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Steam tracingcan steam deck run all games ASSASSIN’S CREED® IV BLACK FLAG™ steam Peggy 18 hi this is Ashraf Ismail Game Director of Assassins Creed 4 Black Flag and were here to give you a taste of our Caribbean open world at this point we are catching up with Edward in between missions and we need to head to Havana for an important meeting with Black Flag we wanted to bring you an open world unlike anything youve experienced before our most unique world with massive cities but also a Caribbean environment that is filled with exploration potential the world is filled with a lot of loot a lot of treasures to find as we see here theres a sailor were gonna loot him and were gonna find a treasure map treasures are very important in the progression of Edward and the jackdaw itself which is your ship this treasure map is asking us to go to an island called misteriosa mysterious is fairly close by but as we zoom out we can see how massive this world really is we have over 50 unique locations these are big places that you have a lot of things to find and do this is the jackdaw this is the second main character of the game this is your baby you need to take care of it you need to upgrade and customize it because its going to be with you for the long haul heres our first mate Otto Wally Otto wale is very important in the story he helps you gain the jackdaw and gayness crew in the distance we can see Spanish and British ships fighting each other we can jump into that fight and take advantage of them we can each other off but instead were gonna head to misteriosa for that treasure we can see that theres a storm building up the storms are very dangerous theyre a big threat in this world if you dont navigate them properly you will take damage and you will lose crew members misteriosa is a Mayan ruin one of the unique 50 locations we have in this world everything you find everything you do has some type of value for you theres lots of hidden artifacts treasures and activities discovered we know from the treasure map that the treasure is up near that temple to the top of this location so this is where we want to go now as we get going were gonna see that theres a lot of guards in our way we can choose to go in guns blazing and fight but instead were going to try to get there as fast as we can using Edwards navigation ability we can scale this temple without a problem now that weve reached the top we know that the treasure is near that fountain now that we found the treasure well actually found is a blueprint blueprints are required for the biggest upgrades on the jackdaw to be able to face the toughest challenges in the scheme world you will need to upgrade the jackdaw to its post capacities you can see a lot of ambient life in this world iguana over there are some birds the world is as filled as possible with tons of ambient life but also predators as we go to head off mysterioso were gonna do a reach high point reach hard points work as before revealing contents for location but as an added feature now they are also fast travel points so now that were back in the ocean we see our British frigate patrolling the area using the spyglass were able to see that it has a lot of cargo cargo is very important for you to get those upgrades here you can see the upgrades that weve done to the naval combat the basic round shot is trajectory based this comes in very handy when you have big waves that you need to shoot over by hitting the hull and not the sails we also exposed weak points to do extra damage as we get in close were going to unleash the heavy shot this is the shotgun and enable when a ship is domestic its the cue that the ship is now bored about virtually every ship in this game world is bored able boarding is very important in a sea for as a pirate this is something you need to do to gain cargo and to plunder the ship here we start the boarding from any angle any orientation we wish we have two objectives want us to take out the crew so were gonna use the swivel gun we could have jumped into the water instead we can climb up the mast and take advantage over the enemy crew we can even swing with a rope to go in guns blazing but now that weve taken out some of the crew were gonna go after the captain using Edwards abilities to navigate we wanted to show off the navigation potential when you have these two ships come together like this Music again seamlessly being able to jump from one ship to another take out the captain by surprise and win the boarding now that weve won we can see the loot weve gained on the right side of the screen but you have three options to do with every ship that you plunder we can release the crew to gain crew members we can send the ship to our fleet or we can salvage and repair the ship if we took too much damage during the fight for now were going to gain some crew members now that we have cargo and the blueprint we can now build the upgrade fisherman villages are the perfect place to find that harbour master who will build that upgrade for you so lets do that now the jackdaw has many upgrades for weapons for defenses for utilities and you will need most of these upgrades to take out the biggest challenges in this game world the biggest enemies to fight but you dont only upgrade the jacket all you also upgraded Edward this is where harpooning comes in you use the harpooning system with hunting to get the goods to be able to upgrade the number of weapons Edward can carry the number of pistols he has even his armor but for now were going to continue our journey to Havana in our path we see that theres a port its blocking our way to Havana so we need to have master naval combat to take this board out but since weve recently upgraded the mortar lets use it to take out the four towers now that the defenses and the towers are down we still have to infiltrate the fort and this is where we see Edward and his crew raiding the environment were looking for the port commander taking out the commander gives us ownership over the fort a fort that you own will work for you it will attack your enemies it also unlocks a bunch of side missions that are linked to the fort itself now that weve taken the fourth we can finally reach Havana and this is something that youll see in an upcoming video Music Music steam train boiler explosion Immerse yourself deeper into the world of Assassins Creed IV Black Flag with this new gameplay video with commentary from Game Director, Ashraf Ismail. 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