Best Souls Game YET???? | Severance Blade of Darkness Highlights Pt.1

Emu deck steam deckhow many players are playing a game on steam BLADE OF DARKNESS archers daniels video game stop Music shake insane hes not getting hit by this like yesterday oh what the  __  oh my god yay  __  that did not hit me it did oh okay he thinks he can play footsies but he cant im the footsies master thats right whats up whats up here it comes nah what how are you live what i literally shop through you see theres a rune up here by the way you see that i think i need to shoot it because it looks like a button insane secret finder easy heavy of heart at the sin of his sons the gods withdrew himself to the far depths of the universe now since then he has not been seen by the avestas from where the wise men say he will only return at the end of time okay thats a button too im stuck that did not hit me what was that hit box was how did that hit me jesus christ okay oh my god stop stop stop killing each other i need the xp my kill my kills thats right good day paul get well get white people happy what no oh my god punished lets go no ill level up if i kill him i dont need to heal here it comes level 14 baby i learned a new attack now thank you my friend although you come too late but there is still hope and only the sacred markings on the stones reveal the way come with me let us leave this dungeon and while we walk i shall explain to you how to recognize the signs now thats right give me that ration thanks oh yeah glut1 yeah that is quite different yeah thats true not again oh oh man that was nasty dessert diesel solve it succumb for villa tester david lalcipillar that was  __  cheap is there even a way to dodge this guys attacks yo this  __  sweep man tyrion was the favorite character of the people who think that being edgy and cynical and at least mildly intelligent is cool and will get too late smile i could tell that was the hell whiskers dont know before looking wait what happened to his health cool oh oh yeah ghosts and goblins true oh okay that simple is he alive lamar you call yourself a two-hour jazz fan try making your every donno a kona attempt to trolling and then come back and talk to me smiley face the kona attempt yeah im glad you liked it any sack beaters wait i can drop down here i think Music Music what Music i have to show you i didnt die Music you top played steam games currently Live 6 days a week at 4PM CET ➤ For more #Elajjaz click show more below ➤ Twitter: ➤ Instagram: ➤ Discord: ➤ Edited & Produced by: ➤ Thumbnails by: ------------------------------------- Humble Bundle: Outro song: #twitch #twitchstreamer #gaming #severancebladeofdarkness #actionadventure #game #actionadventuregame #rebelactstudios #bladeofdarkness #elajjaz #ela #elajjaztwitch #dalgurak i am jesus christ steam game for steam steam days steam create account forza horizon steam