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Steam free games for limited timesteam deck left daughter board BIGFOOT game is alien what do you mean oh my god no way dude yo whats going on guys riots here back with another episode of bigfoot because were revealing one of the most insane easter eggs thats ever existed in this game plus covering some awesome updates from the past week or two which just adds to the whole game so much more leave a like on the video if you guys love bigfoot also or just i guess horror games with buddies because horror games with buddies are where its at and lets get this started jesus christ what a  __  name oh wow honestly he always jinxed my name is crisco alien poopoo balls is pure imagination well i cant record while im while im while im looking for it because like pootis what the hells im ready it was me i was confused it says not ready when youre ready its its very confusing it does say not ready why did he do that i dont know man freaking me out okay so some random did just enter the game so you might have to worry about him me and you just need to meet up so we can do this epic alien thing and uh dude thats gonna screw me up because im gonna join im gonna be like hey is that you hes gonna shoot me in the face honestly just kill him i wont stop you from killing him okay im just trying to take all this stuff before he can get i need okay so most important part of this i think is the drone is getting the uh the drone and the battery for the drone okay so we need one of these we need a fully charged tablet and we need i think we all just automatically have a drone there is another way to do it with the with the electrical stuff which im going to try and use i dont even know where this guy just went it said he joined the game and then he ran off into the woods so good luck with that good luck with this guy okay so first things first we have to do the first things first im going to go ahead and explore this little town over here looking for an electrical circuit because even though it says you can do it easily with just the drone i feel like its more hardcore to overdo it its always better to overdo stuff yeah let me just go ahead come to the bullets crisco nothing better than humanity teaming up with the beasts of the woods to beat the crap out of some scrawny nerdy aliens bro thats patriotism you sound so goddamn scary running behind me because my kind of luck i would end up oh wait yeah okay okay wait fight the bear crisco theres a new update bears wait wait dont dont fight her hey dont fight him ill see if he attacks you he does oh my god oh my god that was a touch oh  __  you came for me after i should have seen that one coming that was crazy i knew that bear going after bigfoot like that damn yeah dude he charged me man that bears got a set of balls on him i dont even know what happened like i was like it was like he lifted me up and body slam me or something okay so right here this is the arch where we go at the end of it we really dont need the electrical surge to use it im just trying to overkill it because i want to show the people every possible way to do it but there really is no need dude i wish you could just carry me on your shoulders wed get there so much quicker okay so we gotta do we gotta go up to this like radio tower and basically activate it and you have to activate it during the day and then at night the aliens will come essentially yeah yeah exactly im just gonna go with it yeah is there any more animals what is that its a deer buck elk quadruped her before not exactly sure the species but i wish it would fight you i wish issue and run up and just like gash you in the guts thatd be crazy man the sound effects dude on my my system thats hooked up right are messing with me so bad do you have surround sound going with bigfoot sound effects that sounds like it sounds like bigfoots masturbating jesus christ yeah its very violent knock them out of your mouth man i never know whats going to come out of your mouth like its like oh ah oh its like the old ark seriously you cant just carry me youre so big and muscular honestly this is  __  i wish i could carry you too man did you fall off the cliff i slipped i dont know it hurt me that much ah theyll scream like that shut up and that thats a very uh dont shoot hows that is that manly enough i dont i dont know but its weird in the eye what was that you screwed your fall like 12 feet where did that come from shut up all right got that big  __  princess coming out you dont even wipe your ass you push  __  all right lets just go ahead and find this batteries okay so thats the wasagi cabin cabin so actually inside this will show you where you need to go to spot the ufos evidently really theres information provided inside can you please take the shotgun because im sick of it sitting there i actually have another shotgun currently on me right now i cant equip another i have it just in case you decide to get lippy out of nowhere its oh yeah its all for safety okay i thought id get all right close the blinds on me ill kill you okay right here this piece of paper right here it shows the ufo over the arches and thats how you know once you activate the stingy to go under the arches to check out the ufo its all provided in the game for you thats amazing hey i think if you break down the door you could come what the  __  im hanging out up here that that right there almost scared the crap out of me oh god oh you found my trap in the toilet the goddamn toilet trap you mentioned you said a toilet trap so long ago whoa it got me on the roof i think we just discovered a way to break the game good buddy oh im im in the uh the house what the hell we totally switched places okay look at the ufo thing come here your big footed smelly bastard right there you see it all right im going right now oh yeah look at that absolutely okay its nighttime once again which gives us time to find an electrical stingy because you have to activate the alien thing during the day hey theres a bed um i stepped on a bird oh my god is that why you scream whoa whoa whoa whoa you find a bear i think we might be no wait wait wait wait wait stick together big foot we got i think theres a bear right up here dude lets stick together against the bears oh yeah but theres a battery here where pukwa oh no thats a gas tank theres got to be one in this little town i usually find like two or three at this point its just because im specifically looking for them that im not finding them oh theres a bear trap leave that alone uh hey come get this baseball bat you look way more hardcore against the bears what about birdhouse thats the most badass weapon ive ever seen bigfoot yield in my life right there goddamn freaking birdhouse smacking people with a residential bird neighborhoods thats hardcore i found out that we find i bet we find mrs mrs bigfoot we can get all the batteries we need i wouldnt say that im so sorry i said that im probably gonna blurt on my video how do you know im just i just know that bigfoots a dumbass i dont have to you know what no i know i can tell you hes not you know i know hes not because no because people have never actually found bigfoot because hes a dumbass i maintain that bigfoot is a dumbass all right well hes a i i dont i dont buy it i think hes a ninja maybe hes clever i think hes just hes like got a bit of a jack sparrow thing going on hes oh battery no way where are you at there hey check this out did that get whoa whoa whoa easy i just want to look at the hatchet in your chest dude that looks crazy right there dave you got stuck like a pig buddy oh let me get my my thing back dont even oh god oh yeah oh look at the freaking knife through your face oh my god dude he wont let him take it oh there it is i guess he cant throw everything i was just beautiful remember were getting sidetracked we need to get the aliens but there are one wrench that im good okay wheres the battery its in the house underneath the desk oh my god youre a genius all right we gotta head to the tower asaps okay so again were supposed to do this during the daytime but i would still kind of sort of i dont know im seeing stars would you classify this as daytime i dont know man its like right in between this is like certain people consider this night certain people consider it day its hard to tell i mean its like dusk it is like dust exactly but its still its man i almost feel like itd be safer to wait till tomorrow but what if like because what if what are you looking at what what if we fail oh yeah it definitely feels nighttimeish oh my god i actually hit you yeah that was the spear of the century right there that was amazing okay yeah the sidebar says night time we gotta wait till daytime now oh cause you had to spear me just kidding oh stop it copy oh your fault well might as well do oh son of a  __  what theres a battery right under this table how do you want to talk about that one unbelievable its like they literally knew the easter egg was gonna happen like no no that is not unbelievable that is totally believable and so us right there that is so us pretty dark out there huh it is really dark out here thats what speared me in the face 50 times all right oh my god theres an alien symbol on the freaking tower too theres so many clues now that i think about it calm down hello im not going to hurt you i want to look at aliens im a one shot okay oh heres the alien symbol i know reds crazy okay the second is this day i think its about to say day im just gonna go ahead and plant this baby down right there youre doing it now im gonna wait im gonna plant the battery now and then wait for the sunlight to hit us just to be safe right its all about state plus theres still stars out the tower looks so alienific dude now the more you look out thinking about hey you know you know china is sending rockets to try to divert a giant meteor from hitting earth what chinas saving our lives thats awesome yeah its weird nobodys talking about it wow are you serious trying to stop yeah thats the coolest thing ive ever seen yeah i dont think its gonna work thats uh thats where the show i mean lex luthor tried the same thing multiple times in the end superman always has to go up and save it or batman chinas china is known for fireworks whatd you just say coupon yo coupon yo what does that mean thats crazy you know how to say your your logo and your sl youre saying in japanese yeah thats the dopest thing ever all right its almost day time dont you dare throw another knife in my face i would never throw a knife at your face because theyre back he said you said dont throw a knife at my face right like im not crazy to call this day time it seems pretty day tiny right i would say its daytime i would say its daytime okay look at the towers time to do the thing oh my god oh  __  oh wow if that didnt just signal aliens i dont know what does i would say youre definitely summoning aliens absolutely right oh my god and this is where aliens would visit too the middle of the woods were no witnesses no pupils thats something theyre gonna get probed oh my im looking forward to it i brought the lube just for the probe and chris now where do we go now we go down into the arches where the piece of paper predicted the aliens will be this is the big ass cliff i just see a bush coming its coming whats happening this is freaky the bears coming i like my bigfoot bear bodyguard bbb oh man dude that bear is bigfoot sized that bears put a bell the fight right now  __  oh my god i was a feast on him crisco look hes got an extra arm coming out the side what the hell damn that was crazy that was crazy those bears put up a hell of a bigfoot fight now that was a crazy update right there theres so many wildlife in this corner theres like theres all of them yeah look at theres dude look at all this dead stuff i just shot these things dead they were looking at me wrong oh my god hes still mewing i know right hes still alive kinda all right please please please work please please please work it wont let me down crisco oh my god oh i sleep back down no im not dead its just a fail i survived thank god can you get up there yeah i can actually thats like the ultimate ambush spot to be honest oh its about to be nighttime the stars are coming out the aliens coming soon yeah look check it out that is awesome oh wow here it is its alien what do you mean oh my god no way dude oh my god whered they go did they just visit for like half a second yeah what the hell they smelt your face and they flew away almost instantly crisco wait i feel like its supposed to come down for longer than that though he really just popped down for like half a second didnt he yeah he like came close and then hes like im out i was ridiculous like i cant believe it well its called easter egg like you dont get much its supposed to be for a bear yeah youre right its just an easter egg it was like damn new like what are you gonna make the intergalactic journey all the way up here just to peek and then fly away whoa crisco has noticed there is no easter egg left in the video and now its just up to killing each other you  __  hes not even talking hes going sweat mode yeah i think you did oh god come on kimo sabe i stab you once in the liver and youre going down i dont care what youre made out of i dont care who your mama is you going down  __  i go like a warrior where are you at uh what the hell was that oh that was thunder oh my god thunder just got this tree next to me or lightning this trees on fire whoa dear that is crazy right there im trying to find you im running down the cliff ways that is one painfully unlucky tree i hope we just end this video here since we got the easter egg done instead of going through like a half hour 1v1 battle which im sure we both want to go through more than anything but all right everybody hope you enjoyed that freaking easter egg that was pretty cool plus those updates involving like bigfoot fighting bears are super freaking awesome i hope this game continues to update forever make sure to leave a like on the video subscribe check out froggyman of course and well see you guys next time Music can i use any controller for steam games Epic Bigfoot Game Updates and Easter Eggs!► My Reaction Channel! - SUBSCRIBE to support my channel! - ► My Tiktok! - ► My instagram! - ★ Merch! - #Bigfoot #Update #Gameplay ozone steam sauna steam bans games cleavlend steamer jiffy clothes steamer steam deck 2022