Bigfoot Game. (How NOT to Hunt Bigfoot)

Batman arkham city game of the year edition steam keydetention steam game BIGFOOT game Laughter based on only a rumor three Bigfoot hunters get air-dropped into Glacier Bay Alaska armed with only a knife this is their story Ill say this I know were looking for Bigfoot but my dad went out for cigarettes when I was 12 and I kind of hope I find him out here as well laughing we just landed guys that is brutal I know its so cold should we go back lets go back honestly wheres the supplies I think this is it yeah here there is none this is it weve got dropped in a helicopter oh my god oh look aurora borealis hang on oh Ill tell you what Id get it I can attack by two wolves for this is really something and with my new best friends I literally just met you guys on the helicopter right here what so youre just deciding to go this way well theres a we lets go this way thats where the helicopters look at the guy who ran we ran away no I thought that the somebodys jiggling the doors on the hook after it no you said get to the helicopter I got the keys alright so its cold we have nowhere to go theres no fire do we all want to crawl inside them like a thing yeah yeah yeah me first you get in there everything hates us feel at home in Alaska weve been attacked by through things and we can still see the helicopter I do have this chunk of meat that meat for eating or is it for the Squatch I dont know Im trying to eat it and I cant yeah I think its for the sassy boy what if bigfoot of taxes are we just gonna show the doctors are blurry lacerations and hope they believe us the doctors like i Carolee make out these marks its like God everything he does is mysterious Im no survivalist but is that the Sun rising oh yes son oh look yeah god oh god I got a bad feeling about this Im just gonna keep picking up sticks its the thing that I can control and it makes me feel I have these sticks then you know Im Im choosing to put them in my pockets how I cope with this have you done wilderness walks before Oh what why is my face bloody Wow why is my face bloody that was mine how is this are we oh its too cold its too cold build a fire him up build a fire right now and stick go go go light go the fire on me I need to warm my feet feel good thats for sure can we drag him closer to the fire oh we cant bring the fire to him bring him put a fire on me yeah put him put his head right  __  between the two fires there we go oh god this feels good come on buddy lets go get up maybe I have depression too like maybe how do you feel now I mean still dying I know but are you were trying to get you to a state where youre like kind of yeah take me to Missouri I dont care just give me out of Alaska all right at least youre at least youre comfortable you know I mean Ive been worse all right then yeah you and me you and me lets go lets continue the mission the suns coming up yeah oh come on guys B Hill walkie-talkie all right get on your walkie all right hes dead isnt he I think so yeah were not yeah you guys that are holding the kid I had the walkie button push down radio in to me but hows your body condition oh yeah guys they let us give us the body on the TENS update yeah well if youre expecting to see another person walking around here youre gonna be severely disappointed really you know that man Jeremy look at this look at this look at this I mean six more months of winter hey is there a smart hunter here before us first aid kits first aid kits oh good oh lets bring him back yeah yeah lets get him up lets run through the woods son run oh we got we gotta get back to his body you can just say me Im still alive the fire went out here can you get him out at the sign oh my god feels so good to be like a phoenix from the ashes yeah everyone can take a gun and a first aid kit oh wow this is way way better I feel like I didnt utilize the space good enough but geez I you paid for this to be checked so that you could put a battery in there yeah I thought it would be you know they dont let you bring batteries on on the camper to steamboats everyones got bullets how many bullets does everyone have because theres another bullet pouch a box you all right Im gonna go home you guys you guys brought your cameras right did you put the blurry filters on all right lets get this very  __  allegedly allegedly Im sorry look I think that again he might just be sensitive just give him a chance did you hear a big thing we feel safer at this camp I dont the desert then again whoo whoo its like lightning would he come back to the same spot it seems a crime most killers do I guess  __  I lost us now I dont know where to apply this think back to mm-hmm oh you lost your drone there we go so just like real life drones this was cool fun gadget but completely useless okay I used all my ammo oh hes so fast - whoa whoa whoa whats everyone cool yeah radio for help Laughter all right guys listen the ninety-six rock go back help help please please I need help well were just gonna keep on rolling thats two for Tuesday with Hoover stank o neg whos got a yeah oh its the tracking bullet yeah it is oh we found him hes got a trap Oh God you got that trap still I got a trap putting meat in there hes right here its just south of us in fact Im gonna put another camera down why is he so angry oh yeah great great point now now we will document the fact that weve seen Bigfoot oh god hes running oh hes running away hes running away yeah after him that was a poo run if Ive ever seen one yeah he was clenching when he was running oh wait I need to go back and get my camera camera camera you know you see how his camera yeah yeah come in can you hear me do you hear him yelling at his campus yeah hes uh you know hes old he hates technology nothing works right he thinks that everything is he thinks that everything is voice-activated he just yells at it and itll I showed him Siri once and now he just yells at any gadget that he ever sees when he calls everything Gary Hill yeah I some yell out of printer and hes like Siri print my pages already he called a waitress he called a waitress Siri the yesterday it was the most embarrassing thing oh well I was looking for my trap Oh help me no and theres definitely a camera here that shouldnt should be destroyed yeah can you delete that footage were dead Music is to set a trap set a trap down gonna travel out we get the truck I got him oh no hes out oh  __  yeah he broke out of that very quick no time really steamed clams on grill How to hunt Bigfoot the wrong way? How do you Hunt something when it hunts you back? Bigfoot is out there.. and he knows we are here. steam twitch best free survival games steam steam best co op games steam ladder why won't my steam game go fullscreen