Finding Bigfoot - Encontramos o ABOMINÁVEL HOMEM DAS NEVES, Armadilhas e Pegadas! (#1) (PT-BR)

Scan game steambrookhaven game steam BIGFOOT game thats it putting the food there to attract the bigfoot now just wait for the bigfoot to show up to get the meat I believe that with all this wind it will help spread the smell across the region so the wood has stopped shaking shaking Music look for damage ok with you here its the sword and good people in rio today bringing you the end of dengue fante finally released the update that added a new map and also a new big pec the people first i would like to apologize to you because i I spent a week without posting videos because theres a kart race in my city Im training for this race so thats why its been a week without posting videos but now were back with everything and everything my partner here so we can hunt the foot great together and check out this new game update so lets not waste time lets go there and the helicopter is leaving I believe we are some team of researchers leave on this gigantic terrain or even here there is an abandoned research camp there is no partner on your side they remained an activist that if he had to leave the camp after the meeting he left even if he left well our body temperature to 36.4 degrees it seems that its just dawn so lets go to the camp ment its not to get the traps from the weapons the cameras because we dont have anything that checks the hut Im going to load here on the edge of the check and its not possible to close the hut and they told me to enter the hut another one here I found ammo Im going in and cameras and thats not all there are traps here there s also a map that circle a point but theres no point like this on the map and theres no regrets I think were going to have to release that part from the map exploring I believe I believe when you went to explore it opens up more ram you took one the cameras and two and two traps ok so the terrain here is very big v we want to put it around the house like not so close to the house because we already have a view through the window make the following pattern you put it first and then put it theres your drug here under the bed you didnt even see it I didnt see it dont come first the first one one day he will not attack and will study we will have to be armed with our objective in the region in that sense we can divide the time in this first shift you stay on guard while the uno and in the second shift I stay on guard you sleep great size body pain can there also security heard I attend to the boss though here Im going to leave from here lets go lets go lets go back to our tent if you dont have to die of cold here we go lets go lets train the boss I was very sleepy I thought I wasnt going to nothing to happen I said you do the rounds while watching this put the food there to attract the bigfoot now just wait for the bigfoot to show up to get the meat I believe that with all this wind the will help spread the smell across the region wood has stopped shaking shaking looks like that one being direct that part arriving water runs in the glass shaking I can make a fire make fires there she answers put the tent touch us in these tents a a that in the meantime Ill stay here under the tent there, you can even stand in line by the bonfire meanwhile Im going to check camera number 6 which is right in front of the food that gives us the forecast of where were camped and shave hi I didnt sleep nothing round again you have to do one time according to horne another one is kept now its your turn the drug for the cameras Ill make the rounds for you in real what to do I dont think bigfoot finds people theres no way to avoid it looking at the camera Ill take care behind the lagoon if youre lazy I dont want to do the rounds and my god in heaven if you dont go Ill always try to shoot you in the foot because you dont go then because now its your turn damn real scared I dont do it deia its true that the doctor too but now just walk there mnes voice key is calm you can sleep peacefully Im going to do this wave it was worth it because I have to do the wheel wheel it has to be close far year tourist camp come here he found his camp all destroyed I think the people are big who broke destroyed see if there are any survivors have in ammo and more single beech that is inside I can see nothing applied footprints footprints served man he was right here watching us lets go lets follow the footprints here here now here our lady went down I got my size from this huge skewer of its value money a lot of money I came here where I wanted to come here no one here doesnt have it here you can only see it in the snow I think weve just arrived at the place that we launch both the cave of pedro there is something that I thought was a cave that goes and who knows and it is something we found the cave of big foot in the ssa can go in can go in how we entered granny this is right here lets change the carcasses and thats what captain americas shield is true of the ice cast four right what the abominable snowman but its a big one right something in the urn I dont see nothing ok lets go back to the camp so lets see if its a good idea one of the guys is the following me and my partner are going to take all the cameras that are far away there are only two and we are going to replace them are all the cameras in strategic places because this is manageable many must be is very but very intelligent is not so stupid the other one is the standard bigfoot and if he hides more watch he doesnt attack directly even though Im alone now so the probability of attacking me is very very high is because Thats what Im very afraid of because Im alone, he showed up in the middle with him, you getting there, its not good, keep looking at the places where youre going to put the cameras. three hours guys and we cant find bigfoot its complicated its very smart put a risk on camera 3 putting at risk also far away here thats it putting a bait on each camera there on the camera a beauty or explorers weve already put baits in front of the camera here camera 11 2 and 3 by chance the big foot appeared he smelled that meat and towards the main camera to detect his presence and we went there to be able to hunt salo we didnt put anything in camera 4 or 5 or 6 because we didnt see lots of sounds around them only camera 1 and 2 right data controlling camera 2 and thats the end and we ve been waiting for him for a long time we ve been here in this world it wont come out for more than two hours in real time lets continue here waiting he seems to be a guy I didnt see he was trying to finish it couldnt even be seen oh my god my god the camera 2 he got food he got food so he ate chicken there prainha goes beyond he shoots I have vision the sound getting in the way Music cricket gets big he went there I dont know where he went not to assume losing ours hes white anyway man I couldnt accept him because the sun was getting in the way okay Ill get you the circus dammit I have food I have food good we know hes in that area I spoke to him on camera 24 in law he says Im going to put traps around the camera 2 I didnt even put madina man lua joins hiding in the bush its a trap okay lets put more than I gave as well as several others that you get the boa ai ai thanks to the camera for failing three camera 3 camera 3d over there he screamed and I scream __ mano so where did he go with his voice or making 11 glasses I m on camera three still wont be back in 6 3 going around camera 3 to 3 in the tournament hes going to eat and 2 and 6 2 and 6 2 my lap there eating meat in fact he thinks Im going to stop knowing who will want national son will fall into the trap sure the delicate skin of him that this k will he saw us coming no of course no it cant its on me it already has leis footprints and i cant see his footprints either on top of the trees there mine had a shape footprint it looks like a search footprint bush pai became so today here it goes I hope you liked it it was the first episode there will be another partner you liked the video leave your he just tried to study the island and the new equipment and a gift is bigfoot or better lets go snow hes very smart we saw that giving him food cheating him with food he comes so its very time he shouted over there on the other side of the lake so but already all of you thanks said the theme Music water steam distillation No Bigfoot você deve ser engenhoso e testar a sua força contra o Bigfoot ou Pé Grande, e deve lembrar que até mesmo os mais experientes caçadores podem se tornar vítima... Temos de prestar muita atenção pois à criação de inteligência artificial do monstro é bem realista, será tão realistas quanto possível, também o bigfoot ou Pé Grande terá uma grande força. Haverá disponível grande área para a caça, com lagos, pântanos e grutas._____________________________________________Compre o Seu BIGFOOT : _____________________________________________ Minha Pagina Do Facebook : Meu Grupo Na Steam : ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ #Playlists De Outras Series ^^ *THE ISLE = UM GRANDE SIMULADOR DE DINOSSAUROS : *DINOSAUR SIMULATOR ROBLOX : *SHELTER 2 : *ZOO TYCOON 2 ANIMAIS EXTINTOS : *ZOO TYCOON 3 : *JURASSIC PARK OPERATION GENESIS : ________________________________________________________________ *CONTATO COMERCIAL : OBRIGADO POR ASSISTIR ^^ who invented the steam engine steam summer sale hints steam booster pack best non steam games steam summary 2022