The Hunt in Yellowstone Park! - Bigfoot (Multiplayer)

Skiing game steamcentral machinery steam cleaner BIGFOOT gameplay that seems like a bumpy road youd think with all the the bigfoots that weve hunted over the years wed upgrade our rv it feels like we should be rich dude yes the only people in the world to capture this beast oh were back though where are we first oh yeah oh they added night time at daytime they always had that didnt they i think so yeah yeah yeah they had cycles didnt it yeah its been a minute like this in a minute we usually uh we usually dont make it quite long gaps between hunting this thing so all these things but its been a minute i had to go out myself did you see yeah yeah youve been youve done a few solo expeditions havent you yeah its its been crazy oh uh wait you yeah im william so i should do the flare gun right you know what im gonna uh im gonna take a drone today yeah yeah you grab all your stuff yeah im gonna take a drone im super excited that we got on the plane and we flew all the way to yellowstone because this is a super beautiful national park thats what i heard you really okay so so avery and uh luisa yeah louise maybe avery different than what it was on the intro here but its yeah lets call them anna and leo so this is a little bit more hilly and stuff like that right italy or mountainy mountainous mountainous hilius were just here to beautify it you know Applause still dont trust that word oh mushrooms no no im just following you here im just exploring i guess were just gonna get to grips with yellow stuff yeah we came here pretty oh pretty late didnt we so i thought i heard a wolf coming in yeah i heard something to the right in the woods right there okay we got things he can beat us to death with trail markers oh something over there to the right to investigate that yeah ill inv so we got the what you call that the zip line oh it goes straight down that way okay so were were higher up here we are higher up yeah it seems like this just goes up and up doesnt it so the southwest part of the map is hyrule and we he can destroy these right even the the normal bigfoot can destroy this destroy these ones yeah you can see the yellow markings thats the ones he beats okay okay uh have you got first aid kit dude i have so many you know i think i got two yeah um im so excited for this yeah me too yellowstone was this close sorry oh three knocks yup Applause im very excited he could be close wild animals too right we can do a left here on this uh split or we can go yes i think we should do a lets see what it says yeah mystic falls dude were going there old faithful basin i always wanted to bring you to mystic falls i always wanted to take you to the old faithful basin look at that whoa that went dark whats this is this the top oh dude look at those all those stars im getting very familiar vibes of this map and i dont know why from the what what is the other one called green wood no do you know what it is its called the wild look behind the tree line and the opening to the left might be yeah whoa what is that what on earth oh wait is this a bison oh they added that didnt they a such a cool creature by the way really it really is its so big we have them here in sweden did you know that you do i live really close to bison park dont believe you did you make a lot of up i just lie a lot you know thats cool though you actually have them in sweden we call them vicente i think they are the same species at least its pieces oh this oh hello i saw that hey okay oh i thought you stood in front of it dude yeah that was really close i saw it coming towards me i saw the uh the tree split in half this is really interesting this is a hiking track isnt it yep yep yep yep were on a trail here oh something just died over there to the left i heard that was that a bison getting beaten down you think oh whats this check the map yeah theres something up this way that was terrifying that sound thats something when youre out in the woods theres so many different sounds that you dont really know which way do you want to carry you want to go this way okay on you yeah youre right yep theres theres so many things that you just cant identify even people who are familiar with sounds like this i bet they hear some really strange stuff oh yeah yeah even when it goes dark right yeah true even if you dont think this thing is real i bet just being out in a in nature like this just going on a trailer when its this pitch black as well because you dont get any like the artificial lighting or anything and you just hear something that youve not heard before about the shields oh drawbridge were going across there could you imagine if it could like destroy this do you think it can hold it hold what the bigfoot it can hold the bridge no no if bigfoot this bridge can hold bigfoot if he actually gets on top of it i dont know hes a pretty thick boy isnt it yeah hes so thick i dont like fat shaming creatures but hes uh i mean hes my role model hes very chunky isnt it its your role model yeah youre halfway there because youre a really hairy person you are inviting but youre really hairy hes crazy i think im closer to a hobbit look at the birds oh here we go wait not birds i think the morning is broke yeah wait you see a bird oh water just whoa whoa vehicle oh death something bads happened dude someone took a poop on it on the hood do you want to check the oh here we go here we go handprint around this side is the ignition still on oh yeah theres something big we got here sir whats that sound theyve added new audio to this by the sounds of it or theyve used it in a different way because yeah because ive not heard how loud hurts and that does not different trees as well that doesnt necessarily mean that theyre around something right we found that out last time might not be a body oh yeah dude theres so many places to check on this map and uh i can imagine its really hard to find the bodies oh this is a real really really creepy time of day this like i felt safe for a second when i saw the sun was coming up and now i dont again have we seen the fog before is that new i havent seen that before do you call it oh my god do you hear that thats a box wolf coming oh hes running hes on hes on the trails on the trail mount to get shot i missed him no you didnt no you didnt im pretty sure im pretty sure you hit me growled when you uh when you fired that last shot right we got one of these totems oh yeah we need to find a word are there some camps up here careful of that wolf though oh close right knocking that wolfs gonna jump out and destroy us feel him all right what we got look how beautiful this is just by a lake i love the nature dude oh are you okay im fine my god jesus well he baited me and he knows more about me than i do about myself yoink so sorry i took my chance dude oh theres a moose over to your right look something just scared the moose um i believe we just stole that no oh hello oh yeah fire hurts um i want you to get the shotgun so if we come across that you load up on the ill have pistol and rifle you have rifle and shotgun isnt that rick that got lost oh no that might be me that might be me oh crap i think im shotgun well if it is if i find it ill just give you all the ammo for this yup thats good right what we got here then what is that drone battery yeah we dont want that scanning we got we got a dock or something down there wait do you see the cabin oh i do yeah lets go over there smoking yeah oh imagine if we can find someone alive in there oh an old hunters cabin yeah yeah i think thats the one thing thats missing from this right now because i love what theyre doing with it if there was like npcs or something you know like an old hunter thats just in his rocking chair or something even though he knows this creature is around hes just made peace with it hes like yeah you dont come to these parts boy yeah just saying something like that it would be great and its just rocking right there theres just a random boat out in the lake too wait who is it you say jason jason warhees i dont say that jason warhead isnt voice and darth vader why why would you say that jason voorhees you say perfect oh nice shot you see perfectly now jason voorhees its not jason voorhees its voice oh look at that we need to go out into that boat you know that right i heard a doggy oh where we go oh thats true bag inside on you oh look at the bow i wish you were able to take that bow up oh a bow would be so good in this yeah we got a code you swiped eleven sorry im sorry im sorry im sorry whats the code im going to tell you good jerry can im sorry i think a little bit of fart squeezed out im pretty sure i cant help myself when i see even as the creature i have to press them its so annoying so loud its just oh oh that made me jump oh yes someone is calling the red phone you werent kidding about this cabin by the way oh oh oh come here come on i found you something down the mat oh you legend yeah all right hold on where is that where is the dynamite okay there im so happy youre the one handling the dynamite you did well with it last time did i shoot the plane take him down with him no theres a plane going up you dont see that oh theres a plane going overhead are you going to see jason warhees dude i can swim yeah i am now check if i could hear that like is it is it or is it which one is it its gonna trigger so many people now im drowning dude are you really chop chop chop kill kill kill thats what it is oh ive not heard that one hmm he should put a jason voorhees easter egg in here just his face i dont know if thatd get theyd get in trouble for that but just his face im looking up the mask would be cool yeah it would be yeah right right where are we at left top left of the map so we can continue down this road lets continue down the road that led to this cabin oh there he is there he is dude hes sneaking its really red that you see him during the day it feels like did you see him hes going for a pleasant walk in the park yeah does he think he is is he sniffing they would hit him though no we did we have literally captured or deleted any of his uh oh fist on me on me on making mine yep theres two of them oh we got a body dude we got a body have you got the camera no i didnt bring the camera oh shh really right let me put a camera here then so we can um we can watch whats going on ill put a camera right there that works right and then well put the we got a try i got a trap here we might go for a snack right there im gonna put a trap right there do i do you have to put it right on my foot as i step right there im just going down to this mine i im this is where i live now do not follow me im so disappointed right now dude all the air just left my body i almost finished it oh no theres a bear coming in no no no and coming back wait theres a trap down wait just going to heal myself you know oh im really really warm uh if you get not getting sucked inside lets get down i wonder if he can get down here then look how cool this is oh this is so creepy i love it yeah you see anything so if the map is big up on top imagine what it can be with these mines here oh totem nearby thats such a cool idea having a mine oh you in there no no battery right here oh guitar and bag nothing in it though i think youve already swiped that you little loot goblin ah it didnt touch now yeah this is gone too youve swiped that as well holding out on me oh car battery i got that car battery it seems like this one is in the wall or something i can hear it but i cant see it maybe directly above here could be oh is this leading us right to the next uh if you look on the map the point of interest i wonder if thats going to lead us out there thats interesting this is way bigger than i thought it would be we got a spear oh youre right good spot yeah be careful then that means he could be down here because thats the creatures thing but theres so many bones is it night time again its already night time damn okay there was another mine back the other way do you want to go and check that out uh lets push on then yeah go to the point of interest directly you see where were facing on the gps im going to be running with the directly ahead im not sure if i just saw eyes or if that was the fire through the tree line yeah thats where were going right mm-hmm let me see what we got the flare ready so if he gets here just fire on him im gonna hold the uh the fuel canister okay so just be ready to look at me if we need to shoot oh god this is so tense thats uh thats another camp no thats it wait is that a barn all the trees chopped down oh theres been some uh what do you call it logan mill there you go yeah oh here we go here we go wait a scratch one of these things that youre talking about yeah oh hes been going to town on that look at that oh wait yeah come here oh this oh yeah this is all over the place oh wait so we caught now because of the the toilet being disgusted he gives away our position damn stay alive so weve got scratches and footprints there im gonna put a camera down here so we know where this is if we need to come back that is pretty cray cray has your plan been filed dude dude its been soiled oh youve taken everything dude would you eat this pork just because im a little bit chubby no no i i well i used to love pork i cant really eat it anymore but dude id destroy a piece of pork like that never again follow me down this road that is really cool that oh dude it stinks what look at that its a stinky cloud in there ive been in that dude in my diverticular im sorry you just came in there just im diseased its not fair dude i love you and youre deceased oh a hunting stand are we going this way lets do it oh look at underneath yeah its not the way physics work at all look at that no its not im not going to complain though right so were over this side now is the other the falls here you know if someone is someone thats gonna be in the comments actually if you lube the rope act really good you can actually do that we dont get a lot of them thankfully andrews andrews oh whats this look at that down there you can actually see a lot is this big bigfoot made this to trap something or oh theres probably some lore about this is this like a typical monument for him hes blood on it though he cut himself doing it would that be a really large knife its called bigfoot rambo sized knife or rambo bigfoot with a huge knife oh oh its hunting wait wait if we go a bit lower here there might be something at the bottom of these falls what do you think oh fisk saying that look i just found cave bigfoot cave oh thats the hot spring cave its gotta be right oh im gonna throw down a trap here im throwing down a trap fisk i think its coming here yeah oh look at that fox where right here its fresh oh i dont think ive seen that yet where the bigfoots oh wait no i think we saw a deer yeah okay this is definitely where it lives can we not pick anything up were just finding location thats called a femur did you know that that was a bust you know where a femur is uh yeah its where the femur is oh okay that made me jump oh you picked up the uh the traps did he yeah yeah yeah good oh theres a massive tunnel here what nothing youre going to say it reminds me of my mom dont there wasnt you youre horrible you were thinking it i know you too much too well so evil my poor mom Music im really sad now no youre not sad stop it oh yeah its caved is it blocked off yeah if you do a left on that road in front of you now theres a couple of swedish looking houses on the hill swedish looking houses yeah yeah no im not im not joking you know what you told me certain swedish houses are red and stuff look up there on the right oh yeah yeah it would be uh its like the typical swedish one would be with um instead of brown on the edges it would be white oh oh whoa good job i did that like a load of animals moved over to the right careful careful in front of you there i dont know if it was a bison or something or a wolf i saw something like a pig oh yeah bison pig oh damn thats a lot of them a bison pig buy some pig you already up there i scaled this mountain like there was no tomorrow im just watching lets take the bison down hes down go down yeah i got it i got it nice lake village and old hunting tower two down that way okay have a little rummage whoa what earthquake what oh wait is that the volcano at yellowstone oh can you see something its interrupting my brains shaking in my head hold on do you think if we are here way too long do you think that will erupt oh the vulcan thats that would be so good if you could turn that on well it wouldnt because thats a super volcano isnt it if that one goes up i think its the its an extinction level event but that would be so good that would be so so good like a timer wait wouldnt you think maybe no itd be stupid stupid fisk because were here hunting a bigfoot while there is an extinction level event going on i think theres been more pressing issues than do we need to find the truth that does he exist there might be what are you doing my god every goddamn time spit on this what are you shooting getting rid of threats fisk youre just killing poor animals arent you im getting rid of were here to find the people from greenpeace thats trying to save this place oh youre just true youre killing the whole fauna im eliminating threats hell have you no what dude whatd you find a bunch of blood here in the camp house in the campus have you found me a shotgun yet no baseball bat man Applause ever shotgun ammunition i grab that youre on my drawer dude im getting out of this place this pissed me off that do you have a code we got a weapon weapon thing here youre actually really angry honey i can hear it do you have a code yeah that got me thats scared leaving crap out of me you know that i get when i get scared i get angry no you dont you scream oh get off no there you go whoa oh fisk look look look look look look look on there no no no no no come in this is this is important to you oh 30 what 35 millimeter what did they have to do with this this is a great game yeah so you wouldnt you would have missed that yeah i did oh wait wait wait wait is it this way yeah its this way all right lets go and have a look at your cabin should smell to get over him right now oh yeah oh look at that view though yeah this is home the bigfoot cant get around to it you know what i would live on that side and you could live on this side and we could just look at each other its so weird dude oh big boy just watch you in the morning youre a very strange human you know that very very strange im just very fond of you okay you missed the first aid kit no i didnt i left it for you because i have three theres a um a flare thing there theres a clock here so be ready for it what are you doing what did you just do then setting the mood dont worry about it its just like a candle oh you did wheres the shot theres got to be a shotgun somewhere unless weve just completely missed it oh thats got to be right equipment check lets have a look what we got a knife tablet i got a flares a gun im um im gonna put down the drone for a second just have a look if what i can see uh oh i found a drone battery but i left it oh its okay dont worry about it i only wanted to play with it a little bit because ive its been a minute so oh okay theres the camera this is the place that we found the uh the toilet was all gas is that close to us hes on the other side of the lake i think im gonna try to see wait which is a night vision n no isnt there night vision night three yeah hes on a hunt now oh this is so hard to control i said you playing about Applause what you said me i fell down the cliff fist are you dead im so so incredibly sorry youre not sorry at all i thought it would electrocute you dude you slapped the child of me you shot my drone you deserve that ive just realized what happened you shot me because you paused for a second because you didnt know what happened did you okay yeah i thought i fired a damn bullet your head so i zapped you and you shot exactly the same time yeah yeah we thought they say Laughter Applause you want to get in the hot springs can i take a load off dude yes careful you burn your ass yes that is really hot really hot what did you think would happen fisk do people go swimming in these all the time oh what movie is that you know when they go swimming in hot spring and then they get boiled up oh i know exactly which one it is yeah yeah they get stuck in it dont they when they oh um its uh dantes peak is it huntys peak dude i need to re-watch that the one with is it that one because theres two isnt it theres that one and theres volcano oh wait oh its the one with pierce brosnan yeah thats dantes peak isnt it yeah i think so yeah yeah what does that sign say yellowstone the worlds most famous geyser oh thats what you call it geyser giza yeah i get mixed up with that word because its the pyramids of giza and then theres a geyser isnt it with the the thing thats how i what what no youre right youre right you looked at me like shut up okay immediately shut up immediately okay that sounds far away sounds like hes on ranger island im not going in there yeah the scent i wish we could pick up the shovels thatd be so good all right we found the village yeah do we need to be able to get into those houses what youve got a problem i just want you to admit it youre just a little freaked out Laughter the game is in there as well thats crazy nice little easter egg right here this gas bottle there you go oh you got one uh get into camp house almost at six you have your shotgun right there roger that thank you im going to give you all of my seven slips to 70 rounds i just gave you vehicle did you turn something on in there no you did didnt you know that guilty sound make the noise what that bears doing oh my god yeah thats what i wanted to do my hearts beating too fast now stupid clog ammunition whats that whats that where oh take cover if you can take cover oh hes so aggressive hes so aggressive hes not happy were here oh there we go oh we got you help is that you putting him on fire um no it was it was both of us with the uh the bottles and stuff the the the fuel i think the flare puts them on fire too its a different its a different fire animation but i said look at those fire i was blown away by it look at those fires yeah look at those fire okay i gotta heal oh i think yeah i saw him it was really angry dont i heard it i think i had this miner come on put the camera down its really hungry Laughter how am i supposed to take photos with no camera outraged is it not just left on the side or something i bet you got it someone if i read your comments Music its there oh you aint oh oh come in get him im going to put im going to put this down get it are you using that big sniper rifle you got yes get him dude get him get him get him get him oh hes hurting hes hurting behind you on your six on your six hunt him hunt him come here you big hairy hes over this way oh hes so fast you aint gonna get out of the lab hes gone hes gone oh oh hes so clear as well probably nowhere near him oh my god youre good i got caught in a trap sorry oh you big hairy bastard oh is that off to you yes hes very very close to me okay im ready if it comes with the car battery perfect uh here we go evidence nice evidence got to ever dance feels like it does get dark quick on this map doesnt it its going night time circle is real its quick okay im going to the bottom right now be able to get away if he hunts you im not here just as i said that i heard something sneaking up on me im not hearing him though i think its scare tactics hes moving us into position for the perfect ambush yeah i mean we did split up so its i wonder whose idea that was crazy we do know what were not supposed to do what is that every horror movie tells us not to do what we just did yeah you wouldnt think wed watch a lot of horror would you do stupid decisions like this found a cabin though nice nice okay i think i can i can um who would play you in a horror movie um who would i like to or who would who would i realistically think would yeah realistically uh two seven four four fisk two oh never mind two seven four four Music oh i got it you got it got the m4 nice oh were in business um i dont know who would i like to play it um oh you mean i think it would be you dana devito oh dude weve got four or three foot footprints four of three scratches so we just need to find the taurus and get a photo of the big guy now damn so where can we find the lost tourist or the greenpeace girl yeah whoa ive just that wasnt the bigfoot because ive not got the the heartbeat or the noise the lights flicker in im just actually genuinely heard a footprint a footstep sounds confused im stressed so im gonna try to make my way down towards you then walking fast save this the past ah he was waiting for me fisk grab my camera take a picture okay hold on wait why cant there we go yeah i think he was actually waiting in ambush like we said last night we played this the ai is getting way smarter on the bigfoot is he breaking down the door always fury strikes oh my god im gonna have to heal oh look at him peeking oh whoa dude hes got new animations he actually peaked oh Music oh dont die dude its not good its not good im half away im okay ill make her im okay i can fight him off Music okay im just loading this m4 into him im on my way im on my way oh my god oh hes so terrifying leave me alone oh my god why is he just okay battery down you want a big guy oh hes just he wants to get something oh hes down hes down hes down im not too far out did he dip oh no he didnt youre gonna kill him i think hes trying to get in this house oh my god you got a hundred hp left dude im gonna wait for you im gonna wait im gonna wait im just gonna try and duke him i dont know you can get him get him if you need to im almost there reloading reloading reloading hes so obsessed with this cabin oh my god let hes slamming me into the ground go down oh youre going down with a pistol oh i cant take another hit like that i got him i got him get him we did it we did it hes on fire dude oh my god what a fight i gotta give it to you that is all you oh its just jumping in and going out of here yo do it just dip it that was all you holy damn you were ticked away on that guy you have no idea how bad that fight was like i went in the cabin if i didnt have the traps in the the the m4 or whatever it was i had there was no way i would have chunked that health that much thats so scary when youre on your own like that it gets a little bit more intense because you cant really share that damage between two people its the slams the slams that you just when he picks you up and he just puts your head into the ground like youre not straight to something oh my god i mean we did it though we did it we definitely didnt see all of it so we have to come back but yeah nice cool first experience on yellowstone nice we did it Music you how to backup steam game saves Our first time hunting in Yellowstone Park! 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