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Building a steam roombest engineering games on steam ASSASSIN’S CREED® IV BLACK FLAG™ review Music Since the assassins creed series began, we have visited fascinating settings with it, however, few are as rich and surprising as that of the pirates of this black flag after the American revolution, it reaches the exotic Caribbean of the 18th century and with it all the charm of the anarchy and debauchery of the privateer life get on board your own ship ubisoft to the black flag but you are the captain in the video game we are edward what a wey a young man who wants to make money the fast lane in an age where the pirates were something like the rock stars of the moment but in a dangerous and wild version we are going to accompany him from his beginnings in the lowest ranks of piracy until his consecration as captain and leader of a fleet but if assassins creed three had many complaints for taking your time to tell us the story of your protagonist this time everything is much more to the point it will not take too long to have our pro own ship and command a crew of sailors with whom he will carry out all kinds of outrages on the high seas black flag changes a lot compared to what is usual in the saga but also manages to maintain its most characteristic elements there are still watchtowers we star in lots of stunts and of course it is once again an experience where stealth means that no one who missed the big cities in the trailers should worry because in the game there are Music the difference is that now we can move around by boat a gigantic and extraordinary Caribbean on our own we move freely through natural or urban areas doing missions exploring islands in search of treasures or boarding enemy ships to get their cargo in fact there are so many things to do in black flag that we couldnt count them all in the video analysis and the good thing is that everything occurs without loading times between the mainland and the ship exc Except for the big cities well just say that the campaign has the best of all the previous installments so even though theres a lot of new on land things will feel familiar there are more platforming sections than before with some great challenges and the urge to find all the unlockables we it will keep you glued to the screen we liked the new ideas for the action scenes especially the blowpipe and also the manual aiming mode for the pistols the action has always been super fluid in assassins creed but now its even faster and more spectacular too bad That the artificial intelligence is so lazy and passive is a real shame since with an enemy at the height we would talk about a much better video game, however what this best achieved is the part of losing ourselves in its universe it is a pleasure to walk through a Caribbean in the that there is always something to do and amazing things to see, we have been struck by the inclusion ion of simple but curious puzzles and also the fact that the intrusions of the modern era have been reduced to a minimum and that they are now raised in the first person, although no matter how good the naval combats are and no matter how fun it is to kick around the rich world of the title, it best of all is the feeling that the story mode is a tremendously curated mix of genres with something for every type of player and even distractions like hunting and fishing are going to be the order of the day and trading with everything we steal We find it always makes sense to what we do because there are lots of things that they manufactured to buy to improve our character and the ship as if that were not enough all the hours of fun that the offline part brings the multiplayer of assassins creed continues to improve delivery after delivery on this occasion there are abundant modalities and numerous maps which guarantees a lot of variety and although the pace is as leisurely as we have seen or always in the series its cat and mouse games are fun and exciting, there is also a certain persistent component that will hook us to earn rewards with which to buy different improvements for our characters at a visual level black flag is a really beautiful product the environments tropicales give a lot of color and the product has the usual mastery in the artistic direction of the games in the franchise the animations of the characters the lighting and effects such as the sea also present a great aspect, especially considering its condition of the open world the books They are once again one of the few negative points with a general finish somewhat worse than we expected in terms of sound. The title offers an extraordinary soundtrack and some great effects. It also arrives in our country dubbed into Spanish with a very good level, perhaps it convinces my wife to live here in short we can say that assas sins creed 4 black flag is a great video game only some problems such as artificial intelligence cloud a great set with many hours of duration and with an extraordinary variety the best we can say about it is that the pirate adventure of the saga will keep us glued to the screen with double rom and man cannons you are prepared to be a real privateer Music games under 5 euro steam Assassins Creed 4 Black Flag:Más vídeos: sobre el juego: Descubre qué tal le ha sentado el Caribe a la saga Assassins Creed en nuestro Video Análisis de Black Flag. ------- Suscríbete a nuestro canal en YouTube: Facebook - Twitter - Google - Assassins Creed 4 Black Flag - Vídeo Análisis 3DJuegos godfather 2 game steam steam escape game vichy slender game steam best steam games for macbook air m1 steam games with