#1 - Blade of Darkness (Enano) - Lets Play en Español

Digimon games on steammarvel avengers game steam BLADE OF DARKNESS Im going to try to make it even more difficult and its trying to have a certain regularity in the streamings because Im in __ , you know, Im incapable of doing several streams in a row and then I havent left for like two weeks, you know / / series of strings and series of strings and that It cant be like that, Im going to try to focus and I think that the truth is that I think that the risk in two has helped me a lot in having an advantage in editing videos for YouTube, so that will allow us to focus more on streaming and on edit the videos better and lets see how three absolute record viewers for the channel come out this from blay this from elena will not be on youtube in three years probably because at the rate the laughing videos are going in 2 I understand that in 3 years well they will start publishing this rom of the dwarf that we are going to do live but I have realized something and that is that there are people who see me on youtube come here and throw me the subscription I say but ro we are going to see it we are going to see people please people who give me the subscription and that I am not streaming to know is that I cannot understand it I cannot understand those things seriously you will not tell me subscriptions or anything I say it also for when this It boils down to YouTube if I have a tweet channel, well, look for me wherever you want and link in the description, this is fine for YouTube, but please, if you get involved and Im not streaming, dont shoot me and dont throw away the subscription, man, why? there are people getting into the tweet channel and throwing away the subscription spadolas tweet subscription on youtube is free in tweets what the youtube subscription is on twitter is to continue following me its okay, you dont need to have money or anything like that its okay because people getting into the tweet channel and throwing me in the prime match on sun please please come to see what they have changed in blade in these months what they have done ho in blade in these months I ca nt look at it here right to the new look but they have changed now you can play the game with a controller who wants to play it with a controller the truth is that I have no idea I have always played this game with keyboard and mouse and Im going to continue playing it with keyboard and mouse on the controller it seems to me for this game sometimes because it is a game made to be played with keyboard and mouse but hey they have put the controller configuration so whoever wants to play with a controller now it can be played as a soul it is basically as if to give shows or whoever wants to play with the controller now to play it has controller configuration for whoever wants to try it apart from that they have made more what is the other change they have made that they have not there is the rewalk which is camera basically they have redone the camera a bit so that it shakes less for those who dont know it in fact we are going to start now and Ill explain that what it has gotten into has gotten better if any more fix but a little more I m going to do a couple of direct ones playing with the dwarf I already had a good time with the barbarian in a series with the knight playing without an interface in the Amazon I m going to leave it for later for the achievement that has to be done to pass it on to you I was doing a spiral in less than 8 hours because its the fastest basically so Im going to use a couple of streams to have fun with the dwarf okay summer tutorial but you know who I am Music and what happened to the bug well talk about the bug calm down Lets talk about the bug now first Im going to see the intro of the dwarf if blake comes to blake again of course always blay so that I dont get it blown up the play times I played other people will say again he told him __ Im not going to play either super slow ok lets go quickly because I have to spend it in a couple of strings that the streaming will be today and on Saturday probably and on Sunday there will be a game review ah well larre borges camera this for yout ube also ah well look at the remote controls are there nigeria now everything can be configured for the keyboard and for the remote I dont have the remote or connected so honestly it doesnt matter to me but the camera is what I said before this the rey work & camera before, what happened in blade is that when you ran or moved the camera a lot, it seemed like it had a little temper, which is not an effect that the old blade had and this one also has and many people complained in the discussions of destination that the tremble is like it makes you dizzy or whatever and basically they proposed this option okay basically they have put the rework scan era which is so that the camera does not shake when moving or running or jumping or anything and now the camera is much more fixed what is the problem with this the problem with this is that now it seems that all the characters with this type of camera are more fixed I trembled that no but the problem is that the characters seem to be And when they run, they are jumping, okay, since the camera movement that accompanies them is not there, it seems that all the characters, the four of them, are jumping as they run, the camera obviously does not shake, but the character has given a little jump, they go like jumping and with the knight with the barbarian with the four of them the same thing happens I m going to play with Im going to play like this Ive never played with the camera fixed like this but I m going to play like this but hey for the people who said that today Im dizzy that neither is it camera was shaking so much in play you know but good for the people who complained well now lets say they can Music play it without shaking for me its __ ok but good if people want it well now they have the option thats what they have Changed in play the controller, the camera and a couple of fixes is that they have stabilized the game more, well yes, the interface is a little better too and they have also put that what is this the letters of the interface ce the images the images here of the interface of this look a little better those are the changes that have been made in four months by the way the blade has sold I think it has not reached one hundred thousand copies it has sold approximately fifty thousand for a game of looks for a 2001 game that was relaunched so what and its already 20 years old guys it sells 50 thousand copies it fixes it if it leaves it very fine it beats with an edge in the teeth and in my opinion there should be others of course of course like who wanted to be from the ring you wanted to be from the kingdom tomás den rijn what happened to the bug with the bug happened that it was the anniversary of the gothic they did not announce anything later it was leaked that the date had been leaked which was March 31, 2023 then it came out the community manager of dth q saying no and thats false I dont know why you believe it well I dont know and that is basically what has happened with the gothic the gothic news is currently zero and encarador lets go to play with the dwarf he comes while everyone plays the one in the ring I refuse I refuse son of a __ the feeling that the camera has a little more when moving to the sides the ropes now with the cameras with the rigor that is of The camera, strange work by the dwarf, is that the dwarf is super badly done in this game, its not badly done, but I think it was the last character, I dont know if it was the Amazon and its like bad, it has nothing to do with the knight with him or with the barbarian if they are working on gold and thats why dont worry, there was someone especially from Germany those rumors like rumors of cancellation or something like that, no __ case the game is being made perfectly it seems there is no pulse or anything like that Its not that its going to be canceled or anything, cancel or not, in fact, its going to be canceled or youre going to the country sting, whats the name of the water from steam spain or the steam app I think or something like that and it comes out like theyre constantly updating the code I go 1 and 2 I dont know why I dont know why but the steam in steve have updated the gothic 1 and the gothic look 9 if because of the work its from the camera it makes jumping or dodging make it like a temple that strange camera because of the dwarf the work is camera no no not because of the dwarf no wonder so many people were complaining about 20 with the __ with the __ is because people complain the __ dwarf __ and the camera goes like the __ ass team by name the camera goes like __ ass when it takes the dwarf uncle its incredible how badly done he is with this character the size of the company in alchemy interactive is about 40 people that is, it is a studio of 40 people that is doing the remake of the gotic for a game that is going to be a double a double a good to see double a I dont know why it seems to me that they have put more money into it than they were originally going to put it gives me the feeling that the ghost and rhyme is already in the double in the double a and a half is not going to reach the triple a no way what is that double and triple a to explain it soon the level the level of power images of the base power level of a game well that yesterday they uploaded the meme of will hitting him saying welcome to the colony the problem is that is that as long as they dont stop uploading me they keep uploading me month and I despair they dont say anything about the game that what bothers me is the plantation stop uploading memes about over barrels discs on the ming drip disc sometimes Im too lazy to get in because people putting me en es y come me m if you come Ill get in in case there is a developer or someone from th or someone who releases some important phrase use __ that my baby to the baby i lets go the amount of money yes basically level of being able to go is not the same thing that it will have but of course the issue of the double to triple-a is more or less to establish the hole in which the game is but then in the end it doesnt matter because then a game comes Since its late, its okay and that a person does it and he hits it, son of a __ , over towards the range of the dwarf in the garbage to you, so everyone who negatively criticizes the play game at the point does not come, no remake goal, the only one hope our only hope when it will arrive or I dont know lets see if it stops the stress where where the hell does it go lets see if it stops the stress or for the festival this one that has the little bull they announce there is a trailer for whatever it is youre done heights it seems to me Ill settle for whatever you know do you think more new people will play them now the one that the gothic play the gothic yes for hell because if it comes out in 2023 2000 Im looking the other day and theres literally nothing I stopped again I fell man there is literally no game for 2023 that is an rpg here there was no big orc well m gothic it is very dark it is cool lets see I think if a lot of people are going to play it because I was looking at the heretics that comes out in the Next year and there is practically nothing, how the camera shakes when moving to the side of the pyramids is because of Elena, no, I dont remember that with the rest of the characters, and with good reason, many people were saying in the steam reviews, damn, that in the camera such I dont know how clearly the dwarf takes you and the camera turns out to be shaking more than necessary the condescending game is coming without record competitors for the channel the other day I saw aurum play saying its not that Im not not aurum play and saying that I had told him The best advice I had received from De Rubios was to remove the spectators from the number of spectators each, the ax medians the number of spectators and he crashed yesterday on his return, he said the number will be delimited as well and it doesnt affect me I have the number of viewers posts I have the streaming time the number of viewers the number of followers and the number of subscribers I like to __ anything that is greater than two specs tadores for me is an achievement so for me everything is a record everything is a record good morning wow I cant do this well I attacked him that took it away a lot gotti has to know what to do if not and a lot of people are very lazy now lets play They dont like it anyway, so thats why it turns out that they just released a game called el den rijn that does exactly that, they dont tell you anything or do anything, not even ten points on the map and it turns out that it has sold 12 million copies and it seems It could be that people have liked what it cannot be that I want to see now the hypocrisy of the people because if he was given a massage by the waves, but the den Rijn has given him a massage for not telling you anything and for not having points in the man baidal now the ghost is remake is going to come out with exactly the same characteristics and youre going to beat it up its like watch its not going to be very hypocritical man I dont know how the show formula works the abarth sources formula is the same as 10 years ago if it is the same game yes and it is that the __ range of the dwarf that is very disgusting day they will complain about the gothic sure I do nt know I dont know I suppose in the combat because if it is a faithful remake they will complain about the combat surely that more They can complain, I do nt know about the interface or more missions, I take it for granted that the game is going to expand, that is, it wont be, it cant be a complete life position for me. Doing the gothic remake was going to be an 11, he knows how to do the same missions, the same dialogues, I refuse, it cant be because the gothic doesnt last 20 hours, they dont last at all, 100% completed, the gothic 1 is 30 hours, its nothing, it was too short for me, its that it is very short is that i play piranha bytes they have something I dont know its a feeling they have something that seems to be very long it seems that you are playing for a long time and it seems very long of fun not because they are heavy but it seems very long what are they like super long but then look at the hour counter and they are super short laughing how long am I playing laughing gives us the feeling that Ive been playing rising 2 for three months well sorry I spend it in 40 hours that is 40 hours and 100 full % of the game the pokemon and it is that a long time ago and it is that the pokemon saga we were host and it is that when roasting because annoying once connected the last pokemon that I played went to the red one that was the first and then the gold that is the second generation what a crazy oyster the old reliable exact play is that I need this because I need I need to regulate and give the stereo stream I cant I cant upload a game and until the next game happens in two weeks that cant be Im going to demand myself that there be at least two videos on youtube a week and two strings a week yes no otherwise its impossible well thats free not because I say so I __ on his __ __ even if he talks a little I have a potion of life co Complete for it is that it will give me a levels level 4 this will do this and yes yes I do nt have an extra cloak with this I can turn murders so I have it for the yellow ones it counts as a skill and the cycle although they give it to me in the 5 the new hit of play is coming, no care, basic care if I dont put another of the thorns and no hit and things like that, well, because it makes me lazy, man, if I try a know it, its going to be the witcher three of the expansions neither of the games the game lasts too long go outside the widget is not true in a sky witcher 4 well witcher four birds have said they have said that it is not the witcher 4 that it is another the witcher basically they have said that so that you separate them from the general saga basically anime hype is much more gothic 1 and gothic remake of hype is much more than the new widget because the new widget is going to be made by the people who made the fever pack so good to record there just in case and you fell again in the temptation of blake yes because I want to get a little regularity in the streamings and basically I had an emotional crisis I had an emotional crisis in which he said man which game do I play live to do a review this this host had several had several several options and I said and he gave me a mental syncope and I said lawsuit again he sent me to use reviews that I had to do to __ off pending games that you have recommended to me I said blake lets go home he gives me no he had this Its true, Eduardo, it wasnt among the options. I wasnt at work. There were three games that I had among the options and one of them Im going to do it over the weekend. I cant I cant delay it any longer, but it wasnt. pending and calm this was the book its not here Im an __ Music hunger comes and also not Music it comes when the den rijn comes as soon as I collect 60 euros the combat of the gothic in a tactical but action combat will be a combat based on combos but the cowboys were much slower if they were much slower than the less aggressive blaze combos perhaps in the teaser for example they tried to put the system of this one that The honor forum has more or less a very tactical evolution of the old gothic system, but people did not like it because it gives me the feeling that the system that was in the teaser was very slow, that is, the system of the system of combat of the goths of 1 and 2 is how it is tactical, it is noticeable that it is tactical because you have to click at the exact moment, press the key for the character to do the combo, but the animations of the hit are very fast, therefore you cannot put what you put in the teaser that in the teaser was super slow you to soul combat is no host you dont have to see that gave you uncle ruth dwarf from the dwarf team __ the weapon who is it neither played the gothic had a write it had the step backwards that gave you iframes but the character was like they blocked in the laugh in one there is a kind of 2 and in the rising 2 and in the 3 there is a roll in the gotic how could they implement the issue of dodges well with acrobatics perhaps for example learning acrobatics so that the character can roll to the sides in combat that would be good gotti who had jumps and what a __ face he has played the wound covers his face gym simulator they come or just as he devastated the earth he was defeated but look at the face he wears me he will return when hope resurfaces to cut big from the open world inventor of the kingdom henry is always saying it learning invented the open world and pointless maps also the city has been me Its very funny because now Ive recently seen on twitter some criticism of the Rijn den saying it seems that the voices repeat a lot and you realize now that is, first you put a 10 to the game and then you say that the voices repeat themselves constantly I say but lets see what youre telling me thats the two criticisms Ive seen lately since laughing in recent days its like the opposite is repeated a lot and the more the kind of that dungeon that it has is repeated a lot and it has it too and after the npcs are people are unable to follow the things of the npc because you never know where they are they disappear and appear in another place on the map that you dont know where it is you dont know what what do you have to do or what they send you because there is no quest record and its okay but all those bugs that the game has you also had when you put a day son of a __ you know that now all 10 now it turns out that the game It has problems now and when I saw it, it plays fine now and no more because in gotti you have a map with an arrow in your location and also when the characters wanted to point out something to you, I remember that there was to maps that point to you with a little circle, for example, the mine and things like that and it points it out to you, you will see and I would like them to recover it, man, like when I take out the map according to the parchment, as in 1, I dont know, do you remember the 1 and the 2 that when I gave him something where the map the character took out a scroll and he the map that you saw was a drawn parchment point to know and I would like that if you have a physical map that is to say if you have a map that you have bought the characters ask you for example today in the old mine where it is and of the characters you say you have a map and if you tell him if you have a map he says why he marked it as such and with chalk or not with a marker no hell they are in the middle ages but with chalk or something like that with black chalk whatever on the map of the signs there as if to say to the old mine its here and Ill point it out to you with a circle or something like that, that would be, lets go to hell and keep it, the map is not in a __ menu know no no no that you hit the map and that the character opens the scroll and I take a map thats cool or its __ but its really cool to see that to see how the character is involved in the story he comes play dwarf 46 minutes live and Im done I already have the bag __ the experience son of a __ yes screw you well it seems to me the scooba __ has screwed me up half a lifetime has been good for us the insult is coming it doesnt crash it wont be able to with me how to pretend its making fun of me spectators and since I know that you are not an account of the shock yes the poison is blue of level created in a way as long as it does not eat me it comes out it is not a cure for poisons to level up all the accounts they are only those that cure the life playing the manager forms the clash the forn island has now put me in this mode without construction when you are going to play to form I already played the formal one I did a review of the ford night talking about the ford night when the el puig and the players a plate ro was better than him the way I said it and since then he forms and has catapulted up and the fuji is still playing a lot well I was going to say the point has died when a __ egg what game will it bring next for now Im going to finish my blake and I listen to the payment this obviously the ones here within the charges here I never say what Im going to upload well and you say it has killed us right in the next games well the next direct is confirmed to be the play because I have to finish it and and and the following should be reviews the problem I have with the reviews with the impressions and such is that I have to play the game first, not the whole game but I have to play a bit to see how the whole thing is going and its a pain in the ass because as you can see they must when I upload old game and things like that and man playing the old game is a pain just thinking that I have to install the game do what works put a translation patch see what and it is recorded well to see the resolution such when configuring the sound such makes me lazy that you freak out what are the old games benavente we are going to give us __ from the 400 because of the mother who gave birth to it and shield fights his __ mother __ the cyclone what nice style to madrid the neighborhoods how slow estela davis look for they break it gourd hits only the unwashed cycle hits only sac hits what the hell uncle and clowns and that is, the whirlwind the cyclone that orcs make you hit three hits and the one with the dwarf and the one with the dwarf rally coup is only worth q round in the old version it was called a combat shield or when you said that it will bring the translation of sight it is not supposed that those on my list I dont know I dont I m not in the disk of the archive of the chronicle of my tannat alone but it is supposed that they said that they were going for 60% of the translation and that they expected to have them in the coming months in the coming months I understood it as June well basically summer It seems that those who were doing the translation wanted to do it on their own or I dont know what the hell, I dont really have any idea, I dont know and I dont really care, I just want the translation of the game and thats it, the rest doesnt matter to me Its reality translates the game I want to play it for when youre invited to Alexs podcast I hope never because it would make me extremely nervous out of memory Im a streamer I like Im encouraged right now right now ok right now they put me a root of 1000 thousand viewers ok and I __ on it ended on me a thousand viewers I __ on myself and I have videos on YouTube with many more than a thousand visits but its not the same I __ on myself Im convinced 1000 viewers not 100 because 100 more or less I come here and I have YouTube, I have 6,000 or so subscribers, its an alien, 3 of games with the spirit run of the Italian witcher, its fine, but they throw me a thousand at once, I __ on myself, and if you come, and if you come and go, Ill say exactly and it makes you a jump and it comes to you and it will go directly and it makes you a root of these that make 50,000 I close string directly directly I close strict uncle the range not the range of the dwarf is not normal with reason many people were complaining from the place and the majority in play with this car is considering making an array of 50,000 you know that this is all they are going to kill me in the ass thanks in fact it didnt even take away its that it doesnt even take away well a little son of a __ he added it doesnt fit you either I need gotti better than henrys and you cut the stream to me they already see me so that if I had more viewers they would have already smoked me because of the criticisms that he made to the den rijn that they would have smoked me putative son I want them this is simply a arrow tiff how the hell does it fall alone decades on top lets see there arent many times they charge on top they are serious as hell I cant grow the __ range of the dwarf who freaks out before dumping the field when he ve and all of soul are very staunch it is true it also does not bother me that they defend the shows it bothers me that they attack other communities it especially bothers me that they attacked de la deblace tell me blake what the hell does the play paint when they opened consent there are discussions about it in the sting discussions of blakes page there are people for a long time praising austin saying no this game was not the first to be left alone man you are in a __ steam discussion of the blade page and oh what the hell What the __ are you doing here talking about what he could have given? play discussions but well it is also true that the soul community has always been very afraid of this game but leo dan is always giving shows now I dont know why expensive now now now and you They sure have henrry and its like a lot of advantage now but when he was at dar soul if its giving scares that they were afraid of this game of freaking out they didnt know which was better because he knew his combat system was much better than the one he had at give your 1 a by the way Im going to get the bad ending well in this live you wont see the end but Im going to do I want to get the bad ending to get the achievement with the dwarf and now to see how the hell Ill take some without stopping I wanted to take the __ bow to see how the hell he charged me some without the rune and without the sword because because I dont know how the hell its done, Im not going to get close to flying for the polar or not things despite throwing weapons at him and thats thinking about throwing weapons at him and the problem that I crushed him not long ago, no one really wants to remember that in the resistance table he had 100 resistance to arrows or 90 or so there were practically no arrows once one once once youre in ls well I understand that with the what is the name of the weapon with the double it is more of the grass hammer if it was that one in which it had the double it is more I think so with demolition I think a Russian who is doing the loot in a real one looked very well moderated from the original if I dont remember Im not he was talking about the kind of remake that one was doing or the one that was doing a remaster because there are a lot of gothic remastering projects out there loose and I dont know right now which one you were talking about because they are a lot like auctions there are too many gothic projects of mods and things like that and I cant bring everything I didnt even increase the width which is the best moix that has come out of loot well imagine trying there are body mods and it is quite a lot of motorcycle goal modes that put the new graphics than the remastered ones that balances the objects more the archos the same is a new expansion of gotinga etc. yes yes well I know there will only be good good ones you should see it no I still dont know any but the art only if its good it has a 98 nest and it seems to me that the problems that are in English Ill bring it in how good Ill bring it so much Its in Spanish as if I wont bring it when I start bringing things from the gothic so I bring it thats already given if its in Spanish as if I dont care if its not in Spanish well guys its not waiting four years for someone else to look for to espanyol and since I dont get together with the other one the son of a __ weeks in the face oh he hits him and Im freaking out his __ mother I remembered there was only one hit left with the circle guys called cyclone because it gives two __ hits he has because he same cyclone that the __ do this and it will be a blow nothing and a blow his __ mother is from 100 onwards and it is that too many objects surely not nano helmet I just started and Im already fed up with I was going to play it in English also I cant in English I know English, theyre going to be seen in English, dont have upstairs either, but well, lets say I can play 500 one way, uncle, I can translate it by myself, but the problem is that since the dialogue is spoken, by the way, theyre Polish and its not in English. That is to say, the texts are in English, the voices are in Polish, that doesnt matter either, we learn a little Polish and thats it, the problem is that the dialogue as it is spoken is the same as in booty two, well, the dialogue ends, the following dialogue does not change and of course Im going to be watching the dialogue in English and such and I have to be at the same time reading it in English and translating it for you so that he doesnt know English, the only thing that occurs to me is that every time I have a decision or say something, hey, lets look, he told me this when he finished or when the conversation ends, say hey, look, I can make a brief summary, the turkey is an accounting issue, this hasnt told me the important one, but thats why I dont know for convenience I hope the others are looking for him, I dont care about Sunday for me as if they translate it as if it were the final fantasy 7 is poorly translated with a bot the games I have been to many people say that mante fails and 7 is very well, whats the point of fainá front and if youre the best game in history for me but its a jota rpg and normally on my channel on my cisco viajes channel but if normally on my youtube channel you reject the jpg any drop of setbacks played I first had problems with copyright on YouTube and secondly that it did not receive support it is also true that the sad fna is one thing it is something it is my thing it is not my thing because you already see the games that I like western medieval and such but then it turns out that my favorite son is a jsp without knowing it doesnt make any sense but what I cant help it besides you have there is a video on my channel there is a video on my channel about the best favorite you put on my channel the search engine for the top 7 games and I think it comes out I think its a top of my favorite video game seven years ago the video not seven years ago number 5 yes well thats the brand new 17th best favorite because its the one that taught me that a video game was more it was something more than giving punches and jumps thats why he is my favorite son because until then until the moment of playing falla mate and 7 for me video games were me who knew super mario bros donkey kong country and street fighter 2 knowing like punching and jumping taking coins or banana and suddenly the brand new 17 comes and tells you calm down like calm down read the text and learn what a story and a character is and I said there so this is a video game with a story and such and such wonderful when you talk so much about gotti and the thing about gotti that because gotti is not that it is not the same nuances of the one that I realized told me I say okay this is a real video game and gothic 2 was the one who taught me that the one that I with the one I told myself Please note that my favorite genre of videogames was the western action rpg and open world in which it was listed, it was sold out. great favorite this is gothic I got it I didnt even know how to play fairies so I had the experience not their favorite genres we actually found ourselves and I talk a lot about gotti because when uploading gotti and such well many people have come to the channel for the Ghost and the Cotino dont have a very large community either, especially in Spain, none in Spain, they dont have any community, but since so many people have gathered on the channel to talk about the game, well, its important to me to talk about amateur funk and seven in my channel is like talking to the wall because there are not many people who like fanti 7 on my channel and this is why I have not fought the channel for the el jota rpg that is, my channel is very busy to talk about gotti for ju gar to play to talk about the widget to talk about such and such and when its main fame 7 people tell me in jpg seriously how to stream games on steam to another pc Run con el Enano para sacar el final malo. what are the best steam vr games really fun games on steam steam hel f2p horror games on steam how long do you steam fresh green beans