Does eb games sell steam gift cardsparty game steam ATTACK ON TITAN 2 - A.O.T.2 gameplay god hello very good everyone 67 and welcome to the channel welcome to a review today we are going to talk about the attack of the titans 2 blackout tie tango without kim the club like to withdraw the title that comes out on playstation 4 xbox one suite ipc is the platform that We are going to use a price that is perhaps rare and unusual for PC people, but it is that they beep 6995 and the truth is that its predecessor improved a lot. We are going to go into detail and we start in this second part of attacks on the titans. We will have a novelty. the campaign in which we will no longer embody the protagonists but rather we will be ourselves reliving some of the events of the first season although the axis of the story will focus on the second with a lot of secondary and an rpg development which we will explain more ahead what has surprised me the most and it seems to me a quite original concept of tecmo koei lampre was created develops is that unlike previous j Then the cinematics and after that the whole story is presented in the first person, being we write this kind next to the protagonists as one more secondary but which obviously is not included in the official manga, although well, it doesnt paint anything or tap, in general, it matches this unfortunately we lose some moments like in the first listening to reading in total but it is not bad either since it gives us a bit of a new perspective and it is not seeing the same thing that we saw in the series we have new perspectives some very glossy cinematics although sometimes They are not rendered, they are of high quality, but they are attractive, first part because I am not going to judge the story. Well, this is mainly a product for fans, although it is not bad at all. a lot but today it is not so normal it is interesting also we have for the channels played first we have the arcs that recover and some s missions that put us in a situation and then once a couple of hours have passed we remember that Japanese games have excessively long tutorials and we will get to the heart of it and we will move on to the second season, which is for those of you who have not seen it a new knowledge and for the encores from another plane, graphically the game is not bad lets remember that I have cohen and it doesnt make the games more striking or more updated in graphics but it is true that it still presents the zaidín quite well done that stands out above all in the fidelity of the characters of the saga property and that it has some good moments such as the destruction or others, the pc post strangely also comes in handy something that normally koei tecmo is usually quite lazy, lazy and badly done in this case we have an ugly launcher to put the basic options and then within the game we can refine them to our liking being able to choose without vertical reception or others if they dont see Its not bad and we dont need a state-of-the-art computer to throw it away, although as you can also appreciate the graphics are not state-of-the-art, they are simply attractive, they comply and recreate the environment well, perhaps perhaps losing the run a bit, being too brown even remembering that the color range of the The anime itself is quite sober for a type of product, if I had to put a note, which Im not going to do, but I could, a random number will be about 7, where it gains points, it improves in others and it can get stuck in some, its in the gameplay, Im going to explain it. In the first afternoons, what would be the options menu, Father is quite conservative compared to his first part, between mission and vision, we have the oto area, I like to take it, so it is an area where we have our characters, we can talk with them, increase our friendship with them that we It will be useful for something that I will explain later. We can use the fretting menu to improve or make other weapons and Either because we feel like going with something weird or because of functionality, I recommend functionality and we also have several game modes in the story and in mission mode where we can embody other characters that, by the way, apart from embodying other characters, we can also play in multiplayer, which is appreciated to do a cooperative with gangs in this pseudo museum and tasted because unlike the classic games of tecmo koei which is get in here and kill a lot here we have another mechanic we are going to explain once in we will fight this one It will help to locate the objectives that can be from talking to this rescue to the other build bases something new or just blow up x titans as I said the worst point maybe its the combat the movement is brutal the theme of the three-dimensional team of movement is very well recreated with very fluid animations that are very colorful and that without much training we can make moments of being vo lando like a real madman anchored everywhere and using the impulses without this a little bit of a problem house that the button the best said the action is based on double vote older can set mouse wheels that eye control between clark where they were choose area right click and wait to get closer to give the right moment to the other right click and attack this time to assist them easier by holding a key we can open the drop-down cloud in my case the central mouse and give a number to call one of the companions It is true that perhaps it is more comfortable to play it with a controller, the PC control is not bad, but it will have to be refined a bit with the options to be able to change the controls or, failing that, play with a controller available at this point, the combat was not attractive, but at In the long run, when we were playing for a few hours, we see that it is too simple a mechanic and that, like all of us have koei tecmo games, it can be reached To create something boring, leaving the rest of the product that comes very well assembled a little behind, it is true that as we progress in the game, new mechanics are added, such as the construction, we have some points where we can say that this is a supply point in the defense turret or others that will be unlocked later this that it does because it gives it a little more point then different titans will appear which we will need other techniques to get by and as well as the very necessary weapon improvement system so as not to have to be changing blades every two by three and obviously be at the level of our enemy titans to improve doing damage and not have to require too many blows to hit it and be able to advance things obviously very necessary especially if we do not improve we have almost seven states audit and reload blade thing that hears increases your protection but we lose score when facing the titans depends on their size large medium or small they will have several areas and if we do it well they will give us materials but also if we cut an arm or an ankle at some moments a symbol of a kind of stone will come If we burst at the end of the mission, they will give us new consumables to be able to. It is also quite important as and not to neglect the secondary elements such as the take mode where unfortunately we have to be choosing the best options to increase friendship and thereby improve our companions. which will also be new characters in general, as we see the gameplay is quite complete although not complex, some aspects being interesting, good in others and as I can tell you, after becoming repetitive in some, above all, you only know that here they usually put subtitles Although it has nothing to do with the sound, the game comes with its original voices in Ja you put some new ones as we can see also like the characters themselves and also in the soundtrack that does not look bad or is not bad maybe it is up to par I have some pieces where it is not up to par with the first season but well they stand out and are entertaining what maybe It surprises me for good is that it is the first game that at least I do not follow the dynasty warriors saga but - it is the first game that arrives in Europe translated into s in subtitles which is like please I would have liked an option to be able to put them in English procession and dress and sacrilege is not the original Japanese dubbing that I do ares streets but I like it many times even if it is more generic voices and not so good original good things I like being able to listen to it in English because that way I save the titles in this case It is very appreciated to come and in Spanish the first out the wings of freedom mirón a very correct English with voices in Japanese making it a bit difficult or m It is less accessible to the average user than this country so the attack on the titans 2 is hiring sos no2 24 it is a work that has served to evolve since its first part it is actually a couple of years ago graphically it has improved a lot for the better and being showy keeping up a little below the car but it is not bad in terms of sound it is pristine considering that its production for fans obviously within the fans all titanic sounds etc etc etc is very well recreated in terms of gameplay we have new things like the system of rapport with the team much better the system of creating bases a complete addition although unfortunately the combat system of the first one has been maintained as I said before leaving it perhaps a little sober the duration of the campaign is quite long and secondary content In addition, and multiplayer gives it more life, so it is not a bad product in general, obviously recommended for fans of the saga It is, I think, essential, a very good game and if this is not the first one I recommend it to you because at first it was cool but it will be something more lame and here we have a new vision we have something interesting within the saga the plot does not deviate too much and it delves deeper giving us a new point of view of the events being simply a stepping stone and you are not, on the other hand, as the cinematics said, some places and some moments are incredible, perhaps it is a lack of quality decreed but well, they do not whistle, they do not go into things and it gives you laziness you can enter the game files I started to swallow all there radio movie and save you from playing things that eyes I do not recommend because the game is quite entertaining and in fact it can put pressure on you although the obvious difficulty to say that it is not very she is something that if we are going to decide so it passes the cut if it is a remarkable product it is not the masterpiece and it will not enter as a top10 of best games egos based unanimously but it is not by far a bad adaptation within others that ccoo has used and that are very very niche games to maintain courses and that they repeat over and over again when we have something slightly different and that is left to be loved and if rather too hard online subscribe for more and see you three days believers and remember if you want to support the channel and also enjoy these cheaper games with farmers through the description link thanks escape from tarkov game steam ATTACK ON TITAN 2 Gameplay EspañolCompra aquí barato y apoya al canal!! usar el código de descuento SERPS para recibir el 3% de tu compra --------------- Gofres sideriales en la descripción ------------------ Ahora y de nuevo en Twitch! 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