ENTIRE Assassins Creed Franchise on Steam Deck! Can we 60 FPS?

How to get into steam game filessteam vegetables in a pot ASSASSIN’S CREED® IV BLACK FLAG™ steam hello everyone Im santeo Santiago entering another test in the entire Assassins Creed franchise on the steam deck so Im downloading as many of the titles that I can I have a 256 gigs SD card and 64 gigabytes of internal storage so Ill have to install a few at a time record the footage and then delete them and download the rest so in order for this to work I downloaded a software called bottles which installs Windows applications I used it to install Ubisoft connects and I put a shortcut on the steam gaming mode so you can open Ubisoft connect from here and download your games to your SD card this is at least recommended for me instead of doing separate executables for steam it makes it easier to not run into any problems so each time you want to play Assassins Creed you open use of connect from gaming mode and select the game from this menu and that should be should be working right away so yeah lets get started with the video shall we okay so we start with Assassins Creed one the first one of course negative resolution 800p multi-sample on three out of three so msaa vsync on because if not the FPS lock on the steam deck from this menu doesnt work so we have to keep it on and there is basically maxed out so Im going to increase the brightness a little so yeah lets get into it we put all the stats so you guys can see the actual FPS that were getting so this is one of the big cities in the game and as you can see we are way over 60 most of the time although the GPU is not fully utilized Im not sure if this is related to the multi-sampling oh yeah its also probably compiling shaders here and there so yeah my advice on this one as always on the steam deck lock it to 60 frames log to 60 msaa native resolution on the steam decks screen looks super Sharp so dont let the video fool you if youre watching on YouTube remember that this is 800p on a I dont remember if it was seven or eight inches screen so yeah keep that in mind so yeah Assassins Creed 1 of course was going to be very easy to run on this one lets jump into Assassins Creed too now were checking out Assassins Creed 2 and this one unfortunately is locked to 60 on PC which in this case doesnt matter the screen is 60 hertz and we have mac settings with four times msaa and in this case basic off because the game is already locked to 60 and the beasting sometimes locates to 30 frames so yeah not a great PC port but look lets get into it so we get our nice overlay and as you can see over 50 frames but again unfortunately not a great PC board look to 60s thats already a No-No or many people not to me in this case because well its 60 hertz but it does stutter which is a problem in my opinion so yeah this game already even on better PCS has problems thats how Assassins Creed 2 is I would say is one of the worst experiences in the franchise on the steam deck the game itself is great I love it one of my favorites but as a steam deck game in the French area so its one of the worst due to the PC board quality so yeah lets jump into the next one okay so now Assassins Creed Brotherhood native resolution two times MSA a and everything maxed out I forgot to turn this on so yeah lets see how it is with unlock frame rates super quick okay so were now into the game and as you can see we are basically over 60 frames although there are some Shadow bugs in some areas of the game not sure whats up with that but you can fix that like you see right here this issue I found a way to fix it but just throwing Shadows to the minimum and they dont look bad at all so yeah lets do that and we are logging into 6C using vsync because again this is through US of connect thats the only way to log into 60 properly and as you can see now Shadows still look good at least in my opinion I can barely notice a difference honestly um we dont get that shadow bug and were locked to 60 frames so yeah pretty easy some stutters here and theyre probably Shader compilation otherwise were good oh yeah definitely better than Assassins Creed II in that regard as a PC version so yeah not much to show here knives yeah knives do not work anyway I think its clear that the game runs well so yeah lets swap to the next game and for some reason this guy doesnt want to die there we go dead so yeah lets jump into the next one this one runs fine now Im testing Assassins Creed Revelations native resolution two times MSA a everything on the highest settings so yeah lets get into the game this game is from a time where well it still happens from time to time that is using one core or a hundred percent thats why we cannot max out the GPU in here usually happen when looking at the other side of the city because it seems to be loading whats on the other side which is kind of unnecessary in this part but hey who am I to judge very far down there on the street its way faster is like 100 FPS but again as I say each time Im testing a game here the sim deck has a 60hz display so no need for extra frames theres Shader compilation yeah but we can limit that CPU usage as well by just logging it to 60. so were now locked to 60 frames were not using more GPU than is necessary neither CPU although were still whats the name of this were still using one core at 100 which is hilarious okay lets fight for real you can use fists against metal thats not an issue its up to you whoops Escape him oh gee I need to heal oh no heels he fell in the water and died Laughter thats hilarious man I played this game so long ago I mean remember this is a PlayStation 3 game this from that time there we go water kills people around run so yeah guys 60 frames very easy Native resolution two times MSA a so not much else to show here it runs fine youre going to have no issues playing this one its on Steam so should be able to launch it right away so yeah lets jump into the next one its time for Assassins Creed 3 remastered and this one is more demanding than the others so native resolution I lowered the environments to normal because it affects performance greatly Texas on high missing cuff screen space reflection is disabled but you can enable them considering the performance hit and inclusion on resolution modifiers thats the same Adele is in on and no motion blur and overall we are over 40 but I saw lots of stutter I dont know why this game has more stutter than the others but considering that Im on the well Im connected to my capture card I cannot lock the refresh rate to 50 like on the native screen on the steam deck so Ill just go to this menu where you can lock your frame rate and it will allow you to fix the refresh rate to 40 FPS or 50. so yeah when I just started the game it was stuttering like crazy but it seems that it loaded properly now lets see oh there we go yeah compilation seems to be Ill just lock it to 40 45 maybe 50 even and you should be okay still completely playable just to get the reflections you still get the ambient occlusion and youre playing on a native resolution lowering the resolution didnt seem to help that much at all unless I went for like 60 Resolution which is already a huge decrease in pixel count so yeah I mean its way smoother than lock 30s without a doubt so yeah my advice would be to log into 40. if you want more consistent frames lock it to lock it disable the reflections and that should be it and I saw the lower in the settings didnt really help that much unfortunately it seems that lowering environment is the best that we can do so yeah anyway lets jump into the next game okay so now its time for Assassins Creed Liberation HD remastered so this one when I go into the options menu it crashes so Im unable to see the settings or adjust them it is native resolution because FSR from a system level didnt turn itself on but so far it seems to be mostly over 60 and when traversing and looking into the distance is over 50. but again I cannot tweak the settings the game just crashes in that menu which is unfortunate but hey the game seems to be at least looking good we seem to have until this thing and decent Shadows enabled I wish we could tweak it more but thats not the case I cannot even change the resolution or lock the frame rate because the game is not natively on Steam its uh you play game so for that I will have to force basic on maybe if I change the config file I can do that but still so yeah looking into this since you drop into the 50s otherwise should be okay but its completely playable let me show you how it crashes when I go into the options menu if I go to graphics it just crashes so yeah lets jump into the next game now its time for Assassins Creed 4 Black Flag and this one wasnt a good PC Port like ever so lets play on high settings with the coloration low because it affects performance vsync on so we can use the FPS lock to 60. and unfortunately this one is not going to be great its not going to be 60 frames despite the age of the game but thats inherently because of the PC Port its never been great on PC as I said a second ago in some sections its going to drop into the 30s when there is a lot of effects and when looking into a distance like this in places with a lot of vegetation its going to drop into the 40s so my advice for this one when you are on a handheld not come well handheld mode Im always in handheld for this one when you are connected to a capture card you cannot do this but you can change the refresh rate and lock it to 40 FPS in this case I would do that I would just put the refresh rate to 40 enable vsync and log into 40 FPS and the game is going to be way smoother than just doing 30 FPS or inconsistent 40 to 60. so yeah this is just to show you how long how far the game can go on the steam deck so yeah again my advice look into 40 High settings basically and you should be good to go even in larger environments like this one in the first ship battle youre going to drop into the upper 30s in the cutscenes but on gameplay should be over 30 over 30 over 40 most of the time so I wouldnt worry so much about it and lower in the settings didnt help that much really which is unfortunate so yeah lets jump into the next one this one again lock it to 40 and you should be good to go got shot and I can still run now were doing Assassins Creed Rogue and this one is one of the best optimized Assassins Creed games out there with the Assassins Creed 4 Black Flag engine which is kind of impressive so we got everything turned on basically um b-sync is on because its locked to 60 and the refresh rate of the steam deck is maximum 60 hertz so were going to keep it on and it allows us to lock the frame rate to 60 with good frame pacing or probably lower volumetric fog if you run into performance issues otherwise you can even crank this up to very high if you want to but Im going to keep it like this for the sake of consistency because there are some sections with very heavy foliage where it can affect performance but as you can see its using 80 of the GPU and were at 60 frames per second so yeah again Im pretty impressed with this one because its using the same engine as the same engine as Black Flag and Black Flag runs like absolute garbage in comparison so Im Blown Away with this one always its always been like this when it does this franchise this one always impresses with the performance I wish more games run like this in this franchise so yeah this one is fantastic and to think it came out the same year as Assassins Creed Unity but um PlayStation 3 and 360. yeah and then it came to PC they did a great job with this one so yeah this one I dont have much to say really even when doing ship combat it still runs great so I selected this area because it has more foliage and some enemies so at least I can kind of look into the distance while fighting enemies at the same time so yeah oh I think Im dead so yeah not much else to say runs great looks good and runs way better than back then Black Flag which isnt difficult at all I think so yeah highly recommended this one okay so now its time for Assassins Creed Unity Im super excited to see this on a handheld 800p so native resolution 60 hertz full screen uh basic on so we can lock the frame rate outside of uh of steam because this game is through Uplay or Ubisoft connect through Steam so steam going into use of connect externally so we need BC gun to be able to cap the frame rate to whatever we want stretching off because if its enabled you get stretching as the title suggests environments on ultra high taxes are ultra high Shadows on high ssao FXAA and Bloom enabled so starting from this game Assassins Creed is super CP bound so were going to see a lot of CPU limitation as you can see were over 30. but the GPU is not 100 maxed out so my advice to avoid this inconsistency up and down is to lock the frame rate to 30. so thats why we enable p-sync so we can do this and we log into 30 frames so its more consistent theres still a Shader compilation to be done of course so youre going to get more stutters the first time you launch the game well otherwise its okay if you want more frames consider lowering the environment detail otherwise its still okay we are just CPU bound as you can see one core is almost maxed out at all times oh yeah lets run a little bit further we gotta fight there we go never to be seen again and again were playing Assassins Creed Unity over High settings on a handheld at 30 frames per second blows my mind looks great but again were CPU limited here thats why we cannot go over 30 to settings once more my advice if you want slightly more consistent frame rates I said slightly environments instead of ultra high put it on high and textures instead of ultra high put them on high then restart the game and you should have more stable frame times when looking into the distance are otherwise pretty similar to what I showed you so yeah lets jump into Assassins Creed Syndicate okay so now its time for Assassins Creed Syndicate this one I had to put it on windowed mode in order for 16x10 to work properly if not its going to look stretched for some reason and it doesnt affect performance in any way so I recommend you keep it like that native resolution on Graphics basically High settings and this is not a game that is going to run anywhere close 60 frames per second this is more of a 30 frames per second game just like on Assassins Creed Unity theyre going to run into CPU bottleneck so the CPU is going to be maxed out and its going to lead into stutter so yeah my advice is that you lock the frame rate to 30 so its more stable you can get to fully by lowering more settings and resolution but its going to stutter more so to log into 30 Im going to need to enable v-sync again since this game is not natively running on Steam is on The javasoft Connect app we can lock it to 30 here by enabling bsync so lets get some Shader compilation stutter with the first kill oh never mind that didnt happen and we basically get Block 30s with some stutters here and there lets go drive around a little bit that destroyed my performance back when the game released but when we didnt have four cortionic threads everywhere as you can see its already stuttering even more well this is again Shader compilation the CPU is not maxed out the GPU is sent completely maxed out either and were still getting stutters well again this is because Shader compilation right now as time goes Sun is going to get better and better as you the more you play better said I try lowering the settings and it doesnt improve in that front so yeah usually when driving around is a issue otherwise you should be okay you just get a deal with Shader compilation like on the other games but I mean these Assassins Creed Syndicate on high settings on the steam deck on its native resolution which is 800p but still on the index screen looks incredible and its more stable than Assassins Creed Unity which is a big plus The Shield compilation goes away much faster on Unity again it stutters but it stutters for more time than this one and again were CPU bound on both of them so my advice is to log into 30 like youre seeing here log into 30 with psync on for the FPS lock to be in full effect so lets just fully lets get more stutter yeah since the Shader is loaded there now Im going to a new part that I havent visited yeah as you can see there are drops which are annoying so yeah kind of a bummer but after some time it was stabilize so yeah like right now seems to be much better so yeah portable Assassins Creed is Syndicate mind blown just here with some Shadow compilation stutter locate the 30 High settings and youre good to go on later resolution lets jump into the next one now were testing Assassins Creed Origins and this one in order for the aspect ratio to look correct I had to select Window mode doesnt affect performance so dont worry 100 resolution so native 800p until youre on high basically everything on high disabled volumetric clouds and thats basically it high settings if we need more frames were going to lower the ideology to load this lowers the resolution a little bit but were going to keep that for later so lets see this is one of those games that stutters a lot even on my main PC its been like that for a while but that plus Shader compilation is not going to help and as you can see were over 30 but theres stutter we need our 30 frames per second cap so to do so were going to need to enable vsync because this is not a native steam game its on Uplay so once you leave a vsync and lock it to 30 from the control panel there you go lock 30s is not as inconsistent its way more stable so lets do some quick combat and we turn everything on fire okay Im not able to turn anything on fire sorry guys there we go I did it so fighting here with the fire on screen I usually drop frames like crazy especially on the CPU side were going to notice this more on Assassins Creed Odyssey it uses even more CPU than this one but as you can see once the Shader is compiled you should have a very smooth experience at 30 frames we didnt even need to lower the antioles into low to get a decent experience so yeah drink and play the game just fine at 30 again were CPU Limited so either lock it to 30 or do you live with stutters the whole time that are not Shader compilation the one I got a second ago was Shader compilation so after a few minutes that should be sorted out as it loads the shaders and next time you play is going to be even smoother so thats always good well I failed try again there we go and lets just fly it a little bit Ill send you not available never mind then so yeah Assassins Creed Origins you can play on high settings native resolution just fine just log into 30 enabling b-sync by going to the stems menu at the right here to enable b-sync frame a limit to 30 High settings native resolution youre good to go now Im testing Assassins Creed Odyssey again native resolution resolution modifier 100 basic on so we can cut the frame rate to whatever we want from the system wide way from the steam deck high-end aliasing High Shadows everything on high except in fog and volumetric clouds which biometric clouds in this game destroys performance I just lower the ambient occlusion and that fulfills a little bit to get a few extra frames and if youre in a small performance boost lower than the other SIM from high to low that will lower the pixel count a little bit so keep that in mind lets put the FPS counter and lets go so Im in Athens because its one of their biggest cities a lot of CPU usage a lot of GPU usage as well and as you can see the CPU and the GPU are screaming right now and there is Shader compilation stutter there is a lot of GPU and CPU usage again remember Im looking at that huge City from the top of it theres characters there is a lot going on basically so the syndic is completely maxed out right here and these stutters I had them on PC as well on stronger PCS theres moments where it drops below 30. so yeah on the CPU side this game is super super taxing so what Im going to do were also GPU Limited Im going to lower that on the other thing like I told you guys so were here until I sing we put it on low and that lowers the pixel count a little bit not super noticeable its like a checkerboard rendering thing and now were over 30 basically and the good thing about this sorry about the stutters does the sheer compilation and the unlock frame rate because the CPU is maxed out so as I was saying this is a dx11 game Assassins Creed Valhalla the next one is dx12 so they went better on the CPU requirement on that one but this one is still super crazy on the CPU side thats why we get a lot of stutter despite that and shared compilation so my advice log into 30. um so yeah with basic on we can lock it to 30 so the CPU works way less the GPU can rest a little bit easier and the only starter we have to worry about is the Shader compilation stutter which in around three to four minutes should be smoothed out so if you look into the distance again theres a lot of buildings and foliage and stuff going on thats why the GPU is maxed out this is one of the demanding zones so yeah lets get to the next game assassin freezebel Hala the Moment of Truth okay so the final one Assassins Creed Valhalla where Native resolution once more 1280 by 800 100 resolution skills so again native resolution until you see on high basically everything on high accepting volumetrics shadows and thats basically it the rest is on high and now have something technique such as FSR so oh I forgot to enable vsync I need it because if I want to cap the frame rate is going to be necessary so here we are in the boat as you can see were getting mid 30s I would probably lock it to 30 frames but here we go I said I was impressed with Assassins Creed Unity well this impresses me more actually because its the newest one so yeah Im blown away that this runs at 30. and I specifically looked for a raid because there was combat I saw a lot of people just running around when testing this game I thought that made no sense at all so yeah here I am trying my best yeah Ill definitely lock it to study this one yep lets do that lets look into 30. feels unstable there we go at least some health thats incredible and you even have a facade which we hadnt turned on unfortunately the CPU is not good enough for 60 frames per second even if we made two pixels by two pixels we are limited by the CPU I mean at 30 frames its already at 70 usage so he has no surprise that we cannot get 60s I mean its assassins fit Valhalla one of the the newest Assassins Creed game right now so yeah this is this is nuts again I was impressed with unity but this one impresses me even more because its way more demanding how the hell is this even possible if I look into the distance like this yeah I would even put low on the other thing to lower the pixel gun a little bit to have a few extra frames like this so we go to graphics and in until this input it on low its a slight reduction in pixel count so that should give you the extra performance you need and the steam desk screen youre not really going to notice much of our difference youll notice a difference here because youre looking at a YouTube video recorded with a capture card so yeah yeah I think this is the ideal way high settings medium Shadows medium bottle metrics low on the aliasing and you should be good to go even when fire shows up so yeah mind blown lets go for the conclusion now okay guys so you are seeing now what Im seeing on the steam deck screen Assassins Creed Unity lock to 30. so it blows my mind so yeah it might look terrible on the YouTube video when Im recording the screen with a capture card but on the steam bag itself it looks incredible I mean remember this is the native resolution right not 30 frames per second with high settings so yeah its ridiculous again still some Shader compilation stutter the more you play the less it will happen just the nature of how this works unfortunately not natively running on Windows this is running on Linux I should try this on Windows one day to see if it improves in any significant way but still I just wanted to show you some handheld so you see how it looks in real life so yeah what a time to be alive portable Assassins Creed Unity anyway so yeah thats the end of the video guys I hope you enjoy as much as I did revisiting the entire Assassins Creed franchise as you can see you can play every game in the franchise some minor issues like an Assassins Creed Liberation HD that one precious if I go into the options menu otherwise you can play it just fine the default settings appears to be medium to high on native resolution so yeah anyway still mind blown that I can run every game in the franchise kind of nuts so yeah I hope you enjoyed this video everything here was done on Steam OS and we just opened Ubisoft Connect using bottles which is a software that runs that installs Windows applications Link in the description with a full tutorial but this doesnt require you to do windows or anything like that its just native Linux so yeah see you guys next time thanks for watching furry steam game More Steam Deck Content: Streamed on a separate PC with a capture card, NO FPS HIT ------------------------------------------------------------- Peripherals and Gear: G502 HERO Gaming Mouse (Affiliate Link) MX Keys Keyboard (Affiliate Link) Headphones Sony WH-1000XM4 (Affiliate Link) Cheaper GREAT Sony Headphones Alternative (Affiliate Link) Xbox Series S Controller / Gamepad (Affiliate Link) 4K Monitor (Gigabyte M28U 28 144Hz) (Affiliate Link) Logitech C922x Webcam (Affiliate Link) Blue Yeti USB Microphone (Affiliate Link) Yerba Mate Drink (Affiliate Link) ------------------------------------------------------------- Installing Ubisoft Connect on Steam Deck: (recommended way) 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