WE KILL BIGFOOT!! | Finding Bigfoot #4

How does steam engine workgreen giant simply steam BIGFOOT game Do you guys want these guns? I know where a third gun is Do you guys want these guns? ;) ..these guns? ..these guns? My guns are bigger than your guns Hey, Stacy, you impressed. Oh Thats our sister, Isnt it. Ah no, no. Its our cousin get it right? Im sorry Bob DAaw, Wade I drank a lot of uh... bees Oh, it just says beer.. Bob I-I know Im your cousin on account of all the sex we had had Yeah With me right, not him. I cant remember THESE!! Do you mean its Kinda hard to tell maybe can you bend over forward I remember your ass pretty well. I will oh my crotch is right there is that good for you? Oh? Yeah, this is this is what I like. Are you... Oh my God wait mark please jump again (Amazing Bob laugh) When youre not holding anything and you jump, look at Marks jump sequence Wade. WOAH What am I doing? Ive no idea! No, Wade, Wade jump for me, you do it you do it Thats some pretty incredible ab work. You got their Wade, What does mine look like? Does mine look insanely dirty? No, you just kind of prancing a bit All right, lets get out there and find bigfoot. Do we want one person to be our tracker? Do we want to solve that tracking bullet? We should have one tracker cuz theres some confusion sometimes a switching between the two I I clearly dont have a gun so I probably shouldnt be the track. Ill do the track. ill track. Im dedicated tracker this time. I wont screw it up. Dont forget your flare guns and your rope, all right. I got rope dont worry about it Oh I know we used it on you last night sister cousin, sister cousin Its called a Sousin dude! Ive forgotten that. Thats it. Thats the term we use.. A Sousin. Its Sousin Bobby-boy. Wade, why do you look so funny when youre walking you walk it a little bit of a crouch like what the fuck are you doing? Yeah, you do to! How do I look? Laughter :) All right lets all do our draggley arm run and go to the island. Someone should track him and Im pretty sure our missing persons are along the paths somewhere... Ahhh. The paths you say.. When Bob and I were playing, What is a path? (Odd noise) What the fuck was that? Wait, what dyou hear? I heard someone go... B-Ohhhhhh Oh, I didnt hear that, if you hear flies, thats the sound of the bodies being near. Well, then what the f-f-f... What the fuck did I just hear? I dont know I didnt hear that either! Hey being a little out of my mind is kind of exciting isnt it Stacy? ;) I mean, well dont forget these I wasnt even looking I didnt even get to enjoy the show oh God, thats good. Hey, that makes me wanna shoot you right in there Stacy! Wait, no no no. That would actually kill me, Stacy. What about this? i hear voices in my head Pretty good, huh, yeah like that Thats good, all right, so if Im gonna pick the winner who gets to bone me tonight Mm-hmm Im gonna need to see some sensitivity out of you guys, okay? All right. I enjoyed corn dogs and walks on the beach Mmm, okay, my go. I think corn dogs are gross and I like walks on hard pavement Practical I like that. hey you want to touch meats? oh, hell. Yeah, you know I do How about this hmmm wow? Slappy just slap it a little oh God yeah, yeah Are you gonna sell this to hell Yeah, hope no bigfoots come by and see this mmm Yeah, what are we doing about bigfoot or something? yeah we do sum about bigfoot in these woods? What it is I heard a rustling Oh Im Im not hearing anything Oh, I thought I heard a rustling... then again. I hear voices in my head apparently! Sousin Wade? Why are we letting you lead us you dont seem to Understand... Im following the paths to try and find the missing person What path? Theres no road here? Well if you press the Q Oh ok, I got you yeah, What do you mean press the Q..? Its a sex thing... Sousin Wade.. Dont, dont press my cue or I guess youre a Bousin... A Brousin. Oh, There he is! Should I track him brother brousin wade? Yes? You see ya, haha. Hes long gone, no Hes way down the road there oop cant see anything with that. Oh yeah there he goes... He goes since our mission was just sort of a find bigfoot is that like? mission accomplished..? Orrrr You mean, stop there just go home okay? I mean, I feel pretty good about that hmm. Oh her rearicles appear to be Extending Outward. What are you talking about? Dont look at her rearicles! Her legs a little... Hey, you, okay? ARE YOU ALRIGHT? you okay? You think shes dead? Her arm is also, I mean whats wrong with her arm? Is she an alien they all long that arm is? Ooh, thats not right? Yeah, its not normal Shes not human, huh? Oh, so we shouldnt feel bad No! Fuck this Alien. We should be glad this Alien scum is dead. Big foot is just protecting these woods from fucking alien invaders. Thats whats happening here, brousins. Okay, I scent.. Im picking up a trail I think hes pooping he must live near here, okay, all right, man doesnt smell good Smells like hes been eating alien Hmm. How would you possibly know an alien smells like you fucking liar, Im a professional? Hes an alien! wait a minute. Oh... I was wondering, wait. i didnt have a twin brother two days ago.. I was just thinking that! Yeah, how do you just randomly get a twin brother? Yeah, thats a little weird.. Yes you do! Ive always been there. Remember? I told you when I held that thing infront of your face? I dont think that true at all! This is a fucking alien clone weve got walking around here. Well, Im not an alien Wait, so do I get to choose which one of you dies? Yeah, I suppose that seems fair thats exciting Well, well just keep looking for bigfoot and Ill choose at some point. Ill let you know okay. All right. Thank you suggest Its not sure fire way. I can guarantee. Ill proves. Im not an alien, okay Id like to see this all right all right. I promise. Im not an alien. (Bob shoots) Oh. God. Sorry I thought you were going to say that you were an alien.. We just that you want really whoa all Right follow follow me moving on frozen wade. Im gonna get back this ones betrayal. I was following This was a trail, but what z trail okay the trail we need to follow uh-huh this way, okay? Ah you guys have your meat ready, right? Why would we need that he if he leads us to his alien ship, shoot him before he takes us on board, okay? All right, but what if Im the alien? Bob: Ill shoot you dont worry about it. Mark: Okay. Thanks Thank you, I Bob: Think either way, I probably both you, but you know well get there when we get there. Best to be safe I dont even know if Im not an alien you know yeah, I cant after watching my gun turned bloody I dont know Yeah, you know what mark Listen mark even if you do turn out to be an alien your candor and honesty about your feelings- (God Objects With Lightning) Mark: WTF? What alien fucker did that which one of you fucking alien bitches did that I? Uhhhh Im not 100 percent sure about that. man. I we did not explore the lightning area Thats a cool fire. Tree. Wade: Oh, thers a tower here here. bob: Oh shit, son Wade: Anybody need Anything? knew you think youre not just leading us to a jump-scare again because I have a funny feeling I remember something similar to this happening before Yeah, I dont have to go off on the tower this time. I didnt I did it last time on the rail Ooh, this time dude. We do good Hey, fucking I Dont know what happened. I dont know what happen. I dont know what having it out. Early again I ran over there, hotshot get it to replace all your I should I should probably get it. Yes, its a blow on em Oh, yeah, all your jokes bullets Is your comedy shot? Uh dont worry. Its just joke bullet Jd. Felt wounded just relax. Uh its a joke. Oh, Lola wound a joke whole come on. Yeah, oh Really giving it to you write your joke Oldest humor landing, and youre going all over lands right in my you looking for a little joke up Yeah, man yourself just a quick one may be over behind one of those trees when youll privacy here here Ill help you I got oh well How did I not get him? Hes tracked eat fresh. Hey Joey not? Something is tracked. Theres a tracking dart moving away on my map. Oh, I dont see it. You gotta follow your deal No way, we can see it. Yeah, I cant see hes going back to his cave always going to the me following you Susan I a I got hit and I used to help back I did, but I continued you got hit too Yes, I was down to like twenty-five percent health what does not eat? Oh? Did I shoot you accidentally you look guys? I dont mean it is jumbled come on Its just a joke full of man just calm down. Its a joke bullet. Yeah, come on man Lets uh lets lets do this presence. Were were with you all right here Yeah, I tagged him again. I still dont see the tracking I cant see all I seem tracking down Hes by the dead bodies, but dead by seen dragging it Oh crackers once until it wears off just so you know yeah. Yeah, I know its just I go see it before ok Past a dead body on the path now Wolfie was about now. All right. Lets do this. Hes coming right at me Im on the Middle island facing him and hes coming right at me. All right. I see him Im gonna get some shots on him, and then Im gonna shoot my flare fuck you All right, Ive scared him back away from the island. Hes going the same way it was before ok all right? Im still making my way downtown Im saying sal you Whether cell north Northwest out of the floor. Wheres going Im going to reload the trackers because I imagine its probably running out Oh, hell. Yeah, I was coming up. Hes coming back at me. Im in the swamp right now Hes coming back at the edge of the swamp right at me looking Crappy laid out here. I to achieve I feel I gotta go up. Hes going to the south of me All right, oh coming towards me. Come towards me. Im gonna hit him with another tracker Job out hes got him I think Im sorry, were trekking we are dominating this bigfoot, bro. Im gonna try to get a few more pop shots off Yeah, oh nailed a min is noggin. I dont have a whole lot of ammo. Lets go fortunately Ive still got 31 shots left, So I Got plenty any of so many bullets after all those joke ones Turns out that just jokes man. I dont know just joking all right. Im on the path now behind him to the West Okay, it looks like you stopped going that way, so Im on about the path right by the bridge, so Im gonna Im gonna Lay a trap on we had just we have this motherfucker pinched in so hard right now. Oh, I see him Oh, its right by me you terrify me. Hes right by me Nope, well, oh he ran past me. Hes fucking running away. Oh Here and pass started a pinch didnt work yeah. I mean Jesus. I didnt get my flare off I tried to flare them back towards you but I think its cuz they are day now He doesnt really come at you at the day. Yeah. He was aggressive right now Well, we got it out of like almost half yeah, wow yeah, that was a really good first hunt well Im back in at campers. Im back at the camper. Oh hey. Whats up we were equidistant away from each other. Were all alive Yeah And I had it out all Right Im gonna show you guys a little blue youre mine. Oh, I thought it could be different Blow your load, okay? Well not what I was painting weed uh-huh hey ah nee good look around in here ah Most guys then Bobby Miller medicine. Oh yeah, I kind of do Im series um theres a guy with Nursing Thors hammer Hey guys, nope Munoz Molten bernard bernard on here. Oh salsa Jareds oh hey, whats up a hammer that I not the devil with feet year. Thats not a Bigfoot thats a big year. Its been our units big. Its his hands Hes big hands different and his right hand is a bit more grabby than his active thats right is rusted Thats bigfoots frozen his right-handed pulling the grocery. so he just picked up at the ICa. Hes just walking home just kidding Hes got that crazy head on doesnt mean. Hes a bad guy So wyd less for come in here makes to cave drawings and eat some deer that is really the gravy Bigfoot killed core Mm-Hmm, then what chance do we stand maybe bigfoot is Mmm. Im not Im not as all of that. I dont like it was really just a stab in the dark there Yeah, what I mean, I thought tried to go with you, but I just couldnt yeah Im not on board with it either in fact I feel like I feel like youve done that all of us a disservice for even opening your mouth in the first place. Yeah I mean we try and keep this forum open you know and its like all ideas are welcome, but like that its Within within reason right like all right whatever smarty pants. Lets hear. What injuries Why did a little ever cave? Im not saying I have zero Im just saying put in some effort. Yeah, its late Its like youre gonna throw an idea out there, and its ours the whole room like thats just not productive Well at least Im throwing ideas that would I but no no no no that means fine throwing ideas But we had that rule because we didnt know that there was such a bad alternative. We didnt think it was possible Isnt the thing on top of the ground sleep late strap that I almost stepped in I? Warned you like five times you cant complain when I warned you. I dont know rightly placed Even though you warned me. I still almost went to it. Yeah, no place Dang Are you okay here? You can? Be rubbing are you having like that? Only say one word you have you having a voice a vocal problem. Yeah? Yeah, yeahs My Pokemons stacked deck whos that Pokemon? dick dick dick and Holman I dont know man. You come up with a joke. I just came up with it my God You can get the correction it Should be actually you should be like yak this boner boner phone boat Boner Boner boner boner please someone draw all of these non pokemon because That just needs to exist Someone who can draw please draw I cant draw I mean I could drive whoa, whoa, whoa? Oh Fuckin Fuckin goddamn it alright. Got him with a tracker. Ive only got one tracking bullet left that scared you so much All right, whered he go going towards a camper? I cant believe he hasnt hit it goddamn bullshit But he beelines right for ed. Were just just walked through the woods just vamping on dick Pokemon And hes just fucking comes out of nowhere like an asshole. Maybe he heard the Colin was like dick Dick dick dick is a giant hand job poor Really on so he watched up. It was just like I heard someone talking about the human centric nature of this world Profession the awkward position of oppression that that puts us bigfoot people in Its refreshing to hear of human was such an open I Just wanted to talk about social issues. I know why bigfoot has a say voices fat man, uh What are the other truck oh no? I just like this world where bigfoot is like always surprised in the middle of a sentence Honey, I just dont feel feel that feels fulfilled at work, and I mean my boss is oh Man to leave. Theyre really coming in early. I cant believe help. Oh well Ive got two bullets. Hes got a lot of hell. Ive got a lot of bullets left Im at 31 shots 21 shots. I dont have a flare. He seems I be wanting to come after us Maybe we should go to his cave Because he seems to be tonight. He seems to be hitting us hard Maybe it might be actually hold on lets go down here there might be another tower this little dead end path freighter Im not sure whats over here? Oh, I see what you mean. Yeah, you Could follow you randomly this goes oh? Oh, oh, God. Thats loud fuck I have a shitty tense its Just that does not happen. Oh Shit, wait. Wheres my flare fuck I mentioned with the flare on a plane from Iran Hang on oh My aim be true Miss him. No I got him I got him wait I see him. Hes mark. I think its coming to engage us yeah Yeah, hes coming. Maybe yeah, hes coming. Hes coming all right all right Where are we letting them right here right here line it up right here is where we fight? This oh my God be coming here. He goes until he cums. how you laid it on me Oh my God now ow. Oh solo. You solo oh Shit, yeah Im catching bigfoot you doing you actually big fun. You got it What yeah? Were not done yet. We got to put him in oh fuck. Oh So Im dragging him now. Are you guys leat where am I going back to the camper a little area is this way well? Were actually really close to this kind of convenient. Yeah, you do all the work stan. I got it. Dont worry Dont worry. Dont worry their presence. I got this youre all muscly and whatnot but did I didnt know its all bloody Yeah, we fucked him up man. What happen if I just hit closed door on you? I did not hit that I didnt do that. Im not a joker. Oh, yeah mother oh Wow Whats up, bro? Whoa? Hey someone whoa. Oh look at that its goal light from like over there. Yeah, like thatll look at that that nasty thumbnail Thats so sick no no, no. I want a good thumbnail. You like I hear me. Oh I light like this like that gear I get a raise of light disappear God yeah, thats a good sum. Oh fuck okay. Well one of us is an alien do we were doing results. Oh, yeah? Yeah, we didnt we didnt resolve this so um in all of our adventures here Which of us seemed more human? Ill put my gun away. Im pretty confident wait I think I think we both know whos ylian, okay? Yeah, ha are you with me? yeah, what Im know Why youre reloading is very ominous? Oh, oh I didnt even shoot back. Im pretty sure you as a human. I must have been meeting all You guys fell in exactly the same position look at that. Hes not like we live youre spooning So romantic except that were dead steam rockstar games launcher WE FINALLY DID IT!! WE HUNT DOWN THE ELUSIVE BEAST!!Subscribe Today! ► Rake ► Bob ► Wade ► Follow my Instagram ► Follow me on Twitter ► Like me on Facebook ► Horror Outro ► Happy Outro ► flawless face steamer steam on quest 2 where to watch steam game awards steam chicken wings steaming broccoli without basket