ERENS DEATH! | Attack on Titan 2 (AOT 2) Gameplay Walkthrough Part 4 (PS4/PC)

Counter strike nexon studio this game requires steamis there a way to refund a game on steam ATTACK ON TITAN 2 - A.O.T.2 game yo whats going on guys when Im so G of X and welcome back to some more attack on time 2 on the PlayStation 4 hi guys I want to apologize that I havent been really recording too much content on this game I dont weve uploaded three parts already to the series but by now normally I would have been up like maybe like up to like part six seven or eight even so again I apologize that its going slower than usual but I dont know being a little bit iffy the game is good but its just Ive been feeling a little bit iffy about other things aside from this game so nothing really to major its just our favoritism in the community with these PR people if you will for these games but anyways oh excuse me just my bad about that but it is what it is so I noticed that um aside from the mini-map being all kinds of  __  up right theres the distress call and the dash button on the bottom right hand corner so thats nice that we can dash around the map I would I would have wished it they actually told us that but its okay because they have you know like buttons on the HUD that you actually can see that you can press so I am gonna press the l1 button for the distress call I dont know what that is you need to be online or what what is it distress call is that like Monster Hunters like SOS supposedly equivalency excuse me where like a monster hunter of you shooter SOS flare while youre doing an expedition or a hunt people will come to your aid and help you out maybe thats what the distress call is right alright anyways um really quickly lets go ahead and talk to this guy here blah blah blah you can now handle more equipment into that supply station okay cool lets see if we can upgrade no we still cant upgrade our spirit blade into the sphere plate - well lets see if we can build something maybe even better then out the spirit oh my god yeah we can definitely build this reinforced blade version I think right it says it needs 1 out of 5 because we currently have five I think and then what else can we build that soon this is new but yo this right here can we like alright so the the the equipment set is agility + 3 I build this you are about to procure yes oh yeah I could you see so its gonna you quipped that its definitely a lot more powerful than what we have on right now which is the the regular blade actually its not all too much powerful but the blade length and durability goes up all the while retaining our sharpness I think its an okay investment as far as everything else I think Im gonna get the reinforced equipment I think its a lot better than the spirit stuff so lets go ahead and see if we can just pull on a full set of the reinforced gear yikes right the anchor range goes down by so much of the omron omnidirectional reinforced gear here I think Im not gonna focus on the set bonus yeah I think Im not gonna focus on it I think Im just gonna leave this as this right Im gonna keep the spirit one that I have right now because this one is is yikes right the anchor range goes down by so so so much so were just gonna keep it as is and well leave that beer alright so lets go out and do this friendship event real quick and then well dive into the actual next sequence of events here okay so I dont get it there havent been Titans inside the walls for years why now lets go ahead and say lets destroy them all right oh my god Connie is such a wuss that actually didnt even like effect Connie at all like he was like oh yeah really this yeah lets do it um that we didnt like get our friendship level up with him at all but its okay yeah its quite a move oh yes sir lets get this show on the road guys Music Music so they were communicate cause in the photo Kurt Imel a day or two to hidden log a camp Julie oh sure hon - Kira who will to donate and give us your more than Ossetian ultimate inner core steel and then throw the whole nice texture but thats not the brownie I come on - let it go my birthday hon no kuiba thank you hide it see its Gussie let us know that Ive asked them I dont you know I need ten in okapi nuts itll skip him down well cut them down oh my god she started like talk soon a night karate Cinderella Monaco second style no no no our armor isnt slick at all look at armor in the background just looking at uh you know Aarons behind over youre like yup I can tell I can definitely tell that our Aarons Buddhist Maximus right oh I gotta see what my boy Armand is observing every inch of Aarons body I say no Music Christopher no no Music alright guys so chapter 1 episode 2 first battle were gonna dive right into this all right so forming your team some allies can be added to your team do this by approaching the desired character and pressing the circle button you can deploy with up to four team members at your side encountering more will require you to use the left up right down on the d-pad button to select the current member and then switch him /her out if you would rather keep your team roster unchanged simply press the square of the circle but excuse me to cancel soldier strength varies signified by ranks D to s plus seek out strong members to build the ultimate dream team I believe dont have to go over here for anything else so were just gonna go ahead and kill this guy off here Music its got a rendezvous with her but okay no I dont know its diving into a cutscene look at the video Titans little mini kid Titans oh  __  let myself be I messed up guys oh my god alright so I didnt go well actually read this first so sneak attacks you can sometimes rush in from a distance to pull off a sneak attack hold the r2 button to enter a telescopic view then press the left analog stick to take aim once your target is lined up hits a triangle button to charge towards your prey and well towards your prey at breakneck speed once the proximity press the triangle button to just start what oh well thats actually pretty cool I was looking at the the video my bad guys so once the proximity press the triangle button at just the right moment to unload an immensely damaging blow if detected for a significant length of time by the time while you are taking aim a danger zone will be triggered and your chain or excuse me your charge forward will be aborted this is a high-risk high-return maneuver use it with precaution something like that I dont know oh yes right Music were going to move this way guys Im gonna try to go to wherever the other times are at which is nowhere in sight what the hell Im gonna activate some of these things here its gonna go for a supply base so were some remainder two times man what the guys I must be going crazy or something because well I I guess those little things on the map or on the mini-map sir I say are the tines yeah they are so they literally showed us the tines before but now theyre not gonna show us the Titans right lets go out and see how this works out here were they at hold on lets go for a sneak attack and I went ahead and took too much time so lets do this again whats having closing the target make a world time blade attack dude you have to be really well timed with this look its not working out oh my god all right let me try it again guys this is gonna be something really true dude what the  __  like how quick do we have to do it like I tried really quickly and I tried really slow again its just isnt working input too soon you see that oh this is gonna be a very very tricky maneuver man come on guys hold on this waste so much fuel dude lets go ahead and put our blade off sharpeners back up here oh god what finally got it man Im not gonna be using this move at all too often right that move took us forever to actually execute goddamn thats my guess we got to go ahead and eliminate all the Titans here thats what were gonna go ahead and do Music Music you know what its only got uh so go back I already talked about Mastodon up okay so a smoke signal has been spotted I guess thats like a support mission Im not sure thats the main objective or what oh yeah you see side mission same thing as it was an attack on Titan one so the battlefield is a purl perilous excuse me place and you may come across smoke signals from friends in need reaching their locations will trigger side missions know however that smoke signals are prone to disappear over time completing a side mission will earn you a Construction signal other benefits include gaining access to powerful and team members direction of item replenishing bases and more Music this guy should be dead here okay not if theyre gonna take this free time like that I thought by having those two attack while we got a poor anger off of that execution back there guys oh my god this game sometimes I this is so confusing Isis make our way to the other individual here that we need to help actually me takes care of some of these baby Titans so weird right surprise I got that off but I thought they were gonna tell us like Oh bad angle right just like they told us before I didnt tell Connie to go yeah there we go finally Connie so were go ahead and um refuel here well try to make it to like a station so that we can get like some more supplies before we actually make our way to the the excuse me support mission like right along here Music here we go alright cool so now were gonna go ahead and use the blade replenish here and lets go ahead and hit for the smoke signal I find like its so weird to actually commentate like fluidly in this game because like unless youre actually like really in in in tune with like the gameplay mechanics and just swinging around like spider-man effectively its gonna be somewhat of a challenge so I apologize that um you know the gameplay commentary might not be all too good but I will definitely improve on it as time does come all right guys Wow this thats actually kind of beefy I think she should be dead here though there we go I see another car the construction signal Music all right so no saw a smoke signal detected on the battlefield I didnt even see where that was we got a head for the smoke signal okay so this is like a main objective right here what the hell so buddy action types one there exists a Verity of a buddy actions look to your team members icons to determine what type of buddy action each character wields oh I see I see I see some of them are attacks some of them are actually like flash grenades and stuff like that so members with a sword icon will use their initiative to launch assaults members with like I guess two sword icons or the sword up icon or a red soar icon will put off coordinate attacks with you and members with a like net icon will try to capture Titans members what are you flash no excuse me icon will use flash grenades and members with a healing icon will help heal injuries additionally if youre caught by a Titan a members icon can change to like a shield heart if this happens you can press anything on the d-pad button and hold the l1 button to have that member fly to your aid Music its so annoying man why see oh no there we go we actually finally use that wall running mechanic right hi guys so were gonna keep on going I dont think we can use this resupply station back here but its alright I dont think we need to resupply anyways oh yeah I actually missed that one there we go Im surprised I got the gold elimination back there right like we absolutely missed the initial attack on the nape Music Music all right so Im just making my way to just do real quick so that we can possibly get him as a support if thats the case Ill be great because I believe he might be a better ranking Dan we got a poor angle off there so I believe you might be a better ranking you know cadet than any of the ones that we have on our team right now or maybe he might just give us like a base item let me go okay well yeah we did get forces gained um where is he though he joins a team but my team is full what the  __  have you played man somebody died on the mat boys you guys see that in the mini-map and said deaf boy been people while youre dying and stuff on these trees man she was trash guys to trash anyways we should be alright to head back over here and do what it is that we need to do all right so limited in time Italians excuse me within the vicinity so lets go ahead and do just that that Titans dead its quite a make our way to this one down over here oh my god we keep getting these poor angles right alright luckily enough I think was Connie that I had told to execute on that tie-in and he did just that there we go guys spun attack the head now or all the nature I say thats gonna be a poor angle right here but  __  what does it matter man the site was getting too much vision on me so I use a flash grenade back there our guys go ahead and just actually refuel here and get away at ASAP because were right next this Titan dude all right then well go ahead and sharpen our blade again arias Lee lets go back out here now whatever coconut has been seen in Malaga okay so we cannot restock from the trust district headquarters so John or Jean as you guys like to call him and das have left the battlefield to help on the front line and we can replenish gas and blades in preparation for the italians attack so we already did that and now this is a stress signal down over there but thats not the main one all right I mean I guess so even though this is a support mission here theyre making it mandatory so whats the point in calling this a support mission right might as well just call it army objective at this point all right guys lets go ahead and just say well tell Connie its you need to attack down over there there we go its actually little distractions I was gonna call my phone and was my mom she probably wants me to vote on the e or something but Im recording me okay so the our trailer is now level three I guess and then the garrison soldier actually left the battlefield but what now all right good I feel like there really like just like overextending and prolonging this whole area and sequence of events for no reason at all like doing the same thing over and over again here all right so a large sign has appeared this guy actually has a Colton labo around him and his arms were growing green you guys already know hes a Green Lantern either that or hes off of those uh stop with those hot steroid injection right I dont really know all right lets go ahead and eliminate the large side but like I said the game the game this game is fun I find it fun but like something theyve notice about all like the poi games is that theyre super repetitive like I I dont know thats just my opinion though you know all right so lets see this so fighting powerful Titans sometimes are significantly stronger than most engaging them will bring up health and stamina gauges at the top of the screen they also have weak spots which flash green expect a challenge though these signs boost or oh excuse me boast much more health than your standard specimen by reducing a strong time stamina to zero they will briefly become defenseless you can zap their stamina in the following ways excuse me attacking a weak spot landing a hook drive exhaustion to tie in by forcing it to run around for example so I had to just move around we need to target his arms its fine until these guys here to attack throw that flash grenade there as well and then well go back in here real quick actually the flash grenade I think was actually doing damage him Im attacking his arm for no reason right now because hes literally no stamina and weak but lets go ahead and stay down over here and replenish here oh god hes gonna grab me oh my god he grabbed me oh no its the first time Italian grab we met oh so cool okay lets go I didnt um people up here lets sharpen our blade this guys gonna target me lets get out of here but we got him that was a frickin bronze execution because of the fact that he actually grabbed me but hey man what can you do about it right lucky enough though for us there is a all right now we can attack good thing there is the like an artillery right here there isnt really right there so thats actually helping us out a lot this guy is like super super beefy lets go ahead and use a flash again cuz I think the flash actually oh nevermind either the flash went ahead and dropped his stamina automatically but it absolutely is not doing that in actuality this guys week on his uh his left light I mean its right like its using right there so let me tell these guys to attack while Im me jet in here right this guys actually attacking me were gonna have to be careful here there has to be a really good material that on it is on his legs right here excuse me were gonna go ahead and keep on going guys I want to get whatever is on his leg right here dude I want to get whatever is on his leg Im telling you bro whatever is here were gonna get here we go got whatever Zions leg well go ahead and attack its nape now and that was a poor angle again were another poor ankle oh yeah though were about to get a superlight um silver a subjugation on this guy guys these cannibals from the artillery are just doing work right now alright successfully eliminated large sigh and we didnt even get a ranking for that guy game boarding banishment at least got the item on him though ah sure they got Thomas ah see they got Aaron thats how it was looking at me like whats poppin Music now come on a crew at a tournament Music yeah Oh Music Applause Music Applause Music Applause Music Applause Music Music alright guys we actually did not get an extract this is our first time getting an a-rank I mean I guess its fine I didnt really go around attacking 20 times and you know we could have done a lot better in terms of the timing I guess not really right we got a rank for the overall time but I feel as though we did things as quickly as we should have so yeah I dont know I think from now on we might be getting a lot of a ranks probably not a lot of X ranks because Im telling you right now like Im not really big on the whole like its just I dont know I feel like every time has like a bunch of enemies for you to fight like dinosaurs for example right and its like Im not big on that I just wanted to like defeat whatever I needed to fee and go on with my date right um so yeah like I said we might you know we might defeat a couple of times here and there but otherwise if theres a main objective in our clear view and within our sights thats what Im going to go ahead and do Im not gonna get sidetracked too much by killing off any like side Titans or whatever the case may be but it says over here we can now use John or Jean whatever gonna call them in another mode okay so wonder if all my comrades are okay so were back here why does the mini-map look so messed up like what is that intention or what right that cant be intention I hope thats addressed by a patch or something because the the icons that signifies you know the shops exclamation mark the friendship event those are all HD and crystal clear and fine and visible but everything else in the mini-map its just like what what is this its like a poor like version of a game right guys its like youre playing on the like 240p version of like attack on titan too but every guys wouldnt end this video here thanks so much for watching hopefully you guys enjoyed it if you did please be sure to support the video by dropping like always Music hey Joey how to see how much money you spent on steam Attack on Titan 2 AOT 2 Gameplay Walkthrough Part 4 for the PS4/PC in 1080p HD. Watch Part 1 here: ►Attack on Titan 2 (AOT 2) Playlist: Attack on Titan 2 (進撃の巨人 2 Shingeki no Kyojin 2?) is a game in development by Koei Techmo and Omega Force and is due for release by in the US on March 20, 2018. The game has been confirmed for the PS4 and Xbox One platforms with improved visuals and frame rate for PS4 Pro and Xbox One X, as well as Playstation Vita (Japan only), Nintendo Switch, and Steam. *DISCOUNTS* ►Get 10% off your Loot Crate Anime w. Coupon Code: Vexx ►Follow me on Instagram: ►Follow me on Twitter: ►Follow me on Facebook: ►Follow me on ►For Sponsorships or Endorsements: Email me -- Check my Channels About Me section for my complete business email. ►Royalty Free Music and Sound Effects from: ---- The games story will follow the second season of the anime. Co-op play is expected to be available for all regions for the worldwide release. It will also feature original stories supervised by Hajime Isayama. The players base camp will be bigger this time and have more character interaction. Attack on Titan 2 has 37 playable characters from both seasons of the anime. The player will also have the option to create their own custom character of either gender. There are a variety of faces and hairstyles to choose from, and sliders to adjust height and facial features. Furthermore, the player can customize the color of their characters outfit, with individual articles of clothing being adjusted independently of each other. After character creation, the character is dropped in game to face Keith Sadies as their military instructor. The player can choose from multiple dialogue options when speaking with him. Custom characters will be able to play through stories from both Season 1 and Season 2 of the anime. The player is asked to create a character who will go on to join the Scout Regiment with the rest of the cast. Story Mode covers the first two seasons of the anime and takes place from the custom characters point of view. Cut scenes may present the player with different dialogue options and the custom character is allowing to mingle with squadmates between missions. By improve friendship with their squadmates, the player can improve their effectiveness in battle. steam.powered car steam acount steam mop on vinyl plank steam won t let me download games steamed egg microwave