Inside…Unmatched: Robin Hood vs. Bigfoot (4K60fps)

Steam game pubgsteam create account captcha not working BIGFOOT game Music foreign welcome to board games daddy Ive invested a lot in and matched the board game so Ive collected a few of them as you can see and now I would like to bring everything to the channel and to share the experience from showing you whats inside and some of them even to unbox on camera so in the next videos Im going to show you each of them and just for you to have a short summary of what youll be able to see in the channel its going to be Bruce Lee Little Red Riding mood and Beowulf Bigfoot and a Robin Hood cobaland fog with the Sherlock Holmes Dracula Etc Battle of Legends one and two the two ones from Marvel Redemption row and Hells Kitchen and off bit of camera the two sets from Jurassic Park so I invite you to subscribe to this channel activate notifications and youll get to know where these videos will be released thank you Music and today we have the strangest pair of all time Robin hoods against bigfoots I honestly dont know what is the criteria for them to pick characters and put them together in a box and so Bigfoot is a legendary creature Robin Hood is a character from the books right based also maybe on a legendary person that may or may not exist I dont know Im not super expert on the topic but what is this right is this like they just have like a box of names and they put that one hand and hey big food and then another one person ended hey Robin Hood and thats how they they come up with or there is some some logic here maybe there is because this is clearly a ranged fighter against a melee fighter so if you just buy this box probably have here a good chemistry for you to battle and the one that wants to hit you the one that wants to run away um oh curiously they have Sidekicks so the Outlaws makes sense right but the jackalope wheres the Jackalope I dont know Im far away from big food content so lets take a look two playable Maps two playable Maps am I am I seeing this correctly and if youre you dont understand why Im so surprised thats because recent unmatched sets that you can find the link in the channel so please leave a like subscribe and follow other unmatched content that I have in the channel like the Marvel ones and battle of Legend Volume 2 Etc they have only one its a ripoff only one map and its the same thing on both sides one with the full colors the other one without the color so if this has two scenarios thats already a win thats already word for your money if you get two maps so Im really finger crossed make sure that thats the case lets see lets see so first of all lets go through from top to bottom wow look at this art all right you guys are facing each other match system Music and it seems like to be a forest could work for both Robin Hood and the Bigfoot Bigfoot is one of the top tier least characters that Ive seen on some YouTube videos so should be one of the best and the fitting a fight okay so theres no special rules for these two guys that just come what you see is what you get from the cards right yeah nothing special here see if we have one matches Wonder Twins production from okay so no consultation names who is Jackalope so I think Bigfoot is oh thats Thats a classic image from Bigfoot from the movie theres a film search it where there is a someone claiming to have filmed Bigfoot in the forest and thats what you see the guy walking towards the Forest right and this is how it looks like walking its back facing the camera Thats a classic image of Bigfoot and and Jackalope I dont know so this is a very American thing and I I dont know Jackalope is but Ill need to dig that now that Im curious and and I want to explain explain that to other other players so lets see if we can find the answers here so theres the board theres the board board so in one side you have the number three which is a forest could be the forest where Robin Hood lives or Bigfoot lives okay simple pathway for us and on the other side we have yeah Quarry no not a quarry its a another type of forest with some stones where you can come here oh you cannot detect it from here to here or you can infer a ranger okay so theres a strategy here Robin Hood comes here while this spot you can hit this place that the terrier these areas of Robin Hood will tend to be Higher Ground in order to say I have the higher ground so I know that some maps are numbered they dont have the name of the map but they have a number so okay and theres Robin Hood assembled looks good quite the arrow here and it brings his merryman Music they all look the same they could be different right you could have like little John the freight attack Etc and theres the Big Foot they decided to go with the log version which I dont understand the idea that happened because hes not a fighter with logs right so they just had some adaptations here and it looks more like Sasquatch you know which is the another name for bigfoot another creature that is more or less the same thing Sasquatch I think its obsessed squash it is more like windy over it its like mythical meteorological creatures for the locals in related with indians kill me in the in the comments if thats the case and in mind I will learn with you right so Im not preparing these conversations in these videos these this is really natural reactions and spontaneous answers to my own questions Jackalope what is Jackalope thats a rabbit with deer horns hmm maybe the cards will help so lets start with so this is for assembling the dials lets start with then with the foot if we can understand who Jackalope is and whats his connection maybe just because hes another mythological creature as I dont remember that they were working in pairs actually I dont remember if anyone ever saw a jackalope but I think that if you play um whats the name or horrified the American monsters you have Jackalope and Greek food so something very very characteristic from the US moves three wow such a big guy moving tree at the end of your turn if if there are no opposing fighters in Bigfoot Zone you may draw one card okay so probably this guy will throw people away from you in order for you to draw this card lets see Bigfoot Larger than Life this is not big food this is like a Zeus slash lumberjack slash holding it log as a bat wow and what what the hell is this Bigfoot is this Bigfoot moving foot up to five spaces you may move Bigfoot through spaces container position Fighters so he moves crash into trees okay Music effects just your imagination its like a snake if you want the combat you do one damage to each fighter so far nothing different here okay Oaks theres the image you may move your Fighter 5 spaces if you move that if you move that fighter through spaces contained you can move you may move okay so at the end of your okay I get it now so what you do is you go there you hit like a boss and then the cards will make you disappear and then you draw the card by being far away from the enemy Fighters thats the Bigfoot mechanic you never see it really because it comes and disappears as as fast as it comes so its was it really the Bigfoot or not thats the idea behind it well lets check a little horns so thats a rabbit in a deer antler move the Jackalope up five spaces you may move regular Prospect continuing Fighters deal to damage to one fighter adjacent to the jackalope okay so Jackalope goes there and Pa with the horns disengage choose an empty space Skirmish after combat if you want the combat choose up the fight doesnt come move them there it is what I expected moving the guys after fighting away from you as well if your fighter starts in a fighter so this is the classic one that deals 5 instead of three cancel all effects paint theres faint regroup draw one card if you want to combat draw two cards okay very very simple very simple mechanics here with Bigfoot nothing crazy Music so it just is like a goes in damage and goes out and it draws card if hes able to do that what about the robin hoods ranged and the Outlaws I believe which is good to protect Robin its always good and its like this not much of life after you attack you may move your attacking fighter up to two spaces so you attack a new height okay Hunters high four and if posted for somehow maybe also boosts to do like sniper damage lets see probably draw one card and choose an opponent they may choose in this cardboard card if they do you draw two cards draw the number of cards equal to the number of damage dealt to opposing fighter wow this is good but four you may draw four cards maximum draw two cards preset shot so this guy is always throwing cards after runcat draw cards okay and return an outlaw Peter Dot law so thats good cancel all effects on your new opponents card and ignore its defensive value so its like a feather faint which also you its for attacking only so okay Ambush your opponent discards one card add boost okay if your fighter is in is adjacent to the opposing fighter draw one card snark I dont know what snarky is but this is when he is on the tournament and his Arrow its the other Arrow like precise shot really fighting deal one damage to each opposing fighter adjacent to your fighter thats good card for you to sacrifice man canceling effects are faint and regroup again regroup uh no the last regroup we saw no was it Im confused now was it the Big Foot or yeah was it on Bigfoot yeah it seems like it was just seconds ago but it was on Bigfoot regroup okay Robin Wood Robin Hood Music he is like a man from what is this song were there cartoons for Robin Hood or yeah you tell me because this I have this music on my my memory my mind now but probably you were hoping for me to sing Bryan Adams if you ask carefully I may do that on another video not this one so leave a like subscribe if you want to see the Brian Adam song and I hope to see you on the next one Im full Im full of unmatched content that Im bringing to the channel so lets take a look and I hope to see you on the next one everything I do I do it for you guys thank you very much goodbye steam gauge cockpit Unboxing Unmatched: Robin Hood vs. Bigfoot Board Game (2019)In battle, there are no equals. Unmatched is a highly asymmetrical miniature fighting game for two or four players. (Note that this set is solely for two players, but it can be combined with other sets, which all serve up to four players.) Each hero is represented by a unique deck designed to evoke their style and legend. Tactical movement and no-luck combat resolution create a unique play experience that rewards expertise, but just when youve mastered one set, new heroes arrive to provide all new match-ups. Robin Hood vs. Bigfoot features the titular heroes. Robin Hood and his outlaws excel at ranged attacks and robbing from their opponents. Bigfoot and his pal, the Jackalope, crash through the forest for quick attacks before disappearing like a figment of the mind. Combat is resolved quickly by comparing attack and defense cards. However, each cards unique effects and a simple but deep timing system lead to interesting decisions each time. The game also features an updated version of the line-of-sight system from Tannhauser for ranged attacks and area effects. The game includes a double-sided board with two different battlefields, pre-washed miniatures for each hero, and custom life trackers thats brought to life with the stunning artwork of Oliver Barrett and the combined design teams of Restoration Games and Mondo Games. (source BGG) BGG: ================================================================ Instagram: I like mixing board games, miniatures, LEGO, Trading Card Games and photography to uncover hidden stories. Follow my content to be surprised with never seen before stories #unboxing, #unboxingvideo, #boardgames, #boardgame, #tabletopgames, #familygames, #brettspiele, #juegosdemesa, #jogosdetabuleiro, #gryplanszowe, steam clue 1 download steam crack all games free steam game profiles best indie games 2022 steam online game store like steam