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Oldest steam gamessteam game won t uninstall BIGFOOT gameplay hey everybody im blitz welcome back to the forest this is another episode of a game called finding bigfoot i wanted to try it out again because the glacier bay national park is hopefully coming soon supposed to be a yeti and all sorts of stuff but were going to go back into jasper forest and see if we can find anything crazy started in the spring 2016 jasper newspapers was announced the loss of a group of tourists in the national park it was a police report but just an accident because the band went on a raft in the river but you sure but youre sure probably definitely a potato one of the biggest most elusive creatures known as bigfoot or sasquatch you and your team of researchers decided to get to the truth enter skip there we go select my character um that guy oh man i remember how how uh yes i want to believe how janky this game is oh i love it take traps yes how do i how do i grab things again there we go were gonna try to trap so we gotta take the night vision camera grab some batteries got some maximum batteries oh i just well i grabbed the medicine we got a map down there this looks good this looks good oh we got a bottle here oh theres the four people that are lost sasquatch sasquatch sasquatch set they kill the sasquatch what open window take ammo oh flashlight okay we got the cameras i think we can take four at a time no signal in the cameras good good catch finally catch bigfoot put bigfoot in cage find lost tourists if possible all right theres more medicine how did i how do i grab the gun again uh probably by hitting the two key do i have oh two reload two one two what hey is he did i pick up the gun did i pick up the gun i did not pick up the gun thats why i cant reload it there we go okay open fridge we dont need to do that oh its nice and pretty outside okay im gonna grab the tracking uh not the signal bullets i wanted the tranquilizer darts these are what i wanted there we go okay so tracking darts can i only take four at a time take some rope so we can tie him up if we can catch him take a track tracking boat no i wanted i dont want oh we need a flare gun too get him off me get him off me i thought there were so bullets bullets knock them down thats right all right all right is there a map there is not a map i thought there was a map hmm well great theres gotta be a map im gonna go look im gonna go look for a map okay the maps on the wall i think were right in there i thought their tab i thought for sure there was a map q is the map all right we can do that oh theres most field we got this we got this lets close that door uh what i wanted to do too is oh i got the cameras right i got my four by four cameras okay were gonna go see if we can find sasquatch there is hes got himself a um a cave branch i dont need to rip a branch maybe i do okay well grab a branch or two i dont have any meat i was gonna trap put a trap in the cave oh i needed i got a camera im gonna put a camera and a trap in his cave because you guys wanted me to do that so many times in the previous videos i can remember how to get over there totally going the wrong way its like the northeast usually he comes out in forest like this you can see him sometimes we also gonna look for the uh the fire towers theres fire watch towers that we can find amen maybe there he is there he is right thats him that is him i stop i see bigfoot oh i dont want it i dont want to do that lets just shoot him oh oh dirty i shot him twice whered he go ugh i think i hit him again did it hit him again oh man there he was we found him already we got to take him out we gotta trap him for testing purposes oh we got green blood we got green blood on the ground thats where i hit him at okay oh if he attacks me during the day that would not be good whered he go wheres his his cave is up here to the left maybe he went back to his cave i lost him i dont hear him anymore but theres this cave up here can you hear it its this way still caves making crazy noises oh is he in here is he in is he in his house is he in his cave oh bats bats bigfoot sasquatch are you in here okay he is he is not in here lets put down a trap quick well put a trap down right in the entrance just in case it comes in okay well put that in i dont want to get myself stuck in there and lets put down a camera in here too now well put down a camera oh noises theres a dead guy and a bunch of okay well do this right here put down the camera right in the corner okay now oh wrong button there is a dead guy here get the gun back out just in case grab that medicine i cant were not we need that in the future probably is there anything else in here bullets anything else cool negative okay lets look at the map right up there in the cave the dead guy all right lets jump over that trap so we dont get trapped is that him nope thats a tree thought that was an arm i saw okay now how much time do we have left to get one shot on bigfoot maybe we need to go back home because he always comes in attacks at night like he always wants to attack us at night so maybe we can trap him in a long line of traps and then shoot him when hes down its my goal well go over here now well follow the roads back should be a road right over here oh my word what was that noise the lightning just hit that tree lightning just hit the tree it scared the bejeebers out of me because that was really loud and i kind of popped my shoulder wow oh man the trees on fire okay lets go up here is there any bullets or anything take ammo take signal bullets oh i cant wow shoots man okay we got one firewatch wait why is that why is that number red did our trap go off bigfoots not injured at all hmm okay well run back in and its been a long time since ive gone through this were gonna run back home because i feel like nighttime is coming on we dont want to be stuck outside at night this one not thing we one thing we do not want there he is there he is you see him right there im gonna track him get ready fire okay i saw him okay he should be attracted on our map now he is oh i hit him i hit him with my tracking bullet maybe maybe thats a good sign whered he go hes still on the road hes still following the road right in front of us whered he go theres no way im going to be able to catch up to him hes too fast hes got too long of legs okay lets go back home well go across that bridge on the south side we got a good shot on him hes a long way away now all right were gonna try to go this way there should be another watch tower over here if i remember right there it is right there lets go up there and grab the stuff out of it oh its a deer do you see that i want to shoot that deer maybe i can get up to it where is it wheres the deer i dont know im gonna go up here quick oh another free trap and more ammo i have the max so well remember that whered that deer go i want to take the bait i want the bait right across this rickety old bridge now sasquatch was on the other side of the lake last we saw him on the map this is good well go over the bridge were fine with that it is becoming night time though you can tell its getting real dark the sun is about to set so we gotta make it back to camp were gonna set up oh hes hes in our base he is in our base right now do you see that hes right next to our trailer our gun is loaded up maybe we can sneak over there and take a few shots at him oh i didnt think the tracking bullets lasted that long oh dear nope dear that was the deer not sasquatch oh boy im gonna see him again arent i hes going to attack us okay its not moving its not moving okay thats a thats a crow these two are right lets try to cut him off over here maybe hes gonna attack us whats he gonna do should be right over here right over this ridge there he is right there still cant see with that should i track him again i am okay we got it so now well be able to track him at night i know thats not a great idea to do we just totally scare the bajeebers out of him like he scared us i thought i hear extra footsteps sometimes theres other people around like up in here sometimes theres dead people whered he go hes hes in the swamp right now the swamp monster the skunk ape i dont see him eyes right on the other edge okay well go back well set up a trap line at our base and well try to capture them okay heres our heres our area im gonna put down my traps right down in like a line and im going to try to capture them in all of these traps there we go like this now hes going to come and attack me at night time party my flashlight okay lets make sure hes not coming after me now hes not okay thats good theres the theres the thing to put him in i got that okay wheres my extra traps in a box in the in the front in the back box in the back okay oh i only have two more all right whered my traps go put him over here where is he at uh oh where did i put my traps oh theyre there okay i can see my traps well put some extras in a line here like that all right now all we do is we wait for him oh we wait for night time oh was he coming after me no hes still waiting out there yeah were gonna try to take him out in one night theres a deer ill take it come right here shoot why cant i do i have my oh yeah my gun we got the deer deer is down sasquatch hes coming in scott shes coming in hes coming in what do i do what do i do where are you hes coming from right here nope a little bit to the left right this way okay lets reload the gun hes flanking me hes flanking me hes totally flanking me wheres he coming in from this way right over here where is he you have big green eyes there he is i see him i see him right there okay i have to get him trapped trap him come on hit him oh i gotta reload watch it i shoot oh that was pretty good we got him a few times he didnt get hit by a trap though which is too bad oh scary wheres my wheres that deer at there he is um how do i harvest it x hey dear hey oh so oh he hit me oh he hit me and his tracking bullet ran off i dont know where he is now i need to eat that health kit oh its too bad he didnt get trapped or did he get trapped oh he did just one time okay uh take it take it and trap it down okay wheres he at maybe he still is tracked oh boy this is bad this is real bad hes got to come after me again where is he come on come on bigfoot where are you where is he going where is he going oh i lost them already halfway the first night halfway we got him trapped halfway in the first night thats good i have a feeling nights gonna be over really soon come on dear how do i harvest the deer totally forgot how to harvest the tear up i need more bullets too lets go back inside of our house i went through 30 bullets today wow okay so i had the tracking bullets not i had the different ones though i dont think i tracked him though its a signal gun i need to pick up one more of these and some more tracking bullets okay got lots of tracking bullets now so youre gonna come and attack this one more time tonight oh thatd be awesome if you did oh i got them trapped too good lets take that put it back down okay looks like don is about here doesnt it i think so oh man id love for him to attack one more time tonight come on come on im reloading come on sasquatch come at me come at me buddy i want to put you in my truck and drive you away lets capture oh that was that was he went into the he was in our inner cave he was in the cave he was in the cave he got hit in the cave oh he took a little damage i bet oh man thats awesome haha you went back home and we trapped him nice oh that thats good theres a dead person on the camera gross okay oh we did find one yeah we found we got one checked out well that fan creeped me out in the corner okay still raining oh man i hate being inside there at night okay i went on the map its kind of morning time im at the south most part of the map usually there is a body right over here somewhere that we can find out um i guess not today hmm okay thats too bad its usually a body camped out right in here that we could find stuff on its always a good idea to try to find the four tourists if you cant is that him right there is that a tree looks like a tree i like being at the top of these places so i can see where he is i dont see anything up here though coming down into the map and Music i dont really see anything down here thatd be so nice to see his big green glowing eyes shoot him can always take a run through the canyon too or the kenyan if i remember right do they they spell this one wrong oh boy youre dead dear oh i destroyed him aha usually youre supposed to put a trap on them i believe took him out sounds like theres a body in here though youre the eerie sounds there he is right there hes coming right at me oh boy six reload no switch bullets oh come on no no well i got him pretty good i didnt realize he would attack me in the canyon thats awesome okay we should switch sorry he didnt say anything just focusing on slaying the monster good so im hes under half now which is which is what we need oh and im almost dead im gonna eat my health pack good whoo that was awesome he came right at me during the daytime thats probably the first time hes ever attacked me at the day lets grab that need more ammo shouldnt take more than 50 bullets to kick him out i totally remembered about the meat now theres meat in the freezer and we can trap the deer at any point thats how to do it okay lets see did we did we trap him last night oh man i cant see him whered he go ah he didnt like me going to his house oh come on reload reload reload whered he go whered he go shoot him ah shoot him oh he didnt move hes still there oh you didnt move right around the corner did i miss him did i miss him why is he so fast how could he be so fast there he is ah i should oh i missed with i missed with all my tracking darts i did no no he was going back to his house wheres he at wheres he at oh theres the cabin in the lake lets go check that out okay so were at the lake i have more of the swamp i guess theres the lake and then theres the swamp the swamp is up in here theres usually a dead body right around the spot too i like going out on this bridge just to be able to see things go fishing for a little bit fishing for sasquatches and then theres the cabin out in the middle there lets go look at that and i sure hope he doesnt charge me now this is not what we want in our morning this is not it nope okay i dont think he will he doesnt like to charge in the middle of the day but well see if theres anything in this cabin okay were up here its another gun okay already have a gun theres another trap perfect thats what we need and theres uh ammo all right we dont need the ammo right now but we know its here if we do need it well climb up on this fire tower too uh some more ammo up here so we got a hundred more bullets if we need them oh great its gonna rain again so lets see where were at were in the middle of this okay ah no clue where he is now should we go explore up i think were gonna go explore up to the left here just to see whats at that point of the map during the day oh i heard mosquitoes you should do when you hear yeah there it is theres another body it looks pretty mangled more bullets here okay yeah this looks like the edge of the map i saw a fence up here anyway lets see yep thats totally the edge of the map all right were good to go good to go um still daytime interesting not sure what to do now since were back up here in our place again lets take another check he doesnt look like hes in his in his cave at all spider web okay cave is fine lets grab out of the freezer here i forgot that there was meat in here nope can i only grab i can grab four at a time okay and then we can trap we can bait our own traps here im gonna bait i guess four of them uh whered my traps go wheres my traps is theyre on the other side what wheres my traps where are they theyre on the other side of this i cant find my stupid traps there they are hard to see in the daytime okay lets uh bait it x-key put that bait on there like so there you go sasquatch you know you are hungry come and eat it and then we have to um how did you do that next you have to grab like a stick grab a stick and then a rat controls v is this guys a trap all righty uh this guys so good i cant even see my own traps there they go okay v there it is so you have to grab a branch every time grab a branch this guys a trap grab a branch this guys a trap aha he will never know that i have traps set up for him because i have disguised them with a stick and he doesnt have ice so he doesnt even know that theres meat on it because he only smells with his nose or something dumb okay grab that lets go set up another one somewhere else we havent plenty of time today maybe itll work maybe well capture you know what we should do this is going to be dumb give me the meat give me the meat give me them i said give me meat lets put a trap can we put a trap in here be hilarious t trap trap no we cant thatd be awesome okay i cant put a trap in there oh wrong button do you have any more tracking darts i dont im out of tracking we got plenty of rope uh it is still a good amount of day lets go down and trap this bridge there he is right there right there oh i shouldnt hold on oh boy go go go come on hit him i think i think i hit him i think i got him i got him i got him with a tracking dart yes yes okay thats all my tracking darts though we are out of them now so im gonna im gonna bait up a trap right here in the middle of the bridge just kidding im gonna bait up a trap right here at the edge of the bridge just so we can smell it and were gonna put down some bait on it there we go put that bait down right there then were gonna disguise that bad boy he wont even know he wont have a clue i will put the camera right over here too well put a camera down just so we can sniff him out perfect good oh hes got a long ways wheres he gonna go hes gonna go is he gonna cross the river he might oh did it just turn nighttime is he gonna cross the river he just crossed the river hes gonna double back on us hey we gotta we gotta switch bullets i didnt know you could cross the river i thought you had to go on the bridges oh sasquatch is sneaky he should be right over here where is he turn a little bit i should be able to see him where is he at wheres he at come on oh come on hes right in front of me somewhere come on where are you oh im so close to him hes got to be in those trees where are you there he is okay i got six bullets oh you saw me oh he i i got him good i think i got three more good hits on him oh i might get him trapped on the side so this uh is a good time to go back home or not hmm i dont know im gonna rip a branch though just so i dont get that memo anymore oh hes hiding again where is he oh hes coming at me hes waiting hes up in there oh hes so close can you smell him he didnt run yet oh its night time ill try to get a different angle up there so i can see him from a distance without him seeing me right over there somewhere so if i can get a couple more bullets into him now whered he go hes running is he maybe not hmm now hes running away again okay im gonna go back to camp just get more prepared in my camp has he eaten the deer yet the deer has not been eaten okay thats good to know so were in our camp i dont see him the cameras over there lets go in and well look at that camera for a little bit maybe maybe maybe hell eat that meat maybe maybe hes gonna go back home really quick okay not that one camera two how do you how do you switch cameras i dont know i dont like that um i dont see him on there do not see him on the bridge oh thats the wrong button thats totally the wrong button maybe a click you eat no i dont know i dont know how to use that im going back outside were gonna man our trap line here okay were coming up on night seems like his tracking dart might have worn off i cant see it anymore i kind of wish you could uh you could go pick them up like its a tracking dirt or a tracking bullet for the limited amount of time there he is oh i just hit him he must have got trapped on the bridge we must hit him on the bridge he tried to eat he tried to eat the sandwich on the bridge i bet it was i bet he tried to eat that one on the bridge and we trapped him because he took a lot of damage good good we needed that all right sasquatch its time for you to come over here you came from you came from that way thats where you are now come over here weve got a little more meat for you and were going to trap you any second now any second now come on buddy where are you where are you im going to stand right here right between my traps i hope he runs down like wouldnt it be cool to capture him like four times in a trap line like six times with all my traps together itd be awesome im getting a little concerned i feel like hes not going to attack me tonight i dont know why hes supposed to attack every night hes got to be around here somewhere can i see him with night vision anywhere not really i cant i wish theres a big tower you could go out and look at oh thats the dead deer nope i dont see him with the night vision either what was that is he coming there he is there he is oh i gotta i gotta watch my traps dont hit me i gotta go to my traps i gotta go to my traps no he run away what there he is on where are you oh i didnt do very good i didnt do very good oh he stopped oh no i didnt do very good oh im supposed to go to the traps but he bit me instead oh that yellow light usually means sun is coming up i missed my chance is that really the sunrise i think thats the sunrise poking through the trees i missed my night chance i missed it no what am i gonna do now theres a deer the deer dont oh there you saw me he ran away man man i missed ask watch in the middle of night oh he came and attacked one time so im gonna get away from my traps and ill go look for him maybe maybe we could do like that first date and just see him he did spring by trap in the middle of the night last night okay lets put this back down this is a good spot for it trap it i do have a little meat again well do that and i think i have a branch still good so he might come back to that flip that branch off excellent okay so last time i saw him two he was in here in the canyon does not look like hes gonna be in the canyon this time oh and he ate the head off the deer gross so he ate that deer that i killed oh my word it happened again another tree just got zapped where am i okay i wanted to go that way oh my scare the poo to me again i wonder if its gonna fall because one of these trees fall down its not even raining wow lightning tree mcgee up in here whats up oh theres that secret cabin right theres a secret trapper cabin up there all right oh another body oh gross bad sasquatch i wonder if we could find all four of them ive never done that i dont know what happens he didnt have anything cool on him either no loot or gear oh i think he just got trapped again where would that have been i would have been on the bridge again probably man he likes that or could have been in the camp too were a long way away from him oh i found another camp what is this camp oh we got another health pack thats another dead body so i found all of the dead bodies now i think so turn that on should be safe oh oh i thought those were tracking darts theres a can a kayak paddle whats in the back thats oh its just a window well then that might be all four of the bodies huh i think theres kayaks down below somewhere together they are right down here kayakers oh well so what happens when you go into into saskatchewan country without taking any any bullets with you i made it back to camp did he capture any of my traps no all my traps are clean i thought i hear the deer running okay im gonna go see i grabbed the trap that was in his cave i want to go trap that deer in case uh he hasnt eaten its head off yet he probably has no its not okay lets trap it we will trap the deer we will cover the thingy good hes not gonna know grab some more branches ready to go for another night maybe hopefully i did no i didnt i didnt find the girl i didnt find christine hmm there was a body hit left in that thing okay so the top ones the cave the bottom ones the bridge hes not in either of them all right oh oh oh is he right over here he was he right over here did he just eat that did he just eat this did you just try to eat that was he right in my face no way nope he wasnt he was somewhere else i have no idea where he was maybe he smelled me you dont take damage so thats good news well its bad news for us we want him to take damage we want him dead we want to capture him take him for sciences in a in a museum there he is there he is hes coming in hes coming in hit the traps hit the traps yes come on come on come on come on take him out yes oh i just captured him i just captured bigfoot oh catch him catch him e yes im going to capture him i caught him i caught bigfoot i did it wait do i not oh okay that was weird i got that i got to pull him in how many traps did he get hit on one two three the trap line worked the trap line worked weve caught bigfoot yes yes oh i gotta drag him to that circle okay hold on i want i want to turn the light on just so i can see big sasquatch it is oh oh weve done them up weve tied them up check that out okay look at this weve captured him yes come here sasquatch into the hole you go we did it put him in the cage oh now he doesnt sound happy oh hes totally stuck in the oh shoots man hey buddy hey buddy how are you check this out come on in the face yeah youre stuck now what happened entered in the game i did it youve caught one but others will come anyway guys thatll do it for today wow it just throws you back to the main menu thanks for watching finding bigfoot we caught him kind of surprised we did but im happy that we did so thanks for watching and keep your stick on the ice well catch you next time Music you top 100 rated games on steam Welcome to Finding Bigfoot! Finding Bigfoot is a game where youre sent to find missing tourists. You soon discover that Bigfoot (or Sasquatch) has inhabited the national park!►Watch more Finding Bigfoot: Will update soon ► Support Blitz on Patreon: - - - - Finding Bigfoot Gameplay Overview: ►Story It all started in the spring of 2016. The newspapers Jasper published message about the disappearance of a group of tourists in the national park. Police believe it was just an accident, because the band went to raft on the river. But your team sure that this definitely involves one of the most elusive creatures that are called Bigfoot or Sasquatch. You and your team of researchers decide to get to the truth... ►Gameplay: Be resourceful and test your strength in the Bigfoot hunting, and remember that even the most experienced hunter can become victim... We pay great attention to the creation of artificial intelligence of the monster, it will be as realistic as possible, also bigfoot will have magical power. 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