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Samsung washer and steam dryerm2 steam games BIGFOOT gameplay I decided to take us out into a nice inclusive place with nothing scary hey were so what hello what do you guys do it in there come on buddy okay I was this on a hike and I found you guys trailer here what do you guys doing in here oh we wont find a Bigfoot it was too aggressive so we came over here max Oh guys look at these pictures up here this area is haunted by the thing called the rape wait so Bigfoots not here uh he might be but theres something worse something my more scary something that might possibly be an alien that I thought grabbed from Malu yeah grab grab Im just gonna steal all you guys has equipment here the wall you want the rifle you know what Ill take the shopping you guys could trust a stranger with your gun right okay okay Im just looking at the pictures here I dont know how to read maps so I guess we just go into the dark forest and try to find this creature I put a camera there why would you put a camera where wait hold on close the cameras on your computer in here you cant I could see you guys play again yes so maybe we go set up cameras everywhere and maybe we could get a visualization of this creature okay is that what were trying to do is trap this thing in this trap I dont know is this made for big flare something might be a little big for this Oh lets go looking Ive go sets up cameras okay weve got one camera theres another camera up there guys I could see it in my binoculars yeah looking like a camper spot to me yeah all right what was that nice thats why you hear something when we ran up the thing did somebody make a weird noise no no wait wait I hear frogs oh okay well theres something yellow up here yeah what is that we gotta explore that lets go thoroughly okay I got it once we are mysterious right alien okay lock the doors I dont believe it a camper again were dying look at the cameras here camera one zero it looks good guys I dont see anything out there wait we only got two out of five cameras place down so we need to go place all the cameras first yeah bad news I got two shots really someone took the rest of the bullets oh I did my bad thats okay Ill look at it with my binoculars how many hit that rake mr. spy kicks like once two times you done a lot of damage to it so youre doing great wait did the camera get destroyed no okay its this red all right lets go quiet oh yeah lets watch not to game Im running you can handle it youre a big boy all right we were trying to get to it yellow light yeah Im gonna gonna put the camera down here guys got it okay okay lets go to that yellow light Im walking for right now over in some type of lake weird swamp oh I get what stay is this wait whats head up to the top right its like well Weezy Anna a Louisiana swamps theres a house theres a watchtower up there guys Im gonna put down this camera and Ill meet you up there I dont have a camera theyre mine okay all right I cant marry on a camera I got a camera hey cover me Im covering your butt cheeks covered about cheeks okay watch that camera I hear something I heard something up there was a man running no no hes gonna find out terrain all-terrain feets go has shotgun shells oh I dont know had a camera on me oh you got a holding in your hand you cant just say oh oh my god okay I gotta put it down okay I got eight shots now where are we supposed to be going good question okay Im gonna put this camera here something okay there you go cameras up lets go back up oh this looks spooky er my binoculars to see a little bit is it night vision yeah its basically night vision helps a lot I see another light over there is that a camp oh no way no yes direction huh lets go lets go lets go I hear stuff in this forest its creepy its super creepy what I dont know if thats our camp or not but its bright a lot of muggy - yeah Id say I think its smoky huh the barbeque phase it that is a bioluminescent waterfall by wait wait wait wait wait wait wait I see something behind the waterfall oh okay okay Oh guys you know what we just stumbled into its nest maybe its UFO is down here what okay lets work deeper to the cave their mouths on the beach seem very safe thats a good idea the battery here camera oh this is its nest it broke one of our cameras remember you dont think its kind of a I dont know I dont know if deep cycle gel it needs insult shoes Oh like the doctor Scholls yeah hello Wow mr. rake Sam okay you know what I think we should probably head back home ten-four its creepy out here like these white glowy things I think theyre just eyeballs but you know what they are thats really bad textures you know what I think its not even out in the forest here I think its yeah its helping itself to your snacks oh yeah your Bigfoot adventury supplies uh-uh no cant see theyre half the shrubbery you know I think were lost the forest yeah why dont you guys bring a map with you you should up here I see something red right here camera oh wait over here wait what is this what down here what is this were not going out anymore I did a little bit damage are you babies I handle that so bravely you destroyed all our cameras our sub - I dont know guys there you go home I dont like this okay hold on press escape right a sniper maybe theres a bigger gun somewhere perhaps okay heres the plan guys we split up dude no were gonna sprint down the path and look for like wait whats this a hunting areas hunting areas maybe we go down the hunting areas there be like a sniper rifle stand somewhere yeah bet say maybe we need to cut to the right or something yeah follow the path theres something up over here care you know what guys I think Bigfoot is a nicer guy than this rake thing now big for its pretty aggressive I hear something I hear something over there I never 82 it looks scary sorry okay theres another tree stand over here two of them actually okay what sit down oh theres something else in the bush they get it okay make sure its not a pig it was a pig you guys hear like music itself yeah what was it scary obvious at the house why are we hearing this maybe were getting close to an identified falling objects we got to keep going down we got a destroyed we got a call its mom Im gonna tell on you ways this another house that is it is thats a big house lets go theres a big theres a big how straight ahead that looks spooky get in here yes we found traps I like firing off the gun randomly I know its control hmm okay what are we gonna do if these maybe we should keep them and lay out a trap area we might a camp or something yeah but theres also another area back here that we gotta check out what is this we need like a cave or something so dark yes anything does the cave my different a bigger cave oh thats a crab awesome going in the croissant croissant I like croissants the buttery ones oh yeah buttered or the best cloud in this cave whats that cracking sounds give her were okay okay were fine okay thats fine thats great okay its so loud were gonna take a right path hello Howie wait it just led us to like another little what the heck theres something in here it has to be something back here oh right here what is that what is that guys I found a leg oh that is the biggest thing Ive ever seen I stand there it oh wow that is a giant thats Bigfoots foot wheres your gun in here oh nice scope on it I dont think theres anything else here now we need to come up with a capturing plan okay guys our campground is up here yeah you know we havent seen it in a while what the creature hes over here probably eating our snacks again some traps out here maybe yeah maybe Im gonna set one up right in front the camera here wait I have 11 traps okay why does it sound like a weed whacker start that cuz it is hows that guys Oh b71 see how it works ah it hurts a lot thats heard a lot its definite done thats weird I used all my traps me too okay Im getting inside no no no now I would just play the waiting game yeah look on the computer here TV ob you need to go be bait just go out there and just walk around I should my god maybe Ill attract it no no no I think man might scare it off and go all the way out but Ill be away for the traps then well run back and then youll run it through the traps door wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait it says ghost hunter Dory but it ghost hunters okay you know those my um cousin um bad news I lost my gun so its a hell be oh boy well were dead so do we went to campfire stories or something yeah right in the middle of this light hear the strange light and once upon a time there was a ghost named Steve Jake Jake from State Farm he was actually bald and everyone made fun of him so he ran into the forest and he was never seen again Im gonna tell story just one time I was playing Minecraft and I was in a cave you see sure my left and it was a straight line of dug out dirt thats what I knew herobrine was in my world lifes never been the same since the end tomorrow you got a scary story okay mara and his mamas behind him monsters thats what weve been hunting in Bigfoot the whole time its just really your mom tomorrow hurry your mom your mom is hairy mom jinx she makes growling noises up telling Jane Oh guys Im doing it just go out there scary Jared ball jerk ball no eyebrows geez are hostile today guys I dont think hes I think he went back to his home planet now dont come back keep going no let me go this time that does a lot of damage to him look up top whoa do you only like murdered 20 of the tribes wait are they still there yes we could just look make him go back and forth uh-oh B yes sir you got that gun right yeah gun okay get ready get ready to shoot him Im gonna go in run back okay head of one okay Im with you okay okay you got it you got a spout mean things to him come over but not too mean just some enough to make him a little higher but not hey guess what even though hes here wow I think that did a lot damage did it okay okay I got dude again Komodo said youre bald learn about his eyebrows again nice beautiful eyebrows what think you got to stay up there for a little bit no dont you do know I already ran into a trap its not working yes stand there just keep complimenting youre beautiful guys I just searched in there and I think hes gone I think he went to sleep or something okay SMAP here and have notice of different locations here Im gonna put an X where were at okay thatll mean hes here oh nice yeah maybe in the future well be able to actually successfully capture him if you guys happen to want to see that make sure to let us know in the comments if you want to see more rake multiplayer and smack that like button and for now thanks for watching and subscribing and remember you can always track a rake with a tunafish can really or unranked Swail Music you best steam building games Bigfoot search leads to THE RAKE - Multiplayer GameplayLooking for bigfoot but we found the RAKE instead in Rake Multiplayer Gameplay! This is a horror survival game similar to Bigfoot but capturing an alien creature instead. Will SpyCakes survival skills help with capturing this creature? This survival horror game is similar to the Bigfoot Game but instead of Bigfoot, we must capture an Alien creature known as a Rake! Will SpyCakes survival skills help with the capturing of the alien or will the searching be for nothing but horror? - - - - - - - About Rake Game: You play as Gordon Davis, a scientist, a traveler and an explorer of unknown creatures. Play in Multiplayer survival or try to capture the creature solo gameplay Rake Multiplayer Game: - - - - - - - Want MORE?! Check these out: ►Subscribe ►Twitter : ►Discord : ►Shirts and Merch : #horror #spycakes #horrorgame steam change name steam run as admin game game gratis steam how a steam locomotive works loot games steam