Asi Luce el Assasins Creed IV Black Flag 9 Años Despues // Vale La Pena? (Reseña)

Sao game steamget free steam games pre installed for pc ASSASSIN’S CREED® IV BLACK FLAG™ steam oh how are you welcome like this if you are watching this video it is because you are interested to know if the reason is that 4 blanc land still looks good it is still playable 9 years after launch so welcome well you have to keep in mind that this example has been captured on xbox series s once seen so lets start well the truth is that this game despite its times despite the fact that it came out two generations ago on xbox 360 and on xbox one it came out on both the truth is that It is still seen a lot and he has a spectacular combat gameplay of 10 shadows lights history the truth is that there is nothing that you can criticize this game in terms of the relationship of the year that he came out and in which you would play them the truth is that it is hot gameplay that you are seeing in the background is the free mode once the story is finished, so there is no spoiler of any kind, so if you are interested in seeing a video with a spoiler or if you are afraid of a spoiler of something, do not worry here you will not see any spoilers so you have nothing to worry about the game is with different variety of weapons as you can see the hidden blades the double swords narcotic darts pirate pistols with the good it has to be true is that they are from late the Being able to play the parkour, as you can see, is something extremely spectacular, a classic of all the suns, and nothing to envy the others because this is one of the best, the truth is a very fast movement, very dynamic, something that had not been seen in any title. register before and the truth is that it is still very fun to make it run through havana through the pacific like a true pirate it is extremely a unique and very fun experience in this mission that they can see of murders you can approach the objective as you want they give you rewards and those in a more stealthy or aggressive way will notice our compensated more money in this case because you work but see them tell us the truth is that it is incredible how you can approach the game as you want you can strong the way you want to get the weapons that you want to have the different aptitudes and abilities to do more damage as an assassin like with pistols more range then it is something extremely unique because even though it is a linear game I loved the story that the story you cant make decisions if you cant kind of decide what happens in the story you can explore what you want to create of your character as you want to put the weapons that you want the outfit that you want I have it for you that I am using in this example and it is what is called the boatman it is a black one the truth is that I like it for the color more than anything in the father I was not after what that you can get by doing a secondary mission and the truth is that the combat is very cool as you can see it is something because it discriminates against him I have been bad to him the truth is that it is very fun Playing them is very sadistic, also see how the mortar and it kills two enemies very easily with its two pirate swords. The truth is that it is a very good experience and highly recommended. The combat leaves nothing to be desired. It is a session to write the swords. Counterattacks. hidden blades stealth attack take care of your life take care of your back the truth is that it is very good the usual technique use them think about this artifact that can become clear is that it is very good and very encouraging x 20 of combats as you can see you can use your different artifacts to cause damage to your enemies and action to carlos in a unique way as you want and it is already one against one against a bot so to speak against a high level target sometimes which is very fun because we can give what you want you can do it as you want, because as you want, it is one of the best experiences that allows you to have freedom as to how you like to play and how you like also have fun everything can go wrong and as you can see in this one that everything went wrong 40 enemies and well more than anything its about surviving because you can play stealthy or aggressive but if it goes wrong you will get like 40 enemies if you dont take care youll leave to kill the good thing is that it can be the melee combat counterattack and as you can see it is very fun very good experience without a doubt you should play it if it catches your attention the pirate stories the caribbean is or well the aces in writing because the story is also very relevant and very important and the truth is very good, very good, they require it, a very good direction, of course, without counting the most important thing in the game, which is the peratta trip and the pirate attacks, whether it is looting, the truth of everything is very fun and if you like this type of stories of pirate myths of song stories you will love the power of visiting a simple opportunity because it is a unique game the truth is there are no one like this and its a total experience 800 aprilaire steam humidifier Probamos y hacemos pequeña reseña del #ASSASINSCREEDIV cult game steam steam voucher eb games why are old games so expensive on steam nest steam sale best hunting game on steam