How to get steam games for free 2022how to force close steam game BIGFOOT gameplay oh no it doesnt save the loot that i had oh oh man damn it it just saves the map does it i dont know hold on no it does it does it does okay im good im good im back im back baby so im healed up ive got bullets and the oh oh god oh god oh do i have an escape here okay i do okay okay im ready im ready you ready im ready you ready i guess im going into it i guess were just doing this huh aint we isnt we is we not his we you got 881 health thats pretty good im gonna bait it ive got all this meat i better start using it i just gotta make sure that i try to get the traps back because sometimes they dont break which i forgot oh my god man im gonna tag this guy im gonna tag him with a gps sensor youre gonna get tagged and then bagged keeping my eye on you im not letting him get away i am the hunter here where you at big man where are you foot fetish bastard well hes probably not here i say with confidence oh the glass ow what the hells that about can i not break that off is that always going to be like that oh  __  well thats annoying maybe i shouldnt be here oh god please dont tell me hes right around the corner oh my god hes right around the corner im gonna tag you take one of these okay all right um okay well thats not how that i expected that to go uh were gonna play a game its called uh dont come in here i almost stepped on that come on come on come on what have you got what do you get what do you got where are you at i wanted to put into you oh yeah yeah you better get over here you better get over here some tasty and delicious oh hes hes playing me i know this hes waiting hes intentionally being patient and only coming out when i come out i feel like the leaning trees are all traps and theyre all leaning oh i see oh i see it okay i see the trap okay so you physically see the trap thats there im gonna shoot it holy crap close it oh my god come at me come at me i need this gps sensor damn it come on come on come on got him oh god i dont have the fuel cancer done oh the trap the trap why is the trap not working oh no why did the trap not work does trap not work did i not lay down i didnt lay down a trap did i oh my god im out of here oh god hes right there hes right there hes right there hes running away hes a little baby hes a little baby did i pick up the trap that i got down i have three traps why dont i have enough traps theres not enough traps theres my trap oh my god stop i pick that up oh god okay but i see him now okay i see him i know where he is i dont know how long the sensor looks i did the thing i did the thing oh my god i need to heal oh my god im not doing great im not doing great im really embarrassing myself out here rick head of the society of whatever is a bigfoot not doing too great did i go in here yes yes im doing great im doing the best im the best oh im the best oh thats okay i know where he is okay full up on that dont need that pistol is okay yeah im truly full on ammo which is not where i thought id be but i need to take advantage of the situation or else im just gonna lose it all oh oh where does this lead that looks secluded oh yeah thats nice thats right in the middle of nothingness im looking for traps okay hes circling back island rangers house okay thats good hes coming back towards me not a good sign oh god hes gone hes off my radar now oh boy where oh my god please tell me i should be able to see him coming if hes over there i should be able to see him coming from a mile off which means that i can defend this spot because i can put cameras at least one camera north side he cant sneak up on me and i havent escaped back and forth right so im gonna put a camera right there lets go like that lets bait him bait it up now whos setting the traps  __  now whos doing it oh  __  there he is wow oh whos waddling in the water oh whos waddling oh wow oh goodness gracious drink i miss that one i dont know if its hit scan or actual bullet i think it might be bullet lexi and give the definition of hit scan versus uh bullet physics in games and what the difference is all right where are you at big guy oh there you are i cant tell where im firing it maybe just like really far away i dont know what the bullet physics are like here oh its hit skin is it all right youre all the way over there but thats still not very far away its close enough to matter thats for sure this seems like the perfect place to string him up the game has changed bigfoot im coming for you foot man Applause oh there you are im gonna let him get closer hope never mind easy pickings ah come on how do i hit this guy hes got a stick hes got a stick there we go 748 still not a lot of damage dealt i wish he was closer but i should let him get closer because if hes all the way over here im just gonna get keep taking pot shots at him and im never gonna actually finish him off ill ill know when hes coming because hes gonna hit those traps and im gonna be able to see him from the the cameras so unless he goes around the back which i dont know if he will i might be able to see him coming i should be pretty good here okay so that leads back into the mainland again single point of entry wish id save some cameras before i came over here but i think this might be it this is a good one lots of totems too which is um more concerning than uh comforting can i get a picture of bigfoot does that do anything for me oh hey bud oh hes coming im gonna let him get all the way over here im gonna watch him on the camera actually hey bud i see you can i fly the drone no signal does it need to charge whoa you got a lot closer than i thought where are you where are you where are you hold on whoa go away where is he did he get caught on one of my traps cant tell oh my god he did hes coming okay okay okay all right come at me nice nice now hes got to come over that bridge and ive got a perfect vantage point to keep pepper in him where are you at where you at come on come on whered you go whered you go its a hit where to go hes coming yep i dont know how easy it is to get here come on where are you at come here oh goodbye 41. hey dont dont break the zipline thats uh mean oh yeah ive got him on the ropes i found it i found the right way come on bud come on you want some of this you want me here right for you delicious meat it cannot be beat i might have left a trap up there too and i dont think hes going to come back because i did a lot of damage to him oh nope never mind right right there all right you want to play ill play with you whered you go oh wait a minute did he just jump off the mountain are you coming over here what are you doing what are you doing whats the plan whats the plan whats the plan whats the plan pal whered he go is that him is that him yeah thats him is that him yeah come at me whered you go oh oh its coming uh-huh oh god oh god oh god oh my god hes mad hes mad hes mad hes mad hes very mad but not man enough where you going thats what i thought down to 209 almost dead oh still scary all right mama finish you off stop healing i dont care what youre eating i better get your ass over here i got a whole bullet buffet for you these dunzo that one is one trap left all right you hungry you hungry a bigfoot hunky bigfoot won a bite to eat bigfoot won a bullet buffet that would bigfoot want bigfoot huh all right im gonna take the fight to bigfoot lets do this come on bigfoot where you at where you at where you at you went this way well what what did the ground not just start shaking with the thunderous thunder of a bigfoot stampede did that not just happen just beautiful yellowstone very gorgeous its still not day yet actually i thought it was day i thought day was coming it is not day oh hi hello how you doing im not here for you oh my god what well thats weird what is that oh hey easy whoa what is with this its like a little structure bigfoot you getting crafty what is happening what is going on i dont like it what is going on you was it you that was so much rustling was that all you okay its day now ah a little campsite aint that lovely aint that lovely aint that lovely aint that well another one of those traps going up great okay i dont need another r 700 man once i get good at this man me and the boys me and the boys go oh my god holy crap okay i feel like thats a bit more than just the guys are going off hunting tower two thats good 12 gauge good 12 gauge good empty good blood good camera whoa oh my god whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa i will fight you what you were too fast well that was startling Music our evidence found i still have even found a body ive almost killed bigfoot and ive found nothing oh what the hell that was so loud kind of birds do that i dont know where he is but he cant have gone too far and one night he only wondered about this area im actually gonna cut through the woods here i know its not a smart idea to cut ho ho ho ho ho i know its not smart to cut through the woods but im gonna cut through the woods i know its starting to be night and i know this is really dumb but im doing it anyway because im confident in my abilities as a hunter as the lead investigator of the bigfoot research alliance i dont like that im going towards the bigfoot i knew that it was gonna happen before i even stepped on it because the creaking was getting louder and louder i knew that was gonna happen i dont even know where im going its like super dense forest uh go away plane you dont want to see this i am so exposed i am so exposed i can only hope that this car was pointed towards something thats a bloody handprint and then maybe he was trying to go somewhere where it could seek shelter and ill go that way because im assuming that it was going somewhere oh god oh im boned im boned im boned what do we got shelter three shelter two shelter two has a gate uh go shelter three shelter three shelter three is a shelter for me oh thats shelter three this is shelter three oh my god the other one oh this oh no no no no get out of here oh what how did you do that howd you do that huh howd you do that i want to make my way to shelter three its got to be something more because it had a gate on it therefore it must be something where a car could park i should have realized that please be a building please a year ass yes a building shelter three is the shelter for me is that a well holy crap give me some whats locked up okay i dont know what im wasting time for i gotta get inside i gotta set a trap i gotta find whatever explosive is in here and i gotta put it up now hello goodbye okay crap lets draw him in because i feel confident and handsome okay green i dont think i ever got green oh did i ever get green i might have gotten green and i just dont realize it decent supplies full of shock and ammo oh its right there 7155 okay i dont know whats in here oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah oh baby okay well hes got to come in here for this to work he has to be here putting that right there because im about to blast his ass into grass i dont want to buy the door because its going to just blow oh my god get blasted oh my god oh my god i was right next to it oh my god that was terrible why did i do that please dont please dont kill me please i thought oh no no h-h-h-h-h-hhh i thought that if i i thought id pull out the detonator not blow it immediately come on come on come on come on all right that couldnt have gone worse that could not have gone worse i could not have planned that to go worse i thought it pulled out the detonator and then i had to press it again i thought i remembered that from last time but apparently that was not the case all right come on come on come on you wanna dance you wanna dance do i have any i have no traps left zero traps all broken hes so weird because hes never tripped any of my cameras except in the beginning of this i dont see him where did he go usually hes so active but maybe because hes low on health hes being more cautious is that something he can do is that even a thing oh come on where you at where you at this is nerve-wracking just sitting here in the middle of the woods waiting but i dont know where to go because i cant really go after him because i dont have a gps on him and i screwed up the dynamite placement because im an idiot i blew it up right under my feet i should be dead by now i should be 10 pieces of markiplier strewn across the lake bed i should just be atomized meat but somehow rick is tough enough to survive my body certainly wouldnt have been able to handle that but maps rick might rick just might the whole night is gone come on fine im just gonna go is it gonna go when look at this we got some tents wolf coyote wolf oh no wolf whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa hey hey whoa holy crap ow i dont need the meat uh oh god every time oh  __  oh that drew in oh that drew him okay i see how it is i see how it is you want to mess with me huh laptop you coming how many freaking how many freaking feet picks can i get well another night and i didnt finish it i thought i might but i did not ooh wait a minute thats a thats a fire watch tower i love that game this is so fitting this looks a lot like the fire watch tower from firewatch but maybe thats because of course it does what was his name what was the sign guys name what was sign guys name i dont even remember whos his name sign man sign stanley no stanley no stanley no why do i think stanley wheres stan no not stanley stanley stanley well this is about as good a place as any to see the lay of the land and its a good lay let me let me run down here its such a clear opening that is that is the ideal theres so many good bigfoot kill zones in this and theres so many bad ones and for some reason ive chosen all the bad ones first and i dont know why but im gonna make my way to a few more landmarks and then im gonna come back to the firewatch tower all right please give me a trap or an explosive please please damn all right bolts it is oh trap oh yes love that im golden im going back to the uh firewatch tower oh yeah hes at 332 with just a little bit more to heal i really want to take him out this night i really do which means i probably got to put a gps sensor and then i gotta shoot him enough so he starts running away and then take the fight to him this is what i gotta do theres no other way im going to save the trap for getting inside because i want to take as many shots as possible while hes trying to bash down my door that gives me the most opportunity and then i do want to hit him with a gps sensor i also want to try the drone again because for some reason that wasnt working there we go i feel like if i was trying to min max this game which im not but if i was if i played a few more times i will if i was it would be about making a base of operations with like two rings of three cameras like kind of like three in a triangle and three in an opposite triangle and then making like supply runs and then coming back to a base this is why i wish it was kind of crafting you could make bigfoot even more dangerous if you had crafting like better defenses to like oh shoot oh my god hes here when did he get here that was him right oh my god oh my god holy crap okay um holy crap uh oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god okay damn it oh boy here we go oh boy here we go im out im out babe ow freaking hell holy  __  damn it didnt get nearly enough oh my god all right all right buddy where you at i didnt even get a gps sensor on them im gonna get him im gonna lead him back up here im gonna try to get a sensor on him come back here get back here where are you at damn it i keep screwing up my chances then im never gonna be able to kill him whoa wheres that oh really youre over there huh you coming to me hmm oh my god oh my god stop that okay hes near the camper but why are you oh hey what are you doing you nerd what are you doing he like gives up he only tries once a night he really does nothing i had him on the ropes and he keeps getting away from me hes gonna win whoa oh my god thats terrifying thats properly terrifying i hate it i dont like the idea of going to yellowstone i know that it wont blow up and kill me but i also know that if i go its gonna be the moment that it blows up surprises everybody everyone will be like oh we didnt think this could happen and then i ill be like its me guys i showed up to yellowstone and it blew up its my fault i know and were all dead so none of this matters so screw you i never wanted to come here in the first place and thats thats what will happen where even am i going oh my god its the loudest tiny thing ever oh its a pig get out of here its not like i need any more ammo im just trying to find traps thats not a big oh come back here wait come on come here you oh come here you you get back here damn it i missed all of my sensors i missed everything oh i missed this ammo from the beginning ah all i want to do is get him in a corner tag him and finish him off i know i can do it i havent even found the missing people and ive gone all over this island its taken me forever to get around here and i only just now got back now this bastard wont even show his face what if i drop a bunch of meat on the ground huh what if i just drop meat can i even drop meat i dont think i can how am i not seeing you youre here somewhere oh got him so i cant get too close because then the foliage gets too deep i see youre crossing that bridge understood no youre not youre going north youre just creeping along that way okay thats good in pursuit hes just over this hill oh its the freaking totem there he is come here yeah you gonna run are you gonna come to me whered he go what he went into those bushes and just disappeared what he went into those bushes and just disappeared he literally went into the bushes i shot him as he was going into the bushes and then he never came out of the bushes what what are these bushes made out of is it a teleporting bush this bush porter i dont know what happened i i should be able to see him because im right im right over there he cant have gone far my drone would be able to see him and yet hes nowhere and now its gonna be night and hes gonna come after me anyway okay very very strange and now im caught out in the middle of nothingness great this is great he has 283 health hes been in the 280s forever i see nothing its too dark oh god oh god oh hey all right here we go gps sensor oh i was gonna throw that first and then you whoa oh my god oh my god where are you where are you dont run away ah i got him youre mine youre mine youre mine youre mine where you going where you think youre going where do you even think youre going come back here stop running away no no no no no not this time not this time ive got my eyes on you crossing the river thats gonna slow you down i know i got my eyes on you whered you go come here come back here stop running away its like he doesnt want to die man my my theme my targeting thing is going to run out soon i know there he is there he is he left over up that like it was nothing god oh god ow okay im fine there he is you gonna run away yep hes running there you go where are you going im here you where you cant go much oh you you you dick you going to your cave this is where your cave is this might be where his cave is oh my god if this is his cave oh this might be a dead end for you buddy this might be a dead end for you for you oh god whered it go he just turned off if hes not going into the water then hes gonna have more room to wiggle i think he went up here but im not sure oh where is he where is he no how did i lose him oh how did i lose him 243 oh oh god hes right there hes right there hes right there what are you injured well can you not run very far oh i dont think he can run very far yeah youre afraid now come on come on you wont go i need something more than the then the machine gun can do Music not that not that whered you go whered you go yeah i know i know i know im 43. where you at where are you at damn oh 143 and hes gonna heal back up again god hes like he just doesnt want to die its like so dark with the rain i cant see any of my flashlights off that would explain it 188 oh my god i just cant get him just let me get him im so out of everything ive looted the whole damn island what bear bear i didnt know there was a bear here oh hello i think if you leave carcasses of animals uh bigfoot also comes stomping by just not sure about that okay now at least i can get the drone out ah  __  drones out of batteries god and now its day again oh this bastard there we go im gonna butcher this animal and im hoping that it leads you here to me wait i remember something okay i cant take that because i got two but thats okay i remember something theres an explosive in the house down south and if i go there i can get it there is an explosive theres one there is im on the way this is whats going to end this fight once and for all finally me and bigfoot one versus the other destiny is calling me open up my eagle eyes oh hello oh hello bigfoot what are you doing over here found you oh no someones shooting you and youre on a very long flat plane oh no thats okay i need something before i can finish you off but i did get some good damage in i did i did he was probably making traps over here for me for this final night this is the final night now was it here i dont remember where specifically it was so long right here where i left it many a moon ago waiting for the perfect shot for the perfect shot for the perfect shot all right bigfoot im here im ready im ready to do this im ready to end this right now i want to ive been waiting for it ive been yearning for it you know what thats not even gonna be the first thing i do because i want you to pass through that no im gonna save it for after im gonna come back around when you and im gonna slam that perfectly you come here you show me what youre made of oh  __  hes showing me what im what hes made of show me what youre made of come here where are you cant seem to hit you all right youre in im out why i said i was out no you dont no you dont no you dont run away from this you dont run away from this big fly i am livid im so mad im so mad god why didnt i jump out the window why did he not let me jump out the window and then i couldnt shoot him from my window because i i saw his leg i shot his leg oh my god i swear if this makes me go another goddamn night i swear to god this is  __  ridiculous i have to do im doing 30 damage a night Music im gonna burn you again you  __  there he goes there he goes design design im burning were burning were going hell together you  __  yes Music it was literally a fiery finish you you its fine but i got you i got you i got you you cant be me not anymore so that is bigfoot the ai has made him more uh self-defensive hes not just a rampaging machine at night but that makes him a bit more frustrating to hunt when youre alone but not impossible i beat you ill beat you mr foot i am the most shirt in the woods now so next time you might be hunting me out there oh wait i already made a documentary about that thank you everybody so much for watching check out more bigfoot in the description below and more scary games on my channel everywhere and as always i will see you in the next video bye-bye Music you best free pc games steam Turns out that no matter how smart Bigfoot may be... fire still hot!ARE YOU EASILY DISTRACTED? ►► Bigfoot ► Edited By ► And ► Scary Games Playlist ► Horror Outro ► best online co op games on steam steam won't update game 1gb games on steam free best steam games summer sale 2022 steaming fog