Xbox Series S | Assassins Creed IV Black Flag | Graphics Test/Loading Times

Engine steamingplanetside 2 steam charts ASSASSIN’S CREED® IV BLACK FLAG™ review hey guys and girls and thank you for watching another episodes that really max tester my name is marys to-day who wants a coworkers essence creed 4 black flag connex moxie recess he header lot of people s cambridge can you do video om sss creed 4 black flag zo heal your postal lets go check out how much they dat de game is on your hard drive and thats 20 hours point-3 glides de game seo compatibility options and its a gender angle zo is poly completely net op de markt voor de app also series 6 so pure somos two pointless video to make the cause its still mens de xbox one version of this game lets get into wit if you like this client of content dont forget to like and subscribe to the channel least lat family en sometime tomorrow channel je wil in helping out and they can our full on twitter of you because dat ze at the xbox tester so you soft santing mic and always told me you ubisoft that the first line my opinion so duke and the yes i see that florence anywhere decent to the expert series s like whatever in the game industry and my heart repeat with turkey fps het al zo can show a little bit of coasting here in there nou came lets do this a norwegian die ubisoft service all working on op 2 do what may be they source in such a new tea box this week specially for me if so house to better hand out your mouse life also winter is ferry this is the text in the season pass triad weather here is the track that was here in the middle and sprite name and yes he had such a coffee your seconds ago and sometimes such a bizzkids or cheese hey i here new york someone like that must scope starred up henk it march okay that stuff so you can see write a or the batch the bronze and purge isps oil shiriri junky is completely wet optimize and all and the yes is there a whats happening okay well that this helps if yes this game is not north optimized news and hairstyles it to be honest frans like to thank poopie van ransbe rg so maybe they are good on the corn so no tries or even even fps bouchard something like that led to be cool also never he do want to go there well i do because i what lets do they can hire dancers driver dancers sundance earth for money yes this is not my fair for tiny love people like this 6 a screen and yes i snap myford 6 a screen to be honest he do or where he dont know how what yah scenes creed black flag and never never dit santing form reason why not therefore en this version of the game is purely i already said already played and online export free sex die think en met first came out also sorry well let s go yes it stuart little bit different time de game game ah its its not there something well yes it looks pretty cool the u not all two of the camping and the friese game online course so is note design to a level through out may and june video recording each to via light but good i saw make a sauce long search think that guy in the mouth she caught the biggest and this big deal cause i can just hengelo what make me look waiting for you stands we buy down when i would have australia cat and less family you see here already flows conversation group jong faktum in dead loose here says and well that reward from boris is my two the captain what is the chains our last in all in the graphics apartments wind something reitsma thevenet lux predicate only as monitors yes to be an exciting day or better 6 a screen games can i call a repair we know for and like doing what a freak you this your goal is there is pump they knew yes restricted area netherlands falling down and real i do this village about what is happening help with this oh yes die synchronized if yes this is sss creed black flag running on xbox series s and the yes completes bike well in a silo optimization in them so coward yes and this just i dont understand something if so destep arie was ill thank you for watching this app per soon of the xbox tester part neck stiff bye bye steam deck docking Become a super member and join #AssassinsCreed #AssassinsCreedBlackFlag Welcome to my channel, my name is Maurice and thank you for watching to these videos Follow me on: Gamertag: Smartimus Prime Stuff i use Elgato HD60 S+ Capturecard OBS Recording software Samsung Oddysee G5 32 inch Gaming monitor Razer Wolverine V2 Controller #Xbox #Xbox20 #P3 #XboxGamepass #TheXboxTester #Gaming london 2012 game steam key steam fire emblem how to play on steam hoover carpet steamer how to buy steam games in other currencies