MYTHICAL CREATURES! Wendigo Hide and Seek: FGTeeV vs BIGFOOT ShapeShifter (Halloween Gameplay)

Submarine game steamhow long to steam idli BIGFOOT gameplay use the little nugget aint nobody care about you your mommy Music today i am feeling the need to get garbage i know that you have been wanting and waiting for me to play the bigfoots but you know i want to do something different so this here game im hunting the skinwalker he stole my skin and he walked around with it like hes just fancy and i want it back so mr skinwalker i tell you to come out now and i want to show you what it feels like to be hit with the 222 caliber you know why is it so bright how i do the fl ah no i dont want to use my flare gun okay this truck is on so this must be a human operator somewhere nearby wait i have tomahawk oh im getting chopped boy oh we could jump chop it im not getting no metal im going to be able to build a billboard im a sweat oh what did i do oh i got a backpack i got meat dude this is like bigfoot 3 stores 20 house hunters totems help you locate skywalker skin luke skinwalker i dont care about his father dont ask who am i you get it it was a hard joke to comprehend nope oh i could cook me ah wheres my meat cooked meat too haha oh we cooked meat three cooked meat zero dang it i dont have raw meat run run run run run run run run run run run round back on the path no this aint gonna look like no path to me we dont even care about the path were just adventurous we have something glowing here you know like regular life things they glow new marker added to the map that is me and this skin walker is here i want to go there im going to find a way to go see the guy who took my skin but whats my skin back man can i even get im good okay here it is the first marker come out son oh wait oh this is actually my marker why scary why is it scary no break it i dont want to destroy the art somebody over here make a nice beautiful art in the wood and im going to see him be like now im definitely dead its coming wait what you mean is coming wait wait wait wait wait wait wait build it build it how you building where i need to hide i need to get back up against a wall oh my gosh what you mean its coming because i broke his art this is bob ross this is bobby bobby dont you touch me i will break your palate both of them the actual like your mouth palette and im not going to explain my joke which this is wish me ill give you a cramp in my leg whats happening stop zooming in yeah okay i got a cramp in my leg i barely did damage i barely did damage but he did lots of damage why cant i get a health bar like the skinwalker forget this man give me the medkit Music i got help now mr skin walker im very sorry about what i did yo yeah oh this oh see he gets scared by the bullets its not like bigfoot mr skinny boy skin boy hey skinny slimming jim hey slimming jim bam whered he go oh no i gotta reload hurry dude were gonna die oh yeah you reload i just stepped on his head thats probably his his grandma or somebody i just disrespected his let me oh goodness oh no wait no oh no oh no i killed his grandma twice making heartbeat noises is there a newborn baby around here i wont just build this yes oh no thats not what i meant to build i meant to build one of these i was going to put his art back all right chill chill chill interact wait what wait what you mean shrink wait expand sense radius restores 50 health save your game yeah lets save that Music wait what bear trap oh i gotta do that bear trap i need one raw meat dang i cooked all my meats man i cooked all my meat dang well im gonna find me some raw meats i hope this game doesnt turn day time that was the only thing i didnt like about defining bigfoot games is that it would turn daytime and then youd be like waiting for the night time so you get some action run run run run run run run run run run run run run run theres my meter oh oh oh dont go i dont want to get blurry now okay ive something thats telling me Laughter by the way around like a little scarf i got a snake scarf i got my raw meat i got my raw meat i got karoni ladies and gentlemen we gonna sit out here im gonna go a little little little baby beer traps will not attract skin walker while youre inside of its attractiveness radius ah dang it man why dont you tell me this bro okay whats this right here ooh i got a new marker added to the map oh thats not where skinwalker is its just a marker a skinned mac skin walker skin marker here we got a skin marker ill do the laundry okay maybe if you didnt eat all them thai pods we have fresh growers yall dont waste the kool-aid yall sick Music did i get him whats up now fool whats up now you dont like when your butt crack get a little cracking and do you look at you you thick as heck did he drop his butt crack thats a long your log came out your butt come out in three seconds or your grandpappy gonna get it too oh no two trinity there we go bro you dead now oh i dont like that sound its coming its coming why hello why is he invincible why is he invisible why is he invisible why is he invisible dude chill reload Music im a dead man we need to find another another checkpoint stop im getting scared wait is that not always a chair oh heck yeah he aint finna come up in my house he aint coming up in a residence oh my goodness why are you kidding me why are you kidding me oh flair i didnt have a flare what the flip i didnt know i could be fighting a bear oh my goodness yogis looking for a picnic basket if animals are overwhelming you throw a flare thats what i was trying to do snap crackle dude dont play with me like the house smack the honey at the behind and ill tell the bees that you did it oh lets go wait lets go are you kidding me i dont have to restart i love this game already i want to shout at the top of the mountain i love this game you got to do your own echoes because this mountain has bad acoustics i like this because in bigfoot finding bigfoot you you you you had to restart in bigfoot its like all that progress are you sick of the head oh no no no no no you better chill man yeah i see you shape-shifting you little shape-shifter he tried to disguise himself as my moms my mom has three legs thats how i knew it wasnt her why did i sound like scooby what do we have here look here scoob its a clue oh oh oh oh no no no no what does this mean what is in the sky what is that i dont know thanks for your help pal well at least i know hes not nearby oh hey ah i got it i gotta die you sick skid walker yeah he was a bear and now hes a dog i knew it stop asking me who i am Music i cant help it oh my gosh i got scared this game this is good i like this okay good this is his imaginary girlfriend so im gonna put one out here shes like skin walker ready for a date and im just going hot dang dang he scared me man stop stop i want that gg oh shucker ducks get away you little sucker butt munchkin little napkin twist wiggler yeah shooting and reaching yes sucker use a sucker use a little nugget butt cheek bro aint nobody care about you your mommy Laughter are you kidding me are you kidding me okay all right unlike finding bigfoot there are actual animals that try to stick their teeth into my delicious delicacy look at see ive been working i see these little muscles they know im talking about you know what im saying they just trying to comfort my muscles because i got that meat now you know what im saying they cant have this meat they cant how many more likes do i have i have a lot of i have like unlimited lives see im liking this man wheres skinwalker health at skate walker hell fat hell fat it sounds like when you is so chubby but satan did it to you i dont know how to get rid of this health fat all right anyway seriously stop you being mad cheesy and corny where the hecks mother all right dip it good oh stop do you like to have the suckle of mine zipper what were going going back back to california yeah thats right sucker we meet again and this time you not so lucky i cut out your me and now i use it to attract a Music who is barking who is doing that oh wait am i gonna find a snake in the same place again snake are you here snipe Music why does everybody want to kill me why she got old white he dead man thats who he did you know what im saying this is why youre bored are you kidding me yeah thats right oh my god dude stop stop okay okay oh my god dude stop dang stop this is terrifying im having back spasms holy yes oh my god im a wolf killer oh no oh no oh no oh no oh no oh yeah you better run tell your moms about me tell your sister about me if they want to go on a date im taking applications and yes i will not i will not whats the word im looking for i will not okay i still cant think of it i will not why cant i think of the word why cant i just think is Music um whats the word whats the word what what is wrong with me why is the word oh my god yall gonna laugh but the word i was looking for is i will not discriminate i feel so embarrassed i didnt know that word wait what choose ability i do need this there we go ring around the rosie i hope you get trapped in a little bear trap im getting scared will it tell me if he gets trapped in a trap hello skinwalker presence detected wait what i like that wait does that mean hes nearby i need to pray bro i do please but i shouldnt let him run into the trap oh i like that that it told me that i see you wiggling in the bushy little bush wiggler come on yo we getting somewhere lets go baby a hercules oh snap my camera about to die case my camera doctor you see you see the stuff i gotta deal with as a gamer this is ridiculous wheres my camera look at it wheres my camera battery oh no he wait hes nearby okay wait wait wait wait wait wait i gotta cue oh no hes over there oh did i catch him in a trap can i just teleport what the heck no no dont come at me like that cobweb theres a cobweb just chilling in my mouth like you cant do that youre supposed to be in a corner lets see if we caught him dude can you imagine if we caught him in a trap oh oh oh you see that i think my trap got him oh he trapped sorry sorry its all right mr skinwalker are you down here oh god im gonna die oh yeah he got hahaha look at that blue look at this blues oh i got butt wipes oh its oh man because you know im kind of fitting and having to go right now so i was kind of like oh i have to save me some of these butt wipes for later but uh looks like not butt wipes so off to find some crispy leaves crispy leaves christmas ladies and gentlemen im gonna leave it right there for today i had a lot of fun i hope you get retired but were gonna leave it right there for today ladies and gentlemen thank you so much we will check you later if you want to see more skin walker press escape before you cut come back while im doing my outro thats rude see skin walkers they dont appreciate content creators gamers when they when i look like piggy when theyre in timeout mode you cant attack when im in timeout okay its disrespectful im gonna have to teach you some etiquette Music i kind of like my face like this i should do this more often all my teeth look white Music wow my toothpaste really working i dont have veneers someone asked me if i have veneers theyre not veneers theyre just weird straight teeth okay thanks to my orthodontist when i was 13. all right check you later peace out because yall stay here this long im gonna show you something special i dont know if its gonna happen i dont know just chill your role dude whats that say  __  oh my gosh we got play well we got like derby bacon and megs thing backpack wait is that me right there oh my gosh my wow its my own backpack why im so little on it why i am so little why cant i have a bigger what better picture of me please not beautiful no Applause thank you sean wow i never hugged a transparent ghost before youre not a winner until you can beat fourth come on sean were gonna see if chase is actually steam best free single player games Im not going to write a description this time because I think u should 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