I played AC Black Flag with the dumbest weapon

What games on steam have cd keyscan you save steam games to an external hard drive ASSASSIN’S CREED® IV BLACK FLAG™ steam oh god i love black flag were back in assassins creed 4 black flag to unlock one of the most ridiculous weapons in this game the pistol swords i was actually looking up how to unlock these and i found this debate about how unrealistic they would be on the wiki i dont care its dumb and fun so we have to finish all of the assassin contracts in the caribbean and uh weve got about five left so i figure we can just like blow through these and get our pistol swords here we are on the lovely island of new bone this man is guilty of many heinous and indiscriminate crimes hes gotta die and uh wow not going to be very stealthy here whoops i forgot how to play this game i could just counter all of these guys i might accidentally kill my target out of all these guys guys just wait while i reload my gun okay none of those guys are my target oh i see you youre dead well you did ask to be struck down man all right whos next this man an arrogant captain guilty of attacking many civilians this is still so fun right here just that just that right there is so fun ive come to kill your arrogant captain he must pay for the crimes of arrogance and other things yeah yeah is this my target i think it is hes definitely the fanciest one here there he is he cant be arrogant around edward it doesnt work hes hes more arrogant than you look at this sick parkour sick okay who else whos whos next templar agent posing as a gunner okay you would think by now that the templars would realize that they cant hide in plain sight you know i mean we literally have supervision the assassins do ah there he is uh what is he doing i dont know doesnt matter hes a dead man oh my god theyre all dead easiest assassin contract ive ever done all right whos next a slaver i dont think so oh hes just chilling over here maybe lets mess around with these guys uh whats going on with these boots okay i found the slaver just gonna go ahead and shoot him in the face real quick ill just be leaving now whoa okay i guess i wont ah im the pirate who shoots everyone okay this is our last one guilty of war crimes if youre trying to hide this is not a good way to hide hey buddy thank you sir youre a very important part of my uh attempt to get the pistol swords thank you all right here we go yeah look at that well theres only one thing left to do with these bad boys were basically surrounded so this might have been dumb but its okay okay here we go bored these babies bored yeah i could blow these guys up but lets use pistol swords all right here we go hey buddy okay uh brake defenses oh okay when you get a pistol sword shoot him darn it there it is here we go here we go no yeah how do the pistol swords work man huh ah oh my god look at that shane destroyed them get out of the way bud yeah and you too you down there got no time for you yeah okay so the internet says its a very specific animation that the the the swords fire the actual pistol so uh were were gonna try to get that to happen its kind of crazy how fun this naval stuff holds up like to this day all right we got another target there we go get ready to board men all right here we go yeah nope dont shoot me nice oh there it is sick no get out of the way im pistol sorting yes oh again again yes he just did it again thats so cool they made like a specific animation just for that oh he just did it again now he cant stop doing it wheres the kill everyone option all right i say we hunt another ship this is too much fun Music oh those mortars are insane Music yeah okay lets board this bore this boy this music is so hype edwards like a predator looking at his prey look at his chops here we go oh my god huh huh nope excuse me you too yes no gun sword no they keep interrupting my finisher there it is yeah there it is there it is excuse me i have business with the captain and by business i mean pistol swords oh i will make it to the captain here it is yeah oh so good all right well as always black flag is a really fun game and a really good time so i hope you guys enjoyed this video hunting for the most ridiculous weapon in black flag its definitely the pistol swords Music if you guys enjoyed this make sure to hit the like button and also subscribe for more goofy videos like this hit that bell as well to get notified so you dont miss my next one thank you guys so much for watching and ill talk to you on the next one psp games on steam it stabs AND shootsSubscribe to jayveeonYT for more videos! ► ​ Watch more videos on jayveeonYT! ► - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Follow jayveeonYT! ► Twitter: ► Discord: ► Instagram: Watch More jayveeonYT! 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