BLADE of LIGHT v1.5 - Blade of Darkness Enhanced

How often should you use a facial steamerwoks of life steamed fish BLADE OF DARKNESS best free co-op games on steam BLADE of LIGHT v1.5 - Blade of Darkness Enhanced. Graphics upgrade for the game using ENBseries 0.242 ( Graphic enhancements: HDR color correction, SSAO, SSIL, BLOOM, DOF, FLARES, and other custom PIXEL SHADERS... Blade Of Light mod. Enhanced gameplay where lighting plays a part in the strategy. Use the light bearing blades to slice your way into the heart of the Darkness. Cast a light on your weapon (or any object you are carrying) to help you explore and fight in the dark. v 1.5 - HUGE PERFORMANCE IMPROVEMENT!. FullHD support. No slowdowns because of blood or multiple lights. - NEW! Nglide wrapper v1.03 (included in the mod). Increased performance. - NEW! fully working Anisotropic texture filtering (no more texture flicker). - NEW! Redesigned DOF with dinamic focus and Bokeh. Area between the player and the Focus Point(screen center) is always focused. (Switch to an Alternate DOF with 9+PgUp) - NEW! Procedural HD texture enhancement. Shaders add extra texture detail in realtime. - NEW! Sharper Bloom shader. - Fully redesigned and improved color correction. Warmer palette. Good contrast and preserved detail in Highlight and shadow areas - Minimal HUD. Removed Huge anoying screen overlays or minimized to the essential info on top left corner. - New sky and improved settings for FOG maps(Orlok and TelHalaf) - ENB effects on and off using shift+F11. //////////////////CREDITS//////////////// Rebel Act Studios for the timeless masterpiece that Blade is. ENBSeries graphic modification tool by Boris Vorontsov ( BladeOfLight MOD+ENB concept, execution and settings by Piltrafus. NGlide 3DFX to DX9 wrapper by Zeus Software( This MOD has pixel shader code and assets borrowed from: Boris Vorontsov Matso gp65cj04 Ceejay Kyokushinoyama Unreal Warfare Prospero IndigoNeko IronLord and maybe others I guess... Thanks all. Enhanced Blood effects and killcamera by the highly recomended Gorentity Mod: triangle strategy steam deck best mini pc for steam games steam furry porn game multiplayer puzzle games on steam free adventure games for pc steam