Attack on Titan 2 - Predator Mode w/ Friends

Steam rooms and saunas near mesteam charst ATTACK ON TITAN 2 - A.O.T.2 gameplay speed 130 mixer a little pigment he did pick up bloodthirsty pick up blood 30 you plead you press depressive what is this why then you push boys come on come on guys get my point oops get my point whoa get my point four points Im just gonna wait Levi pop oh he tell you bad oh yeah I was tagged oh yeah where are you guys right now wafer prank is gonna get tekneqs hey guys Yankee I run away right away are you guys are they getting that  __  I got stuck somewhere so Im gonna get - I can feel it Im just joking around Music Im just gonna wait until something gets tagged hey there oh my god oh my god oh yeah I had to say surprise yeah Aaron Olivers air envied by all you keep up here passive fuck-boy female Titan alert we buy best  __  oh you keep it on until be like you run out of stamina no still killed me even though the time ran I need a hurry yeah Ill pick my time to mix from this that is gonna happen its like that the first of all like Im gonna get hit again by dou x points oh dude I got here I got cake when I was youre gonna watch oh god yeah Marthas and I dont try to get you for that he still did Im pretty sure unless he had the most points by like he got he got tagged honestly I was I killed oh yeah there you go oh no no one blue  __  we were like talking about acid and I heard leave and I just type four times I start running like just like go where you guys were to catch you up but I had no time I thought I got there the time was already gone oh yeah okay if you want to pick different island do it quick because once the thing starts hes just gonna hes gonna walk on the tide on you pick I think like ten more cycles is just want to start by itself oh my God thank you I like cleaning Levi over here oh yeah were both the same one oh yeah the little one yeah Oh - you have the same ranking and everything like S&A ranks and it stats yeah I like that Louis is eight yeah yeah the small ones are anything under best ones that theyre so small its hard to catch them yeah for sure in the  __  years what that there was not one that was even smaller than the one I was using that was a loser time were both Levi and Aaron were chasing me and it was pretty stupid oh god theyre worse that can happen is that you guys sealed by Aaron just boning if we get kill anyway its like now only theyre very Oh like I guess because weep over here I speak Im gonna wait actually going to go like this ah and again so I didnt tell someone good to be right everybody oh yeah you gotta be careful with your things Im dead you got to be psycho you put a lot you know you cut my legs I didnt do anything what kind of tire when you died up to take the MIOSHA day yeah by the beginning with just a scratch Oh buffet here thats gotta watch out for the frickin hell thats what people said again I know there should be for a game-mode what Oh run there should be yeah right well yeah they just appear like like I like after two seconds yeah like I was running away from you and then it shows all you said again or did you tag something out there for good I dont already tied you Im fine in no way does it show you had your poison oh that might have been why yeah lets say what what were you saying up evening I mean more Thanks yup theyre dying okay so I like stick tight theres lovely areas on there look at the map yeah but what are their all holy hope sit there so oh my god yep like 8000 point yeah but if I came here once Im screwed Im just gonna run aah run run for your life from yeah oh  __  there you go with the tide and following you - oh yes I almost got here by here Oh God like the thing is really tacky I was like because I hit you before and then yeah the animation of being staggered so yeah thats really okay sorry vortex for the third time what were you saying you said left for dead oh yeah what motorcycles I never played how there was the versus mode where a certain amount of people would be put as the infected and then thered be yeah yeah basically they should implement that game-mode into this like some people are telling some people Scouts I get it now and then some people are the characters yeah for diet they become a Titan when to respawn and then they have to keep going until their gear runs out or until everyones dead yet Oh like do and you had like the little demon power-ups to become like the loser like whatever shifter Titans Oh temporarily and like cause magic out of it and then nice are we doing weather like yeah we condone or get actually calendar the death penalty in became too like what occurred you can actually counter that oh yeah whats up it was like singing and eating the ground yeah I felt kind of bad for me Kay because Lee he sat there and felt every single bit of it yeah but yeah ya know what ya know once I saw people reacting that they were like you ended right there but you know what yes even though they call him like the second strongest soldier after Levi like hes yeah he broke down yeah he like broke you know like someone second strongest wouldnt be like broken down like that you know but he basically broke down at the end oh my god hes super sure hope its like shorter than what you guys have Music oh Im just gonna wait oh my god brother grunts OH Fabio whoever to me oh yeah okay hes not going for me good I dont know if its cut for a while I like oh my god shes gonna make it oh he takes on one day now this that is so slow II know hes sure Ill explain get over here there we go Music Oh oops buffet buffet Tommo all the way top left I see it yeah if I thank those we gotta get your points down a really bad  __  yeah get away from Levi you know shes almost here ty or someone behind oh okay at this funds are high in the female Titan so happy oh my god literally kill of you right away I shoulda listened to your words like what I said I still aired and then I saw her and Im just like oh wow whose tag vortex and I think it would kick to someone else other did we buy yeah oh yeah I see that everyone is one up there and were just going to join to come against me I guess this means I get even if I die and if you got so get away because I know you do you know - yeah Im good even if you cant I die Ive got so much joy parking that itll be a drive-by a silent oh yeah dont think about it he gave me but I did you get like powerful your sit down do you see the heat after you yeah a good even caught up oh yeah that was literally one bike by hiding in Butler be honest Music Applause amount of games on steam Playing Predator Mode in Attack on Titan 2 and having a blast with friends. 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