Attack on Titan 2: Final Battle (Xbox Series X) Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 4K 60FPS

Western games steamsteam america ATTACK ON TITAN 2 - A.O.T.2 game oh Music Music candy Music Music foreign Music whats up you guys rejected here we playing some attack on titan 2 final battle been waiting places for a while man were running on xbox exactly first time so that means like you know better visuals faster loading times and yeah its the final battle version with upgrades and all the extra craziness normally i dont really know mike that much anymore but you know a game like this i cannot be you know trying to fight titans and im messaging you guys at the same time so yeah were gonna mic it up on this one brand new game from the beginning to start fresh hope you guys doing well man happy new years to everybody whos here and those who will be here soon uh-oh lets see now this one youre supposed to create your own character and you see everything happening through your eyes so thats thats a plus for me and hopefully a plus for you guys also looking forward to that demon slayer game i think its gonna be awesome yes you i was getting real already oh you guys know what that is already i hate her man its like a lovely hate i think shes cool at times but then you know it had to be beneath her though right like in between her legs you just had to be yeah but uh whats up guys whats up jay whats up nick whats up uh mizuki welcome guys this is my first run with this in a while the control is a little different than from the first game but well make it work you all love attack whats it man you guys watch the new season right now im assuming thats my guy dad thats my guy so we thrust it right into battle well probably not because it doesnt really change the way it looks and uh you know so i guess we are into it all right whats the wife all right were chasing her real quick b john or jean or what you guys want to pronounce it norman guys ive been holding up for this for a long time man like i actually kicked everything oh we gotta put a leash on her all right uh so wax is uh okay so you swing around with xbox its like spider-man dude shes like ripping through people houses like they pay rent man someone owned that alright so how do we uh there we go all right dude so yeah shes like shes getting away not stopping her whats her name again yeah shes blocking her nape lets get those legs yeah okay i see whats going on they changed up a little bit Music i wonder if hes moving so weird all right i get it i get it yo whats up mike oh welcome guys the controls are a little weird because like if you guys played the first one its a little different placement with the x and y is a little like you know hes like constantly on the all low so i guess were just going to chase certain entire time Music yeah anna thats her name yeah anna oh cutscene all right so that was just to get feel for the controls just swinging around and stuff thats it man like i have a few friends especially my cousin in particular he hates anna man he hates her look my guy he got some skills man hes on her heart guys i havent seen the new season yet im still like im not ready yet i did see the other seasons though just not the recent one i love the first one though i really love the first one the first one was great it was amazing honestly like i did a lot of playthroughs with that a lot of multiplayer parts with uh friends now this one right here is a little tricky you can do four flare oh my god her jaw is gone or a prayer co-op but its like its kind of like the nice word treatment so you have to add your friends every time so i just decided to go solo with this maybe well do some four player modes like later than online well see yeah yeah her jaws going shes she just like focus yeah right very interesting i noticed with this game the volume is a little different compared to like other games i stream so uh if the game is louder than me just let me know these guys like crazy theres like a thousand curries oh my god that one looks crazy look theres rib cage never saw that guys dr stone no i never saw that but depends if its like one of those overly bloody gory animes ill watch it but it was like very kitty uh not my taste foreign you guys already know what it is but i wont really spoil it for those who watch it for the first time thats the slowest kick ive ever seen in my entire life but yeah guys im looking forward to like running this as a complete series go through the entire game plus an expansion if you guys want it just let me know after the video is done depending on how it does ill keep it going if not it will be heavily missed Applause there we go get me up get me up its my parents right there and there goes my parents wow i just met him and theyre okay were not gonna forgive bert hope for this Music its not about like gory i like just mature enemies thats just me thats why i like uh demonstrate to adult audience not for kids Music i dont understand i wasnt like never understood now we know these are people right get these powers whatever to become titans why are they shaped that way so steady they become giants but theyre like very deformed and like weird looking kind of like monsters and do you have people like anna or hold reiner they look different but they look you know counterpart you know not like these deformed monsters i guess it makes them scarier Music all right so i guess its about to get to the part when i create my guy but dont worry guys it dont take me long to create a person i go right through it Music foreign Music oh Music here we go he really i dont know if i can take that man thats why i never was the type of person who can join the military because if i was a guy headbutted by that guy i would have brought him back well maybe not if it says that heart i probably had to punch him and kick him but still um man uh were gonna roll with a male because i have a female with the group aggie shes gonna have a female and yeah so yeah shell do the female part ill do the mail all right uh yeah were wrong with the first guy its got the voices so i have 10 voices reversed voices im screaming all right maybe yeah no not that one maybe four not five so for either one or four i like seven no i sound so old surname jaker all right so uh we are wren and surname uh how can i use oh im so stupid there we go get her all right uh how we move to the next spot here we go all right so we got our name all right so were trying to make the guy look as closely as i look as possible what happened um oh okay i can uh okay ive come to take out the armored titans like under i want to get rid of these titans it crosses my rock and dead Music there we go so i guess i could change my hair and all that later no i dont think anime is for kids thats stupid who said that someone says that theyre weird but um yeah to me anime is legit for at least teenagers and up even the kitty ones still have like some uh stuff thats not suitable for kids so yeah i do not think anime is for children im jumping here we go foreign Music i dont recall them always landed on the ground like that maybe something im doing wrong you know what im gonna treat like a spider-man yeah and just jump every time i land or get close to landing all right whats next all right heres the gigantic practice dummies lets do it what do you mean you cant believe ill use my mic man well i havent re really you know this already oh we learning fast uh oh who else wants someone im not sure you guys seen the videos me playing the first game but man im telling you i was on fire with that one me and the team goodbye ah is that all of them no ones more these arent as tall as i thought it was i think they were um taller in the first game right these dummies this one though it feels like you have to move your hand around the controller a lot more than you did on the first one in order to stay in the air you can move like the airlock stack then the jump button and then x to keep swinging and then why to you know to use your swords like theres a lot more going on with this one hey so augie i was just talking about you see how like the team used to play the first one a lot back then id still prefer the first game but you know control wise whoa okay so we taking it all right hold on its a stronger dummy wait a second oh okay my bad change targets i wasnt paying attention to that on the side i never do that bad habit what happened all right anger oh we messed it up the buttons man is a little different there we go all right lets end this what all right we dont have to take care of that one but we do it anyway thats the case just like some type of hidden achievement or anything like that were going to do it ah lets see these tights come out here let me slice them i was next just xbox alone i have maybe close to 900 i think i dont know something like that oh my god we get a lot to fight they want us to be completely ready when these titans come out here but its okay were good with that look at that we got controls ready ah that have been a nape right there wait wait there we go oh what they really just like cut my wire back teammates man what are you doing let me cut my wires man i appreciate that i love that flippy does me go to the side oh i see whats going on here were like having a little battle to get the take down the most okay i can do that thats why he came through a couple of wires they were cheating out here battling okay make sense make sense too slow maybe youre supposed to lose ah the top the top the top hes trying to win guys hes trying to do this yeah were in the lead now buddy hey like that oh thats cake right there we need cake for dinner no what yes yo dude ryder almost got me the show was like i said still i gotta use to him but then that is great we go achievement time oh my god oh my god youre stuck on right here oh man you cant get past this you would never ever be able to take down titan i mean you did get in the first game so i guess i dont know the controls are a little different so ill give you that as excuses two points there we go mission done i cant wait to go get some titans man its a tease earlier oh we gotta ask better results we gotta ask in every category eliminations uh mission complete which is like the side stuff about time pretty quick and we flew straight to level four battle rewards regiment funds which use a lot of those in multiplayer materials to uh the parts from our weapons cool all right we got all that some things at the bottom using your friendships so we got what is this uh you increase your friendship rate but doesnt mean that they they will perform better i dont know didnt really say i mean im like crystal your mirror that was a little faster than the original xbox one xbox one x not a huge difference but you know there is a difference i can see it already its upscale 4k so its not native so you dont really see a big jump in uh visuals but you will notice the fast and low times all right so this part is kind of like an open world you could um and uh in a sense so you can do wait who was laughing like that was kind of creepy all right lets go over to the first mission mark which is aaron change aarons outfit no like why would i want to do that oh actually i do have some uh glc so i guess thats pretty cool i thought you only can change the outfits for like you know multiplayer modes so like that so even if im not using him hes in the city i can just or town i can change his outfit so thats pretty cool those guys these drop those likes much highly appreciate it like i said this does well ill continue with the part two if not and on the next game as usual Music all right so where are we going now if we like run faster see yeah rb all right so were heading back to the training area i dont know why were pretty much know what im doing but all right Music Music no actually i didnt see the trailer for the new type of titan because i didnt want to spoil anything a lot of times trailers show you things and at the time i dont have much time to watch it so i dont want to get anxious and you know Music yeah were going to continue with the enemy games man been holding off on taco titan for like since like uh i think around halloween time yeah its been like a few months Music um uh watching from high flyers Music Music foreign yeah happy uh new year bro happy new year to everyone i hope everyone having a great day so far its a new new year new year its not 2020 anymore which was a very disastrous year hopefully things get much better this time around also guys eric hes a friend of mines personal friend of mine he has a channel called ugc gaming media you guys check him out he does a lot of games like i do he covers a lot almost everything like i do so yeah check him out man dude im gonna kill his titans like i dont no more dummies man get me out there you guys know im super impatient i just dont want to wait just come on out there when we just play the first game man we should like literally go out there you know of course four players and well get like a head count so you take out the most titans a legit like you know head count not just for the game like respects involved i do this i do that i get this i get that you know so it was cool a little challenging was interesting especially when people lost they got so frustrated man it was so funny a lot of benefits oh look at that push-ups speaking of push-ups i gotta do my push-ups man i missed out today all right heres aaron again there we go it was the perfect one yeah when you watched us covered tackle 20 last time we actually we didnt play the second game even though the same game was out we did the first game because most of my team during that time are more familiar with that game and i dont think everyone i dont remember if everyone had this game so we did that one and you know they were more accustomed to the way that game played multiplayer-wise so yeah we ran with that Music and this is kind of like a horror game you could think about like a hard anime people some people dont see it as that see as just an action anime i see its hard because its like monsters eating people blood gore all over the place so like a game like this i have to do it at night time i cant do tackle titan on the day it just feels awkward like i watch a horror movie it has to be a night time so ill treat it the same way Music m no i wont uh jay i would never join a party while im live streaming that will take away from the game itself and what people are watching and what im doing i would never do that anyway ill be in the party if this if i set the party up before the stream started and those people are participating in the game im playing i dont just do randoms my hair man what do you do Music all right this is cool dude hes always been a good guy Music tonight Music Music foreign our scout journey i mean journal its a journey all right uh what can we do now what we got left i mean whats next i guess my guys here isnt that big of a deal at the moment i just want to get out there and kill some titans Music speaking of anime games i was tracking i actually made a video for dragon ball z kakarot running on this console and i uploaded it its gonna take like a day or two to the process because 4k games and that many bit rates and all that it takes like a day or two to um depending on the length but this was going to take like a day and a half i want to show you guys the increased visuals it looks like how it looks on my pc it looks really good the character models foreign foreign foreign foreign Music foreign foreign foreign foreign i didnt expect him to kill like the main characters parents at all and then especially the way they did it with the big boulder like both of them in one go all right lets talking um i see a red arrow uh exclamation mark so im assuming that maybe further in the story see what happens yeah here we go progress the next battle Music is foreign say all right my guys not enjoying this at all right now started out pretty good though and beginning with cheese and throughout the town that was pretty cool but now its just really just chill laid back right now im not really doing anything Music Music all right here we go night training what are we doing night training all right this is one of the crucial parts of the game but in basis you can get items you can get weaponry pretty much supplies hello blaze face is set oh whoa what is these guns he got all right uh so how you believe blades Music there we go Music oh different little different than the first one i mean i guess its a plus they added things thats always a good thing to add things i just dont like how they change the controls around but theyre not its still pretty good hello guys lets go foreign were going to the last spot no guess not and i guess we are up the wall you cant rub the wall no um this guy still wants us to train for the actions now we already know about that all right so we can see these guys do something for us its locked up there we go okay i got it word another one down here i feel like like the way the controls are set up on this one is that you exert way more gas man youre pushing way more out Music what are we doing oh nice i just keep moving just have them do what i need to do move on to the legs the swing is terrible theyre like so low to the ground hold on wait a second here we go yeah its like its draining so fast man compared to the usual um theres a lot of these dummies higher theyll be all expected to destroy just gonna send these guys here oh no thats what were doing wow and i was like dude i set myself up i was giving them points i was like taking my kills i was because i was giving it to them oh man dude wasnt just like something right there where they go less than two minutes to even us out get a hang of it though new controls are gonna hang of it Music hurry up oh should i grab it from you saw that oh because its out here everyones out here the whole crew one more two more yes they were low oh foreign there we go they always surround them surprised someone cut it down uh is it to control are we too hard i mean if you played the first one the first one was way more easy its like much easier i mean uh simpler this one its a little more tricky because like the old one the same button you swing around with the same way you can latch on to and blah blah its different on this one you have extra swing around you have y to latch on to them and why also to attack them and you know to me i kind of feel like my hands moving around a lot when im trying to battle so if you guys type person who has like sensitive thumbs it may hurt after um like a good hour or so more if youre doing consecutive battles Music Music Music foreign there we go ah all assets level up two times cool perfect also guys anyones fans of funko pops um speaking of those because i actually just got to those and uh mel today as a gift which ill say gifts is more than one i have android 17 i have super saiyan goku to my little younger brother got me im not sure its for christmas or he just got him just to get him as a regular gift or whatever but yeah he got me those two my first ever funko pops i may get more of me collecting depending on how i get my uh wall unit set up but yeah pretty cool man i see some people they really like go crazy with them they have their entire wall filled with funko pops so many different kinds and its a lot man cool little thing to have his collection though Music Music uh theyre really popular man people really love them the youtubers i follow and some i know personally they have like a hundred of these funko pops a lot of them a marvel to dc characters to uh anime characters even power rangers its a lot man i never thought theres something that looked like this not saying it looks terrible but would be so popular regular toy sized bodies with gigantic heads none Music foreign all right here we go we got some new equipment i was gonna have back to the barracks at the graduation ceremony so you all made it he didnt call my guy out of there but i guess im not in the top 10. i guess uh more than 10 people graduated all right lets see we got going on here dude just like it was a church or something oh my bad locker room looks like with those long benches man all right lets talk to these two real quick Music whats up guys thanks for dropping those likes much and highly appreciate it as always you guys are great thank you ill just talk to one of them okay foreign foreign um foreign here we go give him some type of encouragement m okay you gotta rank up with uh wagner what else got one mina i kind of expect that though because we were kind of like buddy enough a little bit special effects the usual all right so we can head out of here see whats next uh all right im still trying to get to the titan battle man all right uh lets just talk to these guys real quick oh okay so its good to talk to these guys i was pretty much just running past them but yeah im gonna keep this up raise their ranks as much as possible when we can all right uh lets talk to uh anna i bet wrong button okay thats not what you want to hear im assuming oh i guess so well youre a bad person anyway its okay all right lets see if we can make marco happy congrats should be enough for him yeah pretty much Music okay a few more guys talk to these guys probably dont go up at all oh there we go oh my god look at the boost he loved that one thats a rank right there yeah perfect i could start them again nice lets make the game have more uh interesting depth to it all right he should be easy to increase his just yeah all right uh who else we have you have me castle i cant get passes what im stuck oh my god all right lets go around yeah were stuck seriously its weird i was able to go through the guys but i couldnt come back out the same way i went through all right congrats on last ah ill go over here a little bit perfect now im not too sure but i wonder if like okay we have three decisions i mean three choices i wonder if like we already know one gets you nothing and one give you some i wonder if like uh the two they give you something give you like one persons give you like a fifty percent boost i dont give a 75 percent boost depending on theres something that you really want to hear there we go i feel like violence system but aaron shes probably like be yourself dont like you know follow all the peoples footsteps blah blah you know she just seems like a type person just shoot me down for doing that oh a lot of multiple choice didnt expect this but i guess if you crazy character okay whatever my Music foreign Music Laughter m all right that kind of went better all right see what else we can get into before we head out to our mission see we have around here just use two im hoping tomorrow we actually get a proper battle i test myself you know man we gotta get out there and kill these titans hopefully all right you cannot go to the regiment store watch me that i figured itd be a cutscene between these guys i guess not that cartoon network is hated now i remember mccartney used to be like the thing back then man um you know adult swim was always great uh tsunami was always great im not sure how well its doing now i dont really watch much of it anymore i pretty much buy all my enemies where i stream them so yeah all right equipment station you already know this bit blaze firearms the construction upgrade um i think what i have now is pretty decent its at least i have this we can make a little better uh yeah lets do that huh i dont know why it says material shortage but i just upgraded it notice oh it cost okay all right i see whats going on here you dont have them you can all right i got it cool makes sense you dont have to reinforce anything uh we really go up to the battles yet new construct lets see if we can put anything um oh check these haha man out at these gigantic machetes man were trying to try these titans up all right well check our firearms uh what do we have i forgot about the gun man like i pulled these out accidentally and it was like okay lets bump these up a bit use those if you need to Music i just talked to her what she got for us armor baby cheerio uh procurement shop oh okay so we just pretty much buy material we need if you cant get them for titans pretty much get a lot of material you guys dont know from titans i chopped off their limbs arms and legs stuff like that the napes give you something too but like you know if you take out the arms and legs first you get way more material from the titans at least if you guys dont know if you do know then yeah youre good yes so tomorrow were doing actual duties thank you yes sir lets do it so ive been waiting for maybe training the entire hour for this entire hour entire hour plus give me what i want open the book do it yeah reboots yeah not everyone is like accepting of reboots these things are so crazy man like theyre scary did a good job making these things look creepy scary to form monstrous monstrosities but on top of that you just want to kill them because they look that way so it works both ways thats me guys thats my guy im hyped foreign are you including adult swim as well or just cartoon network in general if thats the case im gonna say dragon ball z you know its not from there it played there Music if its like adult swim exclusive itll have to be in the asha when that ran through there Music no the gravitys looking pretty good dude shes really stolen meat yeah grill it lets share this thing Music is Music guys i also feel like the characters the gameplay-wise they move much faster in the first game i think if lately took a step back foreign oh there we go oh god i hate these things man time to get to work oh i hate these things all right see my trainer paid off Music nah dont hide behind goodbye complete elimination oh she tells us now we already killed the thing yeah yeah but triggers from arms limbs once i get adorable blade ill do all that right now this blade is not really that durable whats next theyre not in the town do we just stand in there Music here come the slowest kick in the world again if he really wants to he could have broke that wall down easily just came through there and just stamped on everyone and that hurt me what oh here they come the gigantic uglies lets go im ready for you big man come on get a little closer oh okay oh got it okay any comrades there are any Music foreign Music oh man im talking about lets go connie on his work right for the head here we go goodbye absolute nape absolute nape oh it was accident Music hes squeezing gushers under the neck you guys remember that candy gushers everyone here so far except for aaron hes way up there yo look at his little uh icon it shows like a little icon crawling on the wall whoa dude man we know about this we know about that evasion hook drive yeah we know lets go oh my god his eyes out hes not even coming in hes not coming in like do i go up there whoa what the howd he get in here okay uh dude i want airborne before a tight attack it worked right and then what okay were in trouble here we go there we go im not eatable dude how did he get in here he like went on that side of the wall to the right of his legs and actually hes in here already hes trying to get me out of here whats that yes oh nice man first battle success and we got an s leveled up a couple times too got some skill points which ive yet to use yet reward completion why didnt we get any of those all right sashas about to be one if shes not ready we can build automated authority cool these come in handy especially when theres like types all over the place yeah man i dont see how that titan got inside that was crazy that was really crazy i like the soundtrack though im not gonna lie i like it can i uh gestures equipment i cant really change the way i look here i think there might be like a store so we can go to change your appearance thats fine uh start the county real quick there we go oh yeah perfect choice lets hit exit first perfect choice whats up uh your zone welcome welcome bro all right uh i guess were good yeah were good so im assuming were going to keep this going until we finish this whatever were doing right now and we go back to the uh the main base that guy looks crazy man his eyes like a raccoon or something Music Music foreign night here we go yeah ill play that game before oj not a fan Music is seems to be the norm nowadays no i dont speak japanese but i do have a translator to translate whatever i do not understand do you have a translator though x mike can you tell me about it all right whats going on where are we at here we go i cant speak it like properly certain words uh do you know what certain words mean because you know i have a translator and you see things certain so many times you understand it eventually especially if you know what it means in the first place you just you know dont need a book anymore but yeah im not like i cant just have a crazy conversation or translate everything without my translators so im so happy i have a translator if i didnt have one it had been terrible all right where are you at where are we going where were going with the amir where is your mirror where is she doesnt even say oh there we go Music okay lister all right vintage enlisting oh my god theyre back its the uglies these little small ones theyre fighting each other like that oh you run like that all right its like its time to work which way are they can pull it sometimes russian stick attack oh its less ps4 oh lets try that how you how you do it r triggered enter telescope view press okay aim why oh yeah lets try that where are they man why not not know what that sooner all right down there whoa where is he brother all right lets try it out lets try it out what button is it oh there we go there we go what what do you mean Music oh my god i did that okay oh my god yo what are they doing no like why it said press wide then well cross the airs over tight impressive water charge and tackle why we did that it still didnt work mother do we hit like sooner than that no well times all right we need to get higher because were like way back here huh all right so its not the traditional uh hit it when youre close you gotta hit it i dont understand this oh no gas all right were gonna get this were gonna get this dude nah this is uh something were not gonna do on a dude cut the damn the door things neck there we go ah i should have liked it the first 1000 times we tried it yeah blood whoa sheesh were never trying that again old-fashioned way old-school way so were doing it what in the world Music dude i did it every time i even noticed that i was out of gas all right its uh one body over there let the body get to flow all right lets see lets do the lets try artillery we didnt try this yet all right its working oh its always low on the ground like the first one never did this like i feel like im always on the ground this game put them down its like im always on the ground it sucks like why would slide on the ground maybe theres like a trick or like a better way of uh positioning yourself or whatever that theyve yet to tell me but its like im always on the ground man look at this hes gonna have like burns on his beh his butt man hes like hes always sliding the ground are we gonna find each other titans were they im there done there theyre following me which is all good what are these things man uh oh there it is oh theres a few on the map its like it was kind of hard to see them at first dude these sites are everywhere right lets see if we can do this on the small guy goodbye he just wants to take out a few of them those are going to take out all of them but i guess not all right someone was in trouble with smoke signal the uh classic smoke signals as we turned all right side missions always going to do those we had someone right now hey guys i would love to continue this man i hope you guys enjoy it ill do more whats up how this channel works man if it does well ill continue and i hope that they do well a lot of times because if they dont ill probably never play the game again so what helps when they do do well because it gives me a chance to play the game more oh my god bring back the part one like what is this oh my god i hate it its like hes trying to swing for the first time in his life well he was out of gas too but still there has to be a trick to this man it has to be oh there we go no it was accident oh come on hes still doing it you know what oh my god its lb oh my god im messing up like i say theres so many buttons man they want you to do so much like how hold this one for that hold this one for that so im hitting uh l trigger or l2 to do that and you pull in in order to bring your uh your assistant is lb or l1 depending on which console you guys playing on lets run this wall came up the wall please there we go oh hes not hes not even is his neck goodbye oh we got a gun item we got some type of blaster thing i thought she died guess not all right whats next that was the side mission we got going through this oh i forgot about the uh the one thingy you smoke signal all right lets find it there we go now hes moving like hes supposed to maybe not come on man i gotta get used to this bed i really do hold on give me a second i feel like im playing spider-man man there we go oh wait wait wait no get down we need some backup here we go shoot them with everything you got yes he got him get him did she get him she was able to finish him though her blade must not be that good thats my elimination up turn it were good oh man i missed the first control so bad man i really do man if you guys see the way i played the first game i was a pro overnight this one its no good game but it just feels like like do you have to use every button in this game to me its not as simple as the first one which i guess is good you use your brain more but it really will hurt your thumbs in the long run you just doing so much just to do one simple thing i feel like every time i gotta go kill a titan and if hes moving i have to like be ready to hit every button this is a survivor 101. Music all right were gonna try this again turn there we go ah perfect time that side there we go are we learning forget it forget it ah its more down here see thats how youre supposed to swing not on the ground oh he really wants to go on the ground you see that he really wants to go to the ground goodbye next where is he oh whats this i dont understand but uh okay oh no run we dont want the guns yeah we need these theyre surrounding us all right lets work Music ah bad angle put him down goodbye oh no its attacking uglies dare you all right okay goodbye joey becoming fast like when did he get here crap oh youre laughing its funny you laughing look at that nape did he grab him there we go yeah ill save the day its another one hurry up hes going to eat him put him down yeah another person he need help lets go this game fight man especially play four players a lot of fun playing the first one oh thats why you dont have more gas were out of gas again man i feel like it goes out so fast man like seriously that lets fast term i see this guy before you get flatlined where is he got him no they just like play with him there we go connie i made him do it he was cutting him in his eyes everything right we got it yeah we got were good okay Music all right so whats next yo i gotta find there we go before something else happens i need to uh re up real quick need some more gas containers if we go right there oh we gotta keep killing these things oh my god all right lets go the baby one oh hes trying to break it oh im getting you out of here goodbye thank you what is this oh whats up with him all right we got a powered up one hes already here dude let me breathe im gonna work him all right uh our titans yeah we pretty much gotta get the weak spots and uh i know lets do it were gonna send everybody at him now this works as you have to crap hurry up before its too late again oh my god get him this is bad we got team work this guy man we got like double teaming what happened to the world the whole screen was like changing there we go whoa joeys fast ugly too oh my god ugly monster i was playing oh yeah its perfect perfect timing i want to work this guy no what he set me up real good oh my god thats it there we go work them go go go go go hit him with everything you got yo this dude was way harder than they were uh the last ones there we go ah crap connie finish him the neck the nape john somebody there we go dude i was out of everything was out of everything they definitely made this one harder than the first one resources are extremely limited yeah this has multiplayer four player co-op for story another episode section and like all these different moves episode dragon super welcome brother foreign see someones close body could like chop this nape aim to save them but theyre like way across the screen like its away from dragon ball that guy his face is not matched foreign i still understand how you pull that off all that time you should be like in the stomach button Music Applause Music sheesh god about this man Music in real i gotta be what uh you know maybe um about time was kind of dragon we didnt eliminate a lot of people you get a lot of points based on eliminations so it makes sense makes sense i have jane into the mode now all right guys this is the perfect spot to end it nice little cliffhanger very dramatic ending so we can continue we left off at give you guys some more reasons to want to see more right so yeah guys as usual let me know if you guys want to see more i can continue with a part two of this mostly at night times you know because uh yeah its horror you know we cant do that in daytime right so you guys always stay cool be safe take care be in year 2021 happy new years also i forgot to mention that stay safe man we have a long gear ahead of us hopefully everything turns out good much better than last year last year was very terrible so you know thats why we play video games together this kind of like gives us our little shell away from all those dangers and uh good conversations thanks guys i appreciate everything thanks for likes also and ill catch you guys next one peace Music Music you hair steam Attack on Titan 2: Final Battle gameplay walkthrough part 1 on Xbox Series X. 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