestead but outside of that there isnt many side quests and activities or at least not as much when compared to ac4 in ac4 you have the fun black box style assassination contracts you have forts you can attack with your ship and then infiltrate on land theres special armor sets with the templar hunt missions and the mayan artifacts that give you the mayan armor theres kenways fleet naval contracts warehouses theres just a lot more to do and overall it was more enjoyable to explore and do the side content so once again the point will go to ac4 now i wanted to talk about the soundtracks this is so difficult for me i love both of the soundtracks from both games in fact if there is one thing you can always count on for assassins creed regardless of the game its a good soundtrack and both of these main themes for these games are so good and so memorable for me i dont think i can choose one uh you know what lets just make it a tie and give each game a point combat is an interesting one both of these games are fundamentally very similar with combat i enjoy both of them and i really love the free-flowing combat systems in fact this period of ac 3 4 and rogue has one of my favorite if not my favorite combat systems in the series however there are some slight odd changes to ac fours i noticed that ac4s combat doesnt feel as fluid as ac3 the animations are longer and less varied the weapons arent as fun to use like conors tomahawk and dagger and interestingly enough in ac4 the enemies have automatic health regeneration while in ac3 they dont so for example if you hit an enemy multiple times in ac4 and then stop to counter someone else or you get hit or something the enemy you didnt finish off will automatically regain all their health so you have to go through the whole chain of attacks again in ac3 you just have to hit them once or twice since they dont regain health so it doesnt feel as tedious as ac4 i also noticed the double executions are less frequent in ac4 theyre a lot more rare and harder to get specifically i had to go out of my way to get them and i was only ever getting them when there was three enemies fighting me in ac3 i just got them naturally and pretty frequently and that was always one of my favorite parts about the combat are those sweet double executions so to me ac 3s combat while similar to ac4 has a lot of little things done better so point to ac3 stealth is not a strong suit for either of these games really we all know ac3 is more of a combat kind of game than stealth the missions arent very well designed for stealth your tools while fun are quite minimal theres obviously no crouch or anything like that its sort of the same with ac4 however it has more hiding spots and foliage youll notice a lot of the main missions youll play theres usually a bunch of bushes tall grass or something for you to hide in which makes stealth easier to pull off and feel more encouraged as opposed to ac3 where it always felt easier to just run and kill everyone easily in combat so stealth is definitely going to ac4 parkour again is largely the same between the two games they work in pretty much the exact same way with a few minor differences i do prefer the animations in ac3 before still has good looking parkour but i do also really like the tree parkour from ac3 but then i prefer the world design in ac4 because i think it encourages parkour a lot more theyre so similar im just gonna give another tie here i mean sure theres some little differences but overall it still feels the same navel combat is an easy one ac3 introduced the system while black flag improved upon it and made it a main gameplay system more to do with the ship make upgrades change the appearance use kenways fleet attack loot and board ships ac4 added more weapons like mortars heavy cannons fire barrels you can improve your ships ram theres just so much more to do with it and its fully fleshed out and while its still fun in ac3 ac4 took it and improved upon it in seemingly every way now i know some people dont like the naval systems at all and if thats the case then you might just prefer ac3 because it has less of it on ac4 its a big part of the game fair enough but since we are comparing ac force naval system is much better so an easy point there the truce perhaps perhaps some time together might do us good you are my son after all and might still be saved from your ignorance i can kill you now if you prefer that is a relief sir havana is also my destination our ways lie together natural allies then oh you put me at easter to think i took if youre a pirate when you first appeared that finally brings us to the story and lets start by talking about the protagonist the protagonist of ac3 of course being conor kenway one of the most badass and deadliest assassins in the series and for ac4 connors grandfather edward kenway a charming ezio-like personality who also has a great arc and development throughout the story of black flag its clear that for black flag they pretty much wanted a character opposite of conor i love conor a lot of people do especially now but back when ac3 first came out people really didnt like him all that much and were a fan of the serious darker tone so black flag clearly wanted to capture more of the charm similar to the ezio games with a charismatic funny yet still layered protagonist and a lighter tone in terms of story that still had deep and emotional impacts and i think they did a good job its so hard for me to choose between these two but i really enjoyed edwards journey in ac4 he grows and learns so much throughout the nine years of the story he starts out very selfish and greedy just wanting to be a pirate always dreaming of the ultimate treasure and by the end he comes to discover a new treasure i dont want to talk about it too much just in case some people who are watching this havent played the game yet but its a great character arc and that ending hits me in the feels again though conor is very underrated in my opinion he too grows a lot his story is extremely tragic and you can see him go through numerous struggles during the story internally and externally the guy is a beast and nobody will ever forget that insane e3 trailer where he just demolishes an entire army of redcoats but if i had to choose between these two characters which i do thats sort of the whole point of the video id have to give it to edward from black flag now in terms of antagonists thats a challenging one to talk about because either game doesnt really have a big standout antagonist both of them more or less have multiple antagonists you must go through and black flag being governor torres the templar grand master as well as his associates like captain rogers the antagonists dont really have much depth although whats kind of cool about them is they arent necessarily evil either theyre not just your standard villains you can see what they want and how they want to help the world its of course always about the way they do it though but even taurus is against things like slavery and wants everybody to have the same rights even if he still does believe some were born to rule and others to be ruled same thing with rogers he wants to rid the world of pirates because theyre killing people and stealing and he believes in civilization now in ac3 id argue the main two antagonists are charles lee and haytham charles lee isnt great but he does have a personal connection with conor as conor believes hes the one who burned down his village even if that confusing plot twist tells us that it wasnt him conors trying to kill him the whole game anyway but hey them on the other hand son of edward kenway is a completely different story hatham is one of my favorite characters in this entire franchise hes one of the few templars maybe aside from shay that i can actually understand and agree with sometimes the way he so elegantly schools conor and educates him on the harsh truths of the world pretty much any scene with haytham and conor is the highlight of ac3 story and giving us the opportunity to actually play as hatham in the beginning of the game allowed us so much more insight into not only him but the templars in fact many people may even side with hathams version of the templars over connors version of the assassins hatham alone made me question if the assassins are actually the good guys of this conflict and maybe the templars are just misunderstood and one of his best quotes freedom is peace oh no its an invitation to chaos speaks volume to the templars beliefs and why they do what they do its why they are so insisting on controlling the worlds population so hey them and hey them alone is gonna win ac3 this point as for the plot ac4 is about edward kenway and his life as a pirate as he decides to leave his wife behind promising her he will return to her in two years an extremely wealthy man its about edward and the pirates kind of like the outlaws of the wild west in red dead redemption 2 as there is a community of outlaws that is no longer wanted by society and being hunted down they just want to live free and unrestricted not abiding by the governments laws and regulations so you can see why the pirates and assassins have a decent amount in common since the assassins wish to safeguard free will ac3 is about conor a half-native half-british man who wishes to leave his village and be trained in the assassins ways so he can protect his people he quickly gets roped into the conflict with the templars as he and achilles strategized on how to take them down and rebuild the creed both have great plots and premises again though i personally enjoyed ac4s more and its a unique kind of plot for the series and it complements edwards growth and development very well one of the biggest problems for me in assassins creed 3 was always its pacing the first like five hours of the game are very slow you start off playing as haytham which i actually really enjoyed but then you have to play hide and seek with connor as a child then parkour and hunt as a teen then go to achilles house then train then then you get it its a long time before youre actually thrown into the main point of the game as an assassin hunting templars it takes a really long time to establish the characters and get everything set up black flag starts with a bang right away youre in a storm in a battle you kill an assassin steal their robes and infiltrate the templars in havana to get some coin the game doesnt hold your hand for as long in the beginning before youre allowed to let loose and explore granted it slows down a bit in the middle act and then picks up drastically at the end but i definitely feel its better paced than ac3 that leaves us with a final score of assassins creed 4 black flag 9 and assassins creed 3-4 leaving black flag as the winner and the better game again this is all just my opinion so feel free to leave which game is better in the comments in your opinion and why and if youre new here and enjoy this type of video i make a lot of assassins creed related content ive made individual reviews for both ac3 and ac4 that ill leave links for in the description and ive also made a lot of which game is better videos for other games in the assassins creed series if youd like to check those out and theres more on the way so consider subscribing for more in the future but other than that thanks for watching and have a great rest of your day assassins Music you contact steam support Assassins Creed Black Flag vs Assassins Creed 3 Remastered, which game is better? 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