How to Get More Materials - AOT 2 Final Battle

How to open 2 steam games at onceextremerate steam deck ATTACK ON TITAN 2 - A.O.T.2 game Hi alright for you to do the task on the data channel, yeah 1D will play Attack of the developed a. And you have to unlock kids and berthold so you can deploy the scott with bertholdt and Kids in your Squad Okay Kids to get its adjust level up your expenses adjust level of your room ya so just come here in here now room just women and dan expert the best beaches in the world room level 8 level Five and than you go to here to the Men and the distress call Which is the recruit Valentia sulbi unlock if you live updates ada worum expand by the word room until Eva found love this and you keep pontir until you get Kids Okay after i get Kids you can Put him in the sword like this so Amai custom characters Eni Put the Kids On My Squad and iPod hold on misquoted Darto can be found in the mission sho wed them when you the mission in the Territory recovery mode heel soap randomly so when he should you finish the mission until you get it benar ok endezke Dwi God Will Be The One wahai nge-review level Up Kids with the Talk Hi with bertholdt ya guys berthold one level 3 Youll get the Frisky lesson Bounty what means freestyle freestyle means that the skills can be used d like to get the skills for your custom character you have to level up your custom character with Kids the shoulder level five of complete level between your custom character n Kids you will get elimination Bounty Okay Death skill its really useful for you because that animation bounty GPU 20plus 20 of the materials that you will get after finishing the mission if you killed iTunes first before you do the Missions okay I also you can Hai how to how it works Hai NSP should check in micro character to be the one i want is one key of course the Fears for now I the skills letbi remember you have to equip the skills Hai elimination Bounty Hai soda skill doesnt work yet Hi Okay lets go to the Plaza Musik skin79 its really easy just call aja skill ten Titans before you finish the mission and you will get the results Hai ricis Plus Hai for the materials Youll get after finishing the mission kepler-22b soap like that so when you see the map you see the map like that use and Keith yang over there and sometimes it more Berto if you if youre told not invited yet so wonderful so unlike The Dead mission finish about the degree mission and their trust of finish the mission and you will get better Okay server now just show you how it works in Bounty skills Just go to the mission and killed NTT netlist ya taitan finish the mission and you will get the materials is very easy Hai soifon very much first before d o the story motor Inferno Madya given haveged skills This is one of the crushed you need to get Okay lets go to the set hai ih Riswan sure to check the t-shirt Hai iPhone its bias rewards-free Just kill time but youre like the reward of a Strange ksrang reward Of course you need to finish in a straight straight Hi for now you in the free world what will I get jeswans t-shirt answer klethuk Rosta atext Hai greget So you have to finish the grand Edition soul and lock the direction and you after finishing in elimination you will get the friend hope some all cheats. win of her Okay Lets Get Rich my god immunocap cinta Hai definis juvenile Domination of badges0 the Spirited and you see how many carrots get it really crazy that Lily Nice to get first the show your materials afternoon at Triple Nine thats more OTW checklist Soul new get much more recent posts by seen full key taplop Hai iron ecolit you will get around three of the Scarlet drop for the sword but beca use your day adventist qg430 24s range nada 24 DSS reg and1 original fuss B3 but now because Ayesha ms4d schedule get 23 southall dan you need to know remember to equip the skill ms4d skill before you do every mission should get the maximum reward Okay see you next time on next video bye steam shower for congestion Remember it takes time to get all the setup (characters and everything) and remember that this game is grinding game. Elimination Bounty skill is very crucial skill in this game if you wanna get your game faster!!If you need more video just comment and tell me what video you need. Facebook account : Instagram account : Discord Channel : if you would like to support: or or A.O.T. 2: Final Battle contains the latest content for the tactical hunting action series based on the hit anime series Attack on Titan. Experience the thrilling action of ODM Gear including Thunder Spears and Anti-personnel Omni-directional Mobility Gear! More than 40 playable characters join the battle! Through Story Mode experience the drama of seasons 1 and 2 of the anime firsthand, playing as the game-original protagonist! Via Another Mode play as other characters, too, and enjoy versus and cooperative battles online with other players as well! In Character Episode Mode experience season 3 through the eyes of the characters of the original anime! 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