Blade: The Edge of Darkness Remaster Español - El JUEGO que INSPIRO el concepto DARK SOULS

Using a steamer basketcreative games steam BLADE OF DARKNESS Music good night everyone welcome fellow friends today I bring you something very special I bring you a game of those used to those that marked our adolescence or our childhood in a certain way it all depends in my case title that left in 2021 in 2001 when it came out okay and recently many of you already know I dont know if you were aware of it this game came out as a remake and here we have the title with what I keep it sad 21 years this game is 21 years old this title this game for those of yesteryear As I say, I am 21 years old and in this game in my possession, with its instructions, Montaño were the games with its artistic concept. The truth is that it is very good and I am very excited to upload it to the channel because it is a game that in its day was The games, well, they had, lets say, a very different air. It was the word. It was ahead of its time. This game, when it came out, was ahead of its time in terms of graphics, in terms of intelligence. eact with him with everything with the environment is to interact practically with everything that surrounded the game in fact it is very gore and when you give members to an enemy he can choose his own members and use them throw them at other enemies minimally the skulls that you find the bones the cups that medieval dark fantasy concept is considered in its difficult time of those that in its time could already mark the objective itself, that is, it took dark fantasy, it could select several rpg characters from the old school but from the old old school so also curiously this game comes from mercurysteam mércores team responsible as many of you already know Spanish company responsible for games as important as jericó which was also an innovator at the time parakeet was another of these titles that innovated and did super well castlevania there are many you will also remember castlevania lords the shadow I put that he also did very well castlevania loro de osado and that later they released 2 and well, the first one had more criticism. The truth is that people very well with it, everyone valuing it in a very positive way. The truth is that a title that I liked a lot was not so innovative. because obviously there were already other similar fashion hack and slash but it is true that within the castlevania saga you can go from a 2d to a 3d well it was quite good and good because without a doubt they have made a remake inside of the saga, it is quite good, it is preserved in Spanish, it can now be played with a controller, something that could not be done before and well, I hope you like it, it is an adventure that is not for everyone, obviously, do not expect a remake of these that They change everything, but well, you can see it, you no longer see the square screen for televisions that were square before, at the same time a large screen, we can choose 4k, we can choose lets say I can play it with a higher resolution and well, it looks pretty nice. I really hope you like it from the bottom of my heart and nothing, well, I hope you enjoy it, as I said, no, dont obviously expect a change, although its wonderful that its past, its not a game that has improved little things to that it can be played today but keep in mind that the one that shows the light, lets say that it keeps the aesthetics and design of yesteryear, they have not made a remake as I would have liked, the truth is, I would have liked one more remake, well, that is changing the whole concept artistic to intel everything is and put it the same but for a real 5 for example no but good greetings to denis el far good george to david fernando craziest fir with picado de playa how are we welcome jennifer prida carlos use sheep Im glad a lot green david fernando good night Pepe very good indeed castlevania of 64 was also in 3-d indeed the correct correct correct yes I have made this game yes I did not rec Im sane Im a rascal in the era of dreamcast playstation one to go for an entry with a flavor of Im going to give it an initial because it already starts at the top it already starts with an intro there spectacular we are going to open the game the students eternities but it only gets dark when the earth will be covered by the waters arranged in the signature of the covers is to wonder about it fire and smoke as central to the contrary Music the intro __ didnt let me go sorry I didnt want to sit down the intro of door without wanting to pick up the keyboard and highlighted but I m going back the classic inside the beginning later for pablo that welcome trekking you take to is a remaster is a remaster in __ forgive me because I have Music forgive me of love again the intro that is that I did not receive number well and ramón in the moon was in good health the sun will darken the earth will be covered by the waters from its positions on top of the moon and the stars on its forehead I return and head towards the center of my face Music for me I say go if you see the lights well you have to go up a little to lower it gallaga I know it has been a tool Music its not that I dont know what happened to me okay sorry that was what I wanted to do take a picture uncle no It lets me take pictures I __ on everything but we are going to change it since it has taken advantage of it we are going to change it and that I could not give it to f 12 it did not make you I say how strange that it has happened to me twice it is worth forgiving my fault it is worth apologizing for things that They have a good time, I hope you like it, but not only will the lands darken, they will be covered by both of their positions on top of the extreme covers of overflight and the course to central will crash against Music to the Ramón Lillo room I have it too not with zero gore, unlike the dark medieval fats, the blood spatters on the screen on stage were better, as I said, he was ahead of his time but we are going to have a scandal at the time to reveal who he is Who has made the game, lets say who has opened Pandoras box with this title, so lets see how they did it, were not going to see how they worked on it, it would be really cool, Im saying it, it would be really cool, as I said before a masters degree is closing the game I dont know why its closing me for ok it does nt close every time I talk to you about trying not to tabulate because every time I talk to you it gives me problems so and I skip a comment Im sorry because It wont let me, it wont let me tabulate, the students will be dyed, we skip that he hasnt already said there are four characters and each one has a first phase. amazon, the dwarf and the knight, the four of them had a different initial phase but then they all had, lets say, fourteen different phases that if I remember correctly you had to gather some runes to be able to unlock an ending the p art but lets say that you had to go picking up some runes to end the kingdom of darkness other good that now I was explaining everything safe and lets play but nevertheless if you want to see a little bit the epilogue is in the informative part in the informative door from the video it is a game, as I was saying, ahead of its time, you were doing Parrish, there were blocks, there were shields, there were elusive shields, it had a lot of options that we see today, both of them seem incredible that for a game of the time that had everything that was offered in the past, you know that although they offered it in the past, boredom why the __ Music and let me tabulate please dont fail me now in that evil the truth is that this hoax is worth even sorry for the beginning this so so bad but hey I wanted to put it in 4k since we have the option to put four fields like not in 4k and now you see say if you see it well at the level of darkness and others everything is correct okay game and start game we are going to skip the tutorial why these are the characters that I left and my high the volume or animal of darkness also lighting when we select the character you could choose investigative moments with meters 25 Music because the statistics of each person Music in the 19 Music but look, he needs it and we re going to play with the knight a knight always went with the barbarian Music indicated Music and I dont know how to learn without a tutorial okay the music is very loud well its the menu the menu is a little high a the best the crack of tabriz is lost strange lord of the fortress seems to have lost his mind and is a traitor tushar von knight of the king you were sent to account for the strange events that occur on the borders of the kingdom the worst fears of the order have occurred and the war seems imminent the betrayal is a fact and now it is already a gloomy dungeon the uaga works unsuccessfully and your men put to the knife the The only hope is to find a way out fight against rap rehabilitate your name save the kingdom from its enemies I m going to turn it down a little bit the volume is okay Music I do it too a little bit to the word its better perfect Im going to leave it yes you can select if not likes it or not, but Ill tell you whats cool is that it has a lot of little things that nowadays the eye is usually a little more restrained in details and choose from two videos from picking up the bones to picking up any object you can imagine dubbing for that time the dubbing very in the present that this is a play on the name but from 2001 of 2001 and so I suppose Im seeing it well right I uploaded it I had it set a little bit already high Music and we are going to open the locks of the cells we kill this one we kill him and hello no he yes we are better sound oh and I do you killed the poor man what a pity he would like to receive mind more from one company than in this dubbing for For this dubbing and mechanics of that time of looking at the reflection of thinking that looking at the reflection of the water the reflection of the water from the torches the walls know what it meant in 2001 for a puddle to reflect the environment you already know in fact it is more the The problem that this developer had because a second part did not come out is that I think it was very expensive at that time. Well, the creation of this game was extremely expensive, being in the corner to kill him, they have nothing to do with this, there is no chance of surviving outside of you. Sir, also, man, please, our men, please, yes, this game came out in 2001 initially and they have released a remaster right now in 2021, each character has their own roll, you will see it and their beginning to look at the reflections of the catacombs in the water and here is a girl and Music not for the alarm we have him here Music the weapon none a key and the one next to him the sword Music tells us that he has to the right it says defense times 3% damage and then life to the left as you can see and the level up but remember that the level up implied unlocking combos and other eibar Music the character I tell you starts from once in a different way oh my goodness Music in the shield this dad back to the same I dont think I remember that the weapons also broke down good night the generation of 78 but it was from their titles that I really enjoyed crossing the truth a lot also at that time time obviously it was one of the titles considered difficult decorator what happens with you when the time indeed this desire to what are you going to and is it a favorite for me or in game both could be Music and well its okay supposedly we have leveled up and as you can see with each weapon you can do different imitates the scimitars rose sounds, it will not, it will not, and the mass is still healthy, the sword builds the one we supposedly carry, so we have unlocked an a taque which is the dream attack oh no that is level 9 at level 2 that has been unlocked at level 4 at level 4 a new left attack is unlocked later at level 4 but it is the gladius that we have the desire of god we dont have it and then you have special abilities and bahamas short attack under Music to close the legs of the enemies and now I just dont do well to improve the controls and also you can play with a controller not with the controller super nice dodge god has several perspectives that can be played in first person you can move the camera a little more away in first person also also from first person by indicating that he has advanced his ten balls in first and third person says daniel passing the greeting weapons no they break to see them but you can also do it in attack it sounded to me that they broke down so long ago that I Music well Music they have not left me any bottino the camera you like it better j and in a stealthy way you also see that he is asleep I can give you there in a civil plan come to your house man and I am listening to another asleep our asleep look at the cuts in the chain mail earth what I tell you Philip the one who advanced His time, man, it was the shields that broke, it was the shields, they werent the weapons, they were the shields, only the two-handed weapons, they were damaged, and the shields and hands I remember, I already said, I already said, because it sounded familiar to me from what Im telling you. I no no I m not marking not similar and no now I have to look at the marking I dont know which brand or not he couldnt and wait that the target was not working very he was clumsy no the following ah Music ah Music yes Music ah, I dont know how to do it now I have to look at it, the button will do it, I didnt get into it or I didnt look at the tutorial, and lets see where it was, slow motion, to see which one is, select the enemy, its okay with the right trigger It helps if each weapon is a hottie and because Im leaving and I had its different combos 1 I think its also valid and here too I just look cool at the macho artistic design with the panels there is a step, order is a step d i have the rule first with the left this is downwards upwards always to fix there was a bow I was very cool with the concept of the bow because I didnt have I had nt aimed the aiming system they hadnt aimed with the lasso you had to calculate it I wasnt great Well, to do what happens, well, look, I didnt get anything as a gift, but I had, I also have the physical edition of Rons cdf and it came with its artistic concept book with a user manual that has not been returned to do nothing but well and how bad the boom this is a vivid classic saved right I dont know if you always save or how the saved system worked the truth I have no idea unlike the soul the only thing that and you have to if you could save no Music its worth a shield in case they break ours al if you let me take the head look man how cool look what details kid water on the head Im going year 2001 weller night went out for teams island teams the first team ah how did you change from weapons to look here are the shields it says resistance you see that I have the state of the shield and I could tell it here it tells me the state of the shield and how I could throw the shield that I have Music this for example for the life wasting i guess no yeah Music look from here happy is the weapon -5 defense i cant i cant i cant use this external weapon its a two handed weapon this is made for him for repossessed its made for the barbarian ah well you had the fast turn also cooks fast Music I can worship completely but known to the whole world because in the end Asia is so old its normal two years have passed they havent come back again its a second installment that What a pity, really, I would only present a second installment or a real remake in conditions wow, 30 years old, okay, I know he has 10, we should kill him Music Music no no Music Music Music no Music between them Music Music Music Music well ah no no Music or no ah I havent been more broken the defector Music Music Music ah Music yes the one who is the most fast of all 8 years I would have twenty years more or less to go sane all the soundtrack all all third that you are when this playstation game is not so perfect the bonds are not ready this game nothing more but I have to for touch option of life but I can take it, no, but I cant take the potion, what I do with too many objects of this type, so much to put you on this shield 50 days, the level we have three in the ability, I didnt give it to level 4 in the long run, yes, you cant imagine the rush that was to play this game in its time or I really mean it, you cant imagine because it was ahead of its time that Philip and Enrique Skylar until recently I wanted to see it to see how it looks with the new graphics and all 2 another thing for me that has taught us look look look look trees that I could make too many objects of this type we are not going to remove and no no no and this for a few seconds I want to try the torch a pretty torch is not only for lighting but you can also light it with other torches or burn the boxes and thats too cool but I dont know Why wont he let me select it, he said look, to go through there I have to burn it since I have no other choice but I remember it as simple like this now look a little little eyes at all the things I had I remember something very funny about this game that told you the fire burns and even got closer to the fire and eye the fire burns for days obviously it was clear but we do not take it for granted because not all the games or They offered that physics of the fire burning the shadows for me and now I say this this will be like currently when it came out in 2021 the smallest of the soul in any case waiter would be the little brother we are talking about the grandfather logically from software the same has never been confirmed they drank from the game but the irrefutable evidence the evidence is irrefutable now I think they are trapped the only thing that yes the only thing that differed from the fighting has all the same concept the only thing that differs is in the saved system I tried that I can that made a difference and marked, lets say, a progression of his mere presence gives me chills Music Music 2 Music and to the soundtrack the national life to the soul among them more sucre the david that I know he looks like it grew more naturally yes that is more similar to the question if you think this seems more in the solos you can skip yes yes you can skip in both but sometimes You can jump on the tablets in all the cars the altars so then we will see it has never been ratified where it has never been multiplied 30 until the soundtrack god of the concept dark medieval dark medieval Music ah sword of death Music And so we have saved the guardian tribes in a big way, okay, this is for this one, you cant use it for the horse, why not for the barbarian? Assumptions has four characters and the first phase is unique in each one of them I and the wind membrane thing, there is no sun, I wish there were dismemberments, what a pity I have always been in a skirt a lot, many people think that the system of Marking of the targeting system and it is something very old, long before I can obviously Music I Music I have seen the detail of physics c Against the wall, it doesnt blow me up. Hes seen the details of how hes flown like this Music Me another thing, details of the impact of the collision of the impact with things like that, well, it was very difficult to see. Hello friends, look, I wanted to bring you this little gem that doesnt We brought it back when Mrs. Master A and there are many games for many people, things that many people think are due to the fact that it is their favorite saga Music that everyone who has come, everything they have done is innovation and has I have done very good things, of course, to give away, but not not in many things they are not new once they were from before a halberd of everything to use it Music 2 Music ripper attack until the southern cross I will not try until I its because yes it doesnt clean cowards Music and even more by hand for and more now hand in addition to a hand and now me and this good attack Music I dont know how to drop the shield day to be able to catch others hello more goodbye la factory like this at level 7 I dont think I can use this that makes a human build so I can use the scope and that I can use it Music I dont like the days but dont see us power up I like Music ah Music I Music suppose I could buy the Music option now if we can spend the other shields they take values Music Music and energy that has 19 power the same were Music I Evelyn Music together I I god no ok mine has this ok the earth that the sounds you can make this embroidery Im talking it makes me happy how I tell him you know I like to offer you different things because maybe not everyone has tried it ok the biggest ones are the ones you can take with you 150 or lower not only can you use them at the moment Music me Music melo I havent tried throwing a weapon at them yet now yes we can try the legs Music Music Music Music Music no I know where we have seen you This so much over there, not over there, it will have opened for us on the other side, exactly on the opposite side, because in your life here here __ the sea now Music Music Music every life the hill chapel that I saved recently the moon had sun Music Music all this has obviously been corrected over the years in the normal one I worked not the crap lever you couldnt put the 4 that we are putting it on 4cast imagine once it has been counted I cant believe it with the cinematics Music on the right, you still have to do something and its not known if Chávez is in the masters version of 2000 of 2021, its updated, thats more than they are showing it all the time the flash from the light on the left under life the bridge move it real life the keyboard doesnt want to test the campaign either and we tried the campaign with another character it could be a bug and we dont know what it does were just going to test it with another character okay because before wasting time and knowing and knowing what is happening he looks like a grape lets play with him with the barbarian Music I dont remember the karakum steppes were left behind and with it their tall and hard grass and down the rumor of the waters through its streams the lonely shadow of a tree the wild wind and the hawks hunting in freedom the days of travel through the ancient lands of the tribe were like a dream before your eyes kashgar the mythical land of your ancestors what mysteries what destiny awaits you in the shadow of its sacred Music the theme of blocking with this person what a pity because I think we were there at the end of the first phase I think the bridge was already in continuity with this character can not take to rest ah ah but life be careful well if you want to live in the controls Music for delicate a fit of fury no no no no Music for look at the good tide and we see the characters I remember that with this era I used to play but the apple is __ ok thank you more because every time you reboot it takes away from 4 ok its true deactivate to attack look you can do an e no to the draw Music box I think so Music with the barbarian, whats coolest is dismemberment, because with a two-handed sword and practically everything he does is dismemberment, no, I hate it. Music Of course, yes, that image is very common before that image appeared in the conan movie from that time of arn obsessed with our pensive being on the throne and I do nt want __ well and I m going to die in this country or not - 6 - 6 of life the photo so that he takes a photo of me now in this time i and they were born qualify when it came out criticize well born but you had little birth oh what im talking about something that kill us block something sergio by god its easier to play with the bar with the gentleman because the b árbaro as one blocks the jerk as you dont blocks keys you eat all doubled dv you the music of the drums to my land no my god my legs in the bar bars is complicated by life has very little life until you level up and Im not being able to carry a shield kills me and 1 no and i m killing thats the day they dont paint here there was so much enemy __ oh my god in these problems that the movements are neighborhoods and its already at level 3 and of course I have level 1 but hey I should be able to kill him you know and you realize the difficulty of changing characters I am not going to try to heal myself before advancing in some way I something for no no no yes 1 book ostias uncle later it shows better as a gentleman with this character you know then it is blocking from playing with the barbarian to playing with the knight but I do not change the power for a shield the bugs are much faster than me surely good bordering on the juve nothing more no power no no good less bad or a little life up a little more I was having a bad time I was suffering from 80 life already with 180 things change well and and I dont and no and and the super cache ah ah i sound to Music good and for the sword to throw it will not be worth not for me and writing a potion in front i i ok Im going to go there to enter here ah i yes Music ah on the radio now and why is this a two-handed weapon well ah Music no good Applause or not Music Applause its a pain in the ass to yours I dont like the other female and Music sword of chaos is like the one I carry with me ah and yes look yes Applause ah no and ah and ah Music but dont look Music hard you and Applause your kid almost killed me the tomahawk this one looks like a gift the bastard takes his voice and May the potion screwed me up I have a potion and the option takes away from me sometimes a weapon a hand we take each other in and bastard yes it does p oquito de pura wants them too young is the problem too young they are too young to keep them for 280 life is going things are getting good for no oh look god a weapon that is not a hand and you do not have by conviction Music the peoples 41 1 i e no e Music Music Music Music i in Music and not uy Music Applause Music end Applause Music no no Music look at the mace for citibank why isnt it a weapon from a I cant reach the mass Im going to take it off it s the most powerful Music well with the feats although its not a little clumsy but good normal to the first fact of my weapons weapon crap today and here looked at the sword of chaos people withdraw other decades god the most has endured as pathetic no we are not going to see for a moment the movements of ah Music no no no no Music no it does not look good Music soundtrack of land Music and later say Music or not In addition, I have really burned like 70 points al and no Music no no no well and Music again Music Music he punctured me in ear thanks for death Music you i i Music goodbye Music I inspired i yes e but yes not yes here Music I wanted to know how to do the powder well Music I have to do it well Music not well Applause 2 Music ah Music ah Music i Music Music no flowers Music with more life the house changes Music its okay Music at level four of a new life to our freedom Music and shes so beautiful ah Music dont look at him with one hand blessing from 27 power 1 1 Music and let him see Music no no no well it happened how this is distributed Music well Music look Music good Music Music Music Music donilon Music In other words, they have released a remaster and we have taken the opportunity to give it a shot of course they released it last year no we are not going to do it because at least they worked See some impressions, you know later, if you like Valencia, its really cool, Id be cool if you told me, JCE, in case youre interested in uploading it, Id like to see your shows, lets rain, know if you want to or not Music but dad makes me very happy Music no no no Music ah Music Music and well then hes going to bother not to be able to improve it its as if the other one had stayed to catch the cinematic or something because here he should have been able to Music I dont love the scales Music and then no cherry salutes Music with the sword seems to me less to imply true no no no no Music what happens is that the cast very little with the sword compared to the ax and Music no no no and 1 well little by little Im catching the lame Music no life Music yes yes beach speed and ah Music Music good 2 to reach Music Music no Music and Music the passion those masses the 4 k Music good or Music ca Music Music the gentlemans Music map seems simpler Music Music ah Music one thing we are not aware that 21 years have passed 21 years Music what is that with many years Music Music a horseshoe where you can insert the key the truth that in the whole head Music not the jungle where you have to insert the head that has been overlooked Music could be true the soundtrack that he changed the soundtrack Music and it wasnt too late either ah Music never thank you and I loved his laughter so that I still keep it and they made a mistake and the truth is because normally he didnt keep the Ive seen a place where Im surprised that I have to go back Music and if he tried to go down there to see if or not and okay Music listen to the power option Music as it was because of course I have ace sides sword of death not now yes yes guys Music no no no and then and this sword of death rte they never tell you little things about stability because although for those who are delicate to the movement for the sword of death to look forward and available no no no Music oh of course I cant do it because I still dont have a skill of 2 power 48 damage my brilliant peace Music Music very good Music once Music and i Music oh here the sore does not go video the normal thing is temporary Music ah Music Music friend friend up here Music so that they form well well with being able to climb the lock for a inside the bad I went for the crust if not you have not found it and it seems to be very important Music I dont know if somewhere to see commercials cape and to be able to increase power and defense but temporarily an antidote and or not it is not all that we had gone through before the knight but a cinematic has been played that will happen with him perhaps carrying out the game oh my god Music Music classic so that there is not so much to turn up the volume of the music Music here I scratched our footsteps so much yes I mean the soundtrack kid ah Music ah Music well just no Music eclipse also sounds like two rather i Music and not Applause and not Applause Music Music the most generous mapping and exploration map system god at that time Music Applause Music and well Music there is no field is there soon errors and the shield that and all metal Music they are playing emt with everyone no but and then for not hitting me with them and well well I died and the few times we are going to start it has its peculiarity listen my son and learn to know from the beginning of time the shadow of evil lurks in crayon strengthens and emerges as a threat only the light of the just can stop it be brave in faith and persevere search for the island of the dead find the temple of light and enter the door of the corner a chair and gas the response in the body the security in the body how they are affected is brutal for the legends it rusts details of the music the evil creatures have been expelled but they will return that the evil is definitely from the other Music what a cool what a cool cement factory of great games towards that time the balance is the main fortress of the knights in the region ends for generations their dukes kept the peace and kept the roads open lord kerman champion of the order rules the garrison with an iron hand in front of the growing hordes of the minimalist north Music life in my life carefully well i Music and well Music no Music no how rené wind Music interesting and Music well I m going to throw that look at me Im 50 years old Music Im not here what sucks energy this Music no no Music Music ah Music ah no and one Music shes over there okay Music sword orca day I dont like it Music I do nt like this and yes look Music oh and the greats Music oh Music Music is this a camping word Music ok here we start Im directly above and 20 years can go by and this is still the same game and and Music Music and the color of the blood they are called enemies today with the barbarian the archer has already arrived because nothing ends lets go to reason Music the bow of the bow looked at me if Im going to take it too many objects of this type like this loose type but I need the arrows I dont have one in Caracas use the oak chest and oh and up and the saint and machine come on no no you cures the one with the chicken liver Music quite macho Music 1 Music well oh no Music whats up Music I have to activate a lever or Music no well Music Music well no no Music Music and I no no no dont __ with me ward and I m and they have revered I need a love and hate Music like life or something or my god for the embryo Music I do nt have for you I dont have power Music ordered by the damn love and all the bastard good but at some point I have revered and then already chained to another coup and the alavés has left me the main fortress of the knights in the region for generations their dukes kept the peace and kept the roads open lord kerman champion of the order rules the garrison with an iron hand in front of the growing hordes of dwelling did not approach another between cutting down the truth to the bank to see 2 and 1 but it cannot be making a summary or that I had seriously saved that you hesitate had saved in 20 minutes twenty minutes without gloves and to Music provisions of the carlos iii bastard the orc the one that has involved me you were with the poisoning Music Music good Music Music Music no no the usb capture card does not appear when you choose on the device it is normally done for um for karina hours nothing a safe tutorial that has the same capture capture of his father of his mother it is the problem of his parents and it is complicated something that he has configured because his look what happens that the captures simply for not connecting then regularly by anyone Applause and well and and Music Music i the capturer because a perfect but capture pc or console well Music no and the safe meat Music Music Music Música and it has connected everything well, you need one that goes to the capture device to the pc and another from the pc to the capture device, well, at least in my capture device Music, but Im telling you, look at you, sure, sure, you have to have a real one from someone that it has the same one, I know which capture device I used was the mouse, the internal one I have now Music and they all had the same system Music no no no no ah e Music ah the color gold and you were on a stick Music because I really like the brand and Music I also hope not and its a classic it finds difficulty and as for all god look, its only been 21 years and Ive had this game for 21 years I didnt know what had so much time gave Music its not hard for me to calculate the years and an email version came out last year Music very cool very pretty well 1 no Music lets see if I when I calculated the time 21 years ago ah a part in half kid ah Music I have a hell of a year but the one that I have the sword that I have of chaos in the same Music by itself without the expected one has 15 power but it is not the same in the same year Music well and not Music and how delicious this meat Music no Applause and look Music well if we speak with such correctness Music Applause Music Applause in music action and a music of gravity you raise refrigerators more in this is this Music and why does she have this pretty yes Music yes avn this is a weapon of one and Music and later Music and and and no no Music for those who had the center of life Music Music no or no more modern just you look at the collision the collision of objects to the evolution of in the weapon with anyone anything the walls and so on the physics of fire i blood spatters limbed environment instruction guy reflections of reflections and shadows looks shadows suddenly the shadows the lighting the reflections in the water was, I say, advanced ahead of its time but far advanced why and not or not Music Music Music and thats how they gave us look at the key where it is Music Music e Music but I have to think that for dates I already have with the sword of chaos an attack of death not at level 8 hello Music Music Music Music Music Music Music Applause music god and raúl ah M music and Music ah Music Music all Music ah Music Music Music I dont like the scythe it takes away a lot but I dont like it because 2 Music ah to do the movements a little more rough no I advanced today to get or its very cool were still telling you that youre going to like it besides more it has recent ones the two that are looking alike compared Music ah Music yes Music a complete life option good Music ah retire s is __ like mollaghan Music i have music because the truth and Applause Music and and and Music for me Music for death ah greater the soldiers of man Music the person more Music ah Music artist Music and the scroll look Music and Music the bed Music I want to try the sword of the zig until I die Music this moment Music 62 of power the electric shovel Music but what does it say but if its some legs 1 Music sense of power the sword of state is telling me he said Music ah Music we have been betrayed the ships have fallen on us he taught me ledoux that he has been taken prisoner please release he shows you to take the key to escape from here and in this scroll they are written their last Music ah Music Music Music the zone Music my mother and here she is and give the beautiful music and leisure before 87 damage is put that for the secret ending you have to find the seals of how the prince of darkness began to manipulate the primordial chaos to create a new being and how before he could master it the being took on a life of its own independent of its creator and how the lord of chaos appeared among the gods with 12 levels plus 13 if they find the seals Music no Music I didnt expect it to __ and thieves Music and aspire maybe I jumped that I put in that is and yes Music Music good avn for storage no Music 1 Music but what We have gone through phases with an army, its chief was not a man, it seems that his purpose was not to conquer the castle but to look for something, they have started in numerous because I will not do it Music the mines located under the mountain that the wehen are are brutal one of the main dwarven settlements in the region iron to forge weapons and obsidian to carve sacred objects are its main riches it is a very ancient site and known to all races and peoples from the central kingdoms to the distant sea peoples unlike the other cities of the dwarves that are usually secret since forever the dwarves have fought evil in their fortresses under the mountains they have accumulated knowledge wealth and power with which to fight supposedly we will not stop Music 1 Music Music yes 1 Music Music no 2 Music no 2 Music ah Music y y yes 2 ah Music one for the end Music i hello and now 2001 has been a version it looks as beautiful as you are seeing god lets see it is not a remake as such but beautiful that it is already more than what they are and bastards fishermen well they arrive look where else they have been kept uncle to the parrot and taken to the other zone because they got to saved here when arrived here clear saved just after passing the traps Music come on no no Music pity someone got wet Music with the knight the fortress has been defeated by an army their chief He was not a powerful man, it seems that his purpose was not to conquer the castle. Boys before, he also had no waves. sacred are its main riches it is a very ancient site and known by all races and peoples from the central kingdoms to the distant sea peoples to differences. From the other cities of the dwarves on the ground and always being secret, the dwarves have fought evil in their fortresses under the mountains, they have accumulated knowledge, wealth and power with which, like the earth, this love, errors, is that it will be very advanced in its day Music and lets go Music Music I dont know about the music I would lie to you if I say no but surely it is about bands that are a very good soundtrack i or no no no and yes good 1 and now ah there will be a wave of life that he has removed me from the garrison and and Music look how no and you see it vs capturer there was something was there someone right with your device with some tutorial or something now Music only transparent d Music Music yes no dont save us God save us because after voting for the throne I was very satisfied, the truth is, the command was not very satisfied Applause yes Music no no i Music I had the peculiarity, as happened to soul, is that And there were many traps too and that made it very special in his time that they will play with you and that they will make you fool the one who cheats you and others he looked and no no no he did not have at all he does not take the photo or mine Music but If it was to print page/12 how badly said like that Music Music Music Music Music ah Music Music rejection aside they bring them and they give them to print pages from a to see if I can hit with him I could bring him nothing very well ha what a bastard in the back being the strain and they leave me his arms thank you very much anti grandes to the 200 heavy grand grande this deserves a celebration I am glad that it has been solved and I tell you that I wish I had had some recorder to make a post-it or a little clearer from usb but and it was not the case I never had to talk about it well and more and Applause there are no buts investigating why why not dead from my head to match it no I speak I do not want to abuse either what point c lasico here Music besides Im in the guide above or not on the screen day I dont say no __ no what hit me with this is dead I cant jump there for sure Music and I had it god had it and the part of __ with the orc and the other one shooting from above and suckers 6 to go down marked and I couldnt unmark them I didnt know how to do it life Music come and I dont have no where am I now were not going where am I nor does it give you what happens that the male bastard poisons and between that he poisons you and that you do not have space to hit him because this character, lets say the bad ones or those of that what I complain about or for better or for worse and wait for that the only way to cover yourself and doing but is that even if a snowfall stops him 4 you know why he moves much faster than me with the sword they stung t to approve anything from the pit below he fit at the feet to Music love Music Music ah damn Music and Clap sos Music Music well and and and Music Music Applause Music cross Music Music look yes Music lets see if its really seriously poisoned, sorry guys how are we doing 180 of life I have been left in a position that fills my entire life but I dont want to waste it if I find some food downstairs we are going to finish the survey or it is more or less clear that few people knew about it this game is quite old and people know it I knew about the channel, but well, its normal, its also logical because its a game of hearth, look whos in the cursed goalkeeper who has a level Music but where he jumps that higher wave seen higher hate higher or higher there well you only played this classic in 2001 72% to 25% if 1 percent yes but in 2021 what is worth buying again at year 4 or a quiver found out about death yes preparation ah come on come on ok well Music lets see whats here first, before we get in there in this elevator, okay, I see that this can be broken, but it seems that no, meat fills me with great wealth Music the hours before that were characters and well, an hour was lost because the cinematic was played with a character a pity because in the end not to stop throwing an hour overboard ah Music dragging the face of the character all more noisy and looking at the rat is that one here is the initial stone a cloud of affection provides but good enough I think that to see a whole map what happens that just I think that in the end it is seen or Music Music today Music and Music well Music it seems to you Music well oh no Music Music and but i 2 no or no bye Music success in quotes has been why and and I say success in quotes because this future Music sadly Music ah has first person also reaches first and third in this game or piracy and me at the worst moment in the video game industry when more pirated people when more battery Music Applause and and 9 you and oh in fact the hot company is a matter between ballistics I dont even continue with the saga or anything because it sold very little it is a cult game that is cult because for many it was a game that marked a before and after innovative ad nauseam to be since 2001 it did not have had things that were completely new that had not been seen to date Applause very punctual but the problem is that in the worst era of piracy Music ah Music and Music its not this bastard and now and bioduro that lasted longer than duro i Music with the target yes indeed with the pen it is permanent to see at that time I think we were not consistent with the damage that the industry was doing I think that in general today people are more aware of piracy it was at that time it is like yes when you look we love you well well lets go something we said well well Music its a video game you didnt think of beyond behind hahaha and the good of the industry and tell you __ is to see yes Music yes look and see Music It was not given as much importance as now, nowadays we are more aware, I want to think what Music 1 comes out to me Music I will spend the special time it is like and forward but not and Music the cream Music no Music no yes Music Music no Music 2 no no 2 Music lets bring ourselves to apply the flames Music yes Music no yes Music d sometimes we complain about the industry and in those days that There was no internet like now there was internet but in 2001 there was internet but it wasnt internet today to download the internet and it took an hour on the web that could take approximately the page on the internet and it would load a video you had to stop downloading and maybe in two hours three hours had been downloaded and then to see a forgotten page really a minute to load or 30 to 30 to 45 seconds to load that it was loading little by little and the router towards me did hear the sound of the super curious routers and even so I was told the piracy that is going to be implemented playstation jumps and it could be implemented now that its easier there is nt, I dont think there is so much piracy I think I want to believe and it gives me the feeling that people are doing well in the city in the sense that they know that today is not You buy the same as sagas, they dont do anything anymore, so if something fashionable invests after disappearing, enjoy the people, Mirador, ah, Valls, they have recovered with this outlet. a little job a kid with an area of ​​ 4 but it was only less Music yes there angola Music no Music i Music no sorry and one with 900 life that entered more and less 900 Music ica here Music Music oh the sun that I have unlocked before look at the reason you have to look behind the sea Music a Music thinks that it is great at regulating well and what the first truth yes no no no no no to measure s2 and s3 to generate more, say hello from me I saw them this afternoon but I didnt want to bother yahel, you wake up for hours 1 and when he was at home more and more and it sounds like my gallery suited me spider my god too many objects and I drink one of these options when to adore no no 96 of power they dont cure and no Music and sorry oh and my neighbor has a dog named iris I didnt know that there are many of them and and I told him to leave him for what so that he knows a little to tina and such in my house yes Music a e aha is a German shepherd oh and waters of the presentations of the forms Music no no Applause Music Music Music like this Music when one is Music Music Music the attack is like this is co mo backwards not forwards man I didnt prove it the thief and his friends tortoise hacker and the red chubby very nice now that you say it see the double raccoon and I mentioned but now map editor Music yes the defined catalog will be included now like now what ah spinning around we would not be bases for all audiences for two hours and eight hours and nothing happened problems that nowadays people see me at work time because the industry has demanded it so you have the lengths and so on they pass and even if there is not even a tail left, everything overcomes the open world car but sometimes it is not the way and more does not mean quality Music and Music or not well i Music I have eaten well so lets see 2 and ah Music Applause Music its a problem right now the industry is in a difficult situation between 30 hours no Music and no nobody has seen it and I jumped but I jumped hastily and now it takes me a long time p oder teacher uncle that jump is too difficult not when you want to realize that the woods are breaking like its too late well I didnt have it I didnt have it its not okay I see that there is more space on the right than on the left when the woods break very expensive in this part well of piquito I had not seen the video ah Music and work Music well look no love Music and yes Music and up to here Music they kill me how Music Music ah no yes and very good no no no Music ah Music Music look I think I can take it Music how difficult it is to hit the bow tun how difficult because also like the air is slightly outlined to the right and its quite complicated or I dont keep balance sports well I think I already have it Music Music no Music nougat or not Music look Music not with the career Music for him and they are damn god wagon I have made the movement to go down and carromat or because it has inadvertently risen more, it has killed me there I have not been able to control it I am going to make more stops in two ways few stops and none what I like the most now is the theme of the wounds in the character this survivor and very good part 2 Music no Music for the archer of the guarded demon we are giving a little bit of Music what a bastard an invalid gave me I think hes going to take us away and ah Music Music and yes Music kid no more and Music and 2 ah Music thanks to stretch marks and that he has just done brutal by others and macho today there are such beautiful combinations I would really be cool I say it for a little fit and bovine they have more beautiful than there are rivers Music Music Music Music there is another character who carries a shield editions but this knight who has a shield there is the Amazon who goes with a bow there is the dwarf and there is the knight who goes with greatswords each one has his speciality this one in particular is not made for it is not made to carry a shield it cannot carry the shield in fact the same as the knight cannot carry greatswords but which knight we have started to play with him the problem of knights that the woman did not let us continue so we We have not been able to continue the adventure with the knight and we have changed the barbarian and the barbarian had no problem with him Music ah ah there is more ball because each time a way like life begins each one has its own initial phase Music whale __ of lava but now you have to run just as the father of all things now commands, he created the primal chaos and how by separating it he shaped light and darkness giving them life and their own thoughts and how through the creation of the other gods He stopped feeling alone no no no and moisés no __ that was backwards its not well placed and the tall ones dont say it and then the work in the area totally no Music the water from nu our planet ah well Music i Music obviously that was something from software some guards imagine Music I would like to finish at least these things no no and thus have finished three phases and you are green the community does not open anything Music so he doesnt forget you no and no no no no Music I dont believe it Music no no no no Music orlando bloom or not a big fan also in the kingdom of humidity Music I already have Music ah Music no no and up and guayabal to measure and one of those barbarians of ice cream and love and he began to give them like bread Music let me pass yes Music smiling another possibility of breeding up Music and me too at that time in 2001 average solar god but armed designer was dedicated to it Music now it was that time of pinnacle of fish for the time fact is more than things are but the pc still kept it and realizing that time what this game has is the same or time that my pc had this host this yes that the pc has time well do not see it for the first time it has not me not in fact Music well I think not and I am also going to be lag grams Music and Music it has all the it looks like a phase change and better Music and Music and adorned with weapons that had more blown up 2 the day measure taken by the pots because this video has me hosts like breads like this Music Music to the staging from the fact I come from the bet on the one of the bug opening his door Music no Music a hand Music Music Music to call me by regular west Music Music 1 Music back Music between the stones Music 2 Music to Music one thing is to unleash the rage that doesnt overflow and Music from this part and the soundtrack is beautiful goodbye no Music well good yes they tell me that he would have advanced so much Music upon his return from the sword war fr agile was elected king under the mountain he sat on the carved throne and reigned from the many-pillared stone hall the gates were opened and trade with men was established at the death of the queen ax built his tomb in wound protecting his mighty weapons from possible resurgence of evil and some have been looted by an army it sounds like they have retired before the old story of frying the hero talks about powerful hidden trees I have insects we are not going to leave here I am going to enter the area and import - save save in the area to be everyone in the fira the blue king ordered the construction of a great temple for the tomb of his wife the great queen asa burying with her all his secrets years after his death he was buried in a chapel behind the mausoleum the temple and the tombs were abandoned and since then tokyo the legend of being a dangerous place because it was said that many tomb robbers had disappeared won With the fame of the cursed place, the raids and skirmishes of the enemy seem to be aimed at finding some information in an object like this, they have fallen at least from the jal, so the neighbor and all the indications point to effective as their next move Music good guys now we do leave it in the fifth phase, aníbal, not so bad, not happy about it, I am very happy that you liked it, leave me in comments what you think and if you would like us to continue with the adventure, at least see the end, it would not be well there are 12 12 chapters and we have done I think 5 well that for 23 directors gives us a good night thank you all very much this morning Music no Music ah Music xbox game pass mit steam verbinden #BladeTheEdgeofDarkness #bladeofdarkness #SoulsLike✔️ SUSCRIBETE si te gusta el contenido: ⭐ Conviértete en miembro del canal: ► Donativos al canal PAYPAL: _______ Descripción: Blade of Darkness es una exigente aventura de acción en 3D con innovadoras mecánicas de combate táctico y RPG. 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