Attack on Titan 2 Gameplay | PART 1 # Sbor kadetů (CZ)

Remastered games on steamreddit ufc steam ATTACK ON TITAN 2 - A.O.T.2 gameplay music music music music applause music Im in the back Im not good at subspecies but Im tired Its good tws Its okay if you come in Its a surly country, so its a surly atmosphere. Listen to me now, at best, you guys have no choice but to become food for humans, its just a month 9 Today were going to have a practical training session using the three-dimensional mobile device. Its a different fact, Japans transportation Move to the right place with a three-dimensional mobile device Thin I was sleeping with a lot of ideas what to do It seems difficult, but lets all do our best together Music Im sorry for the pioneering area If you cant do it, why dont you just walk around? Are you the same age? Have them learn the basics music Do your best with the attitude of April New Years Day viewers who entered the line Theres a method ase music tt You got it, youll have a small giant do it. Aim there and hit with certainty music music music I think its swimming I think anyone should be able to do it at least once Attack again 3 waves Even though its training, I cant get too sick Sticker stickers are recommended for the next training.As for the others, put attack training on as they are pets. Its the result, my daughter was a mistake. Aim for sure Its probably a copper wire fluke Lets attack one more time Tande Is it the match ? From now on, the last training of the day will begin! There will be many goals around me, so I will compose forever Kiyose 8 This is it. Hey, you need to have manners to snatch your prey, and youre the one whos taken for granted by Curser. Hey, if this is a political responsibility and its expensive, Ill show you that you can fight against the giants. Why dont you follow me for a little while Music Ill announce the scenery results Theres still time left Yes, Im still bald. If its spiritual, its hard, Mikasa, huh? What is it, you? Youre Ichiro, youre not a rough rider. Its been a long time. It looks like youll be able to get high grades with this. Todays training is over. Its okay if you make me unreasonable and break down the opposite sex with sweat Im glad I didnt have to go back to 6 th 2 Type: After all, it s only one person who wakes up music They dont pretend music If youre unmotivated, why dont you pack your bags quickly and take a picture in the frontier? Mina Carolina You were from a pigsty, so you should live as 2. I wonder if the giants will eat 2. To far away, the secretary meeting put the child in the singing group. Music Im doing my best, but even if I dont say anything, I wont be able to get over it for a while. I wonder if we can become soldiers in this state, but to be honest, I think its difficult to improve our training results. Think about it and aim for it Music Learn from your friends. If thats the case, I think well be able to gain a lot of things. Music It was 2 grams by rice, but its a mystery . Music Socorro This is your west, isnt it? Ah music Lets go, be careful not to get through A wing Youre not training for the 104th term Oh yeah music Yes Let me tell you, this is a memorial. This is the publishers physical condition for the Garrison Corps. Nishinaku Nitanka Speaking of Shiganshina Ward, in the 104th term, besides Eren, Mikasa and Armin will probably win . Music Then youre from the same town, so if you have any troubles, ask me for help Music OK, Im standing. I would like to have it music Housekeeper Oh, this time, take Ellen and others along and come see me again. Observation is important I think that journal is something or a router Keep it up Thank you music jan Yeah, I should probably paint both of them. Ameku Messer: Its a protest that you cant lose weight. So I have to spend a period of time Reiner Bertolt is here What are you guys money Do you have something for us? All three of you are from Shiganshina District, arent you? Why are you aiming to become a soldier even though you know how terrifying giants are ? Home I went back music 1 part was missing 2 I wish I could live I cant see my mother Im sorry Im searching for a projector. For the sake of netting, it seems that this training has disappeared because of the relationship with the start of the supervisor military order from now on.Evaluate the ability to cooperate with each other and the ability to execute operations rather than individual skills. How to do it The reason is as I told you earlier Move to a place where the terrain is semi-complete It doesnt seem like training for the corps, but if its about the forest, leave it to me. You wont know if you dont try anyway, right? Even the handicapped coordination that was made up from the beginning will probably be there from the beginning. I want to leave it to you Where a Dont match everyones pace I think youre good Su 8 ost Rice can do I liked it Thank you 1 Lets make a comeback, play long legs, and surprise China. Music I cant sit down in a hurry Music Its good to eat Music Its like an open place Music I cant do it like a train Lets say this is me who was in a real battle and a creator, isnt it? Lets become music I thought it wasnt 4 divisions music none music music Is it a song? The location is important, so now weve replenished both the blade and the moon. If I get kicked by one, Ill feel tight music Now that I have a backup base, lets hurry to the big place this time epg nineteen Listen to me and Ill be bought I feel it tehen 2 uh Its fine if the t-shirts buttocks are underused, so what are you guys doing in the end?Otter Im sorry. ah ah ah the mountain tower is late start right away you are the opponent important It seems like I can do it.The final training will start from me.Len- sama will also appear in large numbers in the forest. Destroy it - this is really serious Thats why its the same, so dont drag your feet, its not 2 miyabi tale me Amazing Oh yes music I guess youve lost a lot now, but you rejected me Why are you training so lets get along Hey Bertholdt ame Thats right Put it in the box with a pen Theres still time to announce Seikan Static Theres still time left to get fired up Theres a possibility that youll pay the key, but Ill give it my all until the end Youve come this far Let s do our best until the end What is this here music Yeah yeah yeah Tec-chan has a tee yeah yeah yeah come on Dont run alone z You know Johan Scary fan Its no good I wont announce the excellent version, Reiner Braun. Youve got it all together, so it looks like you can expect something like Akerman and other top-performing teams, right? Certainly, there are a lot of interesting soldiers, don. The purpose of this training is to find out if there are people who have the aptitude to cooperate with other soldiers. Thanks to you, I managed to recover. Its important to increase the number of people, and its important to collide with each other, is nt it? music I want a cat car space grandma tanchan But Mikasa yes, Mikasa Stallmans minute was just a little smaller followed by a 8 star has the final star sound Yone 104th trainees have been hammered into all sorts of techniques to fight giants for three years Soldiers who have graduated from the training corps through rigorous training are assigned to three schemes Control the people under the cherry blossoms The military police who protect the participation. Strive to strengthen the wall and protect the city inside the wall. Only the 10 highest-ranked trainees were announced at the opening ceremony, and he probably had three years of harsh training, too. We will announce the top 10 performers from now on. No. 10 Chris Cant Get Middle Sasha Blouse No. 8 Connie Springer No. 7 Marcobo Michi No. 6 Jean Pitch and In 10 buckles involved in Kazaa However, the sentences are only based on the results of the training ground. Whether or not you can demonstrate your abilities in actual battles should be measured by the scale of each sound. Music I will ask His Majesty the Pirates at a later date. Female Machine Toner Music Then Thomas, please. Ah, Ive had many opportunities to interact with Ellen and Armin since then. Ellens strong point is guts. Armins strengths are his intelligence and his competitive spirit. Ugh, if thats your strength, then we should be apprentices too How was Bina? But hey, Christa always pays close attention to whats going on around her and pays attention to the movements of her comrades Thats amazing, isnt it? Well then, lets do it next time Okay, thats the end of this debriefing session Listening to the story was very helpful I wonder if I could get along with everyone and learn a lot of useful things Do nt answer music Ill do my best, and Ill have to deepen exchanges with more of my friends and learn the good things. music Im ready When should I pay you What is it? Youre amazing music te0 ase music Ellie hit ball I want to follow my will and work close to me Thank you Umihata good Soldiers responsibilities Fulfill music Turn right when you hear it Jaguar dan danga Listen carefully music music Bathe Pretty Hey Mei 2 ah ah ah ah ah ah ah Its coming Izumi replay Doremizu bye Its in Im expecting to protect Ellen How much is it? Music It was a pity, I thought you would be in the top 10. Stand up after the war. I dont think the top 10 people have that much difference in ability, as the instructor said, so will it be useful in actual combat ? Music It was decided from the beginning that I was training to fight the giants. A comfortable life in a certain position is waiting for you, so you can finally escape from this suffocating front line town. No, I lost more than 20% of the population, and the answer is data. Hundreds of thousands of sacrifices to sing Well be the bait for the giants who leave the 10th Margot out of the sun Yes, everyone, its a short week If you want to go, go anywhere, even outside the walls Then I will absolutely join the Military Police Corps Music No, Im ready to give my vibration Think and burn it overture Music Nice to meet you 4th Its a genuine gas pipe I have it I want to make a key Music Its painful to eat new sentences, etc. I hit the 2nd day of f 2 e 72, but Im sorry. Greg Its easy to ask for one word, isnt it ? What do you want to make ? Kore 2 I think its enough to get a blue bargain sale star I think its enough for mountaineering etc. me b canis 2 I wo nt come again Ill show you the content Music Come on, Music No Music Yes, I chose it. By concentrating the population in these divisions, it is possible to narrow down the target of the giants and consolidate the defense force. The Hokkaido Corps Headquarters existed, and trainees were supposed to take on various missions with the Garrison Corps during the period until they were officially assigned. It s to fulfill the feelings Ive been holding on to that cold day I was drawn to. I was working hard, huh, to join the survey corps Youre the first run, arent you? I got meat from the storehouse. I left the dance to recapture Wall Maria at home, so Im going to eat it, so take it from me. But which troop do you want? If you do nt go back, your superiors will find out. Applause The terabik is a cherry tree that has been destroyed. Its okay, Ive been training for the underling sky Show me the results Im going to give you 8 Theres something I can eat music Is it okay? Be careful, theyre coming in next. Buy the giants 14 flight, that key, youre aiming for the same thing yeah yeah yeah even if its me Im living here I can beat the giants What ? Lets withdraw with one more one ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah the color type with high school students attached the rolls paid by the creator Its a melon, but Im going to guess from now on I dont think youll come in Oh oh oh Im eating beef, so I cant do it Well do it too music Sapporo sony I have to music Thank you Im sorry, but be careful about the direction of the guy who seems to be on guard Its dangerous, so I wonder if the ward office should be at a distance music All right, everyone, please think that Eleota is a good tube There are things that cant be standardized music san is doing music Im Yamada, but Im Yamada Im going to start moving Im going to enter against a giant of things Its amazing I was able to subdue a cat Why isnt it coffee? Its the same as last year It suddenly appeared and disappeared in a flash Sumas umbrella What are you apologizing for? Go back to the 2nd stick Nagasawa Chayama Potter and Fushimaiguchis Pettis are reflected Hakobe live is good This kind of spam music But music Po Its for the future of mankind Im ready Its raining, its raining, its a car, its a Nissan, then were divided into groups, and there are quite a few giants more here in the center sheehan nu fa When the battle becomes chaotic, come to me Akama-kun, youll join the plate-making rear guard unit. Im sorry, but I have one request I do nt know about this hotel Sealistizer I cant die in a fancy place I still have the best para sushi in the world So I said I wasnt lucky What am I? Ill do it. I ll show you the results of my training like that music Ymir has succeeded and is on the shift, so I have to interact first music 4 days Im doing it music Ikua tan I can see my mother Its supposed to be thunder music The giants are already going through Sasha and the giants Yo music I m fired tee music jr pandan dee 4 me Isnt that great? Okay Crying is a leak Yes, its not our post Its the Communist Party So Im going Tise d Theres no reason to go Dark Abe The Prime Minister is a thread uhten music Dai I cant show you No Haas Music I want to laugh Im doing it. Desuyone music I want to help everyone too music tee th 4th music yeah yeah yeah dee music why did you have this figure Okay, lets do it. Its about time Im worried about the cup news every Go back to Bit Headquarters and moxa music 7 kyan yeah yeah car yeah yeah yeah 3 th yeah yeah yeah I got 4 you want it music wh ni pandan eh I was told by music online na its not pretty so I put music already today mar 3 car come on star fukk this is just the whole thing do nt be silly were on Fersens support mission from here music music music Laminate is no good Please let that bullet disappear Im sorry Im going to fight too Please match me Thank you Music Is it okay to put it together Christer Zeddall? Ill kill you with I made it. music german car music music aname wh music It was nt a big deal Lets go Best Liquor One is no good You should understand the slope You can see it Its raining like that on the web It wasnt like I was optimistic believing Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha Music 4 me Music me Just ignore me Applause Music Im going to die, you Applause Ah ah ah Music Applause Music It was there Music That s why Music No. Music Music Its torn, I thought without putting it on tee Music It s a mantel chain in space, is nt it? yo music music Hmm hahahahahahahahahahahaha Armins okay, your complexion is pale. Ah, the same hand as Ellen and the others. What are you saying, Arumi? Its not the time to chat with a giant like this in full view. The chicks of the citizens who have been greatly overwhelmed by the road are still moving forward 0 It will be a big problem if Mamoru escapes in the future Look, anyway, its not time now Lets gather the surviving soldiers and stop the giants even a little bit MUSIC Youre on your way and well join you later Bikers MUSIC ja is devastated It seems that the evacuation of the residents in the way has not ended yet. After all, its over Rin As expected of my sister, two-minute rider Music I finally understand Tsume, Id like to ask for a connection with other friends Thank you. I m fine, okay, please support the other guys benas me, I dont have cucumbers, Ill have to do something Help me music Im doing music uh I was music aa 00 I love sumo wrestling at 10 am Its okay now December Somebody made a giant invade a hot spring book English town Justin Im not here, Yamada, everyone, Im worried about how the residents were evacuated. tame ni yeah yeah yeah wh te 1 eh eh eh music 4 days re me It s hard for us to keep up with you, sorry music music Its just a color and sound, isnt it? Is Chubu Universitys newly born Marutomi Please help me defend the residents Ahhhhh Its the ruins cjn Deeps music Water Its getting faster, isnt it ? Music What are you hesitating? Lets climb the wall music Ill help you with as entertainment tan yeah yeah yeah I think I can do anything, tee me Even if the withdrawal order is issued, if the legal gas runs out and you cant climb the wall, use Ishikawa. If thats the case, its really over Who of us trainees can get that mozilla? Alpha waves in pursuit Nows not the time to be sentimental MUSIC Im strong, Im so strong I could beat those giants all by myself You guys dont even have arms Im a coward and a coward I should just put my finger in my mouth Im watching with my mouth music By the way, a professional sports store opened and I got a putter. What do you think about this? Find other people who failed to escape and ask for their cooperation. Music It smells like frozen squid. Yeah, thats a good move. I chose the song Im looking for go to do Im at the university I need your help Im planning to break into Tan We may be able to defeat the giants Are we going to die? Its the end of the Fuse police station Yes Applause Yes Were going to rush into the headquarters Can you help me too? Ill fight you too Music Headquarters is crumbling wh No way youre going to be harassed at this corner Fate Even if you go up a step, youll rush into Headquarters Okay then Eiichis there Life or death Im on the verge of doing it. music applause If you want to go to the headquarters, you can send it to me music applause The world is cruel music music And its so beautiful music Its a good life ban Im sorry I wont give up music Ill do it music You have a lot of husbands music Home music If I die, I cant even remember you anymore tan tan taneme tan music Suspicious killing giants r music music music music music applause music how to check game files on steam Join my Discord: Outro music: best steam nsfw game steam deck button chord dolphin steam deck free popular steam games steam game fee