Assassins Creed Black Flag in 2021: Was It Really THAT Good?

How to turn off steam overlayseasoning steamed brussel sprouts ASSASSIN’S CREED® IV BLACK FLAG™ steam before assassins creed valhalla was even  revealed i set out to replay the entire   series last year i fell a little short on my  goal but one game stood out above the rest   after replaying seven ac games it was clear to me assassins creed iv black flag  is my favorite of them all hey guys jv here and today  im sharing my 2021 review of   black flag be sure to subscribe and hit  the bell for more videos just like this this video is sponsored by opera gx the  worlds first browser built for gamers   its tailored specifically for the gaming  community opera gx is especially useful for   pc gamers because of gx control which maximizes  game performance while the browser is running   you can keep multiple tabs open play music or  watch my videos while youre playing opera gx has   limiters to control the hit on your cpu and ram  maximizing frames and performance it even has a   network 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colors it just breaks  the darkness of the night and looks great its   got a free vpn adaptive background music and even  a way to clean out old browser files do yourself   a favor and download opera gx now using the link  in the description and the pinned comment below this is not an uncommon opinion and i know that  lots of people say black flag is their favorite   game but going in i did not expect to feel  this way afterwards fresh off of replaying   the ezio games i assumed id be disappointed  with all of the ways that black flag changes   the formula less parkour less stealth action  no modern day protagonist no doomsday plotline   this is where the series shifted some say  it began after ezio with assassins creed   3 but i like to divide the series by modern  day plots where assassins creed 1 through   3 is desmond ac4 is their research analyst unity  and syndicate is the helix initiate era and then   origins in odyssey is another thing entirely black  flag takes what it means to be an assassins creed   game and flips it on its head it challenges those  conventions involving a lot of what we expected   from the series up to that point black flag  had a lot to prove too it was a cross-gen title   it had to re-establish the modern day post-desmond  and it had to mix things up in a time when people   heavily criticized this series for not innovating  ubisoft montreal took many risks but came out   on the other side with what i feel is one  of the most fun ac games still to this day this pair of legs is john one of the wizards  in i.t hes just fixing something for you   not fixing calibrating calibrating right before  we dive into the simulation part of the story   lets talk about modern day this was my least  favorite part of black flag when it first came out   the idea that we were employed by abstergo to  search through desmonds memories felt a little   too cute to me i thought im the protagonist  now playing in first person this is ridiculous   in 2014 i was still holding on to that desmond  bias really tightly i had never known an   assassins creed game without him so i couldnt  stand the entire concept of the research analyst   even after replaying im not the biggest fan  of the noob but i do have to give ub credit   for fully committing to the direction that they  chose the sages existing throughout history the   instruments of will and the revelation that juno  is stuck in the gray is genuinely compelling to   this day say what you will about the execution but  i think these concepts are still solid and since   theres no real present present-day protagonist  the focus is fully on jons attempt to resurrect   and unleash juno into the world speaking directly  to juno is an incredible moment that stands out   compared to the rest of the present-day sequences  yubi really had something here in terms of   continuing the overarching conflict which makes it  even more disappointing when you know how junos   arc ends still you can see the makings of a solid  modern day story arc to follow up desmonds and i   appreciate that self-contained within this game  it does work that being said i dont think the   connection between the animus and the modern  day is nearly as strong as it was before in the   desmond games were playing through the important  parts of his ancestors memories to find pieces   of eden so that the assassins can locate them in  present day you dont know that immediately its   slowly revealed and we fully understand by ac2  but its clear we know whats going on most of   the time in black flag the motivation for playing  through edwards memories is less impactful to   me youre told that youre a research analyst for  abstergos entertainment products when in reality   youre being used by the templars to search for  precursor sites and pieces of eden specifically   the observatory and the crystal skull early on we  are recruited by john standish to work with the   assassins but we dont learn until the very end  that jon is the sage using us to resurrect juno   were basically this helpless pawn trapped between  a rock and a hard place but for some reason   juno isnt strong enough to exist in the physical  form so jons backup plan is to poison us and use   our body as a shell for juno to inhabit abstergo  shoots him dead the research analyst survives and   the templars seem to be none the wiser about the  assassins or the sages involvement the issue for   me is that its harder to draw a through  line between these plots our time in the   animus doesnt feel as relevant in the present  day because were not acting on the information   were gathering to further the assassins cause  in the desmond games anytime we locate an apple   of eden and his ancestors memories that moved the  plot forward lucy and the gang actually traveled   to the location where the apple was to grab  it we dont get that kind of follow through in   black flag there is a small bit of dialogue from  sean and rebecca about making progress after the   credits roll but this just isnt enough for me  i would have liked to see a more active approach   maybe we escape abstergo after jons death grab  his blood and then meet up with the assassins at   the observatory in jamaica to secure the precursor  site also the whole juno isnt strong enough thing   feels like a cop-out to string her story over  the next several games i understand why ubisoft   would want to slowly unravel this plot and if  they wanted to do it now was their opportunity   after desmonds death but i dont think it works  because this was the sixth game in this series   it feels a little like putting the genie back in  the bottle or putting the rabbit back into the hat   whatever expression you want to use at this point  and it ultimately felt frustrating not seeing   meaningful plot movement in the present day  but this does have the unintended advantage   of making me care a lot more about edwards  story so much so that being yanked out of the   animus after every sequence is even more jarring  thats a sensation we feel in almost every ac game   but here its magnified i just wanted to get  back to edward and see where he was on his   personal journey i found myself caring about the  ancestor storyline more than any other up to this   point and its hard for me to complain because  of how incredible the story is within the animus you have remarkable skills thanks mate it comes  natural but your churl is an arrogant prancing   around in a uniform that you have not earned  everything is permitted isnt that your motto   i absolve you of your errors in havana  and elsewhere but you are not welcome here edward kenway does not become an assassin until  pretty much the very end of the game while we get   to where the outfit were not exactly on good  terms with the brotherhood most of the time   this was shocking to me after not touching black  flag in years if you look at the previous games   one of the biggest criticisms for assassins  creed 3 is its lengthy prologue and for some   its the fact that conor doesnt get his  robes until sequence six edward changes   into his in the first 30 minutes so that  isnt a problem but he steps into the role   in a very non-assassin way he steals the  robes after killing an assassin turned templar   hoping they would lead him to whatever fortune  their former owner was seeking but despite the   hood and cloak edward doesnt earn the chance to  become an assassin until the very very end of the   game in fact hes exiled by mentor atubai early  on for selling out the assassins and leading the   templars to their caribbean headquarters with all  of this in mind it doesnt bother me that i never   get to play edward as an assassin to me this is  where ubisoft proved that they could deliver a   great assassins creed game without relying on  the assassin fantasy without the ceremony the   spectacle of what it means to be an assassin sure  you still feel that by using the hidden blades and   wearing the hood doing assassination missions but  so many other parts of black flag are distinctly   not assassin and yet it works for many reasons  first and foremost its due to the protagonist   and the decision to make black flag a  character-driven narrative edward is   just the best hes not driven by revenge at least  not in the way that we might attribute to ezio or   conor sure he goes after those who wrong him but  edwards primary struggle is with his undying   thirst for fortune or whatever that means in the  golden age of piracy in his nightmares we see that   hes haunted by the guilt of leaving his wife  to chase his dreams he spends the next decade   making selfish decisions seeking personal gain  at the expense of everyone around him he truly   does not understand the value of life most of  this game edward kills assassins in havana not   thinking twice about his actions until he is met  with the consequences when he is exiled by atsubai   he chases the opportunity of the sage instead  of listening to the advice of his close friend   adewale which ultimately drives him away it takes  losing everything for edward to finally hit rock   bottom going on a rum-fueled bender that sees him  emerge with better intentions on the other side   he knows hes made mistakes and he knows it wont  be easy to right his wrongs black flag manages to   weave edwards personal story of struggle into the  overarching assassins templars conflict while also   introducing the concept of the sages and giving us  interesting stories grounded within the era for me   this game is a narrative masterpiece i love edward  i love his character arc and in a lot of ways i   relate to his relentless pursuit of glory black  flag is one of very few games that has ever made   me relate on a personal level and for that i will  never forget it so much of the games success is   owed to the writing and the performances so many  parts of black flag work because of the narrative   because i care about edward and because i believe  that im him sailing around the caribbean in the   18th century because black flag has an absurdly  fantastic supporting cast adewale might just be   the best non-protagonist character in the entire  series he has his own character arc his own   motivations that he acts upon his own agency which  influences the narrative after he leaves edward to   face his own fate with roberts addie joins up with  the assassins in pursuit of a nobler cause and   then later on we get to see ade make his mark on  the world in freedom cry when he teams up with the   maroons to take down the haitian slave trade id  heard so many people say they wanted a full-length   ac game with ade as the protagonist and i never  understood why until now the next standout is mary   reed she introduces edward to the assassins and  sees the good in him despite his thirst for glory   no matter how many mistakes he makes her death  forces edward to really search his soul to abandon   his foolish pursuits to make amends with those  hes hurt and ultimately prove himself to the   brotherhood edward thatch and bonnie charles vane  hell even steed bonnet leaves a lasting impression   and hes only there for a couple sequences what  makes these characters shine is their agency they   all have their own pursuits and they act on them  theyre not treated as ancillary supporting pieces   to prop up the protagonist theyre real human  beings with complex emotions who make decisions   with or without edward those decisions have a  perceived impact on the world and the narrative   that right there is the key the difference  maker between black flags narrative and   most other ac games these characters wouldnt  have come off that way without great performances hey will you sell it from  under my nose work with me   and use it to bolster our game whatever  improves my lot in life how ridiculous   a merry life and a short one thats my  motto its all the optimism i can muster every single stinking piece of dialogue in this  video game is a pleasure to listen to it feels   authentic it feels appropriate the accents are  particularly striking to me it took me a couple   hours on my replay to understand what the hell  these people were saying because english sounded   a little bit different back then and that comes  through the colloquialisms the metaphors the   cadence of speech its all baked into the script  and the voice actors just absolutely kill it the   standouts for me begin obviously with matt ryan  as edward kenway i didnt realize until after i   looked it up for this video but this performance  is so compelling because edward is played by a   welshman born in swansea the same exact place  edward is from compared to every other assassin   yes even ezio matt ryans performance just  hits different same goes for mary reed played   by olivia morgan at first mary plays the part of  the mysterious character that introduces edward   to the assassins but she doesnt just disappear or  fade into obscurity she remains a close friend of   edward always acting as the angel on his shoulder  pushing him towards the light she is essential to   edwards arc over the course of the game and  i cant imagine black flag without her or her   performance another standout is oliver milburn who  plays the sage john bartholomew roberts no matter   where edwards pursuits lead him anytime black  bart is on the screen he commands it roberts lives   and dies by his code a merry life and a short one  and milburn does an excellent job of bringing this   historical figure to life with a psychotic spin as  the sage we have to talk about the memory corridor   scenes in black flag they are absolutely  positively brilliant these monologues dive   deep into the philosophies of each and every one  of edwards kills these targets expose themselves   in distinct ways unique to their ideals and  intentions but always circling back to that   classic assassin templar debate these two  factions seek the same goal but go about it   in different ways this is another place where  you get to see the narrative direction on full   display edwards targets arent saturday morning  cartoon villains theyre not caricatures theyre   imperfect humans whose goals happen to collide  with edwards quest for glory and for a long time   edward doesnt buy into all this assassin templar  guff he openly admits that hes only killing these   people for coin not to achieve the assassins  goals torres final words stick in my mind the most   you have no family anymore no friends no future  your losses are far greater than ours that may be   but killing you rights a far  greater wrong than ever i did   you honestly believe that you would see all of  mankind corralled into a neatly furnished prison   safe and sober yet dulled beyond reason and sapped  of all spirit so i with everything ive seen and   learned in these last years i do believe it  you wear your convictions well they suit you he recognizes the change in edward and with  nothing left to lose he praises him this is   not a string of dialogue you get from a villain  in most video games i dont think that torres   is a particularly memorable villain but the way  he speaks certainly is theres just a level of   depth here that gives me goosebumps after every  assassination what sells these narrative moments   further is the excellent animation and mocap while  i wont pretend that these are groundbreaking   technically the facial animations are impressive  given how many cutscenes are in this game similar   to the ezio trilogy theres a handcrafted feel  to every emotion expressed by these characters   they dont look just like real life but they  do hold up and are effective nonetheless if you   guys remember i criticized assassins creed 3s  cinematics after my replay for a number of reasons   it felt like the side effect of transitioning  to a modified engine ub resolves all of those   issues in black flag the cut scenes the animation  everything is much more effective here as a result and all me the most common piece of criticism  for black flags story is the pacing   and i get where people are coming from at  times it feels like edward is wandering   aimlessly doing random piratey things and  only brushing shoulders with the templars   versus assassins conflict edward says  it best i want a taste of the good life   an easy life my least favorite parts come  after edward assassinates laurens prince in   kingston when we spend a couple of sequences with  blackbeard and charles vane in the prototypical   assassin storyline edward would have joined  the brotherhood when mary brought him to tulum   but that didnt happen because edward had  to learn from his actions so the next few   sequences are spent chasing the sage and wasting  away living the pirate life but these arent   just for character building these stories are  vital to edwards arc he chooses to pursue the   sage for his own personal gain and every action  he takes is met with consequences he chooses to   trust calico jack and the result is that he  ends up stranded on an island he chooses to   trust black bart and the result is that he lands  in jail he chooses the sage over the assassins   multiple times and in the end he cant save mary  its only after he confronts his mistakes at the   bottom of a bottle that he rises up to become the  assassin mary believed he could be for years ive   been rushing around taking whatever i fancied  not giving a tinkers curse for those i hurt   yet here i am with riches and reputation  feeling no wiser than when i laughed home yet when i turn around look at the course ive run theres not a man or woman that  i love left standing beside me   edwards transformation is so satisfying that  it makes those earlier sequences feel essential   they were part of his story and he wouldnt be  who he was without them we wouldnt love this   game as much as we do if we hadnt played through  them some of the very best scenes in black flag   come at the very end as irish and bonnie sings the  parting glass edward says goodbye to his friends   those who betrayed him and those who stuck  by him he meets the daughter he never knew he   had and sails to england years of guilt  haunted edwards dreams and it feels like he   only just now confronts them while talking to  jenny i really have nothing of value to add here   other than this scene made me cry happy tears  when you have to stop for a moment to get your   __ together after you load back into the world  post credits you know a game has had a profound   impact on you to put a bow on the narrative  discussion black flag blew me away with its story possibly i had a hand in selling a sensitive  document to one of those templar chats youre   so fond of congratulations your mission  was a success how can i make amends   youre super enough for target  fashion anything for a lady   during my replay of the series ive been  focusing on side missions to see how much care   and attention is given to the optional content  black flag has its share of activities and for   the most part theyre pretty well done of course  you have millions of chests and animus fragments   these feel like doing the ubisoft collect-a-thon  routine because they dont offer much value   sure it can be fun to sail from island to island  for these but the motivation for this kind of   gameplay feels dated the assassination and  naval contracts are pretty cookie cutter too   i didnt go out of my way to do them all because  theyre pretty service level however diving bells   stand out to me because of how unique they  are within the franchise and the variety i got   from each and every one these offer exploration  spaces that leave you completely vulnerable to   sharks eels urchins and jellyfish i didnt finish  every diving bell because theres so many but i   appreciate how grounded these feel in the setting  and the pirate fantasy theres hunting which feels   like a holdover from ac3 and a means to an end for  the crafting progression the harpooning minigame   really shines to me again its very grounded in  the setting its unlike anything in the series   to date and no matter how many times i hauled  in a whale i was really excited to do it the my   installate puzzles feel like a lighter version of  the truth but i had a fun time searching for these   across each island what stuck out most to me were  the templar hunts if you caught me streaming black   flag this is the one thing i couldnt shut up  about a couple months ago i played the homestead   missions in ac3 for the first time and i came  away really impressed but i have to say black   flags templar hunts take the cake for me theyre  short and sweet but like the rest of the game   these characters are memorable the best part  is that they connect back to the main narrative   after selling a map to the templars at the very  beginning of the game edward tracks down the   assassins whose names were listed as targets  to warn them in the process he makes amends   with the assassins and locates the keys to unlock  the templar armor along the way we get to do what   feels like some classic assassins creed missions  theres a bit of investigation some trailing   missions bureau defense theyre all so much fun  to me these templar hunts fit in with the da vinci   missions and the homestead missions as some of the  very best ac site activities in the entire series youre a natural sailor duncan i did a  decent trick at the helm some time ago   two years before the mast as a privateer dash my  buttons your life seems a grand one if i may say   so full of adventure how marvelous black flag has  one of the best open worlds in a series that is   known for really good open worlds it takes place  during the golden age of piracy when the british   spanish french and portuguese were all active in  the caribbean the way this game represents nearly   every side of this era including the slaves and  the native populations does so much to immerse you   in this culturally diverse historical environment  i cant begin to describe what it does for this   world to hear english voices in british occupied  nasa and then being able to sail to principe to   hear portuguese accents again it just gives an air  of authenticity that i appreciate the hell out of   in 2014 black flags ocean and water effects  were really impressive and even now in 2020 they   still impress me theres something so special  about cruising the open seas with your crew   adjusting the sails to maneuver the caribbean  navigating rogue waves dodging waterspouts all   these details the many small things contribute to  the sun to make sailing such a pleasant experience   by the end i realized not only is sailing a  blast in black flag its very assassins creed   navigation has always been at the heart of ac  for me parkour is platforming in a 3d open world   you make decisions on how to go from point a  to point b and its satisfying to learn how   to move efficiently even if you end up jumping  off buildings to your death every now and then   we still have parkour and black flag but its  far less of a focus due to the setting and the   environment instead sailing fills that void  it provides engaging navigation in a different   form you get to soak in a beautiful world while  listening to the sounds of the ocean you can steer   your ship to any island in the game drop anchor  hop out and swim to the shore to explore now there   are loading screens for big cities but it still  feels magical in that open world sort of way just   how far you can travel without hitting a loading  screen seals the deal further i wont pretend that   sailing is the same as platforming but it adds  something in place of parkour that at times feels   arguably better its strange because youd think  opening fire on ships boarding and sinking them   would clash with the prototypical assassin fantasy  this made me realize how big machines and vehicles   have always played a part in this series outside  of the very first game i tend to think that the   assassin fantasy means following the creed to a t  dont kill civilians hide in plain sight and never   compromise the brotherhood in reality ezio uses  leonardos machines to do some crazy __ in   the italian renaissance connor helms the aquila in  the battle of chesapeake bay there are countless   other examples but the point is that assassins  use the tools of their time to further their goals   that is exactly what edward adewale and others  do in the west indies but theyre doing it more   often where those activities represented small  side missions in previous games sailing is   central to this experience and it works battling  ships of countries corrupted by templars makes   all the sense in the world as does capturing their  forts and all of the other ship activities in the   game before i touch on the few flaws that i think  this game has i need to mention the soundtrack   its something that i often overlook when i talk  about games the sea shanties are amazing we all   know that but the score and theme for black flag  do so much for this game too especially the animus   loading screens that underwater sort of bubbling  sound effect every time you pause the game or   hit a loading screen it does so much for the  atmosphere never once did i think how important   menu music was before this game made me realize  it and the music in between action sequences and   playing behind cut scenes it just makes everything  work i wish i had the musical expertise to tell   you exactly why this is so effective but  for now ill just say that it is i love it a precious tool you see sorcery thats what  it is not so every mechanism that gives this   device its light is a true and physical thing  ancient yes but nothing supernatural or strange   well be masters of the ocean with that up to this  point ive praised pretty much everything about   this game black flag is my favorite but its  not perfect combat stealth and parkour are not   great in this game but they feel like results  of you be trying to make do with anvil next   every game using this version of the engine feels  slightly janky in places like fitting a square   peg into a round hole where ac3s cut scenes  arent the best assassins creed 4s combat   feels like it takes a few steps back nearly  all combat audio is out of sync gunshots sword   slices death noises they all seem to activate  like a second after you see them on screen to this day you can boot it up right now and  experience this its bizarre this is something   that never got patched so i assume its an issue  with the engine itself i got used to it but it   still detracts from my overall experience what  also bugs me is the combat animations sometimes   edward puts on a show and slices his victims about  80 million times before killing them in ac3 conor   gets carried away too but its more clear when  you could chain into the next attacker i dont   get that with black flag theres just no flow and  it could be because i just didnt get the timing   right but it didnt work for me more often than  not i resorted to pulling out my four pistols and   shooting everyone on the spot dont get me wrong  that is still fun but its just not as engaging to   me stealth is also an issue mostly because of the  environment while yubi added stalking zones which   improved stealth a lot from ac3 buildings and  cover are still too spread out this didnt feel   as much of a problem in the older games because  you could blend with crowds there was a bunch   of environmental stuff and buildings you could  use to break line of sight but in this game the   fact that i cant crouch down in place and have  to rely on those spread out blend objects makes   doing anything stealthily pretty frustrating more  than any other assassins creed game i felt more   comfortable just mowing through enemies this is  still in the counter kill era of assassins creed   combat and it kind of was okay with me because  edwards a pirate hes got these guns it just   makes sense parkour isnt great either in fact it  might be at an all-time worst here i wouldnt say   its due to there not being enough opportunities  to climb because there are plenty of cities and   jungle environments that offer interesting parkour  but like assassins creed 3 the setting doesnt   facilitate a ton of climbing youre spending so  much time out on the ocean that parkour becomes   a thing that you occasionally do its not  central to the gameplay loop for that reason   i can understand why yubi didnt focus on it  still i found myself leaping off of buildings   and shipmasts to my death at least a dozen times  over 30 plus hours and you all know how that feels   it would have been nice to have better  parkour for the times that i was doing it youre a good man edwards and if you learn to  keep settled in one place for more than a week   youll make a fine father too despite its issues black flag is a gem in this  series most of us can agree on that this game   proved that ubisoft could do something different  with assassins creed and succeed they didnt   need a revenge plot they succeeded by telling the  personal journey of someone who didnt deserve to   be an assassin until they earned it they didnt  need heavy parkour and stealth action they took   sailing and created a satisfying gameplay loop  to compensate they didnt need to rely on the   assassin fantasy they bucked that trend and leaned  into the setting yubi built a complete experience   around the pirate fantasy and came away with  one of the most fun acs to date black flag is a   masterful video game and despite its issues  theres not much i would change about it   after my replay i started to think about black  flags legacy its one of the most beloved ac   games but i have no doubt this game is one of  many reasons ubisoft felt comfortable rebooting   the series after unity and syndicate why not take  the idea of black flag of evolving on the formula   and push it a couple steps further weve now  seen the results of what that looks like with   origins in odyssey and its produced some of the  most controversial games of the series while some   fans have welcomed that change others have not and  now that valhalla is out its even clearer to me   that one of the reasons black flag still  feels like that old assassins creed is   because it was a product of its time while its  not the perfect example of the assassin fantasy   you can pick up black flag today and feel like  youre playing one of the older games it still   sticks to the classic formula in terms of counter  kill combat and parkour however sticky or unclean   it might be you get to captain a ship you get  to shoot cannonballs you get to do piratey stuff   but you also get to wield dual hidden blades and  blend into crowds you get to wear the hood in and   out of combat you get to go on assassination  missions black flag manages to do both without   sacrificing too much on either side its kind  of the perfect balance and for that reason   above all else it still stands as my very favorite  game in the entire franchise this project has been   in the works for such a long time so i wanted to  thank you guys if you made it this far so much for   watching the video i really hope you enjoyed and  if you havent already remember to subscribe to   my channel im definitely going to revisit lots  of other games in this franchise and talk about   new ones in this sort of format so if youre  interested remember to hit the bell to receive   live notifications so you dont miss those videos  you can also follow me on social media im at jv   on yt and on instagram i post little  videos about the games that im playing and   screenshots and really keep you guys up to date on  content so thats a great place to follow me and   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(NEW Isu Bow and Odin Runes) ► Assassins Creed Valhalla DLC Leak and NEW AC India Rumors! ► - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - About jayveeonYT: News, reactions, and gameplay of all the biggest RPGs, open world, and action-adventure video games! Jayvee covers Assassins Creed, Cyberpunk, Fallout, and more! - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag is an action-adventure video game developed by Ubisoft Montreal and published by Ubisoft. It is the sixth major installment in the Assassins Creed series. Its historical timeframe precedes that of Assassins Creed III (2012), though its modern-day sequences succeed IIIs own. Black Flag was first released for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Wii U in October 2013 and a month later for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows. It was released on the Nintendo Switch as part of Assassins Creed: The Rebel Collection alongside Assassins Creed Rogue in December 2019. The plot is set in a fictional history of real-world events and follows the centuries-old struggle between the Assassins, who fight for peace with free will, and the Templars, who desire peace through control. The framing story is set in the 21st century and describes the player as an Abstergo agent. The main story is set in the 18th century Caribbean during the Golden Age of Piracy, and follows notorious Welsh pirate Edward Kenway, grandfather and father of Assassins Creed III protagonist Ratonhnhaké:ton and antagonist Haytham Kenway, respectively, who stumbles upon the Assassin/Templar conflict. The attempted establishment of a Republic of Pirates utopia (free from either British or Spanish rule) is a significant plot element. Unlike previous games, gameplay elements focus more on the ship-based exploration of the seamless open world map, while also retaining the series third-person land-based exploration, melee combat, and stealth system. Multiplayer also returns, albeit with only land-based modes and settings. The games setting spans the West Indies with the three main cities of Havana, Nassau, and Kingston, along with numerous islands, sunken ships, and forts. Players have the option to harpoon large sea animals and hunt land animals. For the first time in the series, naval exploration is a major part of an Assassins Creed game, where Edward Kenway captains the Jackdaw, a brig he captures from a Spanish fleet in an early game mission. Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag received critical acclaim and was one of the best-selling games of 2013, with over 15 million copies sold as of 2020. Critics praised the massive open world gameplay, numerous side-quests, graphics, and improved naval combat. The light-hearted pirate theme and engaging story were well received by critics. The modern-day story, however, received a slightly more mixed response, while criticism fell on aspects of the historical story missions which were considered repetitive. The game received several awards and nominations, including winning the Spike VGX 2013 award for Best Action Adventure Game. It was followed by Assassins Creed Unity and Assassins Creed Rogue in November 2014. Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag is an action-adventure, stealth game set in an open world environment and played from a third-person perspective. The game features three main cities; Havana, Kingston, and Nassau, which reside under Spanish, British, and pirate influence, respectively.9 #ACBlackFlag #AssassinsCreed #jayvee duck game free steam key warzone 2 on steam or battlenet steaming cup of coffee game stuck at 100 steam nexus mod manager steam deck