CaC LOOKING LIKE A SNACC! (NEW Character Creation) Attack on Titan 2 PS4 + ANNIHILATION MODE

Perfect steamed ricehow to share a steam game with another account ATTACK ON TITAN 2 - A.O.T.2 gameplay Applause i was actually about to play this game on my own real quick and then record a little bit after but i realized theres creative characters so i gotta do it with you i like creative characters i dont know if you realize that its my thing but big shout out to kobe tecmo because it wasnt for them i wouldnt have this game as early as i do now so i love you unfortunately koei i love attack on titan a lot more especially mikasa me and mikasa got a special thing i look at baby girl in the corner his game saves data automatic i read the manga for attack on titan i dont know if you guys knew that im an expertise with the knowledge of of whats happening right now and its really good also i played the first attack on titan on my channel and i asked this one question and nobody answered so im gonna put it again in here all right so thats finished so now the question ive been wondering all day this has actually been bugging me does mikasa have ass ah Music wow Music so i think at this current point in time im random  __  number one and i think thats just how its gone but its awfully oh i can write all right pretty  __  fast damn dog slow down oh  __  hold on im coming im coming oh this is me okay this is me i cant create my character yet so obviously i cant see my face because i dont have one yet im a baby oh  __  oh oh we going here damn so this is uh when they tried to apprehend the female titan and my  __  are dead okay well its my turn to to die next i guess youre probably not even gonna look at me and do oh shes about to kill me whats the  __  okay no we good look at you i didnt see a vagina so uh im sleepy all right its fine um its a little bit of a nap nah nanda thats it look at the blade oh my the quality anybody oh my niggas really dead how did her transforming like kill him okay maybe im dead too yes again  __  ha ha she can run for me  __  run for me oh  __  all right well there goes my pants boy cutting off fingers oh okay who said we respected women in 2018. not i said aaron then were going to go back in time all right well i guess it was too good to be true eenie meenie miney moe do i care about a story i already seen though and the answer is no but im a scared titans here we are so with being random  __  number one im very confused as to my role with the chaos right now so i was there in the titans attack not too happy about it damn  __  what the  __  mama mama oh  __  parents oh were dead oh dad wow essentially what happens is after you know the titans came through and they attacked everybody kind of retreated in you know they had to leave that section of the city and they went back to the previous section and then aaron and random  __  number one which is me decided to enlist in the military im 100 positive thats whats happening and then next ha oh all right that was rude you know what else is rude putting me through  __  i already seen its crazy you know i want to play theres not a black person here so this is what were doing well if i can make a bad  __  why not make a bad  __  damn girl we got thigh sizes but i have no ass that looks very disgusting let me see what the hair looking like the hairs to make it or break it if im sticking with making a female character white hair is just what im looking for thats my aesthetic okay i look kind of stupid still lets change that its a wrap i think its over i think i think this is what im going with i think this is it so what im gonna name myself um bad my first name bad my second name  __  number two do i really gotta explain like do i lets be real now lets be real now its a rap see if you say my name like that it comes off really rude its bad  __  number two you just called me  __  yeah okay were doing the basic movement tutorial it does feel a little bit slower than the first game maybe im a little bit lit but this does feel a tad bit slow maybe im drunk but you know im saying so movement as i said before um as i changed it its uh l2 to do my little thingies you can do it naturally by square if you dont want to change it and r2 is what i change it to the attack but what it defaults to is triangle and then if i get my camera right we you just move you got other uh elements such as gas you cant be doing this forever um so once you fill that out then you should be gucci and you know what im saying youre good so thats about it now besides all this theres co-op which i want to kind of test out real quick and ill do another quest on the side so um lets try real quick hey oh rhyme so you have uh co-op well not co-op you have a multiplayer uh the last one had co-op which was kind of trash it didnt have it inherently right away right they have multiple uh parts of multiplayer this is annihilation mode basically its you its up to four before basically you and a team or you and your team have to kill as many times as possible or you can do 1v1 as well bad all right that sounds pretty cool im not sweating it by the way you dont gotta let me know but so were doing a 1v1 right and im a win like i did on your channel when we did our thing over there right oh that  __  number two got cake its not inherently cake cake wait like if you squint can i ask you uh explain the name bad  __  number two what happened number one i think okay so theres laura because you know like in the story mode spoiler right your father dies right so im saying that her father set her up for like a decent life because aiming for number one isnt practical but number two isnt as bad because its like close to number one so message basically what we do besides killing titans we have little forts and bases we can build that also gradually gets our points up so we could play two ways we could be a  __  and play uh pikmin and get our little men to do the work for us or we could be real and you know essentially kill titans as well as playing pikmin on the low i just i see you just made it four too you know i just gotta do it for one exact same amount of points at the exact same time it builds up like over time yeah gradually so thats my headphone and i feel like that is the major uh key to winning is killing titans and also building bases but a billion bases is boring it it is boring so like i would say just doing it a little bit is cool and then just just fighting at the same time what i was gonna say is like its like if you want to build bases like minecraft like that game dead you know yeah thats what im saying thats what im saying yeah now basically fortnite but you know yeah i noticed sometimes on the map as well too theres like a little uh emergency little side quest mission as im getting my life squeezed out that you could go to and you have a certain titan that you can kill and i dont know what it specifically does for your points but well find out right now it it makes it go up a lot no no and i see a green flag next thats mine so you can you can do the work for me when i come over there i want my residuals so i feel like you cant you cant like kill times without you you cant make it the the heat is essential  __  give me that give me that try to steal my  __  wait that was the guy you didnt realize what was happening because i bamboozled you but it dont matter well i didnt have the thing on my screen get your first license i know what you want to do whatever that  __  stuff is trying to do got him no no i didnt get a high fire for that or anything hey thank you bro i really appreciate that i got cheated out of that one you see the  __  he i did all the work i did all the work here oh are you trying to do it again oh got it no oh no oh dude oh no were tied up uh-huh dont matter dont matter cause i got this bass  __  i got oh look and i win right now dude this is this is dude i got i got cut so hard i think because you went berserk i couldnt like unlock off of them oh oh oh yeah when they go berserk i dont think you cant unlock because i had that issue too actually first match well thanks for telling me that right now i mean i i you know im saying so after multiplayer and all that stuff and you come back on the story um the the main gameplay stuff you get like you know a story so far screen where you can see what you missed but you know its really redoing attack on titan one so you already know the  __  going on i feel okay now question do you think those two are gay like i know girl in the back really loves historia but does historia love girl in the back which were gonna call yamir all right well you guys are you guys are doing that im gonna do this okay so like i thought uh were going to the mirror first battle um hey big head our job is to support middle okay got it uh enlist come on my team all right i got that out the way now who else successfully rendezvous with your mirror i ive done it okay so now we got ugly one two three and little  __  over there in the back two little  __  they are mad okay did you uh see this looks like were in for a treat looks like it all right so uh what are we doing so we got homie over here rendezvous with your mirror yeah i already seen that um while im here let me go get that thing on his arm real quick now they are oh look at you sneak attack i dont i dont even know how to okay lets see what that looks like okay let me let me hold on do that oh shoot okay so then i i sneak attack right there yeah that was that was trash back up okay peep the net and i hit the r2 again to cut cut oh okay i see how that works i mean its kind of cool a little bloody everywhere you know what im saying but you know what im saying so sneak attack actually comes in handy a lot with titans such as this one in the corner i can just do this tag on like that and then do this hey okay this is actually a really prime way to kill  __  out here in these streets i feel all right uh here we are lock on guy from this distance oh maybe not um let me try it still oh i cant he sees me okay snake attack only works so im not being seen it makes sense  __  oh oh here he comes enraged all right all right all right all right all right okay okay he shouldnt hit me thats all that matters let me hit this real quick zinc i missed again okay cool hold on go around real quick and we cut that off  __  we acquired thing all right thats awesome now what i want to do is go for the next the nate excuse me and cut it with the yacht and this is more or less the gist of the game um i like it a lot uh compared to the last one because the cac gimmick is just my thing if you you know me okay mono you dont excuse me as i kill you because i didnt appreciate what you did to me goodbye hey big head dont mind me im just going to kill you  __  all right and now were done oh new smoke all the way across the map theyre making me work for this one thats crazy let me see if i get a sneak attack on the leg can i can i get a sneak attack somewhere ill get it here you oh i love it i love it this is great and then he should be dead with this next attack goodbye i get the kill its mine dont thank me im the hero um or the cac hero im a hero on my mind and were done if you guys want to see more um just you know let me know down below in the comment section because i i like this game im enjoying it a lot and um you know what im saying lets watch aaron uh get his leg bitten off well we came we saw and uh ill catch you guys later wake me up wake me up inside omori game steam Today were playing NEW Attack on Titan PS4! 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