This New Attack On Titan Game is INSANE!

Unpack game steamlinking xbox account to steam ATTACK ON TITAN 2 - A.O.T.2 game attack on titan you hear me say this every single time is one of the greatest animes out there facts also if youre wondering why i just said facts like that is because every time i say facts youtube likes to demonetize the video because they think that i said something else for example on the second channel i literally said nobody can match my energy thats a fact who else got this type of energy nobody thats a fact and guess what they demonetized me thinking that i said something else so i always got to emphasize the facts now now a couple months ago we played this fan made attack on time game right and it was decent it wasnt bad im gonna be honest with you thats a lie it was trash but listen a lot of you guys have been spamming my dms the comments telling me the fan made attack on titan game actually got an update and boy oh boy did it get an update i mean just look at it baby we are looking at the main loading screen tell me this doesnt look like a fire ass game right here i heard they got multiplayer now you can play as a titan now you got so many options they got new graphics this that in the third baby im here for it we about to turn up all right so um im gonna do the training because oh my god hold on hold on is that yo nah they really did upgrade this game yo it actually dont even look that bad it used to look terrible all right ima do the training real quick we bout to go crazy we about to go crazy hold on how do you swing how do you swing i i do not know oh brother this guy stink okay wait i think i know how to do it now hold on lets find out yeah there you go there you go hold on did i just hear a voice acting wait wait wait hold on you got an attack okay oh my god everything feels so smooth yo they really did upgrade this game im gonna hold you this thing is fire wait damn you all damn they got voice acting son the voice acting aint even that bad the voice acting really aint that bad all right you know what we dont need no training we dont need no training wait hold on we started we started on uh oh no hold on no no we started okay titans are invading guys guess what im about to stop them im about to stop oh wait hes about to stomp on my head hold on go for this guy you got a nice little ass  __  give me your hand okay cut off his legs whoa hes about to stop guess what okay come here come here come here come here yeah right you thought you thought she was about to stop on me go to sleep  __  bro this feels amazing hold on let me go first person oh my god look at this nah wait why am i why am i going through a tree look at this okay wait let me go for this guy right here all right got that hold on for the neck who are you trying to stomp on wait what you just wait you almost grabbed me for the next stupid course hey bro come here come here oh god this ones a fast one oh what did he stomp on me i know he didnt stop okay lets retry that i literally just got my head stomped on wait wait wait wait wait wait wait hold on i know theres a way you can transform into italian how i dont know i know you can also slide like its call of duty wait let me see okay you can oh no yo whoever did this yo yo i got it whoever made this bro you got it bro hold on let me lock onto this titan all right Music here we go go to sleep firstly zombies mostly close to hold on look at this guy look at this guy come here come here about the weed wait wait Music whoa he almost stomped on me i aint gonna lie wait bro hold on can you he got me let me go let me go let me go game over what he just put me in his mouth yall gonna learn to not play with my body like that come here come here who are you trying to stomp on who you trying to grab go sleep go to sleep sleep night  __  Music yall wait until i transform into a titan now wait until i transform into a time then im gonna really show yall garbage oh i missed that hold on hold on but i got that one dummy bro i need to learn how to move i have 14 times left can i do this without dying oh god oh god hold on wait here we go im ready to transform oh are you ready to transfer how you do that Music whoa dont tell me dont tell me dont tell me theres the bar oh nah Music how small they look stupid back up back up back up bro this is way too easy this is way too easy can you knock down walls oh that would have been so sick can you walk down buildings ah oh no yeah i dont messed up right here bro thats why yall messed up and jumped im in my final form baby where yall look how they run look how they hide look at why you squat what what the yo why he look like a deflating balloon Music hey listen three minutes left on the clock if i beat this in under five minutes yeah i gotta like the video yeah i gotta like the video that deals a deal i got six more times come on come on come on move move move out my way we going crazy hey listen move stupid wait bro there you go so who want the squabbles who want the squabbles you lucky i cant jump four more times almost at four minutes come on Music where the titans at hey buddy hey nice to meet you go to hold sleep three more times Music wait did they even fight back hold on wait i dont even oh damn he was just about to hold on hold on here go ahead buddy run the squabbles with me come on come on thats how yall thats all you got shut up i got one more time left one more time left yall got to like the video we had a deal under five minutes look at this wait what whered it go Music completed under five minutes hey four minutes and 23 seconds you already know yall owe me a like no well look at the details to this game nah all right hold on where are the titans at why am i just playing with a bunch of dummy bots and a bunch of bone-ass things Music oh my god this feels so smooth ive never felt something smoother than this this literally feels like baby cheeks dont ask me how i know what baby cheeks feels like come on bro baby cheeks are always soft this is crazy this is actually crazy bro this feels so smooth so im assuming this map is like trained to like get you through these tight corners if that makes any sense come on swing go ahead swing at me swing go ahead go ahead come on on the squabbles come on Music hold on wait wait who are you trying to stop off who are you trying to stomp on weve been through this so many times stupid go to sleep a lot of yall these times are way too far spread apart all right like no cap look how far they are boom i got 51 times left yeah we might as well end this off right here let me transform over here bro can you fight can yall just give me a little fight man like a little tuzzle please man all right dont get me wrong listen the game mechanics are firing all right its so beautiful uh this and that but whoa what is the point if im only fighting nothing but air literally im punching air right now they dont even put up a fight they sit there and stumble across trees hey listen thats gonna go ahead and wrap it up for this video um i really do like this game i think it still has a lot of potential it just needs a little bit more working for example those bots back there bro they got to put up a fight i aint gonna lie im not going im not gonna sit here fight air all day i aint gonna lie bro hey thats all i got for yall though uh yall be easy um im gonna go ahead and wrap this up edit this video post it up um and yeah thats all i got for yall yall be easy take care of yourselves you heard i love yall and ill see yall tomorrow i love yall take care goodbye Music Music youll be okay Music how to win a steam deck during the game awards The Fan Made Attack On Titan game is heat also i saw that manga and trailer to the last part lmfao, 2023 is crazySecond Channel ➤ @FadeXO Twitter ➤ INSTAGRAM ➤ Epic Games Support A Creator Code ➤ Fade3 Thumbnail credits go to I believe Mocah, found this as a wall paper. 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