The Best Assassins Creed Game That Ruined The Franchise (ft. Alex Webb)

Steam camps near mesteam vr launching on non vr games ASSASSIN’S CREED® IV BLACK FLAG™ steam warning this video contains spoilers when i was a kid i loved the ezio trilogy never got to playing revelations perhaps due to my distaste for endings because they caused sad emotions and sad emotions were something i had to leave at the door upon joining the sigma male support group regardless i always said that brotherhood was my favorite assassins creed title but after finally getting around to playing black flag this month after years of neglect i say with great remorse that brotherhood is no longer the best in my eyes im sorry hey you assassins creed black flag is a yard shiver me tea simulator that provides lethal doses of dopamine and nostalgia 10 chain killed enemies at a time this game is pure fun at the expense of any challenge at all combat is simply a matter of y x x x x y x x and yet the whole campaign goes by faster than just five hours of odyssey or origins with naval combat that perfectly captures both moments of intense battle and moments of calm commute between one destination and another they did it so good in fact that after the developers saw people enjoyed the boats that much they decided to turn the whole goddamn franchise into an open world rpg and no thats not a joke thats literally the reasoning they gave in an interview for why they massacred my boy what the  __  you play as ed with no ed already as they probably died because killing everything you love is something this games story really enjoys doing ed couldnt care less about the creed either hes all about that booty and that booty Music in fact you can actually kill assassins for the templars in one mission which is kind of straight busting on jaw for real but ill be honest with you here i couldnt care less about the story in these games assassins creed to me is synonymous with power fantasy and god complex for all i care as long as it has this style of combat you could have george washington storming normandy with an m4 to repel the alien takeover of the nile river and i would still love it which is why i happen to believe that mad max or mafia 3 are closer to being assassins creed games than origins odyssey or valhalla and if it wasnt already abundantly apparent i despised the new games with every fiber of my being not only because there are open world rpgs that take three millenniums of boring ass gameplay to beat but also because these are the three most money making games in the franchise and if i had to read one more reddit post saying if it made that much money it cant be bad i was going to morb all over the goddamn place and i was gonna do a whole rant here about why money alone isnt a good indicator of a products quality but i think ive actually got it down to about four words fast and the furious so throughout this interview as i praise black flag i will continue slandering the reboot titles and im not gonna make that argument of the reboot titles being good games but not good assassins creed games im here to make the argument of  __  games and even shittier assassins creed games with as much bias and anecdotal evidence that i can get my grubby little hands on because im here to entertain and yell uncontested opinions at unsuspecting citizens lets kick this off by talking about the prologue dont worry unlike ubisoft ill make this quick if there is a hell it would be playing the first hour of every assassins creed game on loop never being permitted to progress any further the prologue of every assassins creed game has three things an unskippable tutorial for every single basic mechanic in the game escort follow in trailing missions and a preview of a funny few glitches just you know the greatness that is to come listen i love these games once they actually let you get into them but whenever i think about starting up a new playthrough of any assassins creed game i almost always decide not to just at the mere thought of suffering through the first hour black flags prologue is a little better as far as assassins creed prologues go especially in comparison to the goddamn four hour long prologue of assassins creed iii or the mlg pro cannon sequence of brotherhood but its still very important to bear in mind that its still an assassins creed prologue therefore it belongs in the hell tier moving on lets talk about what makes these games amazing what makes these games assassins creed the combat the combat is the whole reason im here the only reason i exist without this combat i perish black flags combat is best described as god complex like chain two take downs together now five now ten now the entire towns square but what i love about black flags combat is not the fighting itself i mean lets be honest the combats about two buttons deep you could hand a controller to a small toddler or a competent middle-aged dog and they could beat this game no whats great about black flags gameplay is the takedowns takedowns are the brutal deconstruction of the enemy in a preset animation that makes my monkey brain very happy and of all the assassins creed games i firmly believe that black flags ooze the most with personality and a certain spectacle that makes them better than any other in the franchise ill tell you what though brotherhood beats out black flag on counter grabs because i mean look at this jedi  __  and in unity the enemies can just take down themselves i love takedowns so much that they showed just two of them in the trailer for watchdogs legion and it got me to buy that  __  on day one takedowns are right next to leaning in terms of features that will get me to immediately buy a game on day one for whatever price you tell me because when you add these to a game it just makes it feel as if youre playing a perfectly choreographed fight scene from a movie better yet this feels like a wwe match i tell you alex this is quite the showing today here by edward lets get your thoughts on this well ill tell you this jerry this reminds me a lot of your moms bedroom wait wait thats not this 20 minutes only one man leaves hey man whoa look at that from the top turnbuckle theres no turn but where are you scene hes pulling out the gun hes pulling out the gun and a little bit of chicken fries only at applebees now ill tell you that is just unfortunate folks not at all a part of the show but these are the risks that we take for you folks at home now lets talk about firearms assassins creed has had guns in previous titles so the dev team really had to up the ante on this one break the mold shatter the glass smack the child so to speak so what did they do they did revolutionize the game by adding two guns instead of one overwhelming i know but then they topped themselves once more in an einstein level of genius and i know what youre thinking it doesnt get better than two pistols it cant well i have news for you hater they added four pistols but these innovations are as mold breaking and ground shaky as giving you two swords or two hidden blades for too many trailing missions now i will admit combat is much more dumbed down in comparison to the brotherhood combat to list a few noticeable changes enemies now wind up their punches like theyre popeye meaning that perry windows are essentially infinite so you can walk away from your computer come back and still have time to parry blocking please come on dont be foolish thats what the gun is for theyre also a fraction of the enemy weapon variant and enemies dont feel as fast or aggressive either but i believe that regardless of whether you believe that black flags the best or brotherhood or three or unity i think that we can all agree that this  __  is awful thats right its time to talk about the reboot combat which ill be using odyssey specifically due to the fact that hey iona and b its all just about the goddamn same anyways odysseys combat has this cool feature where you do no damage at all and are mashing every button a thousand times in order to whittle down that health bar you are in a constant race between beating a boss and unlocking the exotic trait called crippling carpal tunnel and arthritis of the hands each fight feels like you are chasing around  __  zoomers and trying to slice them down with a comically large spoon additionally your reward for a drawn out make out match between you and your thick foes is not a cool takedown but rather some ragdoll bodies and the relief that the fight is finally over so that you can go back to auto running and playing  __  crash royale  __  sometimes i die just so i can see the enemy do a takedown to remind me of the good old days and before you go saying that its a named character and this is how rpg should be first thats my point no one asked for this second lets compare this to a named character in black flag  __  you black flags biggest weakness for me is the incredibly apparent lack of hammers i mean brotherhood had hammer round hammer and biggest hammer and oh boy these babies were chunky the crushing blunt animations the sound of their bones being turned into protein powder i loved using the hammer black flag has not one hammer not even a tool hammer okay okay all right all credit where credits do though the x did feel right definitely much better than the action brotherhood but still in black flag 2 when we play as my man steve bonet come on hook me up wait what they killed him too ah  __  well hey thats unfortunate now lets talk about boats we all know that brotherhood has the superior boating technology many people call the rowboat the ford focus of the ocean ask anyone everyone says this so now that we understand the supreme outlier above all else lets talk about black flag ships boats in black flag managed to surprisingly be very fun and i say surprisingly because black flags map is actually larger and has way more water than odyssey so why is it that odyssey makes me want to take a toasty bubble bath whereas black flag does not well ill tell ya starting with the basics people or crewmates can either be rescued or enslaved acquired and i prefer rescuing them because its always nice to have that profuse gratitude upon rescuing them you know because it feels good to do good you know especially as i shake their hands and look them dead in the eyes knowing damn well that theyre gonna die to my friendly fire about 15 minutes from now anyways black flag has some straight bangers built into its ye old radio called shanties black flag shanties are here and every other reboot game shanty is all the way down here listen randy dandio has heart and spirit fish in the sea has this jovial rhythm to it and you cant help but get all kinds of hype to end 20 working mans lives specifically any shanty from the sow island just oh perfect drunken sailor although appreciated is often quite underrated and talks of the best shanties in this game its not quite the best though is it because you see in 87 pirates released this four the most accomplished album i think their undisputed masterpiece is leave her johnny a song so catchy most people probably dont listen to the lyrics but they should because its not just about the pleasures of sailing and the bittersweet feeling of ending a voyage its also a personal statement about the pirates themselves hey paul what also makes black flag sailing so enjoyable is that i actually want to get into combat because of how fun it is to blast board and sink these ships no cap busting for real this is probably the best boat combat in any game ever and please dont bring up that sea of thieves  __  that requires friends because we dont do that here the reason why naval combat feels so fantastic is because it takes every last feature it gives you and requires you use it for success in a duel with worthy enemies and worthy enemies dont constitute as the small ships you can crush on your way to party every utility is situational and must be used at exactly the right time many people call it the doom rip-off of the ocean fire barrels are often used when you completely forget that you have them so you try to use them and then you remember why you never use them heavy shot is like a shotgun for your ship close range only and only if your ship is level because any other situation and these some  __  are shooting directly into the water round shot and swivel shot are the all-time any range multi-tool slam pajamas these things get it done chain shot is for when youre ramming into a ship and say might as well use this and mortars are the most situational as in i use them in every situation one word of warning is that if you have a little dinghy and youre trying to fight a higher level ship you will do such little damage that you will begin forming giant clouds of co2 emission around the enemy ship and your precise shooting will turn into i think were shooting in the right direction and i havent even said anything about boarding ships yet there are three predominant ways to take a ship option one you can take a few blind swivel shots then swing on board and kill the wrist this is the real basic option right here on a scale of odyssey to legendary this is still a seven i mean its a good time but its very basic you dont want to be basic do you thats where option two comes in you kill everyone on the enemy ship with the swivel cannon using carefully placed precise delicate blast managing your ammo accordingly this is for the evolved mammals this is an 8 out of 10 right here and the final option and this is for the true red-blooded floridians that are invading the caribbean first incapacitate the ship then swing around the front or back outside of the boarding zone leave the helm of the ship climb on the enemy boat and kill everyone on board and complete any other objectives that that specific ship calls for once thats done now hop off the boat hop off the boat hop on your boat and try to board the enemy boat through the prop bam immediate take didnt have to do anything dont even have to go through any cringed loading screens 20 out of 10 right here and if this multitude of options for taking a ship doesnt get you a rock hard they did you know what just leave the video and now comparing this to odyssey you get spears archers and you can ram ram and spear enough and youre fighting a boring battle on a basic ship chipping away at enemies with no proof setting no cool combat and no cool takedowns to their credit though they did had a pretty awesome flamethrower for boats in the dlc and you could also knock anyone off of the boats and they will be one shot by the sharks in the water which i mean lets not mince any words that is pretty it is pretty beautiful but to sum up the answer to the question of why i love black flagships while odyssey shifts makes me want to skydive without a parachute its because odyssey is bad and me no like so now you know like or pay for your sin black flag odyssey black flag odyssey do i really need to say anything else now lets talk about the assassin aspect of black flag dont worry trailing missions are still very much a part of this game but this time hang on get go get these up on the screen they revolutionized them clearly black flag trailing missions are superior to brotherhood trailing missions origin trailing missions unity trailing missions and odyssey trailing missions because now you can trail in first person and trail another boat in your boat for the first time ever in the history of gaming yeah and these dumb asses never see it coming and the ai is 16 times better than ever at doing these trailing missions take a look at how does it keep quiet and stay out of sight i believe im getting the hang of this all right no no one  __  likes these im gonna try to defend these ive never tried to play these games stealthily the whole point of the boomer titles was that you could be stealthy or you could walk through the front door and just eradicate the entire population of the base in a huge battle and i always chose the latter because we ball however there were missions that didnt want me to satisfy my homicidal nature no detection missions are the bane of my existence and no detection no killing missions were built specifically to tell me to go to hell however no killing missions such as this one right here that would prefer i dont kill members of the creed are actually false advertisements frauds false bills of false goods because you see its not necessarily no killing its no conclusive murder that can be proven guilty in a conviction under the court of law accidents happen all the time people trip and fall every day in the crocodile-infested waters which then gets their other creed member killed for rushing into the water which then gets the person that shoots that gator killed because they killed my friend and turned him into a pair of  __  crocs now as far as actual assassination and side missions go its all about the gun baby i always prefer pulling a lincoln over using the hidden blades because its efficient and its also funny how mundane it makes the entire mission when you can just walk right up to the target and remove some memories now thats about the extent of my stealth experience so lets talk about side activities the assassin missions are just straight up volunteering for trailing missions this is against every fiber of my being i i may be a touch masochistic and listen i enjoy the pain of lots of games but volunteering for trailing missions is is just sadistic if youve completed any more than 10 of these im worried about you assassination missions as ive already mentioned are fantastic walk in shoot leave at 50 completion of all missions you get this traditional looking homeless assassin drip and at 100 you get the pistol swords let me tell you about these pistol swords theyre a gimmick like the football phone you seldom get a unique animation from them and you cant even aim them not worth the time at all with that being said though if i have the pistol swords and you dont then you are inferior to me in every way possible forts are incredibly easy thanks to the round shot heat seeking predator swivel shot and 62 smoothbore on the other hand legendary ship missions are well i only have this footage right here after going to fight him very under leveled to get a measly 20 000 gold and getting pulverized i manned up and never showed my face at any legendary ship event ever again but now hunting is a next level activity you can air assassinating iguana and everything else on land is to be shot with ye old firearms whereas anything in the water is the harpooning side activity but listen if im being real honest with you my favorite type of hunting is hunting for good prices over at my local cabelas so that i can just buy the goddamn skins and autocraft all of it cause who has the time to do that  __  i guess fleets is also beside activity kinda it was a mobile game and then they merged into the main pc game okay fine okay ill keep it a buck with you chief i have no idea how this works really because ubisoft connect wont let black flag connect to the internet cant actually use this feature in fact this footage isnt even mine i got this footage from my boy so finally the mayan puzzles that unlock mayan gizmos the only puzzle games i can do are puzzle games made by ubisoft employees but if its so easy why even do this trivial activity us because it unlocks the drippiest drip in the game thats why that beautiful mayan armor which not only allows you to pull up an invisible hood in cut scenes but also allows you to be invincible to all bullets before i had to rely on the ai shooting their own teammate in the head but now i truly am the god oh yeah and then there are all the collectibles that dont  __  matter glitches are the cornerstone of any assassins creed game so popular that they decided to dial them up to an 11 just for the launch of unity in my first 15 minutes of black flag i ran into a game-breaking bug that forced me to restart the mission so that i could actually progress further in my first 30 minutes of unity i saw people walking in the sky and in my first 20 minutes of brotherhood i saw an enemy hardcore parkour into space with one giant leap this this is tradition things like bouncing bodies enemies clipping into random objects oh look thats a twofer ships rising from the water or brutes stuck in an endless loop of throwing grenades is what makes these games assassins creed games ubisoft is so good at making buggy things that even their own game on their own launcher glitched out so hard that my copy of black flag gold edition couldnt even register any of my dlc that my friend is dedication to tradition take notes people be better i had to rebuy freedom cry on steam just so i could actually play it for this review speaking of which freedom cry is about an eight mission stand-alone expansion to black flag where you play as the main man arawale arawale is a quirked up beefy boy that went from slave to pirate to now an assassin but more important than all that he gets some wacky new weapons one of them is the blunderbuss which is basically just a shotgun with the most incredible spread youve ever seen and hell hey why not to demonstrate this for you let me just throw up a quick red rectangle that visualizes the spread of the blunderbuss im not lying to you when i say this gun is so beefy that even when you run out of ammo you can still bludgeon a man with the empty wooden 20-pound bat this gun turns into also now you have two ways to stealth kill under normal conditions you still have the hidden blade and under running conditions you have the visible machete and finally you have the firecrackers but do i look like a guy that gives a  __  about tactical stealth no i like stupid stuff but now the new unvoluntary labor system was pretty neat admittedly i wasnt paying attention and mortar strike the ship of these unvoluntary laborers killing 18 folks on board but hey we dont need to put that into the reports do we additionally there are plantations which i think is one of the best implementations of stealth in an assassins creed game because its not that you have to stay in no detection or its mission failure its you can be detected but if you do the guards will start killing everyone so fast that you may not have anyone left to save by the end of your allotted kill quota this makes stealth optimal and preferred but depending on how much you need that new ammo pouch you may just be able to walk in there and do a little bit of trolling this actually reminds me i i forgot to talk about the story of the main game big spoilers for this hot new release are going to commence in three two one all right good everyone  __  dies blackbeard dies james kid woman dies your wife dies you inspire this guy to be a pirate i prize the courage youve inspired me this year and he gets hung and dies deadman is still just as dead as the last game all these people here that i forgot the names of die the goddamn dog nah hes all right hes a good boy you boy ill be honest with you i dont really know whats going on in the story i just know that in the animus youre trying to get money and do the pirating as everyone around you keeps dying and outside the animus an irishman is trying to implant his gotcha anime waifu into your body to consume your consciousness of course the main motivation of everyone in the animus being to find this magic crystal skull so that they can you know what why dont i just let him explain it hey roll the tape here we go hi there buddy i obtain the skull so that i can hunt i am sorry i mean relocate every one of my old best buddies that ive been separated from by pesky antivirus programs and ive found one of my bestest buddies right here Music may i have a beer please yeah yeah yeah i can get you a beer your rat  __  oh  __  steam new account Assassins creed black flag is hands down the best assassins creed game, but unfortunately due to the liberties taken by the developers it ended up leading to assassins creed origins, odyssey and valhalla which I consider to be the games that ruined the franchise.Special thanks to @AlexWebb101 for being my co-commentator, he is a great man and I had a blast making that sequence so my greatest appreciation to him. Go check out Alex Webbs channel: In this assassins creed black flag review we will discuss why ac black flag is the best ac game in the series then immediately discuss why the reboot assassins creed games are awful. Specifically why the assassins creed black flag combat is fantastic whereas the reboot ac games combat is quite bad. And as we revisit ac black flag in 2022 I will show lots, many, tons of memes. So sit back relax and enjoy this ac review and gameplay! Due to the much longer duration than usual this one took a good bit extra but I have a special surprise for the next video. What you have just watched is one of our game reviews where we breakdown some of our favorite games review them in an action pack review. Our style is inspired by people we love watching like ssethtzeentach, mandaloregaming, videogamedunkey, and martincitopants, but of course we add our own touch and a metric ton of memes. I hope you enjoy the review, thanks for checking out fleekazoid! 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