Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag - PS4 Hands On Highlight

Steam clean groutgames op steam ASSASSIN’S CREED® IV BLACK FLAG™ review oh are you chiming in on microphone ryan mcdonald were gonna have the disembodied voice of ryan mcdonald joining us shortly ladies and gentlemen all right what i was going to tell you guys is uh being the voice of the folks in the chat room and on the comments i see a a bunch of folks there a bunch of yays and nays for you know assassins creed so uh but but you want to give the folks a rundown on some of the other games well be taking a look at a little bit sure uh some of the games the rest of the games weve taken on spy at over the next couple of hours but im not limited to uh call of duty ghosts knack weve already looked at nba 2k14 need for speed battlefield killzone and now ask creed but weve also got contrast what are downloadable games reso gun rezoga residents flower resolution shrine 2 the complete edition warframe blacklight retribution uh dc universe online dc universe online warf warframe weve already said already said it yeah music unlimited music unlimited you forget about your limited music experiences no sonys got you leave that in the past so what um i got some people asking me questions over the past couple weeks about how weird it is that you cant have custom soundtracks on these systems anymore like you cant just like remember you cant put on your mp3s and play their own music in any way you cant youre like im not really down with pirate john jingles i want this to be like straight up kid cootie have you seen the intro for this yet no spoilers were just going to play a little bit of the first moments of assassins creed 4 black flag for you now here folks uh no doubt many of you have seen these already and have played a lot of black flag who is this last glue looking for edward kenway no he looks a little too straggly theres edward anyway eddie k what up oh oh maybe not oh i can move at an incredibly slow pace i have a i think i have splinters in my gut because every few steps im hurting one two three ouch five four three two ouch no no its cool i got the wheel now its not were not an outro hold it to fire with your cannons hold l2 move r to aim and press r2 shoot the hull for maximum damage attack its weak point for maximum damage oh gosh oh ive never i didnt i also did not play assassins creed three dodged a bullet yeah that i just shot that right into the old just like they dodged the briny beep your dang cannons oh yeah oh wow that one came right zooming right by animals oh its so hard to see these ship fighting sequences were kind of pushed off into one kind of side or like mission fight in assassins creed three in black flag because its so much more open world and because you spent so much time actually deciding to go to specific places on your ship theyre theyre more of a like a dynamic element in the world but yes from from our review this this game looks like they have fixed a lot of the many wrongs in assassins creed and i think kenwas a much better character as well i dont think this is going well for me i dont think theyre gonna let you lose the tutorial or maybe theyre not gonna let me win it yeah just kill them with pirate man thats what we call a broadside yo ho ho and bottle rum from downtown boom breaking the ship oh that ones down hes turning it around folks go oh come on reload it you powder monkeys oh oh take that you scurvy dragon muffins i know pirates hey guys hey guys oh were good what hey chris its shawn mcginnis hey hey sean i heard a rumor that you suck at being a pirate uh id like to say theres evidence to the contrary but theres really not currently do you want a hand i did play this game and rev and completed it reviewed it just game i need to do a vic i need to have this moment for myself okay if you need any tips im going to pass the controller back to you as soon as i claim sweet victory here okay lets see boom all right yeah well you gotta know how you incapacitated this ship which means that you can go up and board it even in the in the tutorials probably not in the tutorial i think its a little early oh murder oh that was i was a twofer nice that was a twofer im impressed i think you gotta move your microphone a little bit you got some weird is it you got some weird protrusions going on over there this is sort of like situated for dannys gigantic head thats true your melon is not quite as i think this is okay oh no is this audio all right eric is nodding in a generally positive direction yeah cool cool oh this guys not so good he fell into the briny deep there you go im gonna pass this controller back to you okay so that you want to talk to yeah im going to view im going to view some chats uh folks if youre not joining us in the chat at gamespot please do or uh check in on the gamespot comments and we will be taking any questions that you have sean mcginnis here reviewed assassins creed 4 black flag for and thus the navys jack is a very knowledgeable source if youre curious about anything yeah ask me questions related and uh or you can just look at this lady and then having a bedroom conversation this is a flashback scene obviously were talking over it and ruining all the nuances of the storytelling but look at his hair follicles look at his hair next gen look at those next-gen uh that is a next-gen flesh-colored beard actually on edward kenway you know how blonde beards like in real life look creepy in video games they just look like fuzzy faces yeah they look like the face like a human beings face texture hasnt loaded in yet you need a lot going on to pull off a blonde beard a blonde beard is tough to do scruffy zone is not really happy to have like a full-on santa beard this microphone keeps going and weird well its its a little detached i think is it youve got a little bit of a situation maybe someone over there can come and sweep behind sean and like help do it i think i got it maybe hold on julio you havent been doing anything all morning man come on i got you i got you here i got it i got it were good were good im just kidding julio youre great at basketball games uh all right so now you need to swim turns out i didnt got it turns out you didnt all right i think i got it okay were gonna remote play this in just a few minutes folks but were gonna oh nice uh i actually havent even tried the remote play for this yet did you see us doing it with battlefield 4 just a minute ago danny was doing it at uh the frame rate definitely took a hit yeah uh but it seems still very playable and he was able to roam uh like around the corner over there down almost to the the hallway that goes past i dont know this is good for our viewers who have like a really intimate knowledge of our layout layout he was like 40 to 50 feet away you see the third floor of 235 second street is a byzantine construction that has hallways going this way and that could go this way and that all right im gonna do a sprint swim sprint swim just press x to phelps press x2 to phelps yeah yeah uh any questions about assassins creed dude does this thing look good or what yeah this game looks really good on next-gen the uh the places where you can see the next jenny-ness the most yeah is out at sea because the water effects are like just much more realistic just the way the light reflects on them and just kind of like the ebb and flow of the surface of water it just looks a lot more impressive on good for you as well on ps4 than it does on the current gen system i would say whats impressive is how white those guys that guys teeth are for being a pirate right and having zero access to dental hygiene or knowledge thereof yeah yeah pretty impressive very impressive uh so yeah a lot of people in the uh sort of in the chat were wondering about the water stuff because as you were coming in you know youre swimming in it and they were comparing it to the battlefield 4 stuff which was basically just that like very sort of it was like puddles you know so it can be very crisp but like what theyre doing here with water is obviously on such a grander scale yeah uh that its so thats one of the but i mentioned this before sean but you and kevin made a video that said  __  if youre going to get a next-gen system wait to get assassins creed on the system so what the water was obviously one of the highlights what would you say is another one another one of the highlights i think is the draw distance so when youre out at sea you just have a better sense of just the expanse of the open caribbean sea um its a little bit foggier on next-gen consoles that haziness that sort of comes in to cover them and for you know for an open world game about sailing the open seas just being able to see that much farther into the distance and create that much more sense of place i think just it it adds to the atmosphere a lot more no doubt um and then theres little im sorry sean im gonna interrupt you because and that means its time to get away with video games folks for me to talk at this really stupid voice again yeah you missed it for the past hour but its back assassins creed 4 black flag uh were playing it now were giving away a ton of these uh during the stream today so get on twitter follow at gamespot and then send us a tweet with ac4 black flag youre seeing it scroll across the bottom screen right now do that and you will be entered to win a ps4 copy of assassins creed 4 black flag which is an excellent game is the steam lawsuit real Shaun McInnis joins Chris Watters on the set to get some pirate action in Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag.Follow Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag at! 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